Friday 5th of February 2021

I Asked Jose Why he Didnt Bring Bale On. He Said Good Question But You Dont Deserve an Answer.

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I asked Jose why he didnt bring Bale on. He said good question but you dont deserve an answer.
Jose Mourinho says it's not difficult to coach Chelsea... So what happened to Frank Lampard?
Chelsea have kept a clean sheet in Thomas Tuchel's first three matches in charge. The last Chelsea manager to keep all clean sheets through their first three games was Jose Mourinho in 2004.
Don't tell me Harry Kane ain't the best striker in the world. This mf single handedly made everyone think Jose wasn't finished.
With Jose tactics we are a one man team, with poch tactics we found a way to adapt without Kane, Fact..
Stop smoking.
I dont actually have a brain so unfortunately that means I am not immune to sylvain jose gautier.
Dear GavinNewsom , I was hoping to get your help with letting my Grandmother from Mexico to San Jose, California to see my mother. My mother has stage 4 lung cancer and her last wish is to see my grandmother. She went to the U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana but was denied entry.

Jose Mourinho, in a week has gone from 50/1 to 2nd favourite to 6/1 to be the next premierleague manager to be sacked..
Jose Jose Jose. The stages are always the same. Now he'll make y'all feel he doesn't have players. Denial stage.
Chris Antonetti, on any chance the team might trade Jose Ramirez: I have every expectation that Jose will be our starting shortstop on Opening Day. Shortstop? I misspoke. Sorry, third baseman. Im used to saying the last one.

Jose Canseco Offers Alex Cooper A $100K Date calebpressley Buy RoughNRowdy 13 here.
Jose Mourinho said this in June... no one has listened...
Game over. Thomas Tuchel has handed Jose Mourinho his first EVER back-to-back league home defeat.
Jermaine Jenas claims Jose Mourinho can still turn Tottenhams form around despite Chelsea defeat.
A criminal fringe lunatic like mtgreenee should have no place in politics.
Yer agree. Jose seems to love Dier and his always prone to fuck up.
Definitely older than you probably. And its the present talking about. Jose needs to go where the spotlight wont shine on him like the serie a. Right now he looking he will struggle in MLS.
Theyll both bounce back, Jose wont.1 way of playing and its absolutely terrible. Hes been found out. Time to go.
How many rounds is the billy vs Jose fight?
Thankyou for not employing Jose Mourinho as our manager when 40% of the fan base wanted him.
3 - Thomas Tuchel has become the first Chelsea manager to keep clean sheets in each of his first three matches at the club since Jose Mourinho did so back in August 2004 (also 3). Mantle.
Okay let me ask you this. Who are you proposing to replace Davies in that position? Sessegnon is on loan, Reggie is injured, Doherty is terrible on the left. Jose has no option.
Atlanta seems like the most obvious option. Their 1 and 2 prospects are both outfielders with a 2021 ETA. Im not sure theyd actually do it, but if they would, we should absolutely consider it. I think pache waters Jones could possibly be better than Jose.

You cant do that: Jose exposed as Spurs grim slide hits new low.
San Jose leaders urge state to prioritize COVID-19 vaccine for hardest-hit neighborhoods.
Do you agree with Jose on the penalty decision?
Nah I was going off the voice memo you posted about Jose out lol but Ill probably give it a listen.
We really busted a mission to San Jose just to go to the sex store.
This week we take a look back at some of the best memories of our Oldjes!
Jose is seriously fortunate that no thfc supporters are currently allowed in the stadium.
Jose Mourinho is like one of those guys who hasnt come to terms with the fact that mineral water now comes in cans and moans every time he sees one and says things like but what was wrong with bottles and this is just... madness.

Dinosaur Jose needs to get the fk out of Tottenham now.
Well done! A criminal fringe lunatic like mtgreenee should have no place in politics.
Gary is jose out.
Anything would be better than this archaic lumping Jose ball is earning.
Jose Mourinho has lost back to back home games for the first time ever. One of the maddest stats Ive ever come across. Hes been managing for over 20 years.
Always be thankful for Stockholm but so happy Jose Mourinho isn't our problem any more.
Bennett, the answer is always JOSE. ALWAYS BE ANGRY AT JOSE.
Edgar Jose Barreto Sotillo's due process has been violated. He was forcibly disappeared from 12/25/2019 to 01/09/2020, the date he was presented before the anti-terrorism courts in Caracas.
Can't wait to hear Spurs fans singing this Jose Mourinho song.
4/5 games away. Trips to Everton & Man City & West Ham. This is a the most pressure Jose has been under since joining the club. How long until the pressure tells?
Thomas Tuchel is the first Chelsea manager to keep a clean sheet in his first 3 Premier League games, since Jose Mourinho in 2004. Start of something special?
Surely people realise in big 2021 that Pep Guardiola has and always will be a MUCH better manager than Jose Mourinho.
Lol around the celebrities stand with the oppressed but in India it's quite the opposite. They stand with the oppressor to suppress the sane voices, but I support farm laws, I think these protests are an underlying dissatisfaction of people on overall govt.

Ill remain Jose in until the end. These players havent performed under 2 world class managers. Its the players. Levy wont invest, deadwood wont be sold. This is our level now unless that changes. Doesnt matter whos in charge.

Thomas Tuchel is the first Chelsea manager to keep clean sheets in their first 3 Premier League games since Jose Mourinho in 2004.
Your Jose don Jewa again.
UPDATE: SanJose is one step closer to mandating hazardpay for some grocery store employees, but was reduced from $5 to $3. The hours long debate was met w conflict of interest issues and concerns over potential lawsuits. here.

What was Porto before he took over? Do your googles. Jose's career was built on taking a struggling team with average players to winning everything.
I want Harry Redknapp to replace Jose Mourinho! Chelsea fan FLWN_ and Tottenham fan LilyWhite_TV fight over Jose Mourinho! Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea Match Reaction JoseOut .
Edgar Jose Barreto Sotillo, 38 years old, social worker; He served as a councilor for the Gran Sabana Municipality in Southern Venezuela at the time of his arbitrary detention on 12/25/2019, by DGCIM officials.

JOSE ADALBEO CRUZ HUADO of Fort Worth, Texas died of COVID in January 28, 2021. Born in Mexico, he worked for the past 13 years as a groundskeeper at Texas Christian University.
Tottenham fans finally saying that Jose Mourinho is dusted.
Jose hasnt got his own team If Jose considers Eric Dier an elite PS50m player I dont want to see his team Thanks.
Sounds just like Jose tbh John!
Thomas Tuchel is the first Chelsea manager to keep a clean sheet in his first 3 PL games in charge since Jose Mourinho in August 2004.
Sources: ESPN and Top Rank plan to stage the undisputed 140-pound title tilt between Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez on a different Saturday in May with Canelo Alvarez-Billy Joe Saunders slated for May 8 on DAZN. Great news for boxing; now both fights will receive proper attention.

Thomas Tuchel has kept clean sheets in each of his first three matches. He is the first manager to do so since Jose Mourinho in 2004.
Jose always loses against you lot.
How many games in a row has Tottenham lost, Jose?
You should be happy to have such a prestigious manager like jose.
They are better managers than Jose, yeah. I dont think there are many worse than him in the league. Bruce maybe?
Jose man cmon. Its a penalty. Every single ref with the most basic of training, from the lowest levels to the highest in football would have given that. Dier was foolish.
Ole's career is on an upward trajectory and Jose's isnt, you must see the difference?
Changing the manager wont do anything. Dier, Davies, aurier, sissoko, lamela, moura, winks, Sanchez... they wouldnt play for any of the big six but yet we have them all! Poch said it we have an amazing house but we need the furniture. Jose is a manager not a woodsmith. COYS!

Are there no leaders in the squad that have the balls to tell Jose that his tactics are dated, boring and generally shite.
He shouldnt have been sent off if he made an attempt to play the ball, thats where double jeopardy applies. I get that Jose kicks him, I get thats its harsh, but it cannot be an attempt to play the ball from behind him, hes beaten him.

Jose Yulo wasted no time maximizing his newly acquired land for sugar production. He coerced farmers to sell their produce to the plantation under threats of violence, while simultaneously acquiring more titles to his hacienda.

Youre making a solid point which I also struggle with. What frustrates me with Jose though is that he only has one way, one system of playing which is counter attacking football. Teams have already figured out how to play us and he doesnt seem to be able to change his plan.

Definitely Jose has lost it all... after winning 1-6 at OldTrafford he's now below ManUtd in the EPL Table.
And they still haven't learnt, bottlejob players, throwing poch and now Jose under the bus.
The zero-G simulator consists of going up, dropping it, and giving it actual zero-G, and calling it a 'simulation'.
What a beauty.
Why - in the name of all that is good - would you watch Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's Manchester United and Jose Mourinho's Spurs but decide you want the special one back at our club? Absolutely mind blogging.

What You Really Think

Thats a fair answer.

You've seen nothing yet. It would have been better if he had walked out ur face.

I mean what did you expect?

If Jose said that then he must be right.

Zle nie powiedzial.

Great question Alison!

Maybe he meant you as in the journalists..


You just had to see Bale for 1 min in his previous performance. That was a stupid question that doesn't require to answer.

Oh fuck off man, dont be a football journalist if you cant take a middle finger . Games gone soft.

He is washed up.

Hes not wrong to be fair, did you ask why Ali isnt playing ? or WInks ? Hes said plenty of times dont ask why players dont play.. But you did, so you could write this tweet and get clicks.. Do a decent job and stop moaning..

Nice guy.

His response makes no sense, unless you poisoned his dog or something of similar ilk.

Did you get an off record answer?

And so what?.. London is.

Why do you think? Stupid question.

WTF Lol.

W from Jose.

Stupid Question.

WALES. GOLF. MADRID - that's why he's not playing Bale.

Sad Mou!

Dear britts, dont complain about your toy now that its broken :) hes always been an impertinent prick and you helped to create this monster, you let him believe he really was so special and able to do as he pleases. now that hes a grumpy old man, just deal with it.

Bale or Reglan??

Hes right though.

Nothing wrong with his Answer.

Why does that not surprise me.

Easy answer if you know football. He didn't bring him on cos he is finished.

I like it. Its a compliment for asking a good question and a weird insult rolled into one. Are there a series of tests that must be taken to prove yourself to be truly deserving of answers?

Such a proud modafuka.

Then who deserved?

Maybe if you asked why he didn't use his last sub, he would have answered. Questioning a manager about a particular player after he just lost a match..what did you expect?

Thatll be the intolerable side coming back.

Pretty obvious answer - hes not good enough for Real Madrid, hes not good enough for Spurs, he plays ok in the nations league division 3/4 occasionally - his level is way way below his reputation , always has been . Good golfer though.

Once a tosser always a tosser.

Shock Woman pundit gets offended and wants to cause huge outcry and gain as much following on social media as possible, just because the manager didnt answer a question. Well done. The PC brigade will love you now.

This is the beginning of the end. I stood by Jose and believed in him. However as a lifelong Spurs fan what I have seen is not what spurs are all about. He needs to go ASAP.

Oh Jose. Hes such a crybaby when fails at his goals in a match. Wont be long now before the unraveling.



Could be your last name.. who knows..

The lack of respect is uncalled for. Answer the question or respectfully decline to answer. No need to try to belittle someone for doing a job.

Alison i am not saying you didn't deserve the answer but i hope you'll show consistency and ask every single manager why they didn't bring a certain player off the bench. Same energy and standards for rest of the managers too please?

Hes lost the plot.

Should've asked: "do you think the next manager will pick him?".

Trademark jose. no chill.

Why did u also ask that question,did you hire him?

Ohhh burn.

Dosser deflection 101.

Miserable fuckin dinosaur is Jose, wants to retire sooner rather than later.

Maybe he thought the question was too offensive & you should have paraded a line of LondonBuses by your mike ..SpursOfficial - great signings Jose & TheGolfer - dont worry about the defender, hell get another PS10m from Levy soonest!!

Hes such an ass.


WTF thats awful!


Yeah he turns into a miserable old man full of excuses when he loses.

So what.

Can't get over his response.

Jose being his usual classy self i see. So glad hes not at my club anymore.

He would have preferred to bring Morgan if he could..., but he would never say so.

Its only an issue because Jose made it an issue with a rude response. He couldve easily given a bland answer along the lines of We thought bringing on so and so in this game would be better suited... But nope, hes always looking to duck & weave, deflecting from the issue.

Why does he feel you don't deserve an answer? Simply something else.