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class="u-nolinkc" href="">I hurt myself today to see if class="u-nolinkc" href="">I still feel.
As your attorney, Im begging you to stop saying this.
"She said she was class="u-nolinkc" href="">pregnant so class="u-nolinkc" href="">I shot her anyway" \]]\_pw6U]()\].

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Doin ur mom U know we're straight We're Doin ur mom.

Joe crocker- with a little help from my friends. The specials- a message to you. Tijuana no- Spanish bombs. The specials- Maggie's farm. Soft cell- tainted love. Nouvelle Vague- love will tear us apart (fight me for it.) Cafe tacuba- dejate caer. The clash- police and thieves. The specials- gangsters (I like the specials.) Selena- Fotos y recuerdos. The animals- the house of the rising sun (ive heard.) the entire Led zeppelin (minus the lord of the rings parts.)... I'm forgetting a bunch... Soz.

Absolutely bawling and telling people youre a noodle haha!

You told him you were a... soba?

Drinking beer at Sukiya makes this doubly sad. Of all the places to have a drink, you chose a big chain fast food beef bowl restaurant.

The homeless people are just secret assassins, the store workers are just secret assassins, the janitors are assassins , hoteliers are assassins. The whole country is just undercover assassins.

I gave a university tour to a bunch of students that came from India to see American universities. They were way more interested in me than the university. There was this one kid that asked me, in all seriousness, "Do you like to do street racing in your car?" I guess he thought The Fast and Furious Franchise was a documentary series. After the shock wore off, he asked me how big of a garage I had for my cars. I think I ruined his trip to America when I told him I don't own a car.

Wait, is John Wick not a documentary?

I thought america was like rick and morty am I right?

Well, I don't count that as a gun fight. I figure any time you don't need a small armory you just call it a minor skirmish. If I'm fine with what I have on me and don't need a resupply is that really a gun fight? Make sure you point out that John wick was retired after all, he's supposed to portray an old man, the young folk get the more interesting stuff.

Is that scene called something? Googled John wick 2 walking scene with no luck.

Bitch it's the wild west out here don't ya know?

You joke but that's actually a real fear conservative gun owners have, no matter how ridiculous it is.

No no no. Don't overthink with cringy pop culture references. Just lean in. And respond with "I'm about to be in one".

20 for beer seems insanely high, I thought only the US had stupid drinking ages.

]introducing, Kid Beer.]().

"Give him a beer. We don't want to get shot".

>having to be 20 I'm order to drink The Balkans have no such weakness.

16 with your meal in the UK.

I'd like to attend the English class where American boobs come up.

I'll happily accept that stereotype over what you get in the Philippines.. or Thailand.

There are 1.2 guns per person in America. Just show them that statistic and then show a single person holding 37 guns. The math is pretty simple from there.

As a European, I'm just gonna assume that the unarmed ones couldn't afford one because they went to the hospital once.

> If you tell them this isn't true, they won't believe you. Ask them how many samurai swords they have. And when is the last time they killed someone with it during a duel.

Same with china. I've been asked by almost everyone how many people I've shot. idk where they get this information.

I lived in Japan 5 years less than you did but I have ZERO experience with this. Maybe I should wait 5 more years?

I had a similar experience a few years ago. I drive tour buses and my company always stuck me with the foreign exchange groups. I had a group of college students from Japan and one of the boys asked me roughly the same question. Flipside is, I'm an actual gun owner. Felt like a cowboy as I got to show off my firearms collection on my phone and a few of my shooting videos. "Uwwahhh" and "Sugoiiii" and "Eeehhhhh?!" We ended up taking that same group later that week to an outlet mall where they had a pretty sizeable Cabela's. I gave them the tour of the hunting and shooting section. I think I created some gun nuts back in Japan.

I was in Fiji for a couple weeks in the late 90s and a lot of the Fijians asked our group how often we hear gunshots and if we've seen anyone get shot.

I should go to japan, they'd be thrilled to hear about and see photos of my gun collection.

I will not! Ill defy such stereotypes and tell them flat out Ive never been in a firefight and have never witnessed one in 30 years of living all over the States. (And Im in the military.).

I'm Japanese. We get into sword fights all the time. That is, of course, when we're not being attacked by kaiju or really scary ghosts.

Oh man... did he call you lily-livered, too???

Yeah its literally a fucking story. Fuck off OP.

Wait this is /suspiciouslyspecific? WTF that's literally the opposite of specific.

You studied abroad in japan? Was it a blonde or a brunette?

By 17 years of age, the average samurai will have been in 3.63 fights using katana.

Its actually kind of illegal to own a Katana in Japan, as you're only allowed to own ones that are historical or made as artisan historical replica's, so its extremely hard to get one, and ones that dont fit that criteria are illegal.


Frage mich was er bei nem Deutschen gesagt hatte. Auch Hitler?

Must have been a redditor.

I feel bad for anyone who cant get drunk off a reasonable number of beers tbh.

"mah alcohol tolerance" ]flexes pecs].

Grannies tend to require less booze to get steamed. Plausible.

Whats with the weird flex? Every person on the planet *can* get wasted on beer. Just because a gin and tonic enema is your preferred way doesnt mean you cant get pissed off drinking beer, princess.

Do you guys not have drinking games across the pond? When you're 18 and you've drunken 10 sixteen ouncers in two hours you start to stumble a bit. At that age a good game of King's Cup with vodka would literally kill you. Shit, it would probably kill any adult that isn't an alcoholic. Scratch that, I am an alcoholic, it would also kill me.

Except there aren't tens of millions of katana owners in Japan, with tens of thousands dying from katana deaths every year.

Made me think of what some Dutch guy said about his country. It went something like: Yeah bro, we all live in windmills, wood shoes are like Nike air max here, and we all smoke pot all the time Edit: in all fairness, the last bit is the least exaggerated one.

Not surprising since they probably grew up with shitty stereotypes and old westerns that reinforced it.


Lived in Japan til I was 19, can attest they are too scared to card Americans. And probably they just can't conceive of why unattended teenagers would even be in the country.

Only squares adhere to underage drinking laws.

Yes this is obviously fake, no one underage would ever drink. That's illegal!

Only place I had ID checked was nightclub entries in japan.

My understanding is nobody cares about it though. You can buy beer out if vending machines. It's like how I'm America we had cigarette vending machines for a long time even though there was no way to verify the age of the person who was purchasing it.

America has ridiculous ideas of how guns work also.

I've spent all of 10 months in the US. During that time, I had a loaded shotgun pointed at my face ("just a prank, bro") and I witnessed a gang shooting in the streets. And that was in Northern Wisconsin. Edit: Oh and my host explained to me that in a home invasion, you hide and wait for the burglars to leave and then shoot them in the back. "Might be illegal but no jury's gonna convict ya.".

Is it seriously so impossible to believe that foreigners believe a stereotype regarding the country with the most guns on the planet by far ?

This isnt even remotely unbelievable. I sat next to an older American couple in Turkey who were discussing why the dinosaurs hadnt knocked over this old building.

Lol I like how you immediately default to blaming "liberals" for the actions of free market media companies.


City bus i was on caught a stray round one time, i dont think that counts. I dont think being stuck in the McDonalds drive thru across the street from a shooting does either...

Damn so cool.

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Yeah or no.

Do you own a passport? Foreign people lacking formal education ask questions a lot more bizarre than this on a daily occurrence.

Nice skin tho. ureas good for it.

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