Thursday 25th of May 2023

David Johnston is Not Just Trudeaus Ski Buddy. He is Trudeaus Gatekeeper. Blocking Canadians From The Truth. Bring Home Control of Our Government to Our Common People.

Social Media Says

]Globe editorial worth reading] However honorable intentions, Johnston only failed that mission also further damaged public confidence institutions. office governorgeneral politically tinged, that Johnston been thrust.

Johnstons report outrageous. says there intelligence suggesting that Chinese community association leader close approached candidate offered help raise money their campaign. Meanwhile, United Front agents openly campaign with.

JOHNSTON BETRAYS NATION: 'Special Rapporteur' David Johnston Chooses Trudeau's Bidding Recommending Against Public Inquiry Into China's Election Interference.
look forward party leaders choosing actually security clearances necessary facts that underpin this report," Trudeau says David Johnston's report.
believe Robert Fife Cooper have more integrity than David Johnston Frank Iacobucci might just dumb enough vote Pierre Poilievre.
Also worth remembering: Stars won't just missing Jamie Benn tomorrow. They'll likely with Evgenii Dadonov well, been great them this postseason. BennJohnstonDadonov most consistently used Stars line since TDL.

Daily Beaver Morning Show 126 Rapporteur Deep Dive, 1 ]2023/05/24] ]56 mins] David Johnston releases initial assessment foreign political interference advises against public inquiry into matter. .

Alastair Iain Johnston's essay "China World Orders: Rethinking Compliance Challenge Beijing's International Relations" most incisive subject China's support/challenge international order.

understand correctly, when Pierre Poilievre attacks media it's cheap partisan tactic that poses existential threat Canadian democracy, when David Johnston does it's unimpeachable faith correct dangerous misinformation. have that right?

Kinsella: "Johnstons ghastly report will give Trudeau Liberals cover this scandal. wont stop bleeding. leaks will continue happen, they will worse. Johnston made things immeasurably worse govt clearly protect".

Only reason Trudeau appointed David Johnston, that Maurice Strong unavailable.
complete loss understand someone suggest that there conflict interest David Johnstons appointment raconteur. Where personal benefit? Where there conflict between goal raconteur (deciding public inquiry /2.

NEW: David Johnstons decision wasnt only despicable partisan act, direct assault Canadas democratic institutions. Canadians have voted Trudeau Foundation, they're charge. READ SpencerFernando's powerful piece.

Pretty much whole country wanted full inquiry into Chinese interference. only didnt were Justin Trudeau David Johnston. They dont trust Canadians know what they know They hiding behind veil fear deceit.

unavoidable implication Johnston report: Canada broken government that permit years foreign interference democracy because cannot figure email log-in hardly trust re-engineer economy much else".

REPO Democracy Watch File Complaint Against David Johnston Alleged Violation Conflict-Of-Interest Act.
foreign interference, Johnston asks Canadians trust Parliament.
Johnston part Trudeau foundation, knew Pierre Trudeau, skied with family. JustinTrudeau should have have appointed someone with this kind baggage. Anything other than public inquiry suspect.

Another example bias: They keep referring David Johnston independent. Despite fact that Family friend, buddy, member Trudeau Foundation. does refer independent? Just cause Trudeau says so?

Corruption incompetence reigns supreme Trudeau Liberal Party.
Uh-oh Democracy Watch press released revealed that lawyer Sheila Block, whom David Johnston retained assist obtaining, reviewing analyzing secret information that Prime Minister Trudeau gave them access seems have donated total $7,593.38 (listed.

First Trudeau appoints Morris Rosenberg investigate interference elections then David Johnston rapporteur cleared Frank Iacobucci having conflict interest. members Trudeau Foundation. Nothing here folks.

David Johnston just Trudeaus buddy. Trudeaus gatekeeper. Blocking Canadians from truth. Bring home control government common people.
pleased learn that theJagmeetSingh will getting necessary clearances review classified documents that David Johnston relied report. Singh acting like statesman, unlike PierrePoilievre yfblanchet.

unavoidable implication Johnston report: Canada broken Hub.
Barbara Stanwyck, photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1926 ..
"David Johnston, spent much past half-century kowtowing Beijings political corporate elites..." Another must read from Terry Glavin, nobody writes like this!
Look David Johnston sitting there with look admiration like father looking proud should declined GGDavidJohnston .Your bogus title Special Rapporteur invented JustinTrudeau could evade justice .Now stained worth ?

Gina Pappano from InvestNowOrg joins Andrew show discuss parliamentarians trying force banks only invest climate-aligned businesses. Tune into AndrewLawton Show True North.
sure David Johnston opinion Poilievre current Conservative Party changed considerably. Imagine building credible reputation yourself years have ripped apart instant cowardly smarmy little weasel wholl never half is.

which althiaraj absolutely nails Poilievre refuses access security information. doesnt want know what happened; wants free mischaracterize
(But yes).
specter foreign threat hangs ominously shadow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Canadians watch next move unsettling saga foreign interference allegations. nation's gaze firmly fixed David Johnston, special rapporteur.

Stop playing game PierrePoilievre thoughts David Johnston, Chinese electoral interference special message Canadian immigrants whove arrived last years.
Trudeau's long time friend lashes Trudeau's paid media making look bad. Unbelievable liberal corruption.
"I'll answer choose": Poilievre pushes back against reporter asking about 'special rapporteur' Johnston's recommendations, saying it's fake that incapable doing impartially.".

Justin Trudeaus handpicked special rapporteur Chinese interference David Johnston meeting with senior Communist Party China member official charge propaganda, Changchun back 2012. Johnston said deep personal affection China.

Justin Trudeau's friend David Johnston destroyed reputation betrayed trust Canadians after chose protect Trudeau rich Chinese associates. time criminal investigation?

David Johnstonfrom Trudeau Foundationwanted make sure wasnt conflict interest judging Beijings interference Trudeau Foundation. opinion from someone part Trudeau Foundation.

Trudeau been banking whitewash courtesy David Johnston. What have accounted calculations angry Canadians about foreign interference. Canadians really give damn about integrity democracy.

infuriating think this decision David Johnston just inflated Trudeaus pompous arrogant today. What farce this Country
looking investment opportunity crypto world, $FRZSSCOIN good frztoken "RIP Queen" Survivor44 "Simply Best".
Trudeau foundation accepted 200.000$ donation from China amid this scandal entire board resigned David Johnston failed include this report. This what when corrupt friend helps corrupt government.

Which David Johnston full shit?? Yesterday sure tonne downplaying. this RobertFife interview, they were best family friends.
lost remaining credibility -ask yourself this
Trudeau chooses attack Pierre Poilievre Claiming Pierre doesn't want facts Justin, haven't heard facts Johnston appointed allow Trudeau avoid answering questions about what knew when knew We're still waiting.

David Johnston: asked Prime Minister Ministers they were aware orchestrated effort elect minority. They were not. Prime Minister pointed briefed matters that supported reliable information. Reliable information.

Canadian targets Chinese election interference have expressed disappointment special rapporteur David Johnstons findings which were first released Tuesday.
Poilievre calls Singh force foreign interference inquiry: Opposition parties demanding public inquiry after Johnston chose recommend one.
John Robson: Johnstons Whitewash Will Destroy Credibility Without Doing Thing Improve Trudeaus.
trap': Leaders largest Opposition parties rejects Trudeau's security clearance offer access confidential annex Johnston report: They it's trap prevent them from commenting foreign interference issues.

BLM, David Johnston, Canada's former Governor General, available audit your books. small fee, make this away.
Despite what state sponsored legacy media trying tell you, pretty much impossible David Johnston impartial. This shouldnt have been allowed. Full stop!
Patrick Jim Benedict Carpenter Lauren Johnston(e) Robert Giles.

What You Really Think

Get your security background check and see what is what, are you afraid it will reveal why Chinese government paid for your vacation or your involvement with Russian bot farms, Venezuelan criminal organization or worldwide fascist organizations.

If you cared to educate yourself the whole PP Herman story is a gross exaggeration of a story invented by the Cons (how fitting of a name).

Looks like Trudeau's dad's friend...the "ski buddy". Felt bad for Justin Trudeau so he helped him in an unethical way. As all he had was a degree in drama at the time of the elections smh...

Clearance takes years, not months, not weeks, not days, not hours (unless you've already had a clearance). Those are the facts! There is no special quicky for politicians. The fact that Pierre is reluctant indicates that he knows this is a Trudeau political stunt.

Hey PEPE , if Mr. Johnston was so terrible why did Stephen Harper nominate him for Governor General? Stop your childish grandstanding and get the security clearance and look at the file, then you can go back to being a Drama Queen! Hilarious.


Pierre is a career politician who works for the oil and gas industry. He ain't bringing anything "home" for the "common people".

What about your wife's family?

STFU putz.

You're a liar. Why can't you get a security clearance? What are you hiding?

Says the guy who is too afraid to submit for a security clearance.

PM Trudeau doesn't need a gatekeeper.

Greasy cons.

It's easy to confuse one PM with another, PP. But I think this is the friendship you are referring to.

This is disgusting ! Once again another scandal. How much does he think we will take? Ive not run into any Trudeau fan. In fact the mere mention of his name evokes a look of distaste on their face.

And Michael Cooper likes to pose with nazi flag bearers. Whos worse?

What's blocking you from the truth is a security clearance. Why can't you get one?


Seriously shut up.

Read the report and get a security clearance. Till then, you have no credibility.

When are you getting your security check done? Speaking of blocking the truth.what are you hiding there little pp?


You are a tosser.

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