Thursday 25th of June 2020

What. A. Career. No Question, Iggy Belongs in The Hall of Fame.

What. A. Career. No question, Iggy belongs in the Hall of Fame.
IGGY! Iginla had 1,300 points in 1,554 career NHL games and helped Canada win gold at the Olympics in 2002 in Salt Lake City and 2010 in Vancouver, he headlines 1st-time eligible players for.
A message for Iggy from 27MilanLucic ?
A single retweet can change this guy's life.
Iggy was a mentor for Dion throughout his career and he's thrilled to see him head to the Hall of Fame!
I spy a still busted bench on Sangamon Valley Trail Now both sides are eroding It had just been right side decaying Left has stared to crumble now.
I believe in everything and I believe in nothing... at the same time.
Theyre done. Lets never forget without Iggy they werent even close to a dynasty. Theyre finished 2 GOAT shooters and Draymond. Whoever they draft top 5 wont help them rekindle it before curry and klay get old. Theyre finished as a championship team. Theyll be tough outs tho.

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DGAF would take Iggy over Hossa 11 times outta 10.
This is really smart. Iggys career was dropping into the ground in the us so she collabed with Anita and Brazil now loves iggy.. Now with Nicki .. this song gonna be bigger than that... Nicki gonna need a stadium in Brazil now....

What if he got arrested.
Amazing group! Congratulations especially to a couple of my old teammates in Hossa and Iggy.
Can Iggy ever stop serving? Like???
Cupcakke, meg, doja, and then iggy.
Today in 2018 Nicki Minaj performed "Chun Li", "Rich Sex", and "Big Bank" at the BET awards.
Iggy made growing up in Calgary almost worth it. I love this man.
CONGRATS Iggy. Way to go?????????
Celebrating iggy.
Conny had no doubt about it, Iggy = Hall of Famer.
Always thought Iggy riding shotgun with Sedins would be perfect - goal scorer, tough and intimidating.
A congrats message for Iggy from Reggie ?
.MarkGio05 checks in with a message for Iggy!
Nicki, meg, iggy, saweetie.
Yeah !
Kd and iggy arent there so.
I bet the photographer had so much fun with Iggy Azalea after this shoot...
Guess people like playing Russian Roulette with Mother Nature Then again maybe Universe just rewards dirtbags.
Outer wilds.
Not iggy looking like an asian goddess.
.ygofficialblink ft Iggy Azalea is coming!
Great trade for Calgary, Dallas, Iggy, and Nieuwy. No way Dallas wins the 99 Cup w/out Joe.
Iggy got in??? Superb. One of the best selections in years!!!!!
Good lord there are actually "6 rings" replies. I had to grow up watching Iggy play on those young guns teams in Calgary lol. That was true suffering.
It's ok to be upset that your boy isn't a HOF. What I DID say if you read it properly is that Iginla was better than Alfie his entire career. You have to compare against your peers. If you think Alfie was as good or better than Iggy, you are delusional.

Why is iggy with the new girls? literally i don't get it.
What are the dimensions of small snark? I'm kinda curious as I may think about getting a small one.
Rappers femininas com mais ouvintes mensais no Spotify atualmente: 1. Nicki Minaj - 50.3M 2. Doja Cat - 37.5M 3. Megan Thee Stallion - 28.4M 4. Cardi B - 26.5M 5. Lizzo - 16.8M 6. Iggy Azalea - 7.6M 7. Saweetie - 7.1M 8. Missy Elliot - 6.5M 9. Stefflon Don - 6.4M.

Unfortunately those who wish to gather in large groups nightly in our neighborhood are not catching COVID-19 as punishment for their stupidity Then again roofing crew today and home owner weren't masked up.

Iggy Azalea and Playboicarti ?
For those of you idiots who don't think Iginla deserves the Hall of Fame nod: 30 goals in 11 consecutive seasons Only one of 20 players in NHL history to score over 600 goals Only one of 34 PLAYERS to accumulate over 1300 points in his career. Plus he could fight!

I know Iggy hate when we talk about Digital Distortion but this reminded me the Digital Distortion era so bad. ?
Not going to retweet any of them but for the idiots saying Iggy only got in because of BLM ... kindly fuck all the way off.
Iggy cuz she already in the game before these girls Doja Hot Girl Meg Cupcakke.
Thanks for the shout out bro, and thanks for the add Iggy!
Iggy Megan Cupcake Doja Rat.
Iggy is coming to eat i just know it.
In honour of Iggy being inducted into the Hall of Fame ?
Former NHLFlames captain Jarome Iginla will be inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame.
A Iggy com vibe digital distortion nos storie.
Iggy was always a legend.
They said it was the Barbz who hated on other rap girls but as you see we have supported Megan, Doja, Iggy even Kash Doll before she went on her rant & a few even gave ole girl a chance before her & Nicki went left.. its really ole girl fans who hate on every female rapper?

I love Iggy. He definitely deserves this. BUT the fact that Fleury was overlooked again is bullshit.
Fck me up iggy ?
Congratulations to our favourite hockey player of all time, Jarome Iginla, on getting inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame! ?
Iggy so bad for a white woman.
Iggy. Come back to me. ?
So deserved. The no cup thing is stupid. This man led his team to a cup, and got screwed out of it. Congrats Iggy.
Tomas Vokoun once tried to fight Iggy-as-a-Flame (and then another time, I think when he was a Bruin?) and I think even he would've been a better choice.
He was already a Hall of Famer in our books! Congrats Jarome on your induction into the HockeyHallFame We are so fortunate to have you as part of the KidSport team. Over $700,000 donated and thousands of local kids lives changed because of your generosity Iggy!

Congrats Iggy!!! ? ??
1. Megan 2. Cupcakke 3. Doja 4. Iggy.
Iggy Azalea Megan Thee Stallion Cupcakke Then The Dog that Eats Dojas.
Iggy is my favorite of course, but I've been using Link a lot lately too. Whenever I use Roy, it's not for his stats but because his cries are amusing XD.
Iggy megan cupcakke doja all legends tho ?
Iggy azalea fap challange ?? who should I do next ?
Wait actually ?
SOMBRIA! Iggy Azalea Instagram em parceria com a Fashion Nova (thenewclassic). ?
Tell nicki to release new body with iggy.
Fixed it: Frank Mitch RJ Knox Taj (Leadership role) Dot Bullock Iggy Wooten *Draft Picks *Sign Wood.
Top 5 favorite players of all time. Congrats Iggy !
.matt_dumba grew up cheering for Iggy and couldn't be happier to see him head to the Hall of Fame!
Iggy! Iggy! Iggy! Oy! Oy! Oy!

What You Really Think

Another StAlbert boy goes in the HHOF.

Congrats Iggy!!!


Well done and deserved.

Deserves it just as much, not just for his on ice work, but what hes now done off ice.

Shoulda had his pass to sids golden goal in here.

Watching iggy when I was a kid is what made me fall in love with hockey. ??

Bruins legend.

All deserved. ??

As an Oiler fan I used to hate him so that means he was doing his job superbly. Congrats to him!

To bad Tampa Robbed him so of a Cup.

Congrats Iggy.


I needed this happiness so bad. Finally something to bring REAL joy and excitement into this dumpster fire of a year! Thank you for everything Iggy.