Monday 23rd of November 2020

4 - Diogo Jota is The First Player in Liverpool's History to Score in Each of His First Four Home Top-flight League Appearances For The Club. Fantastic.

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Diogo Jota is the first player in our history to score in each of his first 4 home top-flight appearances [?]nulb.
Diogo Jota becomes the first Liverpool player to score in their first four league games at Anfield.
4 - Diogo Jota is the first player in Liverpool's history to score in each of his first four home top-flight league appearances for the club. Fantastic.
Jota is an absolutely superb signing. His all-round game is pure class.
Game done. 3 points bag up. Jota a general. The back line propa. Curtis jones a knock ball. Breda.
Open play PL home goals this season: Diogo Jota 4 Man City 2 Man Utd 1.
GOOAL! Jota scores his first goal for Real Valladolid in La Liga!
Diogo Jota shoots... The ball.
Firmino be like Jota who.
Diogo Jota is highly top notch tonight. Awareness, pace, agility and composure. What a player in Jota.
Solid performance under difficult circumstances, Bobby and Jota both netting great way to end the weekend.
Not many people realised Diogo Jota was quite this good. But Liverpool's recruitment team saw it.
Performance of the season so far, Matip, Robbo and Jota especially.
I'm sure that you will give him 3 bonus points and rob Jota.
We got Diogo Jota instead and we all know how that has turned out, do we?
RECORD Diogo Jota has scored in all four of his home PL matches for Liverpool, the first player to do so for the club.
Need an uiux for your Mobile app? Contact: Joe_Burrow Arsenal Jota LIVLEI Wentz.
Transfers In Last Hour(Top 5): Jota(30444) Fernandes(4036) Calvert-Lewin(3251) Robertson(2500) Chilwell(2441) Sun, 22 Nov 2020 21:00 (GMT) Full GW Data: Table --> Visualization -->.
BIG 3 Points ... Milner and Jota take a bow.
Every single player has been brilliant tonight, even neco has been unreal since he came on. but jota is a different level, its scary.
Jota has the same amount of goals as Wolves this season in all comps.
[?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulb Diogo Jota is the first player in Liverpool's history to score in each of his first four home top-flight league appearances for the club.
Jota is so good.
Diogo Jota appreciation Tweet.
Hey Liverpool are winning 3-0 btw Here are the goalscorers Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino. The first goal was an Own Goal.
Weve been unreal today.
That's Jota never starting again then.
Jota wont get an inform for one goal will he.
Lowkey lowkey Jota speed firmino.
A good buy that Jota.
Robertson is just immense isnt he, some assist for Jotas goal.
Jota best signing this season. Dont even me.
An own goal and a brilliant Jota header means we lead at the break.
Jotas dribbling is so good, Firmino unlucky on the rebound there, just out of reach.
He is too good to miss. His form was such that he will have a goal involvement every game or 2. Any other top club will judge his gameplay on stats at the end of the day and he easily gets replaced by Jota, I'm afraid. He is playing coz Klopp rate his work rate but only too long.

Diogo jota is top 5 in the list of best EPL players. No joke!
Mandem cant even enjoy quality reading time in this babcock , 2 minutes into this new interesting book and one werey runs into my room shouting I captain jota.
Dont understand Lpool, they have Mane Salah Jota Bobby all short but the number of header goals.
Firmino and jota on the scoresheet love to see itttt.
Both Jota and Bobby on the score sheet. You love to see it.
Jota on the counter attack is more lethal than Vardy. Seriously.
Diogo Jota woke up feeling dangerous 0/28 shots on target 0/58 chances created 1 lucky goal vs farmers Overrated Flop Finished club Salah a diving pen merchant Better than Lingard?
Jota moving mad, Mane loving it.
Jota has created two big chances this game, what a player ffs.
Big asset, I repeat, Jota is a great asset to our team . What a valuable deal.
Ruben Dias, Diogo Jota, Lautaro Martinez... Most picked players on UCLfantasy and who could give you the edge on matchday 4.
There you go BOBBYYYYY!!! Both him and Jota on the scoresheet - so they can play together!!
Thanks for jota.
Clinical job by Liverpool today. Firmino has played pretty well, Jota is amazing.
Here's a handy flow chart I made for you to see if OTW Diogo Jota will get an upgrade this week.
Diogo Jota has more home goals in the league (4) than Manchester United (3) this season, despite playing 292 fewer minutes.
Yayyy Firmino Jota clean sheet.
We fleeced Liverpool so hard for Jota, PS41 million thank you very much.
Diogo Jota is the first player in Liverpool's history to score in each of his first four top-flight home games. Liverpool signed him in summer.
Wijnaldum has been fantastic tonight hasn't he...and firmino...and Robertson...and mane...and jota...and matip...and fabinho..and..
Jota, beautiful in transition.
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30 - Diogo Jota's goal for Liverpool came after a sequence of 30 passes; since Opta have this data available from 2006-07, this is the most in the build-up to any premierleague goal by the Reds. Silky.

Females wear push up bra to make the boobs upright & firm Jota is like a push up bra He makes Firmino upright & firm.
When liverpool spent big on jota, I thought waste of money!! But proving 2 be well worth the coin!! Top quality!![?]nulb.
Jota is a good player. But having said that, you can see a clear difference between a good coach and an average coach. Klopp makes a player better than their actual worth. With Ole it's complete opposite.

Was telling folks that Liverpool adding Jota was an astute piece of business. The kind of smart acquisitions we don't seem to know how to pull off.
Firmino deserves the goal great to see him and Jota both on the scoreboard!
Sold Salah and bought Jota and Firmino.
Jota is so good That OTW has to get an upgrade soon.
Never really watched wolves last season and thought 40 million seemed a lot What a snip Jota . WOW !!
Jota dribbling style is quite unique. Makes it look easy.

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Such a prolific striker, how Manchester United and other top teams didn't go for this guy wonders me, we are meant to groan on Wasteful Martial and Rashford.

Jeta Jota Diogo nulb.

He was special at Wolves, Hes wonderful now at Liverpool, All the best to him Wolves fan Vnulb.

Yet they called him Wolves reject.

He's already got that aura around him, future balon d'or winner.


The guys Fantastico.


Werner is still clear.

How many passes for the goal?

Big Baller.