Sunday 21st of February 2021

Henderson Down injured. Doesnt Look Good.

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Thiago hasn't started a single game in midfield alongside Fabinho or Henderson since the Goodison derby in October. One of the biggest shames about this season that Klopp never got to build around that midfield trio. It had absolutely everything.

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OGS on Dean Henderson: "Dean is in with a shout (for Sun). Dean was very solid (v Sociedad), he had a good kicking game should have had an assist for Marcus which is another thing we worked on. But I have a very good keeper in David. I cant say now (who's going to play)".

If Henderson and Kabak had lasted beyond half time, theyd have recorded the longest continuous streak for a Liverpool CB partnership this season. As it is, the record remains 2.5 matches (Phillips and Henderson). Partnership 18 for the season is up and running.

Henderson should never have been allowed back on the pitch. The medical staff have to be firm with Henderson and/or Klopp.
29' - We're forced into a change, as Phillips is on to replace Henderson. ]0-1].
Jordan Henderson is forced off with an injury in the 29th minute.
Peter Drury when Henderson went down oh this is so very sad for Liverpool Yeah, because theyre the only team thats had any injuries this season... Which reminds me, is Dick Van Dyke still dead?
Liverpool now have 5 centre-backs / makeshift centre-backs out injured: [?] Virgil van Dijk [?] Joel Matip [?] Joe Gomez [?] Fabinho [?] Jordan Henderson The curse strikes again.
Looks like they have lost Henderson for a while. just devastating for the team. their season is done.
[?] van Dijk [?] Gomez [?] Matip [?] Fabinho [?] Henderson LFC's defensive injury crisis gets even worse as their captain goes off after less than half an hour...
Henderson has to admit defeat. Another massive injury blow for LFC. Now they lose their captain. Phillips coming on.
Van Dijk, Gomez, Matip, Fabinho and now Henderson. 5 CBs injured this season.
Henderson is done. Here comes Nat Phillips for Liverpool's 14th centre-back partnership of the Premier League season. Slightly less than IanDoyleSport's guess of 13,000.
Van Dijk Gomez Matip Fabinho Henderson Just the 5 CB options injured for the reds, then. I do wonder why we've declined so much this season, though.
Henderson goes off injured! Liverpool CB injuries this season: Van Dijk Gomez Matip Fabinho Henderson The Curse Continues!!
Henderson injured.
Henderson joins the list of crocked Liverpool players, and what a list it is.
Wonder how long they will talk about henderson for now.
Henderson going off injured at CB, he brings on Nat Phillips over Ben Davies. Jurgen has been crying out for months about defensive injuries but genuinely deserves it all. How Ben is still on that bench is mind blowing.

Liverpool fans spent the whole day wanting Richarlison to get an ACL just for him to score and Jordan Henderson to get an injury this is poetic.
Here we go. Liverpool losing and now Henderson goes off injured. Look forward to more excuses, cos no-one else has had any.
Well, at least we don't have to play Jordan Henderson in defence anymore.
Van Dijk Gomez Matip Fabinho Henderson 5 centre-backs injured this season. What the fuck is going on?
Unbelievable that Jordan Henderson has now gone down injured for Liverpool LFC 0-1 EFC - 3 center backs (Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez & Joel Matip) all out injured - 2 central midfielders who have been playing as emergency center backs (Fabinho & now Henderson) also out injured.

And we're clarting Henderson's legs this time.
For the foreseeable future I will be crying until Henderson is back.
Liverpool's problems keeps compounding, hendo Henderson hurt.
Liverpool fans after they see Henderson go off injured.
Now Hendersons injured.
Virgil, Gomez, Matip, Fabinho & now Henderson, our first CBs on paper all fucked!
With our injuries, the wind was the issue today, it hit Henderson way too hard and got him injured, but ts the game.
Merseyside derby, captain. Have zero issue with Henderson trying to play on. His pure competitiveness is contagious.
Henderson injured and off.
May be wrong but Henderson wouldn't have gotten injured playing in the midfield tonight.. Klopp is just weird.
Henderson injured? Im well and truly done with this season.
Yet another injury for Liverpool as Jordan Henderson goes off.
Chale...i just hope for a draw Henderson was our driving force.
The backups for the backups are all injured now as well van Dijk, Gomez, Matip, Fabinho , Henderson. No man WTAF.
Jordan Henderson forced off with injury vs Everton as Liverpool crisis continues.
Van Dijk. Gomez. Matip. Fabinho. Henderson. Liverpool's FIVE best CB options are now all injured.
Fab are coming back from injury & now Henderson is injured. One comes back from an injury and the other gets injured. This has been our highlights of the season.
Henderson out injured? Maybe Liverpool wont get top 4 this season.
At this point you really have to feel bad for Liverpool at heart. Their 3 CB's Joe Gomez, Van Djik and Matip get injured. The experienced CM's, Fabinho and Henderson come in to accommodate but they also get injured. Dreadful stuff to see.

CarraEverton should think they could go on and win this game now that Henderson has gone off30 mins into the game hes doing my fukin head in these days.
No more jordan Henderson propaganda on my timeline for a few weeks.
Are you watching the game. Henderson looks hungover.
Philips-Henderson at CB with Fabinho at DM wouldve definitely worked against many teams.
Henderson was actually stressing himself coming to the middle doing Thiago's job..We should sha try make the top Four.
Liverpool fans were wishing injury on Richarlison only for him to score and Henderson ended up getting injured.
RIP Henderson the Angel VVD has come to claim him.
Henderson out injured . Liverpool injry wooes keeps piling up.
Aiyoo of all of the players why Henderson had to be the one who's injured.
Henderson goes down with a muscle injury and gets a free kick. How does that work?
Now Henderson. Ffs You have to laugh. Two centre halves playing now though. This season can go and get fucked.
Big save! Jordan Henderson with a looping volley and Jordan Pickford produces a fine save to push it wide. Liverpool 0-1 Everton Live updates.
[?] Virgil van Dijk [?] Joe Gomez [?] Joel Matip [?] Fabinho [?] Jordan Henderson Liverpool centre-backs are cursed this season.
More excuses after this game. Henderson injured now as well.
Henderson out with injury, Liverpool needs deliverance.

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Fuck we lose another midfielder the most important one..because of playing at CB..shitewe are finish..won't win anything this season.

Its comical.

Our injuries are just beyond belief this season. But apparently Liverpool dont get any more injuries than any other team, we just like to moan about it...

Can you believe this luck ! We need a performance now from the lads.

So fucking done with all this injury bollocks!! Can't remember a season where we've been so incredibly screwed by them! Truly has crippled us this season.

I honestly give up.


Can the season just end now.


Two of your biggest defensive players injured from a Merseyside derby.

I want to believe but we lost.

Get in.

Oh no.

Klopp's reaction was the epitome of the.

Actually so fed up of this, its beyond an absolute joke at this point.

Spot on that.

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