Thursday 18th of February 2021

Posters Are Slowly Coming in. Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero. Sisi Stringer as Mileena. Josh Lawson is Kano. Max Huang is Kung Lao.

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EXPOSED: Identity Of Kano Hisbah Commander Caught In Hotel With Married Woman Sahara Reporters SaharaReporters had on Tuesday reported how a commander of the Islamic police was arrested in a hotel in the Sabon Gari area of the city. READ .

One reason Borno state has been hard to protect is its vast expanse of land, and Niger state is bigger. With landmass more than that of Ireland, 4 times the size of Kano state and over 20 times that of Lagos, any security compromise there would be a nightmare.

Posters are slowly coming in. Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero. Sisi Stringer as Mileena. Josh Lawson is Kano. Max Huang is Kung Lao.
This is better but the new kano looks like shit.
2 things: 1. Wtf is that Reptile look 2. They never do him justice, they really make my mans get killed by Kano of all people. No justice for Reptile.
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I'm still disappointed that Kano got so little screen time (he was always my favorite of both the video game and movie cast), but this was one hell of a way to go out!
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I honestly don't care if this movie is SUBpar, nothing Kano stop me from watching it.
Got the vibe that Kano was working with Sonya too, which is kinda weird too Gonna have to wait & see the final product before I condemn the plot choices. May the God's have mercy on their souls if they FUBAR it***nulb.

It's the right amount of cheese. Kano is my favorite part of the trailer.
The character choices in the new MK movie are really interesting. Like it seems Kano is a good guy and there's no Johnny Cage????
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A few tweaks to the Mortal Kombat trailer and here we go Kano vs Superman. Enjoy.
Granted, Im a little disappointed in Mileena and Kano designs no Johnny. But its looking like theyre going off the MK2 roster, so Cole = Johnny and well also likely get Baraka and Reptile, too! HYPE!!!

Y'all warriors trying to defend and hype your state Harmattan.. Meanwhile my friend leg in Kano.
I'm glad that any time anything involves Kano, this gets retweeted. i love our community.
I thought it was something to do with Kano, but according to the wiki it was the opposite: he caused Kanos need for a faceplate. It is not known whether his arms were replaced or upgraded in the original storyline. In one of the updated games he lost them to Ermac.

FUCKIN POGGERS ..Gotta love Kano.
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Oh, for sure. Im also hoping that creature Kano killed isnt all we get of what could possibly be Reptile.
Instead of "Happy birthday in advance" Naso curiosity takes one kano girl wrote "Happy Birthday in advice". Me i wonder what she's advising 0.
Buhari has failed the people of South West Texas! Yoruba Texas are queuing for water while Kano Texas are getting appointments into DPR. Pomo & boli Texas.
I will probably only play this only like 10 or 11 thousand times today MOAAALLLL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!!!!!! MortalKombat MortalKombatMovie Raiden LiuKang Scorpion SubZero ShaoKahn Kano Goro Jax Mileena Reptile SonyaBlade from.

Kano at the last 10 seconds of the trailer, lol.
The gays walking out of the new mortal kombat movie because sub zero's side tiddies are covered and kano isn't shirtless.
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Kano face when killing the opponent on duty. What is that expression? If he love kill. God, what have they done to Kano?
Why isnt Mileena looking like Mileena, like the teeth are supposed to be more Tarkatan than << human >>. Also what the fuck is going with Kano, isnt he supposed to have a cybernetic eye AND be a vilain? Why is Sub-Zero a wanted criminal?

"These are your champions. ...that's Kano.".
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It looks like Johnny got replaced with Kano but I hope that isnt the case.
Or he avoided saying it was Reptile as to not spoil it. Either way, I do think its 100% a Saurian and the scratches on Kanos face come from this fight.
The southerners i mostly interact with in Kano are law abiding citizens, they're in Kano for businesses and other positive activities. They're peaceful I must commend their kindness and I will do everything possible to protect them. But my problem with those living in d south...

I prefer kano over mileena.
3, 2, 1 lets jam! I love Yoko Kano and The Seatbelts, theyre so good! Yoko kannos other works are fantastic too!
I am going to love this, but I will continue to love the first movie. So much of this looks amazing, the hints of the original theme song! And I love that Trevor Goddard's legacy is Australian Kano.
Can't wait to see Sonya vs. Kano/Mileena.
"Kano, ko da me ka zo, an fi ka." is not just a statement, lol, it is actually what it is, bruh.
Kano is still a dumbass in the movies.
Im not here to yuk anyone's yum but you can do better than Kano, i promise you.
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"Kano Wins! You fuckin' beauty!" I can't stop quoting this line to myself!
I thought about this when i saw Kano shoot that beam out his eye.
The best hope for the new MortalKombatMovie is Kano That Sonya Blade "speech/voiceover" -- yikes. Didn't we perfect the whole "secret tournament reveal/discussion" in the 80s with Bloodsport?
Ya Allah! Make my last words "La ilaaha Illallah, Muhammadun Rasoolullah. And every Muslims Ummah ..Ameen ya rav.
Gay culture is picking kitana/mileena/sonya/jade but being h-word for johnny cage/jax/sub zero/kano.
So nobody knows that Kano was on the same side as Sonya and Jax until he betrayed them and got her soldiers killed and thats why their beefing ???
Seen and felt. I pick Kitana for her sassy thworps and fanography. And I would literally bareback Kano against Kronikas hourglass.
Why is Kano a good guy?
Personally, I don't like Scorpion's design in this, I don't know who this new kid is (don't think he was in a game), and why are Kano and Sonya working together?
Might be reptile that kano is ripping his heart out.
I wanna be like Kano one day. No child support payments either!?!?! Sing me tf up!
You a kano lookin bit, you think i let that luda slide a few days ago? A coach this team is all a got cruz from coach Carter lookin bit.
Josh Lawson is Kano. MortalKombatMovie trailer Thursday at 9am PT.
Carson Wentz Ted Cruz Mortal Kombat Dolly Reich SNKRS CountdownToMars Dinesh Bob Dole Rivers Johnny Cage Meek Rafael Kano.
Yeah I get that its just he was in the original first games as they have Sonja, Kano & a couple of others from the first game, but fingers crossed this will be good, loved the trailer, I can see a sequel will be in the works already.

Mortal Kombat movie doesnt have leather piss daddy version of Kano tragic.
Today at Murtala Muhammad way kano.
I'm a Johnny Cage and Erron Black fan myself! Also doesnt JD Blanc voice Kano in MK11?
Kano winsya fuckin beauty!
I like it! Aussie Kano will be interesting.
Kano gear is a great starter for folks into the world of computing, check it out!
I kinda love this? Just enough cool stuf, dumb stuff, and fun gore to keep it close to source stuff. They totally nailed Sub-Zero and Kano. Kinda bummed at how weak Scorpion's "GET OVER HERE" was.
One of the things I like the most about Mortal Kombat as a series is how Kano becomes more and more Australian as time goes on.
Also wh... whats going on with kano??
This looks phenomenal but... why Kano always gotta be corny lul.
They lost me when I saw Kano wasn't a hairy outback daddy.

What You Really Think

Mileena Kung Lao.

Joe Taslim as Sub Zero and Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion are casting perfection.

Which sub zero.

Guys cancel the movie. Cole young is not in the game numb nuts. You guys cant ever just stick to the story line. Here we go ruining others storylines and making them untouchable by good producers. You guys are great. Might as well go produce for DC comics while youre at it. Smh.



Kano and Mileena could be better. Everyone else looks great.

Aron black.