Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

UPDATE We Heard You, And Will Now be Showing Parker Vs. Fa on DAZN in Both The UK And Ireland. We Are Excited to be Bringing This Fight to Our Passionate Boxing Fans.

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Denmark with same population at Ireland, plus far more older people as % of population, accessing vaccines from same EU fund as Ireland, expects everyone to be vaccinated by June! Same population, same supplies as Ireland but v different results. Why?

Now is the time to fight back against the protocol which is shredding the constitutional position of Northern Ireland. Living in NI, I have seen and heard the anger of decent law-abiding people who feel that because they havent threatened violence they have been ignored.

Pleased to join benhabib6 and JimAllister in this action We will soon be joined by the key leaders in Northern Ireland as all who care about the Union speak out.
Luxury transportation by rail is not the only to see Ireland. Book chauffeur transport services to experience the very best our country has to offer.
The North will be vaccinated long before Ireland. Well see whats a non runner then and whether Ireland is allowed over the border. WE CONTROL EVERYTHING THIS SIDE OF THE BORDER. The border does not mean we are helpless and cannot have our own policies.

Yep Ireland...*and N. Ireland* to benefit nicely at GB expense.
My daughter read it while in primary in Ireland during 6th year she would have been 12/13 at the time. Great book Irish author.
I don't normally create a panorama photograph by cropping a "normal" photograph. However, I couldn't resist this cropped composition of Portstewart, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
A huge number of companies have previously used the single market to take advantage differing tax regimes (Ireland, Lux) even though their operations are largely in the UK. This loop hole is no longer there, so they have to setup base in the UK.

Delighted to reveal what the UK & Ireland edition of Iron Annie is going to look like. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Also, it's a gif! Major props to GregHeini for the artwork, and to everyone.
England you need to know that Ireland made their secondary school children wears masks months ago. No exemptions given by GPs. My friends son is suspended for not being able to wear one. You need to reject this.

Wild Atlantic Way. Silver Strand at Malin Beg, Ireland. Photo by Stefan Schnebelt.
Unpopular opinion but I think ireland should start vaccinating people.
Ireland accidentally legalized ecstasy, ketamine, and crystal meth for one day in 2015.
Well the way Ireland progresses here no. As slow as Christmas.
This camembert survived a trip from lidl_ireland to home (about 5km) on the roof of my car.
In Ireland were still going be locked up till 2022.
ECUnulbNEW POD ALEECUnulb 'War, the curse of TV3 and a kick in the Balkans' IRELAND'S EURO 2000 CAMPAIGN. Myself, nmenezes91 & PrendyM chat about FAIreland bat-shit crazy Euro 2000 campaign..
Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs simoncoveney has said there could be freer flowing trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland under the Protocol if the UK agreed to align more closely to EU food safety and animal and plant health standards.

Ireland manager Vera Pauw insists she played no part in Saoirse Noonan joining Shelbourne.
1. Who Is Irishman Dr Mike Ryan, The Executive Director Of The World Health Organisation ? 1/21 Many of you will be familiar with Dr Ryan. He has frequently appeared in TV clips and has been beamed into millions of households not only in Ireland but around the world.

China would like to settle british - irish in nothern ireland also - Argentina - falkland issue also scotland independence issue - China would like to sell military equipment to Scotland and help them get independence.

Today is the first day of Fairtrade_ie Fortnight. Fairtrade Ireland have a number of incredible events over the next few days and you can register here.
Huge story from pmdfoster "The DUP privately lobbied the UK government for a Swiss-style alignment with EU rules on food & agricultural products -an idea it now rejects as a solution to the difficulties created by Northern Irelands trade protocol.".

Dublin Ireland.
Imagine everyone with a home, by just refurbishing existing stock, some repurposing too, makes so much sense, socially, economically, environmentally, ethically ... So much potential in Cork and across Ireland.

'The Demi Gods' ~ Harry Clarke. This watercolour is preparatory work for Clarke's stained glass masterpiece The Geneva Window, 1929, originally commissioned by the Irish Government to represent Ireland at the International Labour organisation in Geneva.

"Because he mentioned 'same-sex' her whole demeanor, she stuttered, everything changed" Brian Dowling told us about the difficulty him and his husband are facing trying to adopt a child in Ireland.
illonaduffy susanmsmith AoifeTDoyle GrantSana ClionaNi JoyTendai SindyLJoyce Love1solidarity EbunJoseph1 DrVeronicaOD1 shell_ki 22Q11_Ireland hazechu HollyCairnsTD profmaryhorgan MaryMcAuliffe4 Marybrosnan13 aliceeire AnneRabbitte loreillysf lorr_reilly rosarii_mannion SenLynnRuane NoeleenMcLaugh2 Diane_Ihirwe NFitzPsychology veron_elliott juneshannon NorahCasey jennifervans dillyfloss joancooke5 Health_HIV2030 barbarascully yeates_liz ShashLawless NiamhNiRian russellnoirin Thank you Brigid.

Says something about Irish priorities that legislation is already being prepared to extend pub opening hours after the pandemic ends. Meanwhile legislation to allow mandatory quarantine is not yet ready, more than eleven months after Covid19 reached Ireland.

Honestly, if you ever want to visit the tiny mountainous bogland that is my Republic of Ireland, I'll very happily give you a grand tour!
Garda loses challenge over Disclosures Tribunal legal costs ruling.
Heres David Meyler on texting Coleman after the game and the role he believes he can fulfil for Ireland next month 'nulb.
UPDATE We heard you, and will now be showing Parker vs. Fa on DAZN in both the UK and Ireland. We are excited to be bringing this fight to our passionate boxing fans.
We need to know where are parents rights to advocate for their children? Here in Ireland children are wearing masks at school or being sent home. Its highly controversial but no one will speak out.
Concern raised over growing colonoscopy waiting list.
One more this evening, but this time Im saying it to camera.
More lost connectivity to Ireland. Who would have thought, Irelands national carrier having to emigrate to the UK for work... wake up and see what youre doing to this country.
I had the joy of meeting him at the IFTAs too, Ger. He was absolutely lovely. A gentleman and, as you say, a great ambassador for Ireland.
Three cases of Brazilian variant identified in Ireland and we are letting Brazilians into our country???
Minister of Health Robin Swann: Approve access to Risdiplam for adults with SMA in Northern Ireland before its too late - Sign the Petition!
"The bulk of Irelands vaccination programme will kick-off in April, when supplies are now expected to reach 250,000 weekly, but until then the roll-out is limited by supply.".
Tbh i love ireland a lot.
St. Finbaar Oratory, Gougane Barra Lake, West Cork, Ireland.
Ireland ranks 101st in the latest world rankings for the number of female parliamentarians, lagging far behind countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and China and just ahead of Panama and the Ukraine.
Some scholars suggest the Anglo-Saxons practiced a sort of apartheid against the local Celtic-speaking people between the 5th and 9th C while ethnic cleansing is a likely alternative scenario, as Celtic culture and language did not survive outside of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

Dear President of Ireland. Do you support the Nuremberg code ?
England v Northern Ireland: Lionesses cannot wait to return, says Steph Houghton.
Now is the time to be planning for an outdoor summer in our towns and villages. Pedestrianised streets, clever street furniture, additional bins and public toilets, performance stands, cycle parking, wider paths and bunting, lots and lots of bunting.

It shouldn't have been a discussion. Particularly this pandemic has taught us how important pets are to people who live alone! Ireland needs to follow suit!
[?] St. Coleman's Cathedral in Cobh, County Cork Photo: Instagram / touringireland.
Just posted a photo JJ Darboven Ireland.
Oh gees... Ireland vs Vancouver... Who will win???
1 death and we are in lockdown for another 9 weeks, fking joke.
Awww Ill keep all my fingers crossed you get the email tomorrow and delivery the next day ! I wouldnt be able to cope in your shoes.
Northern Ireland schools are closed until April 1.
Ultimatum to BorisJohnson: change NI protocol or face judicial proceedings.
Is their a correlation between industrialization of Ireland in the 60's & destruction of Dublins etc built heritage? Has it now accelerated under PCancer afflicting this country since 90's. Look at eyesores now in every Irish town. We do have VISUAL rights.Time we enforced them.

Had travelled to Ireland to carry out well-planned burglaries of high-end goods So will he be deported upon his release?
Want to visit an Irish pub but can't get over to Ireland? The Rosewood Whistle will take you to one, music included! 5Contemporary Romanceand Lots of Fun!
In the Hotseat is an interview-style podcast, interviewing some of the biggest and most interesting names in Northern Ireland (& further afield) in the world of current affairs, politics, entertainment and sport. InTheHotseatPod 23.

Can the individuals in NEPHET be sued? how are they held accountable if their decisions / judgement are bad or just incompetent what do the people of Ireland have as legal recourse to hold these individuals who make up NEPHET accountable?

Sparky77600125 GameLandAmazing fhirinn Cat5weaver EnoughScotland dealatrip J4cobite Terrier01237391 Artisans17 ReginaldBrads10 scotfax alunprice667 pjnichols ScotReal LindaMcphee4 AyrshireBog rusting_the DexterC57968627 fatval999 Bobbofitz rowan9sam Chunkyferryman Chris4man80 steveja89368890 HillbillyNot Forkyworky1745 2351onthelist StevenM95164330 Possum_PictBot Derek_Timothy realJimJamieson ifwitgwrs ChristineKabash ErnestoCastro88 TedDitchburnNNP BingoDemagogue AllanDryer kaysillars Jintyf Plastic paddies who see it as an anti-imperialist "Irish vs British" conflict, even though the IRA mainly killed and maimed people from Ireland.

NEW: The European Commission has said it is fully committed to the Good Friday Agreement and to the proper implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Israel, in the middle of a global pandemic, has destroyed Irish aid to a Palestinian village, home to 60 people, half of them children. This is beyond disgusting BUT Ireland will continue to send aid, and we will always stand with Palestine.

Golf Ireland are hopeless we've been shut down since mid November its a joke. Our Government are to announce new levels this week from March 5th onwards. Make it worse my Club is only 3.5km from my front door with a very small membership in Rural Ireland.

Another bunch of hapless halfwits plead for exemption from the regulations they imposed upon themselves.
Only luxury sleeper train derailed by.
No offense but there have been sooooo many non Irish people coming into Ireland and the cases here are really high.
Buiding A Limitless Ireland - Senan's Story - Valentia Island.
Hold onto your top hats! BOOK GIVEAWAY Win a copy of JasperandScruff 'Take a Bow', a personalised letter on the joys of reading from Jasper & Scruff to a little reader in your life & a standee! & comment by Midnight GMT 25th of Feb. UK & Ireland only.

If you're in the Rep. of Ireland please ask your TD to support the bill to ExtendTheCommission - it will give those of us born/who gave birth in those 18 institutions opportunity for accountability re: the commission & the commission to, at least, end well.

Anti-slavery heros 1845 trip to Ireland to be feted in Douglass Week.
He has learnt nothing. He leaves the Bourbons in the shade. And he still has no defence for the scandalous dedemocratisation of part of the island of Ireland, contrary to the ECHR, to which Ireland is a signatory.

Join us this Thursday, 25 February, at 7pm for our first spring lecture ( Zoom)! UoBrisHistory Martyn_Powell 'Wolfe Tone and the Hibernian Catch Club: sociability in Revolutionary Ireland Register here.

England v Northern Ireland: 'Fearless' Northern Ireland 'could raise eyebrows' in friendly - Lauren Wade. Read on: .
As I said at the start of this in co operation with the North of ireland give people 1 week to stock up then put curfew in place for 3 weeks and let the virus burn itself out after that open back up with restricted travel. Mathematics.

But surely all his years working here in Northern Ireland and the years studying N.I. politics and understanding the psyche of the people of Northern Ireland must count for something. Not as if he was just thrown onto the committee or anything.

Ireland Reads is a new national campaign to encourage as many people as possible to get reading. The campaign will run throughout February, culminating with Ireland Reads Day on February 25th. See for a full list of events.

England v Northern Ireland: Lionesses cannot wait to return, says Steph Houghton. Read on: .
4/ "So, if we had equivalence in terms of veterinary standards and SPS ]sanitary and phytosanitary rules], that would create fewer barriers to free flowing trade. He said that many Northern Ireland businesses were positively disposed to such an idea.

Bollocks, Ewan is from Ireland and the shit show that has been handling to pandemic There is no plan here and the UK have a plan and guide, we want a guide and a plan Mr Belts.
Mongolians aren't a race, they're a nationality By that logic, I'm an entirely different race from white people in britain, cuz im a white person in Ireland.
Coronavirus: Arlene Foster calls for revisiting' of schools reopening date.
Enough of the squirming and posturing. Listen to this from six weeks ago and make up your own mind about what the DUP leader thought about the Protocol (and not just Brexit, as she told Mark Carruthers when he asked her about it).

Really enjoyed meeting Student Union officers from across the Midlands and North West of Ireland today. Great to engage on key issues. Thanks so much to my colleague MariaWalshEU for organising this. Looking forward to many more such meetings and regular engagement.

On 22/2/2021, ElisaFerreira receives PaschalDonohoe, Minister for Finance or Ireland and President of the Eurogroup.
Youll have to do a mandatory 14 day quarantine in a hotel and you have to pay for all expenses yourself, youll be arrested if you dont. The Irish government have noted that over 5,000 people flew into Ireland in just January alone.


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Sometimes Twitter can actually do good!

What time will that be uk time.

What time is ring walk in the UK?



Don't understand why it wasn't on in the first place?

Good job! You listened to the public!

Thank you.

Thank you triple boxing Saturday.

Times ring walks? Around 10.30am ish?

Both excellent European class fighters not world Class will never ever win the WBC WBA BELTS just not in that Class even though this is the worst Heavyweight Era since the 70 80 90 2000 Its very poor now thats a fact.

What time will this be in the UK?


Nice one Dazn.

Looking forward to seeing Parker in the ring. One of the nicest guys in boxing.

Please get different commentary. When the prices go up I'm going to struggle to justify keeping a subscription if this doesn't change in some way.

Why wasn't it there any way?

Well done for listening.


Like Parker Hate Higgens.

What time will this be?

Get 1 month free DAZN use my friend link referral code.

Weird why the uk was originally excluded if dazn had the rights all along, at least its sorted now.

Just show everything in the U.K we'll watch it!

What time this in the uk.

Oh yes ideal.

I know its only PS2 but I've only watched 1 fight since subscribing so I'm glad to hear there will be another one, its good to watch some past fights but there's nothing you can't find on YouTube.

Brilliant to see DAZNBoxing listening to the fans! Well done DAZNBoxing and everyone who kicked up a fuss.

11am UK time. They are 12 hours ahead. So tune it around 10.30am onwards.

Yes! Get in there.

Why dont you guys have 4K support in the us?

Interesting fight Do NOT [?] split The Heavyweight Division! NO [?] to.

Great stuff. Saturday morning boxing. Hope Parker does the business.

Good move.

I do think joeboxerparker is a good boxer to watch. He has many skills.

Now all you need to do is get DarrenBarker82 & ChrisLloydTV on commentary and we will be happy!

Don't suppose the Canelo fight can be on around or before midnight in the UK as well can it.

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