Thursday 8th of October 2020


Social Media Says

Getting elected to Congress AND being a woman. This is why youve never seen any male congresswomen.
Being white.
Your parents naming you congresswoman.

What You Really Think

They don't think she's human because she's brown so they don't think she deserves to be called 'woman'. I think it's something like that. Michelle was a gorilla apparently so maybe AOC is a macaque or something.

Being white -this guy probably.

Gotta also be a woman.

I mean, he lost the popular video so .

He isn't presidential, for sure.


And we all know how *that* turned out.

This is outrageous! Its unfair! How can I be in Congress but not be a Congresswoman.

You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of...councilwoman.

You are hot sand, but we don't give you the status of glass.

You are on this council, but I do not grant you the rank of councilor.

You're a congresswoman Harry!

93/4 points to Gryffindor!


- The next GOP Senate nominee.

I'm surprised these people can dress and feed themselves. Let alone perform the other basic functions of a living being. My cat has deeper thought processes than some of these cultists.

"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent." Qui-Gon Jinn.

When he was a representative and the governor of Indiana, his nickname was "Mike Dense".

Night bud, sleep right. Don't have too many nightmares after you realise these fucking donkeys actually exist in real life.

Can I just say this is one of the greatest insults of all time?

On Reddit, ]random adjective] ]random noun] = funny.


Wow never heard that one thanks for the chuckle friend :).

Well that one is at least an opinion, you can say you disagree with the court. But what other definition of congresswoman exists than women elected to Congress.

No those idiots call Obamacare unconstitutional, and at the same time praise the Affordable Care Act; because theyre to stupid to know that its the same thing.

>Just because you are a mother doesnt make you a parent actually now I kinda see what she might have been going for.

I mean that first one is kinda debatable.

Mother Teresa. Teacher. Career. Advertiser/bot. Communication.

We make arbitrary distinctions in nuances to make points all the time. "you're hearing but you're not listening," "he was your father but he wasn't your daddy," "yeah, but do you like like him," "he's not MY president," etc.

And they vote. Every sane person needs to do the same.

There are ways.

Yikes, is thst true!?!

Nah it's closer to the right wing just not accepting any democrat as an elected official that's deserving of respect. They've been brainwashed into thinking that all dems are baby murdering, gay-agenda, globalist socialist fascists.

Wait, I've seen this movie before...

Like I agree that AOC should be respected, but I don't think being elected automatically commands respect. I mean like.. look at Trump. You'd have to intrinsically misunderstand the very concept of respect in order to respect him.

Pence just referred to her as "AOC" during the debate.

The problem with politics is that it is largely a popularity contest, you get a tonne of unqualified people. Trump has been, rightly, labelled unqualified by many publications. ]]().

Oh no, they are still a POTUS. The current one is just the stupidest president of all time.

Pence called everyone else by their proper names but her. He said it like she was some wannabe that didn't get elected or something.

Being able to type doesnt even really mean youre literate. you can see proof of that alllll over this website (and in the tweets above ofc..).

Is that like squall from ff8 wielding his gunblade in front of the us flag?

Right. It reminds me of something that was said about how with scholarships, not many apply, so chances of getting money is higher. You can apply the same to politics. If you're a half decent person with relevant skills and expertise in the field, you're likely to make it on the ballot and be in contention.

But the cult are themselves in red.

You're technically correct; the best kind of correct.

Then what makes someone a congresswoman besides being a woman and being elected to Congress?

If you are a duck, you are a duck. There is no in-between...

I think she was replying to pence, and the random was replying to her but yeah, not "getting" twitter is probably a blessing... its where the worst of every end of the political spectrum congregate and say the dumbest shit they can possibly think of lmao.