Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Boris Johnson Accuses Keir Starmer of Being "fixated on The Rear-view Mirror". Yeah, Because You Just Ran Over 130,000 People!!

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Second source tells that Boris Johnson *did* dismiss Covid "only" killing 80-year-olds last autumn peston claims. They claimed added: wouldn't care, more worried about economy".

Tonight Conservatives voted against Labour's proposals support JoeBiden's global minimum corporate multinationals. We're only country supporting Boris Johnson risking billions pounds revenue that should spent recovery.

Boris Johnson agrees wedding, condition taxpayers fund next two.
Visions of bbclaurak furiously scrabbling to find something Johnson-positive in all of this.
Absolutely agree with Dominic Cummings that political system that offers choice Boris Johnson Jeremy Corbyn broken beyond repair. then campaign Johnson Downing Street.

Dominic Cummings admits it's "completely crackers" people like Boris Johnson were charge. shit sherlock.
don't think could agree more with tweet then this. It's like choosing between best from cataclysmic situation. Both leaders were incompetent lead country. Unfortunately ended with Johnson.

dredging Barnard castle criticism Dominic Cummings advance evidence about Boris Johnson today, convenient. State Propaganda channel doing it's job!
understand Dominic Cummings's testimony Johnson regime's disastrous handling pandemic *should* enough bring government down several times over. will probably have impact, though that speaks volumes about political culture UK.

Boris Johnson wanted chaos that came with second lockdown that everyone would know charge quite claim.
said repeatedly from February-March, don't fire ]Health] Secretary testing into someone else's hands, going kill people it's going catastrophe." Goes repeat that Cabinet also told exactly what Johnson denied PMQs. ~AA.

Angry Boris Johnson refuses start Covid inquiry this year despite Cummings bombshells.
"Lions donkeys over over again" Dominic Cummings says "completely crazy" such senior role, "just same it's crackers that Boris Johnson there that choice last general election Jeremy Corbyn".

even half what Cummings saying true, then Johnson listening chief adviser. science what hell listening
Boris Johnson denies inaction over COVID, can't trust who's countless affairs, illegitimate childreb, lost jobs lying, channeled taxpayers money keep mistress happy used donor money front room trust?

shambles over Covid travel advice means thing only. government washed hands pandemic Wall. Boris Johnson, whose bungling caused many deaths, bored with Covid. moves message voters clear. Youre your own.

agree with Dominic Cummings: "There's very profound question nature political system, system that leaves people with choice between Boris Johnson Jeremy Corbyn obviously system that's gone extremely badly wrong.".

would appear Boris Johnson completely right Cummings.
must know that Johnson once again misleading House chose interrupt proceedings. chance that could insist correcting record?After all, this first time made this false assertion.

Dominic Cummings relationship with Boris Johnson dysfunctional. Johnson child, with Cummings cast troubled parent.
tell it's Johnson crackers, girlfriend ridiculous, Hancock very, very indeed. shines Sunak's arse. Have gist?
Thatcher: after being savaged dead sheep. Johnson: after being savaged bald dweeb.
Reminder that Johnson just said explicitly Commons that this happen. Either misleading House Cummings misleading select committee.
Does Boris Johnson belong prison?
Dominic Cummings said that crazy that someone like such senior position, that Boris Johnson with Jeremy Corbyn choice. WHAT?
Tory laughing joking, asking soft questions avoiding Johnson's former most senior adviser asserting that Government incompetence needlessly killed thousands people, stomach-churning.
Boris Johnson accuses Keir Starmer being "fixated rear-view mirror". Yeah, because just over 130,000 people!!
Note Boris Johnson doesn't deny making only 80-year olds dying comment claim backed second source Keir Starmer pointed 83,000 people over have lost their lives during this terrible pandemic.

Dominic Cummings says Covid chaos like out-of-control movie When Boris Johnson Matt Hancock Covid illness, People were praying their lives. Their deputies Government best possible. Media loves Cumming's criticisms.

criminal, disgraceful behaviour that caused serious harm. Cummings accuses Matt Hancock criminal behaviour interfering with test trace system stupid 100,000 daily target while hospital with Covid.

When PM's idea public reassurance reads like Partridge programme pitch...
Johnson front page Times today trying assure have firm strong leadership.
What coming through from Cummings Select Committee chaotic incompetence dishonesty heart Johnson administration. country deserves should tolerate government like this.

Johnson doesn't want public inquiry report until after next election even half what Cummings revealed true.
Have reported Borisjohnson since 2008. know brilliant dazzling record achievement.
LIVE: Dominic Cummings 'damage Boris Johnson much possible' appears before Follow latest updates politics liveblog here.
Boris Johnson says wasn't complacent start pandemic. summary: - Compared swine flu - week holiday - Missed COBRA meetings - Herd immunity strategy - Lack testing - following self-isolation guidance - failure killing staff.

Intelligent, direct clever questioning from Keir Starmer PMQs. Boris Johnson answer Starmer's questions apart from returning topic Brexit. days numbered especially after Dominic Cummings truth bombs this morning. else agrees?

Cummings wondering hell country wound with such woeful choice: Johnson Corbyn. What earth could have been that that horrendous point catalogue horrendous lowpoints since 2016?

Cummings with another extraordinary claim. Says March warned Johnson didn't lockdown will resign, hold press conference going kill hundreds thousands people.

Theres certainly good reason keeping Asked Matt Hancock remains health secretary, Dominic Cummings says Boris Johnson came close removing April, just wouldnt fundamentally it.

malignant narcissist speaks clearly here THIS TRUE JOHNSON bumbling clown persona with messy hair that shows world vicious calculating political opportunist with soul compassion. killer.

think compliance with self-isolation higher? Cummings says problem science advice being given public. Nothing with lockdown then... Interesting!

Boris Johnson needs resign letting bodies pile high. Keith Starmer needs resign supporting him.
don't think Boris Johnson government will dismiss we'll move
Boris Johnson give support European Super League said great idea Via.
Johnson sacked people incompetence lies, he'd have sack himself it's strange that Hancock kept Cummings spoke, implied PMQs that cons done really well saving lives beating covid19 opposition hindered their progress!

johnson. don't want 'get WANT GONE.
Quick reminder that this session called 'Coronavirus: lessons learned' Cummings' chief conclusion that people like Johnson should never allowed politics.
Spaffer Johnson says nobody accuse being complacent.
Boris Johnson, said more frightened having power stop chaos than chaos. You've remove Hancock, won't' laughed said: Chaos isn't that bad. Chaos means everyone look charge' -Cummings.

Johnson survive this?
Cummings: more frightened having power stop chaos than chaos. Johnson: love chaos. Just country really.
Presumably because thought Johnson controllable, that Cummings, something gain from their relationship. only putting boot Looks like switched allegiance RishiSunak. man's snake.

Dominic Cummings testimony today called 'Coronavirus: lessons learned. NEVER FORGET that Cummings' chief conclusion that people LIKE Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson should NEVER allowed politics.

Says Johnson said agreed. "Chaos isn't that bad," said, apparently. just means everyone look charge.".
Boris Johnson school whos behaviour consistently that class just normalises expected behaviour.
cannot digest what Cummings just said: "The prime minister laughed said more frightened having power stop chaos than chaos. chaos means everyone will look charge." This about Johnson's than leadership.

Cummings says Johnson came close removing Hancock April 2020 "pretty much every senior person said couldn't into autumn with same system place".
While South speaking English, quarelling amongst themselves, dancing videos, travelling Canada Fulanis were strategically planning ruthless, murderous, 17th Century style conquest. Bold assume they dont have Post-Conquest strategy.

words: 'Covid only killing year-olds' took decisions interests British people' -Boris Johnson note denial -Keir Starmer.
many scandals swishing around Johnson, dont forget this one. didnt target Covid borders, instead targeted refugees. result calamity. Watch share.
Dont forget that Boris Johnson locked down care homes week before rest country. done surreptitiously. failed protect them because failed consider threat from care home staff using public transport fellow residents returning from.

Starmer also asked Johnson said that "covid only killing year olds". Johnson gave lots blather response, actually deny saying Which is... notable.
It's very simple. you're incredibly competent didn't private school, there's glass ceiling. It's very real. Conversely, you're painfully mediocre private school (Johnson, Corbyn, Cummings, Hancock...), sky's limit.

PM's former chief advisor confirms 128K people mostly died incompetence indifference. next time Dominic Cummings giving evidence needs court trial Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson likes chaos Whod thunk?
This very creative expressive time you! While you... More Leo.
Wow. Cummings confirming everything feared about Governments appalling handling this Pandemic. testimony utterly devastating exposes terrifying level incompetence deceit Boris Johnson Matt Hancock that cost 1000s lives. Heads should roll.

shocked slightest from todays hearing with Cummings, most staggering part reiterates away Labour from government, much work needed. Voters know what they were getting with Johnson todays hearings alone wont change thing.

Boris Johnson wanted infected with Covid live show it's nothing scared report.
Short Ribs Rice Balls As Made By Chef JJ Johnson.
There something deeply ironic about watching dominccummings repeatedly emphasise that many people called Matt Hancock sacked telling lies. Lying appeared defining features Johnson's administration.

News threw down gauntlet asking people care about Boris Johnson lying parliament public responded sending this film million views! seriously going ignore this BBCNews BBCBreakfast? what message does that send?

Govt incompetence and dishonesty exposed Cummings on the Health Secretary : Hancock "should have been fired for at least 15, 20 things, including lying to everybody in multiple occasions.. including publicly".

Boris Johnson delayed autumn lockdown because said only killing year olds. Anyone else think this become personal Prime Minister?
served Boris Johnson's most senior adviser height coronavirus pandemic apologized publicly government's response crisis, which said fell "disastrously short" what public should expect.

circus when needed serious government, says SNP's Blackford pandemic response Boris Johnson says government acted "with intention saving life" oversaw "the fastest vaccine rollout Europe".

things come Dominic Cummings revelations: OProcurement mess this country OMatt Hancock slippery OOur front line politicians arent purpose OBoris Johnson weak OSage modelling consistently wrong None this surprise.

He was asked if he recognised the comments but didn't answer.
quite frankly, seeing magnificently whole stepped when mattered think Cummings, Hancock, Johnson, SpADs spinners lane self-enrichers beyond shameful. *We* with *They* failed nation. /ends.

Johnson said sorry loads times aswell, what exactly asking that doesnt equally apply SNP?
shut comments post that nobody point that Sasha Johnson shot group black men.
have lost confidence Matt Hancock's honesty these meetings." Dominic Cummings says others repeatedly told Boris Johnson sack Matt Hancock because repeated mistakes pandemic response.

When Kier Starmer unilaterally decided that entire would support Boris Johnson, took himself complicit with government which killed 170,000 fellow citizens. should take responsibility their deaths. should resign.

"I'm smart, I've built great things world. It's completely crackers that someone like should have been there just same it's crackers that Boris Johnson there.".
amazing quickly people used trauma hands Cummings Johnson push their political platforms suddenly parading empathy Cummings because revelations suit their political goals. British politics truly gutter.

Cummings says it's 'crackers' that Johnson were charge, there 'something terribly wrong' with political parties that threw choice Boris Johnson Jeremy Corbyn public.

Johnson literally stands Chamber declares have with protecting people this country when 130,000 have died direct result negligence. There words this. fucking consequences.

What You Really Think

If you Trust God.

And Starmer supported johnson & his governments every decision !!

And Starmer offered no opposition.



Look officer, I know I murdered someone but lets not focus on the past, I promise it wont happen again. Ok?

Blaming Boris is literally the most lame POV ever. No one couldve done better.

Boris Johnson is looking forwards... into the vanity mirror behind the sun visor.

Only a fool drives without checking the rear view mirror for whats coming up behind them - otherwise you have an accident.

He basically just told 130,000 families to get over it.

Ahh, if only good old Kier had been in charge, then no-one would have died, eh? Fatalities under a Labour Government? Nil. What was his plan anyway? Lifeboats to space? Wrapping the country in cling film?

Exactly, does he not know that all crimes are reviewed, prosecuted etc with reference to a rear view mirror, what a plonker!

Johnson is saying he has no accountability or responsibility for what happened. The brexit loving British and the Red Wall lap it up.

God i wish Starmer had thought of that comeback instead of presumably nothing.

China killed 130,000 people!!

Johnson has been bullshitting his ENTIRE adult life. This is easy for him.

Johnson has some brass neck going on about looking in rear view mirror. His Party are still blaming Labour for financial crash.

If only KS came back at him with that retort.

Decisions were based on the information available at the time. As the recent elections have proven, the vast majority understand that. Though its always funny hearing losers complain about 'incompetence', without any sense of irony.

Also, you check the rear-view mirror to make sure you know what's coming towards you at speed! Which, arguably, Johnson should have done a lot more of in early 2020.

Johnson and Hancock are people killers.

The three Majors in Johnson's government - Major Catastrophe, Major Failures and Major Disaster and in the lower ranks- Private Contracts!

I earned that money in 2020 Mr Taxman. Stop being fixated on the rear view mirror.

That's 'deaths for any reason' Femi? The number was inflated to scare stupid people into compliance. A tactic we've seen before of course. Works on the same people too it seems.

To be fair Johnson does have his hands full - full of take away menus - this is why he's always got so much on his plate. No time for rear view mirrors when you're focused on where the next Oyster Platter is coming from.

Well said.

He's right. We're currently reaching herd immunity. By the end of June probably no more mandatory face masks or other restrictions.

Is that what you would say to Macron, Merkel, Sanchez, Trudeau, etc,etc?

Maybe "flattened with a steam roller" would be more appropriate because Johnson was too sloooooooow to act.

I assume you will be criticising UKLabour for all flu deaths from 1995 to 2010, which killed significantly more. Seasonal flu is no different.

Disgusting excuse for a PM!

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