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There were class="u-nolinkc" href="">animals too.
Incest 2: electric boogaloo.
Noah's sons brought their wives.

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This whole planet is inbred.

Annnnnnnd man, does it show on some folks!

So who got stuck in the dryer?

Is that a banjo I'm hearing?

Think of how smart humans would be if they didnt fuck their cousins for the first 1000 generations.

Sweet home Alabama.


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Those brother fuckers.

So Adam was fucking his daughters, or it was some brother on sister action. Awesome.

Aclima (sister) Cain (brother) Awan (sister) Abel (brother) Seth (brother) Balbira (sister).

Which is weird because the Bible spends so much time describing who begat whom.

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Jokes on you im a furry in Alabama.

I dont know why, but I hear the voice of Samuel L.Jackson in my head.

What do furries have to do with this?

Out of curiosity, where does the furry part come from?

Furry here! This is probably the reason why. Totally not years of bullying and daddy issues or anything .

And Im a furry.

Im a furry. Where did I go wrong?

>After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. -Genesis 5:4.

And it's not the only incest in the Bible. The same thing must have happened with Noah's sons and daughters.

So youre saying youd bang your mom to save the species? Not once but dozens of times, over decades ?

God created Adam and Eve first but the book of genesis mentions others. He created lots of humans just those ones first. Its not that complicated.

Right, how could an all powerful god possibly create a solution that doesn't involve the degradation of his creation? Certainly no solution exists.

And that, my friend, is why were all retarded.

It wasnt technically taboo back then.

Honestly I'd be way more concerned about the founder effect than taboos in this case.

Biologically speaking a species as complicated as humans couldn't survive with that much incest anyway.

So low an opinion of women that they added the line, literally in Genesis: "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them" They said god created women in his image, as he did man. They made them equals and reflections of the most high God, fucking misogynists. Also, in Genesis, there is a pretty lengthy part about the many wives of the children of Abel.

They bring them up plenty all over the old testament, there's no reason they would've omitted them in this one instance. Technically.

Either way, that's still a fuckton of Alabama.

I mean they still fricked their sister.

They do bring them up tho.

All we know is that Adam and Eve had atleast 3 boys but they also likely had girls and maybe even other boys. Writing materials were scarce back in this time when Genesis was written and the practice of writing things down was limited to noteworthy things that happened to certain people. Even the account of Cain and Abels life and what happened in their lives is only limited to about 17 verses in Genesis chapter 4. These two individuals were only mentioned in the Bible because one got jealous of the other and killed him and there were repercussions to what he had done etc. I assume there werent any other murders or crazy things like that that happened in the family amongst the other children so they werent mentioned. Most if not the whole Bible is written like this. They didnt have a printing press or computers back then so scarcely was anything written down and if it was it had to be very noteworthy. There are many people that we see in the Bible and only see a few verses about them and thats it, they played some little part somewhere and what they did was mentioned. There are thousands of people who walked with Jesus and His disciples that arent mentioned in the Bible as well, but they were there. Actually, biblically speaking, God possibly could have even created more men and women after Adam and Eve and they were only mentioned in the Bible because they were the first man and woman.

From a judeo christian religion? That's crazy talk.

The daughters are brought up in the book of jubilees, and they marry their brothers soo Still incest.

Doakes getting in on this too.

The ability to have a blowjob all by himself.

My mate costs me an arm and a leg.

Dude. You need a female and a male to have more children.. think about it.

But there's less inbreeding now! Maybe if we all started inbreeding we'd live longer again.

Im pretty sure i read somewhere that the hundreds of years thing was a mistranslation, and they were actually using lunar months or something. In that case Methuselah at 969 divided by 12 is about 80, which is old for their day.

Your missing the point of this meme. A lot of ex-Christians were taught all of the following: - Adam and Eve were the first humans ever - Evolution is not real - After Adam and Eve God never magicked up any humans For people that accepted those facts it means that inbreeding occured with brothers and sisters or parents and offspring.

And who did they have kids with.

Appreciate the knowledge drop.

>Cain was most likely to have really existed due to having a long mentioned bloodline According to who? The Bible? Referencing the Bible to prove itself doesn't make sense unless we're going to use Harry Potter to prove that Voldemort was real.

I was looking for a more knowledgeable comment. My bible knowledge is sketchy, but I know that in Islam both Cain and Able were born with a twin sister (two births, each had one male and one female). I thought this was the same in the Testaments, but I guess not?

In such case it's kinda douchy that all humans got that eternal sin punishment just because these two naked randos ate an apple, when they're literally less biologically related to other humans than anyone of us is related to a jellyfish.

An even more likely interpretation is it never happened at all.

I wonder if there is a website with a list of every inconsistency?

Lets not forget to mention how the Bible contradicts itself over ]63,000]() times. Its kinda hilarious. Click around, its ]fun]().

Exactly this. Its like a bad movie with lots of plot holes but it seems no matter how bad the movie some people really love it. I cant really say anything because sharknado is my favourite movie.

Right? Its like complaining that a zombie movie isnt realistic.

D.judas trump's big-book of lies.

For example: right there, cain kills able, so 3 people on the entire earth. then god puts a mark on cain so other people dont kill him onsite.

Even so, there was only adam and eve. Then their three sons. Even if women werent valuable enough to mention, they still came from incest.

Also doesnt it mention other tribes in genesis?

Okay lets bring up how they never existed instead.

Doesn't the Bible also say all humans defended from Adam and Eve? Another spoiler for those who haven't read the Bible.

Is that actually in the bible? Does it state that God created more humans or is that some fan fiction?

It's easier for them to never read the Bible and simplify it.

As the another commetor points out, this completely negates the genesis story of the snake tricking Eve, and thus, origin sin. Without original sin, there would be reason for Jesus to die for our sins, and thus the whole sacrifice is invalid/a lie. Jesus would have to be lying about his sacrifice for our salvation(which we don't need under your model) or mistaken. So, if you want your version to be true, there's no point in following Jesus and how can you ever be a 'Christian' if you don't not believe in the divinity of 'Jesus Christ.'.

Ok. And then God sent the flood and everyone on Earth died except for Noah, his 3 sons, and their wives. So were all the products of their incest instead.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together and doesn't hate religion and look for reasons to insult it and anyone who has faith has already figured that out using deductive reasoning and common sense. Besides, most of the people commenting don't believe in God or the Christian religion but the somehow want to believe that story is true? I guess they only believe the parts of the bible that allow them to criticize it on the internet.

This guy (or gal) gets it!!!

We fucked our mom*.

They basically married their sisters.

Some scholars also think that Eve may have been derived from the Aramaic for serpent lady. And the land of Lot, where Cain was exiled to, likely derived from a word for wanderer. Its all very poetic.

I always understood that Adam was representative of a whole tribe of mankind Cute story about a rib and all. Not that Id be willing to bet money on it being true.

As a jew I was looking for this comment.

'learn how things happened'. Like you believe this is what happened?

So how do you know they had 11 daughters...?