Saturday 5th of December 2020

Went From Standing in Line For Jordans to Posing For Them.

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The House is only in session 101 days next year. Fewest days in a non-election year since 1933. And remember, even when in session, Democrats dont have to show up. They can phone in their vote! Your tax dollars hard at work.

Over 50 million Americans think this election was stolen. Thats more than one third of the electorate. For that reason alone, we owe it to the country to investigate election integrity.
Wasnt he already working for Joe Biden?
Keep moving those goalposts, but Trump still let Putin post bounties on our soldiers' heads. Still sold out a Washington Post journalist to he brutal Saudi dictator. I thought you cared about Presidents who sell us out to foreign powers?

Soo true thats why everyone copped mochas! 4s might be my favorite jordan soo im kinda biased!
That's just the short list, Gym. We also want to take away: Cups, mugs, and glasses Paper Tap dancing Crafting supplies (all of them) Picture frames Jelly beans Mailbox flags Refrigerator magnets Carpeting Pets of all kinds Roads and streets Flavored creamer Chairs Shoes.

With every tweet Gym Jordan reconfirms that hes clueless!
Over 50 million people didn't give a shit about election security, while we were screaming our heads off about it, until Agolf Twitler's cheating attempts fell short. Don't pretend to give a shit about it now. It's over. He lost. Get over it.

Jesus Christ stop it! How many more have to die?? Give me a number. A true number? MeidasTouch please get a number of deaths acceptable to Jim_Jordan. Let us know. While our Governor MikeDeWine fights to save us. Jordan wants to kill us.

Stop Telling Lies All The Time Then Jim.
Missed out again lol. Bummer. Website got so clogged I love this game. Will get next time I swear!!!
Air Jordan is a brand of basketball shoes, athletic, casual, and style clothing produced by Nike. It was created for former NBA player and 5 time NBA MVP Michael Jordan. The original Air Jordan sneakers were produced exclusively for Michael Jordan in early 1984, and released...

Wasnt life so much simpler when you were ignoring the students being raped by their coach?
Acctual footage of me when i saw Jordan didnt win.
Why are you not interested in saving lives and keeping healthcare workers from being overwhelmed and more being dying?
Jesus, you really are an asshole. Do you think that maybe people not dying is more important than taking a vacation, you fucking gigantic sack of pigshit?
And $MRNA trial killed that priest in PA... Sure! Inject those jagoffs who are calling for the vaccine first!
Seems like a minority to me.
Jim, you have got to be the dumbest f*ck in the history of our country...maybe the world.
As a Lions fan who faced him twice a year-that Tampa team was downright scary. When they were all healthy: Dunn, Alstott, Brooks, Sapp, Lynch, Barber...wooboy. Those boys were something.
Nobody has to listen to him. What authority does he have for anything? Hes going in the nursing home with Biden.
For the love of god SHUT UP.
I think the same thing when I look at Jim_Jordan and senrobportman How hard can it be-nulb.
You got BJ Rajis fatass in here but not me? Bouta eat the whole packers organization fuck your State Farm commercials bitch. Jordan love is coming for those cheeks boy.
Wish Ohio had cancelled you. You're as whiney and slimy as Marco Rubio and that's saying something.
You are so ignorant.
Im aware.
The GOP wants to take away our right to free and fair elections!
Caroling duh!
Just because 50mill people are delusional and in denial because YOU PEOPLE tell them to be, doesn't mean we have to do a damn thing.
Over 50 million people would probably line up to slap the shit out of.
Heres the deal... Trumps not leaving. Deal with it.
The left has already done that.
Not getting enough attention lately so you come out and say something like this? Thats sad.
God you're fucking stupid. Nobody has ever tried "canceling" Christmas. No wonder you failed the bar exam.
Colin Kaepernicks jersey sold for $128,000, making it the most expensive NFL jersey sold at auction.
Avoiding travel is general guidance. By all means though Jim, go travel without a mask. Give hugs to people coughing and shake their hands. Go all out, get in a packed bus. Show us how a real American does it!

Saying merry Christmas doesnt kill people gym...
A rapist is worried about optics? Wow.
Trump lost so youre not allowed to say Merry Christmas anymore anyway dipshit.
You know Jesus was born a poor, homeless, immigrant with dark skin who healed people for free, yeah? Sounds a lot like the type of person your cult leader despises.
You get more ridiculous with each tweet.
January 2020(15 cases, gone by warm weather), ignore DPA and not quartermaster test protocols, logistical sites and tracking for medical needs, assigning Jared's Inexperienced entrepreneurs failed PPE chain recruitment, bad results caused states to bid against states and FEMA.

You, Jim Jordan allowed the abuse to continue, you were silent. You dont have the right to be in Americas government, and you sure as hell dont have a right to judge Dr. Faucis opinion when hes trying to save lives. You are scum, the lowest of low. Rot in hell.

Shabbat Shalom! A Blessed Life and Peace to you Pabjojot MrsSJHanna CrossRedeemed jea_jordan foye_donald sprec61551 lookback69.
I say that all the time. Gym is a useless freak.
I guess 50 million Americans are clueless and ignorant.
Can Canadians take a number?
Buy telling us to avoid travel he encourages the damn proof of vaccination cards. You were elected to protect my rights, please don't forget that!! I will NOT take a vaccine.
Get back to the gym, Gym - where you can deliver the goods...your work here is done.
Thanks for the update Gym.
Seriously that is totally debatable at this point. Let's look at this fools election closely. The projection and deflection is strong with Gym. Which we have learned over the past 4 yrs means he his hiding something like his dear leader trump.

Went from standing in line for Jordans to posing for them.
Over 278kare dead Bc of your dear leader. STFU you coward! F**k off Gym!
Jordan 9: $250 - 2 Pairs - 9.5 Jordan 9: $200 - 2 Pairs - 6.5 Jordan 12: $250 - 9.5.
I dont think you have any good judgment, and I hope justice will be served. We wont forget moron!
Jordan, you were robbed x.
Seriously Jim, why would you tweet this?
This side-by-side is jaw-dropping.
Old and weak die daily princess.
3's Shop here.
You should resign! You have proven time and time again that your only care is to please daddy.
Dont get me wrong, im so happy for g and she deserves this she is so lovely, but i do feel a bit robbed of my king of the castle jordan north.
I'm gonna link this tweet anytime you say anything bad about your own from now on.
Thinking about how hard pasta night at Edgewood used to slap.
Jordan deserved to win, was so natural & entertaining.
Too bad he cant cancel Jim Jordan.
Seems like you could care less about having a next Christmas.
Won't it be fun if Biden's AG investigate Gym Jordan 4 stuff he knows about what happened Gym.Lets hope the new AG finds some hard facts. B-cus they're going 2B looking hard facts. And nothing political. Lets hope those involved with come forward again now that Barr is gone.

I wish I could just downvote this.
Shut the f**k up. You dumb piece of sh*t. Your ignorance is literally killing people.
AIR JORDAN X CHAEYOUNG]concept design] Which one is your fav?
Make jokes all you want you sick piece of garbage. My only aunt is sick now. She probably wont be coming home. And my mother will not be able to hold her hand. I hold you and every other naysayer responsible. On behalf of my family, FUCK OFF.

Former team captain warned GYMJordan that things would "get worse for him" as 6 more athletes come forward 8 others told the network that the physicians conduct was an open secret in the Ohio universitys athletic department and Jordan knew.

The left has been trying to cancel Christmas for years.
Dunno how Jordan didnt win. Like Gi was nice but she didnt really create any memorable moments did she?
How many of your constituents have died from covid Gym? How many are sick? In ICUs? Do you even care? You are a really sick fuq Gym!
What if sykkuno had a lobby with all his simps (CORPSE, Toast, lud, dream, Jordan Fisher, Sean, edison) lol.
I mean as a center right guy I understand the Lipsinki angle but MTG, Omar, Gaetz, AOC, Jordan, Goehmert, Boebert, Talib, and Gosar all still exist at a minimum.
If you only had a brain.
Can we investigate how you covered up sexual abuse at OSU?
What the fuck are you even saying three things aren't contextually the same you fucking gym.
I cant believe I actually thought Rj Hunter James Young Jordan Mickey and Ben Bentil had potential.
Agree 100%. There's not one reason they shouldn't make sure that the election is totally true, honest and not fraudulent. Why not?
I def understand that, and i kno ppl deal with alot. But majority of the time if they out there panhandling, they let themselves get to that point. Time is precious, why waste it begging? Thats just my logic. I love to help ppl, but i cant get wit that.

Sonys long awaited MetalGearSolid adaptation looks to have gained some major momentum as sources tell Deadline that Oscar Isaac is attached to play Solid Snake in the Jordan Vogt-Roberts film nulb.
Those big 1st birthday parties ISSA NO, going all out for Christmas ISSA NO, buying Jordans/Nike while they still small WASTE OF MONEY ISSA NO!
The fact that you believe Dr Fauci would have the power the prevent people from using the phrase Merry Christmas is so ridiculous I cant imagine how you function as an adult.
Jordan was robbed, goodnight.
People are dying in your state. How are you helping to fight the pandemic?
They should cancel you soon.
We are all so proud of you Jordan!!!! You have made a nation see what a genuine person you are.

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How it should be.





Estilo cher.

Goals . Making us michiganders proud.

Aaliyah vibes.

So proud of you queen.


As u should.


You deserve! Wow Khadi.


I know thats right!

You fine.

Yessssss Khadi.

HOL UPPP bc you ate.

Ayeee congrats.

Did that!

I am over the moon for u like??? hello !!


Oooooiii mama.

You betta!


Love you.

Shit lemme go stand in line so I can model too.

Congratulations. You deserve it and more. Vnulb.

Okay you didnt have to flex like this.


Lol how do you make everything funny still like its not funny but it made me laugh.

As you should!!!

You aint gonna snap this hard like this but here you go killing it as per usual!!!

Getting 90s baddie vibes.

Wow congrats queen.

Yassssss congrats boo!!!

Period queen.

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