Thursday 17th of March 2022

Jamie Carragher Thinks Harry Maguire May Soon be Out of Manchester United if he Continues Like This.

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Jamie Carragher thinks Harry Maguire soon Manchester United continues like this.
'This I've felt Liverpool league!' Jamie Carragher shares thoughts Premier League title race.
Just looking love like Outlander's Jamie Claire Watch rest SamHeughan's ThisGuy interview.
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better soon Jamie!!! face Blue Jays Central!!!
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I've refrained from commenting Carra23 far. SkySports hire pundits presenters, that will create talking points. successful ones outspoken ones. will address Jamie's points this clip though.

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Blue Jays nation your corner, Jamie. this.
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Thinking Jamie sending strength love. this.
best Jamie, wish well your treatment.
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Sending strength Jamie.
They with Bret Meyers, Jamie Moyer Blanton their starting Pitchers. team scored everyone. Super teams don't always win.
Blue Jays gonna things this year. Forget roster improvements everything. Jamie Campbell.
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sorry hear that Jamie. Praying absolute best you. BlueJays Central wouldnt same without you. Glad youll there opening day. Take care yourself. love you. this!
True story, whole seven years military went Jim. knew name Jamie. didn't want deal with Jamie jokes.
Jamie this outfit ommggg.
Andrew Wood, Adrian Volkov, Maximilian Muller, Edmun Matters, Levi King, Jonathan King, Jamie Canning, Ryan Wesley.
Jamie Carragher Sky: think Arsenal better team than ]Man] United Tottenham. think team ]Arteta] togetherness, they play. looks like proper team. think theyll just ]Finish 4th].

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Love Jamie.
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Sorry about loss your friend Jamie know what caused tragic passing?
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Jamie, you're away most likeable people sports You're going kick cancer's butt! many people pulling you!
Stay positive Jamie!! this looking forward another solid season Bluejays analysis!! [?].
definitely did.. full respect.
Haha time. good long title reign.
looking forward Rosa being feud with someone while Britt still gets main spotlight Jamie.
didnt even consider that also lingering cough?
Wishing best, Jamie. this.
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Jamie Carragher: "That absolutely massive." awlive ]sky].
What I've enjoyed most, though, meeting people have real interest food sharing ideas with them. Good food global thing find that there always something amazing learn love it! -Jamie Oliver UMAR KUKKAD KAMAAL DA.

Jamie, that crappy news. Sending strength, wishing successful treatment.
Sending much love healing thoughts loved
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Jamie being awakened that pleases him. Until opens eyes. Allegiance.
rubbing Jamie ever night.
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Prayers from Texas, Jamie. Youve always been favorite sportscaster. miss calling play play Blue Jays games. Buck good too, doesnt have same true excitement that brought.

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Thoughts prayers you, Jamie. Youve tremendous impact family and, particular, son, whos following your footsteps. wish best, sending positive vibes your way. this.

Youre best Jamie- love tireless work into online little community here. awesome have many friends south border where guys play REAL football, have here ).

shit Jamie that sucks! Take care yourself admire your commitment your work this team!
Life precious. family. Take care Jamie. your corner. will beat this.
This huge thing. People dont seem realize that taking them minute moment doesnt mean itll only take someone else minute when theyre trying find context later.
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This Jamie foxx looking nigga unreal.
Appreciate Jamie. I'll around infield mainly, might check stuff outside track Sunday.
COVID19 causes major harms people even with mild infections.. ..these harms emerge months later (maybe years later) Yet Jamie already imagines everyone knows that COVID have been fine yes, far.. until symptoms harm emerge.

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Take care, Jamie- always wishing best.

What You Really Think

Tbf he fits the club perfectly. A joke defender for a joke club.

If the UTD standards were so high then he wouldnt even be getting into the team . Every fan knows hes not good enough but the managers keep picking him. The board are probably instructing this . He just creates uncertainty in the team. Hes 29 and supposed to be at his peak.

Jamie has been spitting facts for a while now. The board needs to listen to him.

For once I love Jamie..maguire can only play in a particular formation.this year we were supposed to change into possession based team only for knobhead to fuck us.

We gat no standards mate.

The standard at Man united WERE so high.

They were high. Not really since Jose left though.

Did he just say standards are so high. Rashford, Pogba , lingard etc aint suppose to be in that squad for years.

English pundits should stop saying Maguire has dipped in form, hes an average defender with poor footballing IQ. You cant improve on whats absent.

Can Manchester United remove Maguire as a captain of Manchester United please because that is big for him please.

Is very useless Captain .we scammed to buy this lazy n sloppy player ...He doesn't have quality of good leader on the field of play at all.

Standard was very high, not any more. He's probably their best defender.

In other words hes fucking shit. Complete disaster defensively. Just say it. Everybody knows. English refuse to admit hes terrible. But blame varane instead.

Imagine if this guy turns it all around and start to win Man U important trophies.

Manchester United has never in the history of bad center depender like jaki me katon Kai Maguire out of United.


Lol Carra23 he can go to Liverpool ... for all that I care.

'The standards at Man UTD are so high'.

He does not deserve to be a United player, just because he's so called English man that's why the club is still keeping him, the boat will not stand still until jonah is out of the boat.

He breaks my confidence seeing him in that historic jersey,just show him the exit already.

The standards are not high though. They are.

Standards arent high anymore.

Lets wait until he ruins more games.

Soon ? It should happen NOW !! Hes horrible for United.

Better with the mic than football.

Scapegoat . Guys awesome for England , Man U is the problem.

At list someone from his house has say it all.

Jamie somehow forgets that United dont often sell assets for less and to get rid of Maguire we would have to take a minimum PS50m lossmore chance of him getting a new deal, then becoming player manager and having a stand named after him.

Even Carra knows the standards at United but poor capitano of ours doesnt and the one who made him the capitanoOMG no words.


Soon? how about right now.

The standards arent high anymore. Thats why players have been getting away with it and being given new contracts for years.

Thiss sleeper.

...but who will buy him?

Does carra realize this is who he is he is going to bw 29 y/o and has no development left only thing hw has i adjusting, he is NOT amoung the the great CB, he was bought at great expense but united was fleeced would city, liverpool, madrid etc spend 80mil on him ans no.

Nah fam, he will always play until retired lol.

Good news.

May If - get off his back & support the lad & support the team!

The only negative sentiment o have for Ralph is to keep Maguire in the first team and keep his captaincy, ffs he costs the team so much not good enough.

FBI are investigating to Maguire agent that why he cost 80million.

Man united have no standards.

The standards are clearly not high if he keeps playing this much. Im not even exaggerating when i say this guy wont get into any premier league clubs defense.

Tbf hes a prime example to young lads!! It doesnt matter how fucking shit you are you can still make it.

Hate to say it but I love Jamie carragher he speaks facts when the ex players just dont stick up for the club and side with the rats (glazers).


No the managers n coaches are killing the standards.. managers accept average thats why Maguire starts every game.

You think its form? these English pundits are clueless.

This is what GNev2 has been afraid of saying.

He(Maguire) is even late for his departure.He is the first player I can sell if I could be a Man.Utd manager because he's so poor,so slow in movement and so slow in learning how to play football.Some tribes of people get knowledge at 45yrs,and I hope he's part of those tribes.

Jamie's incorrect about the standards being high.