Saturday 17th of July 2021

Question For Jack Dorsey.

Social Media Says

Ivanka called people invading Capitol bludgeoning police officers patriots. didnt hear from between election January jack stop insurrection from happening amount going change that.

Square creating business (joining Seller, Cash App, Tidal) focused building open developer platform with sole goal making easy create non-custodial, permissionless, decentralized financial services. primary focus Bitcoin. name TBD.

Mask, vax, throat jack? Choose wisely. MaskUp vaccinate Bonus: getting intubated without anesthesia during pandemic when overloaded hospitals pain killers. (This happened Brazil: jairbolsonarohistory will remember what people ).

Youre welcome!! Really happy liked them cause ended putting color all.
It. Was. A. Joke.
Perhaps should grovel Jack again.
Just fucked good LissaAires1 really knows fuck Only Free Spots left site Hurry.
former free speech advocate Jack Dorsey looking like about beheaded ISIS video while being surprised while censor says just banned Alex Jones wasnt wacky coincidence after all.

Bruh told KD to check his G-Files This app is still free for some reason. Thank you.
Louisville Prospects Schmitt with 63-38 over Mercury Elite Daniels Camden 11p Logan Tharp 10p Jack Armstrong 9p/10r Alex Jenkins 9p Austin Cardwell Balanced effort.
Michael Jordan, Magic, Reggie, couple other walking buckets, Jack Haley (RIP) Worm Space lot. (1995) have been Jordan Dome those runs. Legendary.
Tiger Jack. At the majors.
When Jack'son over matching toys just ROTFLMAO.
Jack 10/10 test.
Retweet watch: dream - georgenotfound - sapnap -quackity - tommyinnit - tubbo - ranboo - wilbur soot jack manifold -nihaachu follow everyone retweets.
Queen Elizabeth Union Jack Modern art, Modern wall Art4giftShop.
RIP Biz Markie Sad news for everyone, especially Agnes, Agatha, Germaine and Jack.
Watch happen. Smart contracts core Bitcoin layer would absolute bloated mess unable scale. best what they'll merge mining like Sovryn, that's already separate blockchain. DeFi Bitcoin possible without reinventing wheel.

Blocked from retweeting you! Outrageous.
Captain Jack Baby! PIXEL inspired Insomnia !serverrp !server !discord !activision.
didn't vote this. It's lie.
told Jack Eichel would here.
Hot jack-hammering boys.
This level mental illness Toronto, Ontario, Canada July 2021. database literally revealing vaccination status employees specific businesses. safetodo Hey Jack, isn't this violation PHIPA?

jack TreySongz DAAD_Germany cnni BBCWorld BarackObama MichelleObama Beyonce CCTV_brk 2niteFlavour FoxNews dw_conflictzone dw_politics TheDailyShow jackieaina NetflixFilm falzthebahdguy JoeBiden DangoteGroup aliciakeys Hey, Facebook, want learn something.

WANNA SOME (feat. jetsonmade) Jack Harlow.
DM me if you consider me as an option.
maxis full hatred resentment against Jack Dorsey choosing bitcoin over Ethereum. Jack like keiser Michael saylor cant convert infinite supply mode guys are.
Peeps, your headphones jack turn your playlists. Interact every often switch. Let's better.
beautiful lake Jack. Happi Friday.V.
Heres Jack Wilson showering showing some muscle. Perfection, right?
This what they while praising Jack.
went beach today toes sand Dean would say. Jack started game Marco Polo water, ended rather abruptly when started splashing with Dean. They surrendered pretty quickly when Eileen joined Shes quite ruthless.

This what really wouldve happened jack tried that door with rose.
"Aloha, Mainlanders. unstoppable, wholly eternal Jack Lord here, inviting bmoviemaniacs tonight 11pmET something called mobile screen near you. Boris Karloff likely needed cash. I've never experienced that, course. there... here. Aloha.".

Mcqueens cant jack bowling shoes.
Umm, Jack Grealish.
cream your cock next Only Free Spots left site Hurry.
seamm54 Mygr8melody ViriatoLusitan5 JenellRebb Bree1914 BrentSm22557033 ChristineRomans allfather99 Real_Theology ColostomyBague2 gianis_1 PoliticalEnough ajin123123 BriannaS7777 brikeilarcnn ManiarMuhammad MasterDieken TammyVa15731759 tammy64815664 Parker733191012 lookback69 MarilynLavala PravinSupreme VMN_Team VetSouf TonyVenutiShow MariaDowell9 RedridinH hoochbow33 FetusFormer michael23986262 michaeljohns qfd_bruce DebB65762723 NewcombDebbi lovelifetan Michael88339957 Chicago_Rosie USAF_88 Made sure follow wasn't... Certainly smelled slimy.

Without doubt greatest speech ever combat sports Mike Tyson something else.
Build it first, then let's check from there. The countries that built proper drainages aren't stupid.
Double oilskin, pale purplish pink, jack rabbit, interior aircraft black.
genuinely jack tubbo then advise open door, smell fresh air, touch grass, hello butterfly.
The writers have dumbed down Jack.
Weve tweets (and likely milestones tbf) petermc17 RBailss Jack Sewell leelxl Elliot1409 will return 21/22 well, hopefully they continue where they left last season!
Jack wont have peace here. Anyways retweet find Mutuals Yall. /Mianzie.
Barn changed owners about years that means anything (no, don't know about every interior business that gets sold, just this Jack's).
Because will judgment same appears court school does have right appeal, right? When people argue things they nothing about, baffles Where have been outside pls?

Social media News organization. decides whats misinformation whats opinion. Jack? Mark? This pure unadulterated censorship. This will Supreme Court.
never late aren't "too old" jack shit. don't have resign yourself lesser version life want.
Jack whats called JOKE.
I'm anxious to see if they cover Jack's backstory this season.
Jack Harlow Already Best Friends.
Always been jack. In every Tekken.
What lovely picture both beautiful river scenery too. Hope have good dear friend Jack that happi.V.
Jack Dorsey just announced Square creating company. They will "building open developer platform with sole goal making easy create non-custodial, permissionless, decentralized financial services." Bitcoin main focus. What legend.

Biden White House collaborating with Twitter jack censor medical providers public want introduce science about Covid differs from
Jack manifold ranboo.
Wouldn't verify account because they couldn't link website added Twitter News section changed 'Social Media' option menu Twitter. first news link site about Jack Square.

" HODL me Jack" "I'll never let go doge, I'll never let go" DiamondHands of the Sea Staring elonmusk and dogearmy Brought to you by.
know right plans jack daniels let's nite will once show 3:33am LMAOOO!!!
Jack nimble jack quick.
Lego jack white.
First btstwt mcyttwt mostly jack manifolds tubbos then pandastwt smiletwt.
Jack chases.
careful suzy. Jack might mad. need this weekend.
Remember Tinashe INDEPENDENT artist. style, image, sound masters HERS. Bringing sales against independent artist serve think
mean jack gets suspended.
Jack Robinson mentioned article Admin..Is this former left back Jack?? staff member same name.
class clown hop, friend Agnes Aretha Germaine Jack, Markie biggest personalities there. Just friend favorite songs too. RIP.
from friend Josh whos cashier. WALKED WITH YOUR DICK ruined whole night! friends here. These people online when Playstation Plus. SONY JACK TRETTON SURVIVED nuclear- nuclear bomb! SONY JACK TRETTON HIRED.

don't paradox. Elon Jack kick Taal from mining just being more efficient. What they can't change protocol. Still, they easily overtake mining operations BSV. That what open system (something guys call decentralization).

Doubts even Jack answer just slips out.
This will likely final boot from jack, supporting $500M defamation suit against twitter Issac owner Computer Repair that reported HunterBiden laptop. Please Don't these tech fascists win!

Jack Daniels underrated.
turned home after pummelling that kids face, ugly bruising torn skin Shes glad that Dannys attention seemingly wandered elsewhere. What would happen find down line? question that Wendy.

Men. Both could make their own decisionsbut god damnit, theyd been poor company for one another - terrible influences Still, she listens, brow creasing at the mention ofthat. Wendy still remembers the way Jacks knuckles looked when he.

donating victim originally attacked naming abusers (and subsequently attempted suicide) that started this whole shitshow every time tweets this weird harassment campaign.

Features remain level something brain prickles mention name. Its name family friend, sureBut does conjure memories those nights Jack would wander with Shockley. Both were grown.

MomentHow much will Danny have grown time they leave overlook? Maybe shell have tape measure while theyre sidewinder, keep track Wandering thoughts dragged back present time when Jack speaks up. Her.

Were back after month hiatus were happy welcome newest guests cheheaven Co-podcasters.
Because Twitter Jack just present Biden-Democrat government.
Grin. sure throw plenty cheese? gives playful poke and, despite faux sulk- catches grinning before watches mountains roll window. Wendys mind wanders a.

Could because others Jack assess!
have beer with then.
Differently. Just wait, Wendy shifts forward seat, leaning little back Jacks. next spring? Well have eating everything under sun Danny looks little green around gills Wendy cant help a.

What You Really Think

Would probably claim hes not racist, but lets face it, its not a deal breaker for him. Money talks.

Asked same Qs many times myself. Social media giants quick 2 slap our wrists 4 having views & opinions that THEY might not agree with.But they can't do Jack towards racism.Reported Islamaphobia many times only 2b told not against our policy.

Careful folks once you give twitter an inch they will take a mile with speech rules they can enforce. It might benefit you today but will tomorrow you will end up regretting.

Question for you. If twitter is so awful, why have you not removed yourself from the platform?

Why do you want Big Tech to determine who gets to say what in the modern day public square of social media?

They have a double standard tactic...

They really do just hand out those check marks.

Cause jack is to busy pushing Bitcoin so his rich white friends can have all the money.

Youd be surprised to find out how cobbled together and completely disorganized Twitter is internally. And how much of what it does is hordes of people chaotically organized and manually pushing buttons.

How is it people complain about being scared of big tech spying on your personal life yet yall want them to keep track of what their 100M users say daily? I feel like the algorithm does what it can with what its working with. do you want it to or not? theres no gray area.

LOL bro Jack and all the other big tech people want to CONTINUE racism amongst groups. They don't want people talking about a stolen election or the fact that Covid only kills people with co-morbidities. That tells you EXACTLY what you need to know.

Respect 1A . Learn to cope or take it to a therapist if words hurt you that much.

Who cares. Theyre words on a screen.

Is pornhub 2.0.

We do a lot to take down racism, which you can see in our quarterly reports which include hate speech numbers. Generally identifying nudity or COVID content is easier than hate speech, as the same language might be hate speech or might be benign depending on the context.

Will you answer our King please, jack?

Because if they banned racists they'd end up banning half the population on their platforms, which would harm their businesses. This is not about principle, it's not about right and wrong. It's about their bottom line. Racists are consumers too and that's all that matters to them.