Thursday 24th of March 2022

Deleted Scene - Watch Barry Keoghans Joker Meet Robert Pattinson's Batman in Arkham Asylum.

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Deleted Scene Watch Barry Keoghans Joker meet Robert Pattinson's Batman Arkham Asylum.
Closer look Barry Keoghans Joker from TheBatman deleted scene.
Deleted scene Batman talking Joker.
first scene TheBatman meeting Barry Keoghans Joker Arkham released.
digging Barrys Joker design Batman ngl.
Barrys Joker terrifying. unhinged love Definitely want
almost fvcking burnt, already most hardcore joker have ever seen.
First look Barry Keoghans Joker
deleted scene from TheBatman featuring Joker (played Barry Keoghan) one-on-one conversation with Batman been released.
wasn't. gangsta joker. What's hard understand about
Heyy hEyy long time see, have idea what actually looks like wanted throw ring with some doodles BarryKeoghan Joker.
Agreed, feel like joker all.
cannot wait Barry Keoghans Joker TheBatman sequel. grotesque, clearly intelligent design laugh POINT! Need Ba2man ASAP.
change barrys joker.
Fair assume lost most because chemicals joker usually falls which might recent this point time maybe it'll grow back?
him, mean joker btw.
honestly glad this cut. wasnt even really scene towards film this definitely would have derailed pace. THAT SAID, Barry Keoghan makes frighteningly good Joker. This scene fantastic.

Robert Pattinson's Batman meeting Barry Keoghan's Joker.
glad they that scene. Spells exactly what movie saying about Bruce. feels redundant. Excited Barry Joker future! Love look.
fine with releasing scene with joker when nobody asks, they wont ReleaseTheGreenLanternScene with WayneTCarr from ZackSnydersJusticeLeague even though fans begging them Sounds just like.

just cant good joker since Heath
He's most Scariest HORRIBLE Joker time
deleted scene from TheBatman featuring Barry Keoghans Joker meeting Robert Pattinson's Batman Arkham Asylum been released.
joker bald now.
Barry Keoghan's Joker laugh.
understand they this scene TheBatman damn this great interaction between Batman Joker. love BarryKeoghan take character, very horror inspired.
potential, this isnt going leave good impression sequel whatever they want with this joker. They should give character scene exist. fully screen like this. like original movie showed him.

batman meets joker.
Remembering this speech again before some sleep. RRRMovie FDFS tomorrow!
first scene Robert Pattinsons Batman meeting Barry Keoghans Joker.
Tags: joker batman barry keoghan edit fancam.
this joker material looking for!!
Agreed, I've played Joker someone's series haha.
Barry joker.
Here's full deleted scene Batman Joker meeting
just more madman serial killer camp Joker, just one.
That deleted joker scene.
this Joker lmaoooo. laugh dogshit voice soft. sounds like hatter joker. Glad this deleted.
Barry Keoghan Joker
Didnt realize they crazy from Killing Sacred Deer Joker. Legit perfect casting. That dude most unhinged vibes actor ever think.
Yeah this mutilated version Joker want.
Barry's Joker gives Arkham Asylum vibes.
She's better than would've become joker from having crush aired like that.
deleted Joker scene been officially released online! Watch full minutes.
Barry Keoghans Joker from TheBatman looks Awesome.
Robs Batman Barrys Joker interaction Arkham already best theyre ever live action holy shit that incredible.
Totally cut, goddamn, what awesome performance, masterfully directed. don't know that want Joker again anytime soon when there other unexplored avenues take, certainly complaining about that casting.

good wish they used Joaquin Phoenix joker.
(That Joker ugly cannot have money please dont this were just having good time).
still think don't need joker batman trilogy... maybe small cameos movies could work. being terrifying mystery overall feels much better again, character this just lol.

Whatever barrys joker objectively best live-action joker. that terrifying expression that character meant have. this truest joker appearance.
sorry weve gotten FOUR DIFFERENT VERSIONS JOKER less than years. man. Seriously.
Here comes joker comparisons*sighs heavily*.
writing still isn't where should lying didn't admit "Let's MANHUNTER SILENCE LAMBS with Joker" isn't pretty much best idea they could have this version him.

really like what weve seen Barry Keoghans Joker. Major Death Family vibes. want more sure.
Patrick Bateman fans just pretentious Joker fans think theyre self aware.
Barry Keoghan's Joker from Batman!
that Batman deleted scene shouldve actually been film. perfectly alludes history, just love idea Joker being Hannibal Lecter story. Also Barry Keoghans performance genuinely harrowing.

What You Really Think

Bermejo vibes.

This scene actually fits with the rest of the film so much better than the cameo we got. Im kind of bummed they cut it now. Either way this is so amazing and I cannot wait to see him in the future. I really hope he stays as a side antagonist for the rest of the series.


Okay like hes defo a creepy looking joker but I fucjin despise how thsi scene was shot.


They should have completely cut Joker from the movie. Completely took you out of a movie that was stand-alone and grounded like no other Batman movie. Felt like a cheap studio tease more fitting in Marvel.

E o Coringa mesmo..

Mi bb.


I honestly would love a whole series of Batman, police and/or doctors just talking to Batman villains in Arkham Asylum. Maybe that's what the Arkham Asylum spinoff will be, but I would love to see that. Just interview all of the different villains.

That was kind of boring. No wonder they cut it.

MUCH better than Phoenix and Leto's versions.

I'm not sure about this. But it looks like some changes will happen and thats why it was cut.

WOW that was insane.


WOW !!! Just brilliant.

This is Barry good.

Oh hes going to be up there with Heath Ledger. Im so pumped.


Very reminiscent of his character in killing of a sacred dear. Very chilling.

Omg ???

Love this Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham/Clarice Starling type relationship they have.

Lol batman and joker doin ASMR now.

I'm glad they deleted it.

Awesome. Spot on.

Still think it would've been better with Phoenix all Jokered out WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.

This scene >> the film Its amazing.

Either way the looks is trash. The laugh trash.

This movie cant get any better!

Thank god it was cut lol.

Glad they deleted it...Barry Keoghan's talent deserves a separate movie altogether.

Longer version.

Bruh hope they keep the monster vibe. So we have had gangster joker (Nicholson) , sociopath joker (Leto), psychotic joker( ledger), now monster joker.

As if this movie couldn't get cooler, they took a scene from Manhunter too.

Way better that Joaquin Phoenix.

I liked it but I feel like anytime you compare a joker to Heath it's gonna be an L so you just have to view it as a separate thing or they will all be bad. Glad they released it and glad it was separate from the rest of the movie.

When do we start the release the Joker Cut campaign?

Kiss me joker plz.

I didn't see the whole thing. This was really really good. This Joker is grotesque.

Okay he genuinely looks scary.

Holy shit.

You see this?

I mean its cool seeing the joker but I get why they cut it off.

Kinda happy for not seeing this huh.

~ More than the sequel, I now wana see the prequel to TheBATMAN ~.

Isso ta medonho, amei muito.

Why cut this scene? This is even better than the final scene in TheBatmanMovie man I hope to see this mad man!!!!


Yikes.. Now we have new found appreciation for Leto Joker.. What is this.

Keep getting new Jokers is becoming exhausting.