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Tuesday 8th of December 2020

STATEMENT: Ossoff And ReverendWarnock Campaign With Anti-Israel Congressman.

Three years ago, realDonaldTrump recognized Jerusalem as Israels rightful capital and ordered usembassyjlm to move from Tel Aviv. This simple recognition of reality strengthened our diplomacy efforts, our partnerships, and still today reflects our greatest hope for peace.

.ReverendWarnock called on America to "repent for its worship of whiteness," celebrated anti-American & anti-Semitic pastor Jeremiah Wright, and called Israel an apartheid state.
Exactly three years ago, President realDonaldTrump became the first world leader to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The proclamation will now be prominently displayed on the wall of Israels cabinet room in Jerusalem. >>.

I don't wanna be cocky but this is a group we have to win or at least get 2nd with the squad we have, but you never know what you will get from foda ball.
Scotland's 2022 World Cup qualifying group: Denmark Austria SCOTLAND Israel Faroe Islands Moldova.
Palestinians of historic Jerusalem neighbourhood fear displacement.
Isaiah 43:15 I am the Lord, your Holy One, the creator of Israel, your King.
MASSIVE Reports of the assassination of the Israeli Mossad commander Fahmi Hinawi, southeast of Tel Aviv, Israel by unknown persons.
It's a big deal the nytimes ran a piece on Israeli lethal force,it's also obvs the author was writing defensively against Israeli protest. IyadHallaq bookends the article but it refuses to say the obvious re EliminatoryViolence of.

Israel will not charge police who allegedly shot a 9-year-old Palestinian boy in the face. He lost an eye. The boy was hit by a "non-lethal" round coming home from school in occupied East Jerusalem, says family. Israeli officials say there are "insufficient grounds" for charges.

The recent raid by Israeli forces was not limited to issuing fines and calling for interrogation and lawsuits against the merchants in Jerusalem, but it also inflicted material damage.
Danes will be good but not the best of pot 1. Pot 2 teams are all challenging. If we take emotion away then the Faroes are very beatable home and away. Same with Israel, we need to get over this bogey team stuff. Are Moldova that dangerous??

Israel continues to practice displacement, control of land by force, intimidation and murder, which is what the denial of the Nakba and Israel's crimes in 1948 means. The British government must respect human rights and refuse to justify war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In her latest for Al-Shabaka Yara_M_Asi explores the different ways in which Israel has impacted Palestinians ability to respond to & mitigate the disastrous effects of the pandemic. Important read as Palestinians brace for renewed COVID-19 restrictions.

A swear Israel FA and the SFA are in cahoots here. Biton and Kayal must big up Scotland when they go up the road. 5 games in the last 2 year and another 2 coming up.
Israel again. Triffic .
We've been drawn in Group F for qualification for the 2022 FIFAWorldCup, alongside: Denmark Austria SCOTLAND Israel Faroe Islands Moldova Thoughts on the group, Scotland fans?
Can't see it but hope you're right. I just feel Denmark, Austria and Israel all capable of coming to Glasgow and getting a result so Scotland will need to be right at the top of their game to win those. Very difficult imo.

Where is the condemnation apartheid Israel.
Only mass nonviolent Palestinian resistance, augmented by an international solidarity movement, can change this. Absent this factor, the 'international community' will continue to acquiesce in and enable Israel's apartheid. The rest is commentary.

Unlike many other democracies, Israel's youth vote is nationalist, comprising the base of right-wing nationalist parties like Likud and of settler-friendly parties.
Full set from our totally sexy beauty.. Just click..Photos Photos-credit .
Needs to go with drumpf. Put an end to their madness.
A brilliant talk with HE OmarSAlolama UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence - on why does any state need a minister for AI, and what made Israel such a big deal here at GITEXTechWeek2020 gitex2020 jytks2020 Tonight on keshet channel 12.

Yitzhak Nir builds this engrossing, spellbinding plot out of the material of Israel's reality.
The "Nakba" and the displacement of Palestinians are proof of the identity of the regime of oppression, racial discrimination and occupation embodied by Israel and its policies. The British government should be ashamed of hosting this ambassador.

Happy with ScotlandNT group Israel again though but not complaining.
Also, JoeBiden not actually being president is going to pose a significant challenge to his plans to aid Iran in their quest to destroy Israel. It's surreal actually.
2022 World Cup Qualifying draws are in. Israel have been drawn into group F. Denmark Austria Scotland Israel Faroe Islands Moldova Israel are drawn into a competitive group but certainly not the most daunting. Here we go Israel Footy fans!

Scotland v Israel now Nir Bittons best chance of winning a game in Glasgow.
Scotland vs Israel again.
Israel has a recording that says Iranian leaders wanted five nuclear missiles.
Walking home while Palestinian in occupied East Jerusalem... Israel's war on children continues.
I wonder why Israel is trending? Has the entire world finally realised that they are an illegitimate state and that the government are nothing but cold-blooded murderers?
Zionist terrorism by.
Israel has annexed the West Bank. It denies non-Jews who live there any political, while regularly violating their human, rights. It is able to do this because other states, including the UK, are unwilling to impose on it any meaningful sanctions.

13 year-old Ali Abu Aliyas israeli killers can sleep in peace: No one will prosecute them. All they did was kill a Palestinian child Gideon Levy.
Congrats, LetsGetbIZZY22, on being named the C-USA Co-Offensive Player of the Weeknulb.
Peaceful protesters in Jerusalem are set upon by Government inspired mob. In Bangkok, Minsk, Hong Kong it is front page news but when in Israel: zzz A huge gang came out and surrounded me. I tried to run. They kicked me in every possible place of my body.

I like how Israel is literally on a different continent...and is stolen land colonized mainly by Europeans/Americans... and people will still not call it Apartheid when this shit happens.
Meeks says Israel has right to defend themselves days after it kills 14-year-old protester.
This stuff is delicious. Made in Israel Another own goal by BDSmovement. I never used to go out of my way to buy Israeli produce until BDS started making their buy this lists.
Demonized and kicked out of an academic conference by anti-Zionist activists only because his Jewish identity was linked to Israel, Dr. asherchas of ISGAP1 experienced one of the fastest-growing forms of contemporary anti-Semitism.

Groundhog Day, but its Scotland vs Israel at hampden.
You can't keep us silent! Our generations ain't cowards! Things must get better! Oga police you also deserve a better life.
Head of the National Security Council (NSC) Meir Ben Shabbat, participating in the deliberations, advised to commence the curfew on December 10 -- the first evening of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah -- until January 2, Hebrew-language outlet Kipa reported.

Qatar is far too hot just preparing my internal excuses already! Israel again they must be as fed up with us as we are with them!
Israel announces plans to appoint a coordinator to promote a national plan for alt-proteins after its Prime Minister became the first head of state to try cultivated meat! The tasting event was hosted by AlephFarmswho supplied the cultivated steakand GFI Israel.

Ive seen Israel more than my maw these last few years.

Why do we always get israel.
I see israel in my nightmares.
It is the other way around. Nobody respects human life more than Israel. Vnulb.
Here is Kvestergaard (CCO, i25s, cofounder Tagion), with noyyy (CEO, founder, aeternity ), TheisSimonsen (CEO, i25s, founder Tagion tagionTeam ), and the amazing danielletichner (CEO, wsource4, Chairperson hongkong_israel trade association) backstage at MenaExpo2020.

Scotland to Israel.
Emirati buys 50% of Israel's most racist football club Beitar Jerusalem, where "death to Arabs" is a common chant, and is closely linked to Netanyahu (one of the most prolific anti-Palestinian, anti Arab racists around) and his politics.

Top women diplomats from Israel, UAE, Bahrain come together in trailblazing event.
Denmark drawing Faroes doesnt seem fair. We should be allowed to swap Israel for Mull to balance it up.
And for the love of fuck, Israel. Again.
Russian oligarch Valery Kogan sells his mansion in Israel for $258 million. Such a gaudy property.
Israel continues to practice displacement and control of the Palestinian territories by force, intimidation and murder What is the benefit of denying the crimes of the Jews and the Nakba in 1948?
Scotland have played Israel more times than the old firm play each other.
Israel has mandatory military service. The US needs mandatory restaurant service.
Why israel was trending earlier,do i gotta intervene once again.
I agree with AliAbunimah. Palestine (AKA the Land of Israel) should absolutely be free from the Arab-Islamic occupation which began in the 7th century when the Beduins of the Arabian desert occupied it. The League of Nations gave this Land BACK to its original owners, the JEWS!!

Group F: Denmark Austria Scotland Israel Faroe Islands Moldova.
Nulb nulb World Cup 2022 draw pairs Scots with Denmark, Austria, Israel, Faroe Islands & Moldova More to follow here nulb.
Bored of Israel though.
TODAY, 3:00 PM ET: Since becoming president in 2018, IvanDuque has worked to ensure that Colombia remains one of the U.S. and Israels strongest and most reliable allies in Latin America. We are honored to host President Duque to celebrate AJCLatino's 15th anniversary!

"The Invention of Ancient Israel shows how the history of ancient Palestine has been obscured by the search for Israel" Keith W. Whitelam is Professor of Religious Studies & Head of Department at University of Stirling.

Beautiful! Israelis and Emirates dance together in the UAE. Peace is blessing the Middle East.
Covert Israeli-Saudi meeting enlivens Middle East A landmark meet between SaudiArabia and Israel could be the starting point of history in.
Group F, confirmed: Denmark Austria SCOTLAND Israel Faroe Islands Moldova.
ICYMI ShenazKermalli : The question has to be asked: Why does Israel always get a free pass?
Despite the illegality of Israel's occupation and apartheid system, the UK is one of the main arms exporters to Israel as well as a major purchaser of Israeli weapons and weapon technology. We're campaigning to call on the UK to StopArmingIsrael. Join us.

Israel again ffs ***nulb.
They get away with it because while their people are starving and the avg. wage is 13K/year, the Grand Rabbis enjoy unimaginable wealth. And, the government in the US (and Israel) does nothing.
Glasnost, leading to the break-up of USSR, Yugosla and Czechoslovakia created many new nations. Plus small ones like Faroes and Gibraltar have joined (possibly attracted by Fifa PSPS) and Uefa expanded, eg to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel (bringing Uefa extra votes in Fifa).

Oh for Fuck sake, not Israel again. Oh for Fuck sake, not Scotland again .
Deal done: Member of Royal Family of UAE buys half of soccer club BetarYerushalayim, whose fans are known as the most anti-Arab and racist in Israel. Funny, no?
Bravo FleurHassanN, such inspiring champion for Jerusalem, Israel and peace in the region, especially with our friends in the UAE. The world would be a better place if there were more Fleurs!
Scotland drawn with Israel - There's a surprise...
What do you think of the Draw mate, we have bloody Israel again, its like a permanent fixture.

What You Really Think

Since 1948, over 170,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed and over a million Palestinian refugees have been obtained as a result of the destruction!

2 million palestinians are living under the israeli siege for years..

The israeli occupation commits daily crimes against the palestinians !!

The so called "israel" is settler colonial regime that continues to displace Palestinian people from their homes so that Zionists from anywhere in the world can come and settler in occupied Palestine.

Since 1948, over 170,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed and over a million Palestinian refugees have been obtained as a result of this destruction!

3000 Palestinian prisoners have been exterminated since 2000 and no killers have been held accountable! Is there peace with such injustice?

Israel is a Zionist force that targets and steals Palestinian land and builds settlements for it, leaving behind Palestinian refugees without homes.

Israel is a terrorist state is built upon the Palestinians blood and it commits crimes against Palestinians at their homes.

More than 2 million people are being homesless because of Israeli occupation.

Israel is a Zionist force that targets and steals Palestinian lands and builds settlements for it, leaving behind Palestinian refugees without a home!

Israel is a terrorist settlement system that was built over the corpses and blood of the Palestinian people!

2 millions palestinians live under the israeli seige!!!! Where's the justice?

Israel is an apartheid regime. Israel has killed more than 3,000 Palestinian children since 2000. Israel is holding more than two million people, half of them children, captive in Gaza for 14 years now.

ISRAEL IS NOT JUDAISM NETANYAHU IS A CROOK Netanyahu stands trial on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Misinformation and lies, thy name is GOP. meanwhile, Loeffler proudly stand with newly elected Q-Anon Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Green, who tweeted " Zionist supremacists are conspiring to flood Europe with migrants.".

Using Israel as a cudgel against two Democrats with impeccable pro-Israel records--just RJC things.

The RJC endorsed, and continues to defend, the vile realDonaldTrump. End of story.

Its mind boggling that Americans are so indoctrinated (aka brainwashed) into thinking that everyone HAS TO BE pro-Israel! Some of them are not even pro-America! So what if a congressman/woman isnt Pro-Israel? America cant pride itself in independence! Its captive to Israel!

Everyone with a heart & a conscious MUST unapologetically be anti-Israel! Not because the so called "people of israel" are Jews but because these people have been & still are torturing & slaughtering Palestinians every single day. "israel" must pay for its unending Crimes!

2 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip under the Israeli-Zionist injustice!

Israel is a terrorist settlement system built over the bodies and blood of the Palestinian people!

Israel is the most violent organization, and whoever supports it's an unjust and criminal person.

"israel" is a terrorist state founded on the ruins of Palestine.

How do they allow themselves to support a terrorist organization that kills innocent people without mercy !! Israel is the organization that most uses violence, killing, demolition and theft of Palestinian lands.


Jews in the USA seem to be very sensitive to criticism... Dont confuse anti-Israel sentiment with anti-semitism - unless you dont know the difference... Also, being referred to as termites isnt so bad - you could be called a lot worse... Keep a balance...

Ur definitely not blinded from the truth, but let me remind you again that Israel is an apartheid regime. Let me remind you that the Palestinians are suffering everyday from this horror movie that doesn't want to end soon enough. Just see the truth !!!

Israel was never the truth The truth is Palestine. Israel is called the thief in the story.

Israel is a racist occupation and its history is full of crimes. Since 2000, Israel has killed more than 3,000 Palestinian children and arrested 1,200 children.

Israel isn't a state that respects the human lives They don't respect the Palestinians feelings though they took thier land by force, and they surely kill the innocent one's. So Israel will always be an apartheid regime.

Who could ever wanna be with an apartheid intity established on the Land of the Palestinians They are thief's as a first then they are criminals as a second !

Israel is an apartheid regime established on the ruien of Palestinians.

That's a fucked up statement ! But hey you can still support apartheid regime which kills children.

ReElectHank Yes all republicans should write in realDonaldTrump!

In the past 14 years, Israel has launched 3 cruel wars against the people of Gaza and has killed more than 4,000 Palestinians without mercy.

Israeli occupation commits daily crimes against humanity in Palestine and nothing did against it.

Israel is a colonial state that expelled the Palestinians from their homes and farms, while any Zionist from any spot in which he was able to come to Palestine and colonize it.

Since 1948, over 170,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed and over a million Palestinian refugees have been obtained as a result of the destruction! Israel is a settlement system that occupied Palestine, displaced its people.

Isreal has killed 3000 palestine children since 2000.

As if the obvious occupation of Palestinians and the abuse of their rights is not enough to provoke action.

ReElectHank Israel sucks.

ReElectHank CEIO sounds more like the KKK than preachers.

ReElectHank You have no right to talk about anything if you are backing the evil lies of Trump. Sad for America with Trump in it.

ReElectHank Idiot! Ossoff is Jewish. So what?

Johnson atoned for his slur, which he made in 2016. Warnock receives regular praise from the Jewish community for his own outreach and please, you know Jon Ossoff is Jewish, and Perdues campaign had to delete an ad that *altered the size of his nose.*.

This smoldering mess lingering in the DNC is going unaddressed in messaging. The slew of Jewish folks being appointed in cabinets is a good step. Denouncing dumbasses like this is as necessary as expecting the GOP to denounce their nazi supporters. Of which there are many.

They will get elected.

ReElectHank This is why every single Jew better wake the f*** up and why you even voted did Biden and his socialist anti-Israel haters! They will go full steam into Iran deal again and want tax payers dollars dead drop in middle of the night without congressional approval! WAKE UP America.

ReElectHank This is a better statement!

ReElectHank GEORGIA deserves better than these two!

ReElectHank Interesting. I didnt realize they were anti-Israel. Why are they anti-Israel?

ReElectHank Might help if you stop other GOPers from telling GA Republicans not to vote for the Republican candidates. Just a thought.

Theyre literally both Zionists but OK.


The Republican Party has a Congressman who literally idolizes Hitler.

ReElectHank So sad. So many backing anti semitism, are we the new Nazi Germany???

Ossoff is Jewish.

ReElectHank BDS isn't antisemitic, clown shoes.

Theres a difference between being against the right wing government of Israel and being anti Israel.


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