Saturday 9th of May 2020


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Breaking: Jacare Souza has tested positive for Covid-19. His fight against Uriah Hall is off UFC 249. UFC 249 still planning to move forward, with consent of Florida commission per UFC.
Jacare Souza has tested positive for COVID-19. His fight tomorrow is now off. UFC 249 is still on. More:.
Jacare Souza has tested positive for COVID-19. Heres what I was told.
Briefly spoke to Dana White ( ), he said UFC administered 1,200 tests on 300 people this week, its not unexpected someone would test positive, shows the system is doing what its supposed to do. Jacare will get medical attention. May 9, May 13, May 16 all still on.

Two of Jacare s cornerman also tested positive for COVID-19, per sources.
they should have just not booked jacare when they knew he had contact with someone who has corona. that was all. insane risk for the very first event that will determine if this can go on.
Wow. While Jacare had gloves and a mask on for media today I m sure at some point with his team he did not. Now you just wonder who his team interacted with.
Oh no Jacare test positive for Covid-19.
Dana say anything about fisting Jacare?
Appearing on , says hes been told that aside from Jacare, the other 23 fighters of have tested negative for the coronavirus.
Jacare is dead to me.
Per the UFC, Jacare and his two cornermen have left the host hotel and will be self-isolating off premises, where UFC s medical team will monitor their conditions remotely and will provide assistance with any necessary treatment.

And the part where jacare signed his own contract and made his own dicisions. Making it sound like dana and ufc forced him to to benefit his own agenda.
Why would Jacare go knowing his family member was infected pisses me off do us the favor and stay home at that point. I ve been ecstatic the past week and I have a feeling I m going to wake up to bad news.

They clearly did things the right way. Jacare didnt hide anything, distance and masks and all proper precautions were thought everyone involved did the right.
Jacare Souza has tested positive for COVID-19 and won t fight UFC 249 is still taking place after approval by the Florida athletic commission, per.
UFCs Jacare Souza Tests Positive for COVID-19, Out of UFC 249.
Jacare Souza tests positive for coronavirus, his UFC 249 bout vs. Uriah Hall off SportsCenter -
What if Jacare, an alligator, got Jake, a snake, sick?
KI: this isn t surprise. when does a media member call out drano white. Drano is counseling daily with trump on CV.
Yess am going to sleep can t wait for this get well soon jacare you got this man Good night MMA and FT.
During faceoffs on Friday morning, Jacare, who has since received a positive coronavirus test, maintained a large distance between himself and opponent Uriah Hall.
Jacare has also been training for weeks with more than just those 2 coaches. How many more have those other people been in contact with in their homes/cities since? I understand people needing to work, but this couldve been avoided if UFC simply paid fighters to stay at home.

BREAKING: Jacare Souza out of after testing positive for COVID-19.
Not sure why people are getting the shits with Jacare?? He told them and they continued fans now blaming the fucking fighter for telling them he had covid on wednesday. Is the UFC testing them all EVERY day?? Fuck off with that shit.

UFC 249s Jacare Souza tests positive for COVID-19, event still on.
UFC announced that Jacare Souza and two cornermen tested positive for COVID-19.
According to a UFC statement, two of Jacare Souza s cornermen also tested positive for COVID-19.
Lets not forget that Jacare didnt even want to compete but agreed to so he wouldnt lose his home.
Fighter Jacare Souza & His Corner Test POSITIVE For COVID-19 - His Fight Is Off, PPV Is Still On.
Im a huge Jacare fan. I hope he makes a full recovery.
This old quote from Jacare (courtesy of Guilherme Cruz) makes me feel sick. This is the story for a lot of people, in a lot of lines of work. Its certainly not unique to him. But its horrible. Its just horrible.

This was earlier today from Werdum s Instagram story. Jacare very close with a group of people all certainly within 6 feet.
The other 23 fighters on the UFC 249 card tested negative for COVID-19, per sources. Jacare has left the hotel, per sources.
Ufc did everything right and found jacare had it. They should be praised for their due diligence.
I have not said a word about ufc 249 cuz I didn t think it would happen but didn t wanna jinx it but damn after seein this jacare shit I am so upset.
My point still stands. People can spread the virus for two weeks before showing symptoms. Jacar may have been hanging out with them while they asymptotic, and why would the UFC risk it and bring him along? Why aren t they being blamed? Why is Jacar the daft one here?

What You Really Think

where u at?

Now reports say some of his corner men tested positive. It may turn out others have contracted it.

No he didn t.

a lot of the craziest shit happens in florida.

Wait he was aware that his family may have had covid?? And he still shows up?! Irresponsible.

Learn how to pronounce some names first. Why person who supposedly knows anything about MMA can t pronounce Jacare s name right?

Helwani or Okamato should be talking not Stephen A.

All I had to do was hear Stephen A try to pronounce Jacares name like a 40 year old substitute teacher at the Middle School I went to in Manassass, VA to know he still don t know $H!T about MMA or it s top fighters.

Lol can t even say his name right.

Jacare feeling.

So vs on Wednesday at middleweight? If cowboy leaves tomorrow unscathed.

This whole thing is a big mistake Dana white has been pushing for this and now who knows how many people are expose. Ridiculous!!!!

that weak ass rona aint hurting any of these fighters.

We see you with that MMA reporting.

Work brutha!

Dana be like.

Was Souza isolated the entire 48hrs they awaited test results? If not, can they trace who he was in contact with and then who they were in contact with etc Are any of them still there?

Coronavirus by TKO.

Stephen A. Smith talking about Jacare Souza, what a world.


What did he call him? I thought this clown would go away from MMA.

Stephen A Trump aka the Black Donald.

still a go.

What you know about MMA? You need to school you again holmes?

World renown mma expert analyst ladies n.

Oh wow he has covid now its the end of the world. Cancel the whole card lol.

need to stop this shit already!!!

Bad decision to hold the fight.

Sounds like they handled this the best anyone could.

Ariel fed you this.

Best MMA journalist.

You shouldn t be commentating combat sports ever I love you to death but I don t think you know enough about the sport.

Are they going to fight wearing mask? Just like "Reptile" in MK!! that is uber cool!

Why did Jacare even show up if he knew one of his family members might have COVID19? He should have called the UFC before showing up risked almost ending the whole card. Thank you Uncle for having air right process which ultimately saved tomorrow s card.

They re still going to fight? Even tho he tested positive? Wtfff.

Dont be surprised if he never fights again in the UFC. This dude simply had to reveal this info before he arrived in Fla and they wouldve tested him before he ever went to Fla. Or just pulled him entirely. Now they have to deal with this negative PR because hes a fool.

Good that s how it should be.

Jah-Cary Souza.

Your sources are wrong. Just check the social of any of the fighters on the card. Jacare was not at all isolated or social distancing.

Did he test positive for the sniffles too?

Lets all go get haircuts and Rona yay yay.

Even though you mispronounced his name, you re still the goat.


Meanwhile, who all has he been in contact with the last couple of weeks?

Stephen A is a 3rd- rate reporter. There is no way this fight will happen.

Get well soon!

That s the dumbest thing I ve ever heard! All of the sweat saliva blood tears everything that is excreted from the body during a fight in that close of a proximity but I got to gear up just buy some damn toilet paper to keep my family neighbors coworkers and my animals safe!


He most likely infected more sad.

Stay away from MMA please.

Oh fuck.

Maybe when enough famous people end up with this then we get woke . I mean assistant tests positive and 2 peeps in world test positive maybe this shit gets real. And given 40% of those positive r asymptomatic it might be ok to shut down sports!!

I genuinely hope this card doesn t collapse last minute that would break my heart ngl.

the fights are on!

Maybe if the ufc had screen the fighters this wouldnt of happened.

Test Dana White.

Dana White right now:.

You re not helping u curly haired muthafucka.

Well done man. That was reported clearly & precise.

It off topic, but it is concerning your dak stance with kellerman. Can you please ask him what he thinks dak is worth?

Why would Jacare even go to the event on Wednesday knowing a family member already tested positive?

Ight Stephen i forgive you for the Cowboy comment.

They should have sent his ass back right away without letting him stay in the hotel smfh.

Just cancel everything until there s a vaccine. You know this is gonna happen the second the NBA tries to start up again.

I d be surprised if it is still on as of tomorrow.

Thank you, Stephen A.

No cough or fever? Geez, that sounds awful. Hope he makes it.

Souza used as an excuse to back out of fighting.

MMA journalist.

You know something is wrong when this piece of work reports. He s not an expert in medicine. But knows how to run his mouth.

Better not be cancelled.

Dont cancel the card please.

Is this a death sentence?


Stick to basketball.

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