Sunday 21st of May 2023

Is Harry Kane Scoring 28 PL Goals in This Tottenham Team More impressive Than Erling Haaland Scoring 36 in Man City's This Season?

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Harry Kane becomes first player score different Premier League matches 38-game season. what
Harry Kane scoring goals this Tottenham team more impressive than Erling Haaland scoring City's this season?
Harry Kane better give you.
Harry Kane NYCFC?
Harry Kane speech.
Legends currently: 1. Erling Haaland 2. KDB 3. Harry Kane 4. salah 5. Harry maguire( only opposition).
Four Harry Kane's last five goals have come defeats. Games scored where team lost Premier League history. Tissier 24 Sheringham 24 Defoe 24 Bent 23 Shearer 21 Ferdinand 20 Benteke 20 Vardy 18 Kane 18 Dublin 18 Fletcher Lots Spurs players that list.

Boooooom!!! Odds Congratulations those played Don't miss out, register deposit now! great deals promo code, link) "Tax-free Zone! Kenya7s BOUMUN Sauti Harry Kane.
Kane this City team hell score goals more, Haaland this Tottenham team wont goals.
other season wouldve been saying Kane having individual season life Haaland exists completely shadow.
Only players better than harry Kane this generation. He's rounder. Talk about complete striker.
Harry Kane first player score different matches 38-game Premier League season: ''EEE''EEEEE ''E''EEE''E'''' EE''''E''EEEE ''E''EEEE Another record bag.
draw straight line from Ronaldo Mourinho Kane fans that will probably lead average Nigeria viewing center.
Spurs have four midfield plus Kane while they have dogshit defence. Need revolutionize those centre backs.
this discourse timeline Kane Haaland just Kane lose ball while doing usual dropping-deep which leads directly goal.
Kane easily join United.
Bukayo Saka will like Harry Kane remains Arsenal.
Poor getting this. only good thing about this club harry kane. rest burn hell.
When will Kane realize Spurs don't deserve them!
dont people coming him. player that serious with their career wants succeed must avoid Arsenal Tottenham. dont want like Harry Kane. Pushing with only Audi show goals.

Kane must join Arsenal just
wanna compare kane haalands stats?
Harry Kane after scoring league goals this poor Spurs side.
Kane leaves Spurs this summer person could reproach goals this season, every season. Always does often over last club found itself begging individuals instead being strong enough move squad/team.

watch match harry Kane want build himself record helping club trophies.
Erling Haaland really worry Harry Kane this season.
Kane 2yrs when realize never liked Effie, just hated Tariq.
What goal from Harry Kane! Dejan Kulusevski back heels free-kick England striker bends into corner. Nothing David Raya could about that.
Ivan toney scoring goals this Brentford team more impressive than harry kane scoring Tottenhams this season?
willing this hill!!! only thing Haaland over Harry Kane physical strength,head head Harry Kane better finisher,more creative better link play.
year 2072. Harry Kane still playing Tottenham he's still trophyless..
Spurs have biggest outsiders next season Newcastle 15th table goals conceded they lose Kane, they basically need full rebuild front back this summer Tough with many other clubs going too.

would really like watch Harry Kane Manchester United team. Bruno's Eriksen's crosses.
least pederson roque santa cruz kane moving like 2018 lebron.
Kane might more than just premier league.
Spurs 22-23: Defeats: 14 Goals Scored: 66 Goals Conceded: Leicester 21-22: Defeats: 14 Goals Scored: 62 Goals Conceded: Take Kane equation trend very scary. Need manager appointment summer recruitment spot League competitive.

kane spurs after this greatest cuck ever exist.
Kane having goals caring because Haaland most Kane thing ever seen. Scoring love game anything meaningful.
Harry Kane trying trophy Spurs
Today seventh time Premier League this season that Harry Kane ended losing side game scored only Jamie Vardy 2017-18 ever scored more games losing side single campaign. Vain.

This conversation Sport about Harry Kane quite frankly embarrassing. Fair play Pontus Jansson saying what we're thinking everybody loves one-club legend.
Both Diamond DeShields Lopez-Senechal will Wings today with knee injuries.
agree that sounds reasonable, only truly comparative repeat Garrett's request.
Lmao spurs bottled again maybe well save Harry Kane Qatar comes through.
Tottenham have produced mural dedicated their all-time goalscorer, Harry Kane.
Spurs last home game season Harry Kane does pitch own. This doesnt bode well Summer.
record season Kane.
Harry Kane career goals meanwhile Barcelona year Lamine Yamal already more trophies than really feel him, deserves better.
This End? Spurs Round Show Sunday this weeks show hosts Luke_parklane parklanepodDave Wynnie1991 HarryScarfe22 joined Billytheyid70 bridagul discuss future Harry Kane Spurs!

Hary Kane after scoring insane free kick loss.
Disrespectful kane tbf.
They were running Kane hypotheticals just lose ball that Brentfords winner.
They balls football club from bottom. thats wrong with modern game. feel Harry Kane though. Pretty much wasted club career with them.
Kane just with final nail coffin.
just seen Harry Kanes last game Tottenham Hotspur. Tears eyes.
Kane needs leave that club.
Surely Harry Kane leave Spurs remembered great striker, rather than great striker never trophies.
Daniel, nice abuse that your receiving, dont think your listening your fans, Fans fuck they They ones that towards your wages. REWIND, APOLOGISE, BRING BACK POCHETTINO, GIVE FUNDS KEEP KANE.

goals unbelievable return team that been struggling... this last game, what out." petercrouch comments speculation surrounding Harry Kane future Tottenham...

Bruno Fernandes Harry Kane same shirt promise they toe-for-toe with ginger that viking fella.
Harry Kane Spurs teammates.
Levy out, Mason out, everyone except Kane.
There harry kane Totenham spurs these different things Hili jamaa likitua haland mtamsahau walai!!
seriously think Harry Kane table Chelsea, paying attention.
thoughts shambles without Kane Everton.
striker, make kane score reach haaland first even compare.
When point. Erling been impressive scorer since early years.Trying downplay 22yrs record season first year comparing established Kane beyond embarrassing. Kane should United/Bayern score league goals.

Just bring Harry Kane home already, lets conquer world together.
Harry Kane actually fool this point.
Imagine wanting kane who's scored 28th goal season today. Bruno creates most chances league Kane could easily. Kane could literally elevate this united team good seasons minimum.

only people know anything about football will Hallaand better than Kane.
Heung-min wins goal season award strike against Brighton Harry Kane sweeps three Spurs player season awards from fans.
Bruno Kane said
With slight delay, finally finished careful with high water pressure! It's inflating fast it's going explode! Thank much your support boosty! very much obliged you!

Harry Kane stays Spurs needs putting mental institution.
Levy under immense pressure selling Kane league rival would catastrophic. If/when Kane leaves free deflect Kane's choice rather than own.
Harry Kane just Premier League - UCL - Cup - Carabao Cup - CWC - Supercup From completing club football..Generational talent.

What You Really Think


Without a shadow of a doubt.

Its not. Coz the goals mean absolutely nothing.

Yeah... it's impressive, the PL might as well give him the golden boot.



28 goals in a dilapidated team like spurs their should be a research.

This is Haaland first season btw.

No one forced Kane to play for Tottenham This is a pathetic question to ask . 36GOALS better than 28.

How is this even a question? Hahahaha. WTF are you guys all about?

It is for sure... Haaland is a different animal but this guy, playing with such losers around him and still scoring these many numbers, that's impressive!!!

Had the chance to come to City unlucky.

Ah ESPN por favor ne.

Yes it is.

. No?

Yes,Haaland just wait for the ball but Kane generates and score.

It's never impressive.

Kane does whatever he wants at Tottenham. He scored one free kick out of 100 taken. Haaland is constantly subbed off by Guardiola. Tottenham's players and budget is better than their spot in the EPL. Maybe their captain isn't playing a winning football.

Off course yes.

Yes Halland has every good player around him.

Shut up.

English bias.

Lol. Nah.


Espn admin, please shut up.

Kane goat.

Why did Kane not score 40 goals when son , Alli Eriksen was with him.

No it's not.

Wish HKane to Arsenal ... Right time for Kane to move...


We dont care.

They lost anyway to Brentford.


Its his job ***.

Imagine scoring 28 goals and your team is 7th on the log.

It is.

There they go again, trying to make an English player shine.

Meaningless goals , Tottenham still sits 7th.

I think Kane would get Haalands numbers if he was at City, hes class.

Both impressive.

NO its not impressive Lad should leave the club.

Spurs are built around kane he would score less at a bigger team, KDB wouldnt be able to constantly pick Kane out as Kane be too busy in midfield.

He is the best stricker in England and he proves it season per season.

He scores by diving and the English media always protects their golden boy.

Of course, Kane plays for a shit spurs side.

Very STUPID question. 36 is 36.

At Spurs lol hell yea its more impressive.

No its NOT.

Yes, haaland is overrated and wouldnt even get in the Chelsea team.


The English again with Harry Kane folklore. Yawn!

No, football is an easy game when nothing rides on anything, at any level that is.

Stop the hype please.

Harry Kane has never known the pressure of having to score a goal in a title decider. He plays the game under zero pressure against teams that don't take Spurs seriously. Give it a rest.

Not as impressive as that penalty against Franceno pressure baller 28 flavourless, forgettable and inconsequential goals.

Kane scoring 28 in a shite spurs squad is obviously more Impressive..


Without doubt.

Of course. Halaand has it easy because he has talented players all around him. But Kane goals are impressive. Most halaand goals are tap ins inside the penalty area.

Kane's the closest I've seen to benzema in term of overalls ability...he's even a better goalscorer than benzema to be anyone would love to choose Kane...but hell naw I'm taking haaland...tha robot gets a touch and it's on target or it's a goal...

People forget that this is Erling Haaland's first season...

I don't think so bcas this is Erling first season.

Nobody care . Kane is the architect of his own downfall.

Without a doubt. Haaland is spoon fed.

Get real of course not.

Roff talk.

Slow news day?

If Kane had KDB he would score 40.