Monday 12th of October 2020

*Checks Back in on ICAC After Watching The Vic Presser*.

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Today Gladys Berejiklian will face ICAC. The questions are piling up. Why have property developers been lobbying inside her office? Why have they been given her private email address? Why did she have a secret off the books meeting with a developer?

Whos up for a federal ICAC, then?
Gladys Berejiklian cannot walk in to the parliament tomorrow as Premier of NSW, given her evidence at ICAC today. She must resign.
To be fair to Gladys, it's incredibly hard to find eligible men in Sydney who aren't under ICAC investigation.
The first thing Gladys should have done upon hearing about Daryls dodgy dealings is report it to ICAC. That is the only acceptable course of action. She did not do that.
No wonder Federal government refuses to have a genuine ICAC. Actually, any sort of ICAC.
Meanwhile, speaking of relationships, a few miles north of Sydney ...
If GladysB really had "no idea" about Maguire's corrupt actions, why did she keep advising he should stop telling her about certain deals etc? Seems fishy to me...
Now I'm just somebody that you used to know.
Does this relate to watergate?
"I did not know the extent of what he ]ex Lib MP Daryl Maguire] is alleged to have done...I did trust him. My trust was misplaced," NSW Premier GladysB about allegations of corruption against Maguire with whom she was in a relationship for 5 years until August.

How many more Liberals, their mates and donors have their greedy claws into the Badgerys Creek airport development? We desperately need a national ICAC with strong independent powers and the capacity to investigate govt and political corruption.

ICAC has exposed the NSW Premier of turning a blind eye to corruption. That any Liberal Minister would stand behind her today speaks of her Governments attitude towards corruption. This Government is rotten to the core.

Berejiklian says former Premier Barry OFarrell (who resigned over an ICAC scandal ) has told her not to resign.
Today's NSW hearing is both evidence of why the Australian people deserve a federal ICAC and why governments don't want one.
Census fail Centrelink fail NBN fail NDIS fail Robodebt fail Universities fail Ruby Princess fail Agedcare fail MDB water fail Bushfires fail Implement ICAC fail Climate Change policy fail Childcare fail Renewables fail Murdoch Royal Commission fail?

If the Gladysgate doesnt send out a gigantic message in neon lights that we need a FEDERAL ICAC, I dont know what will! Corruption is RIFE in politics, as we see in federal politics and possibly again in NSW politics. Does anyone have integrity anymore?

Just as ICAC breaks with Gladys in trouble.
Which bit... the affair with the dodgy MP? or the fact that she lied at the ICAC hearing?
ICAC: NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has stunningly admitted having a relationship with disgraced former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire. On Sept 22 it was reported Maguire was facing a divorce settlement. His spouse was removed from his Wikipedia shortly after.

A reminder our Glad is up the creek b/c she was the casual partner and aided Maguire, who tried to broker property deals and seek commission on behalf of a Chinese developer. Now, where are all those 'Chairman Dan' and other Sinophobic 'wolverines' from the Libs? Ssh!

ICAC is to Liberal premiers as the Labor Party is to Labor premiers.
Gladys now being played another call with Maguire that she hasn't heard before. Secret recordings are so often deadly in these corruption hearings.
Surely alarm bells were ringing loud & clear for GladysB 2 years ago when Maguire first featured at ICAC's inquiry into corruption at Canterbury Council (final report yet to be handed down.) 'My client is mega big': ICAC plays secret recording of Lib MP.

Whatever your view on Gladys right now, understand that without a State ICAC, we would never have known about it. One can only imagine what we don't know about our Federal Government right now...
One thing's for sure, there'll never be a proper federal ICAC if AngusTaylorMP has a say in it.
They all get away with it, if she survives then there really is no point of an ICAC!
Blue Mountains residents have big environmental concerns about Badgerys Creek Airport (WSA) I was blocked from asking questions at Senate Estimates by the Libs pushing the WSA authority to the bottom of the programme so time ran out and it did not appear. Federal ICAC now!

We lost the last premier for less than the connection Berejiklian just announced at ICAC.
WHY aren't journos not asking the 64 dollar question Seeing Eccles resigned in Victoria for the same offence why should she not resigned keeping in mind she lied under oath to ICAC.
Icac inquiry live: Gladys Berejiklian says 'I stuffed up in my personal life' but vows to stay on as premier.
Australia could have an ICAC led recovery. Imagine the battalion of jobs it would create to trawl through and prosecute a generation of serial liberal - national party corruption.
Oh no, Miss Goody Two Shoes Gladys having to admit to ICAC that shes been in a secret relationship with Wagga MP Daryl McGuire since 2015, only broke it off last month. Questioner not convinced!
Oh fuck off Gladys. You only kicked Daryl out of the fart sack a month ago. Who do you think you're fooling?
Just 1/20 of a normal Andrews presser for Gladys but much more corruption exposed by.
What does Gladys know now she didnt in 2018. She is only sorry now because ICAC are involved. Shes as phony as it gets.
Need more push for a Federal ICAC.
The gold standard for stuff ups! ***nulb nswpol HT NSW Premier GladysBerejiklian refuses to resign after DarylMaguire ICAC bombshell.
Daryl Maguire texts Gladys gloating about skimming a 5k commission for connecting parties related to a $5.8m hotel sale and the Premier texts back: Congrats!!! Great news!!! Woohoo. Oh boy.
"My client is mega big and has got mega money and wants two or three DA approved projects right now. Today" -Daryl Maguire in 2016, as heard in a different ICAC inquiry in July 2018. Two years before the Premier broke it off with him, pending today's ICAC inquiry.

I so very much hope a fed ICAC can "iron" those issues out.
What happened to the rest of the interview with NSW opposition leader JodiMcKayMP who was commenting on the performance of GladysB at the ICAC? The commentary was cut off to go to a station promo! Censorship at the ABC?!!

There is a reason why this is before ICAC and not "Mere Male" in New Idea. Just sayin' We await the findings of the ICAC.
There seems to have been the issue that she didn't say the truth during ICAC but I didn't follow closely. Let's see what ICAC finds, that's what they are there for.
As far as I can understand the Gladys situation, all she is answerable for is the appearance that she has been dishonest during her answers before ICAC. If that can be proved, then she must cop the resulting penalty.

Wasn't she caught lying to ICAC today? Surely that's the big story.
Gladys: I did not have sexual relations with that man whoever he is.
If I had a daughter I sure as hell wouldn't use Gladys as a shining example of what to aim for.
Given the scandals Mr Dutton has been involved in... Misleading the senate. Au Pairs. The Paladin contract awarded without tender. To a company whose head office was a beach shack Meetings with the NRA Campaign donations $600k What might a federal ICAC find out?

So, according to aclennell, as dictated by Rupert, it's ok for a Premier to lie under oath to ICAC if he/she has a dodgy partner. Interesting...
So who reported Maguire to ICAC in the first place I wonder.
The relationship wasnt of sufficient status. Gladys on the guy she was seeing for five years. Burnnnnn.
'I stuffed up': NSW Premier refuses to resign over relationship with disgraced ex-MP.
Just a reminder at an earlier ICAC hearing Barry O'Farrell resigned over a bottle of wine sent to him as a gift... what will today bring.
Its hard to see how the Premier can survive a day in Parliament this week given the bombshells being dropped in ICAC about her relationship with the disgraced Liberal MP Daryl Maguire.
Why is it lnpfail criminals dont resign - Tudge, Rorter Bridget, Water Taylor, etc now Perjury Ms GladysB ? ICAC Knives are out for you dont worry! Vnulbfrom Mr Flagellation.
A real FederalICAC - with teeth! The_NewLiberals ICAC will extend beyond MPs but also to the co-conspirators. It will have powers to imprison. It will break down the corrupt systems in place, not just replace the stooge that gets left holding the bag.

The media is missing the point of the ICAC revelations in NSW today. Surely the big issue is that Gladys was rooting a short, fat, bald man from Wagga.
I tell you what, silver lining: this Gladys Berejiklian saga is going to make a FANTASTIC season of Underbelly...
From secret hard drives to the private relationship nobody saw coming: ICAC.
Gladys has described today as "one of the most difficult days of my life" but insists she will not resign because she has done "nothing wrong". The latest .
Gladys has a married lover. She is not a strong woman. icac gladys She is a liar and a cheater.
Gladys and ICAC How different this would all be if it was the Queensland Premier. Everyone would be calling for her resignation. I'm just disgusted.
After ICAC this morning, one wonders what would happen if a proper Federal ICAC was enacted. So many people would need to be employed to work through the corruption of ScottMorrisonMP and his Gov, that we would have a jobs lead economic boom. Forget the MorrisonRecession .

Can ICAC investigate a forged document to attack the Mayor of Sydney.
Berejiklian keeps her companionship quiet. No matter what Gladys Berejiklian is found or not found to have done,her companionship with will be held to a higher standard over who she dates than her political decisions & shell be held to a higher standard than a man.

Just look at the tight lipped just stepped in dogshit look on Gladys' boat race. She knows she done.
Im sure the vultures were working the phones lobbying support as soon as she walked into ICAC, now shes not resigning theyll all express support in public.
Imagine Gladys's surprise when she discovered that her phone conversations with her corrupt lover had been recorded by ICAC!
Looking forward to watching GladysB press conference at 4.30pm - fine to hang tough today but can she survive Daryl "Arthur Daley" Maguire giving evidence for a couple of days at ICAC, starting Wednesday. He's an absolute shocker!

This is everything thats wrong with the Premier, she thinks what she did was okay. She turned a blind eye to corruption whilst holding the highest office in NSW - thats not okay.
Imagine the route in the federal LNP if we had a federal ICAC?
'I stuffed up': NSW Premier refuses to resign after ICAC bombshell In a relationship with the criminal Daryl Maguire since 2015 ... oh my giddy aunt!
NEWS: SA Premier, marshall_steven praised by barristers rachelbaxendale and PetaCredlin for his handling of the DarylMaguire fiasco. Expected to give testimony against DanielAndrewsMP in tomorrow's NSW ICAC hearing. More to come...

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Scotty is deflecting questions now. Says he is focussed on jobs. Just waiting for him to say he is going to increase staffing in Aged Care. .. Still waiting.

That was the most hilarious scene in that show and I love how frequently that gif is appropriate.

This is not going well for.

All of the Gladys' side of the convos appear to be in the form of "I wish to be excluded from this narrative.".