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Wednesday 5th of August 2020

.SecPompeo: Israel is an Essential American Security Partner. Israel is a Model to The Middle East of How to Create a Thriving Economy. Israel is a Bastion of Freedom in The Region.

The Israeli government, confident it had beaten the coronavirus, invited students back to school in May. Within days, infections were reported at a Jerusalem high school. It became the largest outbreak in a single school in Israel, possibly the world.

This is the moment when four terrorists attempted to plant explosives near the security fence between Israel and Syria last night... ...and the moment we stopped them. We will continue to defend Israel's borders from all enemy threats.

.SecPompeo: Israel is an essential American security partner. Israel is a model to the Middle East of how to create a thriving economy. Israel is a bastion of freedom in the region.
They definitely should not do what we have done... It was a major failure.
These lebanon carrds to "educate" have more stuff about hezbollah than israel & US imperialism that is continuously destroying lebanon please stop spreading them.
I just havent words and my heart literally cries for byrwt beirut and Israel is gigging grave of itself and time is near to wipe them off for peaceful world they have destroyed Palastine Lebnon Syria and many others.

No one but you're worried about the wrong things rn, how about you donate instead? israel will be fine with or without the misinformation.
A senior Israeli source said that Israel has no involvement in the explosion, adding that according to uncorroborated intel, the warehouses were used for Hezbollah missile parts. If so - the incident may cause serious damage to Hezbollah and Nasrallah in Lebanon.

BEIRUT: New footage shows the enormous approximately 5 kiloton explosion in the port in Beirut. At least 50 killed, more than 3,000 injured. Reports that the storage belonged to Hezbollah. Hezbollah soldiers seen spread out around the port. Israel now offering assistance.

Hezbollah is a vagabond army in Lebanon that is a proxy for Iran. They have long been at odds with Israel. It has been heating up lately with a border altercation a couple weeks ago. A shipment of Hezbollah's munitions could explain the hit and size of the explosion.

Beirut explosion is in area known to be used by Hezbollah for its long-range precision-guided missile project, which Israel publicly calls a red line. I have no specific knowledge, but would be surprised if explosives that detonated were not associated w/ that project. 1/.

Under the guidance of the Israel_MOD and IsraelMFA, Israel has offered to send humanitarian & medical assistance to Lebanon security and international channels. This is the time to transcend conflict.
Israel often denies when things seemingly explode at random in the region, as has happened multiple times in Iran in recent weeks.
"While Israel its lobby have for years smeared Palestinians those supporting their rights as anti-Semites, Salzborn takes things to the logical limit: Even mentioning Palestine is in his mind an attack on Jews that merits aggression silencing.".

The pictures and videos out of Beirut are devastating, upsetting and shocking. My heart and prayers are with the people of Beirut and with all of Lebanon today. I'm pleased to hear that millions in aid have been sent by Israel. Stay strong!

What do israel arrendelle and narnia have in common? theyre all fictional places.
Typical from Bildt. "Even Israel." As anyone not blinded by prejudice knows, Israel is renowned for its aid efforts across the planet.
STOP BLAME ISRAEL FOR THE EXPLOSION IN LEBANON. were not responsible for that . Were here for the Lebanese people . Im here for u, but stop blame it on my country , cause we literally didnt do it . There are literally proves ,and if u do it , ur just antisemitic.

Speculating that Israel may have covertly hit one of their enemies is not anti-Semitic. Falsely labeling people that leads to actual racism and also justified suspicions of racial supremacy. Israel is a country. People are allowed to talk about it. Period.

The nuclear deal harmed the security of Israel and Arab states alike -- but it was implemented in 2015, Trump admin won the 2016 election, and then reimposed sanctions, cracked down on Iranian terror, and in 2018 pulled out of the nuke deal. 3/.

FACT: Yo Semite Sam is by far the most popular cartoon in Israel.
Made by Israel.
Israel uses bombs that look just like the Beirut tragedy.
-"Israel" is still occupying 7 Lebanese villages. -"Israel" uses Lebanese airspace to bomb Syria. -"Israel" flies its drones 24/7 over South Lebanon. -"Israel" repetitively attacks shepherds at the Leb-Pal borders. -"Israel" planted landmines that kill/injure Lebanese civilians.

Lol. So says the Hypocrite who "unapologetically" (his own word!) supports Israel's outrageous racism & WarCrimes against the Palestinians. Keir, do yourself a favour & start putting into practice what you dared "preach" here: BDS Israel to start with.. that's a challenge!

Why even ? Are you Israel-hater ?
Work w/ the anti-Israel AMPalestine continues to generate messaging once carried out by the Hamas-supporting Palestine Committee. TheIPT showcases the top 5 things about Abuirshaid's connections and ideas as part of its occasional series, "Five Things About...".

"I stood up to the NRA" Fired Parkland Sheriff Scott Israel is pathetic. He continues to blame the law-abiding members of the NRA for the acts of a madman. The Parkland tragedy happened on his watch. If he'd taken the shooter off the street, his community would've been safer.

My map of recent explosions and fires in Iran over the last weeks, including Natanz explosion; leading to tensions with US and Israel potentially.
They obviously had ammunition's and explosives in there. either the fire happened on purpose or by accident. either way lebanon is covering it up. I don't know what's going on in the middle east. has israel been sending strikes there already?

Its fuck israel till my last breath.
Few wrong things... Jews is a religion and not all the Jews live in Israel so no.. no the Jews second you cant say its Israel just because you Think its them..
When someone TOld you you can understand what is happening in the world .It is not israel or ABD it is about Jews Lobby . They dont want to some country develop And race with them . They dont want lose money . They kill people for just money . Just Jews ! Look Democrasy!!!

Answer meeee.
It's been a very long time I do stuff for myself... Check my profile on LinkedIn, let's connect.
Yo Israel's currency is actually called a "shekel".
Israel, which has killed and injured thousands of Lebanese civilians over several assaults on the country, now spouting "humanitarian assistance" propaganda in light of today's tragedy.
Friendly reminder to say FUCK ISRAEL at least five times a dayVnulb.
.ElbitSystemsLtd provides surveillance technology for Israel's apartheid wall, fence around Gaza and checkpoints, enabling apartheid. The US and EU use Elbit's technology to militarize their borders, violating refugee and indigenous peoples' rights.

Massive mysterious explosion at the port in Beirut, Lebanon Hezbollah terror group has been using this port to store its guided precision missiles. This could be an accident in their warehouse. Israeli officials say Israel has nothing to do with this.

Israel approached the Lebanese government through international intermediaries and proposed humanitarian assistance for the victims of the Beirut explosion.
The Palestinian activist, Majed Abusalama, along with his two BDS activist friends, are now facing their second trial in Germany for just speaking up against the Israeli. we ask you to support Majed and his friends in confronting Israel in the German court.

No, you're clearly trying to clear Israel's name. Focusing on minute details like this while people are still buried in the rubble is insensitive at best. Just say you're a Zionist and go.
No surprise to see the antisemites crawling speedily out of the woodwork to blame Israel for the unfolding tragic events in Beirut.
With reports of hundreds dead and thousands injured, Lebanon must accept Israels offer to help with the emergency in Beirut.
Welpbecause of Israel heat wave, "the govt exempted everyone from wearing masks for 4 days, & schools shut the windows (for AC). That decision proved disastrous." Led to school outbreaks. nulb Points to aerosol transmission & lack of ventilation.

Live-stream Now Israel Attacks Lebanon, UK University Exposes Lockdown/Death Rate & "Dont Research For Yourself ... TLAVagabond The Last.
Unfortunately for the likes of you... its never gonna happen. But you know that, dont you.
When Covid Subsided, Israel Reopened Its Schools. It Didnt Go Well.
Meant dump. Im all for Israel discussion but they didnt do this and have sent humanitarian support. Having spent a lot of time in both places Ive got this topic covered.
Bitch im trying ok?! i like this israel guy so much.
Lebanese security official announces that "explosive material" was stored in a warehouse in Beirut's port (a very heavily populated area). Israel has long accused Hezbollah of storing explosive weapons in downtown Beirut. At least 15 people killed and hundreds more injured.

The Pakistani passport continues to be the biggest troll to Israel.
A severe economic collapse. On a brink of war with Israel. Political and sectarian tensions. Worsening Corona Pandemic. And now this. Our entire port evaporated within seconds! Lebanon is highly dependent on imports to survive. I cant imagine what the country will be now.

Israel has the right to exist because there needs to be a Jewish homeland. The IDF exists to defend the country that is under constant threat. We have different views and there's no point going back and forth. Have a good day!

Israel has excellent search and rescue units, and has extensive experience with helping in disasters all around the world, if it was not for Hezollah, Israel would be on the ground in Lebanon and helping in this time. To be sure Israel has such assets that could be there in hours.

It looks like ammonium nitrate was stored in the warehouse a few years ago and it exploded today. both parties (israel and hezbollah) denied any involvement. so till now we have no clue if anyone is responsible for this.

PM Netanyahu: "Hezbollah and Lebanon bear full responsibility for this incident and for any attack against the State of Israel emanating from Lebanese territory. Hezbollah needs to understand that it is playing with fire. Any attack against us will be met with great force.

It's hard to overstate the importance of Beirut's port. Lebanon is almost entirely import-dependent with no ble land routes (Syria and Israel). If the port is badly damaged, what will the country do for food/goods/medical supplies? Lebanon was already in crisis, now this?

Third party analysis rarely portrays this as a black & white issue, there are historical grudges on both sides. If Tony Blair could convince Hamas to have a "clause 4 moment" and formally distance themselves from the destruction of Israel that would tilt an objective assessment. Hezbollah is terrible and all but they're not the cause of the absence. Israel helped sustain the Civil War, supported war crimes, & occupies Lebanese territory. You think Finland would be accepting offers of aid from the USSR in 45?

Ya Allah, protect our brothers & sisters in Beirut & grant those who passed away the highest ranks of Jannah V Ya Allah, please stop the enemies of Islam both hidden and apparent. Aameen.
Israel has just offered humanitarian aid to Lebanon after Beirut catastrophe. I think this is a first - not just for Lebanon but for any designated "enemy state.".
30 dollars to destroy Israel ? what a bargain.
Some comments by zionists on what has happened in Beirut: 1. Whoever messes with Israel, they will get what happened in Hiroshima 2. Nice 3. Who said theres nothing good about 2020 4. a verse from Torah to gloat about what happened 5. Thank God and Mossad 6. Let them burn.

Just as predicted, denials on both sides.
"Even communities that have gotten the spread of the virus under control need to take strict precautions when reopening schools. Smaller classes, mask wearing, keeping desks six feet apart..." ?
Well Israel is the Jews home afterall... Always has been.
Israel clearing space for more settlements? Palestine is full, why not take over Lebanon as well. One explosion looked like a small nuke, surplus 155 round from NATO?
Thousands demonstrates against Netanyahu in Israel .. where is the french media ? Where is the CNN ?
The Lebanese are denying the Israelis are behind this, because then they'd have to answer to it. The Israel bombings in Syria and Iran are not a coincidence. That is my analysis, but stick your heads in the sand if you prefer. Those were some fireworks right?

Friendly PSA: Don't retweet memes with language you don't understand. I seen this meme floating around in Vtuber communities and pokimaneboyfriend situation that got viral, Korone is saying in japanese that she wants to destroy Israel Imagine your boss seeing this, yikes.

PASS IT ON there was an accident in Lebanon and a fireworks factory exploded and there was a lot of damage, a lot of people are blaming Israel right now and saying that the Israeli army did it even though Lebanon itself said Israel had nothing to do with the accident. 1/2.

Bet you it was Mossad/Israel.
It seems like an Hydrogen bomb explosion. Rumors say that Israel was behind but who knows. After all, we all know.
Let Israel help. Dont be stubburn. Israel can save lives.
Yesterday Netanyahu warned Hezbollah and Iran against "Testing" Israel as border clashes escalated. Today, a huge explosion devastates the Lebanese capital. Hope that is just a coincidence.
If you believe for one second that israel actually wants to help the lebanese people youre brainwashed by the media they only do this so people wont suspect them.
Assuming the lebanon exlplosion is an attack by israel is not accidental bias, but intentional. antisemites are looking for ammunition every day, and they enjoy believing they've found it.

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What a sick joke.

No comments...The people of all the world understand the game of Zionists Masons worldNewOrder The game is over... It's a matter of time...The only one you can deceive is the leaders of this Era.

Does he really believe all this? What do the Zionists put in his drinking water?

Zionist pompous Mike, we lie, we cheat, we steal!