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Monday 20th of July 2020

What The F**k Did he Just Say. This is All Jay Z Fault, Kanyes First Rally. LOL.

Kanye West at his campaign rally in South Carolina: Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people. Loud groans from the audience, come on man can be heard.

What the F**k did he just say. This is all Jay Z fault, Kanyes first Rally. LOL.
Kanye West and Jay-Z on Watch The Throne.
Kanye West took Nickis verse OFF New Body and hes releasing it, do NOT stream that trash ass song.
Genuinely concerned for kanye west and his mental health rn because what is going on.
Maaaannn, Obama made being the POTUS look too easy and now look at the mess were in smh.
I know he's mentally ill (as am I) but can we just go straight to batshit f*cking crazy? Is there really anyone who's black, who would vote for this moron?
Kanye said this and I left immediately. I went for a laugh and I got one. But when it got disrespectful for me it was over.
What did Kanye West do ? why niggas mad at him.
Stop enabling Kanye west & Get him the Help he needs before he hurt himself or somebody else.
Did Kanye say he almost killed his daughter?????????
Kanye West is "running for President" yet instead of going after Trump he goes after...checks notes...Harriet Tubman? Some of y'all really hate Black women chile.
Hope niggas dont take Kanyes situation as a joke.
Niggas out here got kayne trending cuz they cant spell Kanye lmao twitter really stupid.
Kanye West is not well and going to his rally is as wrong as it would be to get tickets to watch a wounded man bleed on the street.
And the country thas be ruled by un-psycopathic politicians. How has that turned out? The fact that you people call a repentant rapper crazy and still listen and vibe to DaBaby says it all. Go watch Kanye's Townhall, ignore his crude and erratic speech and listen to he has to say.

Kanye West seriously needs help.
LMFAO kayne is trending cause people cant spell kanye.
Kanye recording 'I Am A God' at Rick Rubin's house.
Kanye need help.
Kanye needs help. The End.
Heres Kanye crying and screaming I almost killed my daughter.
Kanye running for president is one thing but taking nicki off new body... unforgivable.
Someone get Kanye some help for real.
Kanye West: Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves. She just had them go work for other white people.
Kanye need better people around him.
Kanye West is Cancelled Forever.
Kanye, the show must be paused. Think about it. It is sad that no one around you is really ready to help you. KimKardashian think abiut it.
What say you about Kanye's latest speech? This is the man you wanted us to vote in as POTUS? Clown.
Kanye West is bipolar. He needs medication. Yes this shocking. But it's sad because he has mental illness. You can't take this at face value. He really needs a good psychiatrist.
Mars in Aries No self control. The veil has lifted. There is nothing else to hide. This man has been used by the government/ industry...& his mother has had enough. Keep your eyes and prayers on Kanye. Because you dont know the truth. Cuz if you did, youd have compassion.

I've been watching Kanye's campaign rally for 5 minutes. So far he's said: -He had a Percocet addiction after plastic surgery. -He will walk away from Adidas and Gap deals if they don't put him on the board. -Made an "I'mma let you finish" joke. -Said to stop watching porn.

Full Kanye West North Carolina Rally Video.
Kanye West is one of my favorite all-time artists. He is also mentally ill and needs to be thought of and treated that way, with respect and compassion.
Who let kanye do dis to hiself.
Kanye needs HELP not media coverage. What we're watching is man getting his ass kicked by mental illness and NO ONE is doing anything. He shouldn't be trying to run for president he should be getting some Help.

White people, I'm trading you Kanye West for Joe Biden.
Oh Kim does Kanye's psychotic break really have to be televised?
I really wish local reporters would stop showing up to Kanye2020 Campaign events. I'm not a psychiatrist but Kanye looks like a man in a great deal of pain and he's literally in tears right now. It's sad.

Exactly what I said, what was the point? Hows that a campaign position anyone would take? Then again. Kanye. 2020...
If Kanye was a woman they wouldve 5150d him in a psychiatric hospital by now.
Leave kanye alone.
Kanye west is having a manic episode. keep the jokes aside and get the man some help.
Holy shit Kanye has a serious problem with his choice of words, "She just had the slaves go work for other white people" propping up Harriet Tubman as someone who just trafficked slaves to one form of oppression to another and downplaying her achievements and grossly simplifying.

This is about Kanye not Trump.
I just hope Kanye is ok. I dont really know what else to say here.
*Kanye has entered the chat*.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are billionaires, even if she was going to have an abortion, it wouldnt have been at a Planned Parenthood. Kanye has no idea what he is talking about and is simply regurgitating things hes heard other idiots say.

Kanye fans seeing him trending for the 4th time this week.
Kanye: *says dumb shit* me otw to defend him once again.
Im tired of Kanye talking.
What Ive seen on Twitter hasnt involved the insanity of the rally its just been more like Kanye crazy lol rather than highlighting the fact that hes surrounded by people whove been enabling this behavior for years now.

Sources say Kanye took Nicki's verse off of New Body due to conflicting opinions regarding Harriet Tubman.
The fact that kanyes dad was literally a black panther and his son is saying shit like this.
Kanye. Just stop dawg.
Kanye explained his stance against Planned Parenthood, at one point revealing that Kim Kardashian was considering an abortion prior to the birth of their first child. Kanye broke down crying after saying he almost allowed his child to be "murdered.".

Kanye West condemns abortion: "My Mom saved my life. My Dad wanted to abort me... There would have been no Kanye West." "I almost killed my daughter.".
First off, p.o.c. need to stop giving credence to Kanye and his nonsense. Hes got serious mental health issues, and hes nothing more than Trumps b***h. Your parents and ancestors didnt survive the hate and racism just so you can turn around and be a fool.

Kanye West couldnt stop in my city and not chop it up with me. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all. He even considered Jay-Z as a running mate. Full interview dropping TONIGHT AT 9:00 PM! Are you Kanye2020?

Kanye is so woke and powerful, telling yall our ancestors was feds and that abortion is unnatural (a man with 2 surrogate children). No comment on a actual political course or action, no comment on how his household is worth $1B and he just took a $2m payout for a SBL .

At this point... Nicki Minaj needs to buy new body off Kanye west and make it her own song.
Its Kanye but some of my plaques still say Kayne.
Waiting To See What Chance The Rapper Has To Say...
Kanye's speech is like when one of those guy's gets on the train in the morning and just let's out ALL of their random ass thoughts ...
Rapper and clothing designer turned presidential hopeful Kanye West has announced his first campaign event to be held in South Carolina at 5 p.m. on Sunday. Seriously.
Kanye says stupid shit. That aint start today. He said slavery was a choice a few years ago.
How long until Kanye says Rosa Parks took a cab.
Slap a Kardashian, pull Kanye out the sunken place. For real for real. ***nulb.
Kanye Promises Free Chick-Fil-A For Every American If Elected.
Kanye West breaks down crying: "My Mom saved my life. My Dad wanted to abort me... There would have been no Kanye West." "I almost killed my daughter." The number one killer of black babies is abortion. Imagine how terrified Democrats are right now.

No One: Absolutely No One: Kanye.
.NICKIMINAJ is currently trending in the US at 10 with 70K tweets over speculation about being apart of Kanye Wests New Body.
Kanyes Black friends & Black family members need to go save him out of that sunken place hes at. This was a breakdown/cry for help tbh.
'God will make a way for women who are pregnant from rape: says Kanye West.
Kanye said abortion should be legal because incarceration is still legal. That society can't have one without the other. Call Kim Kardashian and tell her come get her man.
Kanye Wests PR manager rn.
Trump gonna need to find a different surprise VP than Kanye.
Adding kanye to my muted words.
Kanye needs help, and he needs to talk to someone, not vent to an already hurt nation still recovering in a pandemic, these people cannot help Kanye, and those wanting him to run are not concerned with his mental state, Kanye needs to do alot of unpacking.

Kanyes statement on harriet tubman omfg. people are really entertaining his mess bye.
I really and truly hope Kanye gets the help he clearly needs. There's nothing funny about what I'm seeing right now. I get the same vibes with this that I got from a lot of the ppl who pretended to "support" Wesley Willis. Spectacle under the guise of admiration. It's gross.

Somebody said chancetherapper is on his way to distract us from the Kanye West Idiotic Episode of the week. ***nulb***nulbI swear this guy is a perfect representation of Kanye.

What You Really Think

Wtf yo. Kanye wild as a bih. The nigga just be saying anything . Can't even pay him no mind when he say ish like this. Dilly(Dumb Silly) asf.

I think you still mad about yalls challenge in 2007 brah.

Ok Kanye, legally she didnt free the slaves, she lead them to freedom. Because of her, they were FREE. How bout that. I think I see some little birdies flying around his head.

Jesus, please walk with him to the nearest therapist.

Wait wait what did this negro just say?!

WTF someone please stop him if anyone cares they would have stopped him wtf.

What did he really jus say.

Lol The Ninja that said slavery was a choice.

Let's buy some chairs and have some fun.

Someone give Kanye some milk.

A word from the ancestor...

You'll never hear what he says cos you're outta here.

Kayne West is Trump's best friend right now.

Guess he only understands wtf he his saying .

Nigga ain't lying tho...

"Yo we leaving right now".

Really not funny cause I'm not surprised.


TAE4x -Vlone Runtz out now.

She said, Yall we leaving right now.

Sean Carter for president ***nulb.

It sound very insensitive but Kanye actually spoke some truth.

Yea he having an episode.

The first thing that you have said that I agreed whats up with them verzuzonline battle with Tip ?

What he said? I cant understand sht idk why lol.


This man has LOST HIS DAMN MIND!!! Who the f*ck would follow his dumb ass anywhere, I mean does he actually know any black history moments at all! This shit here is disgusting, disappointing and disgraceful on his part!

This fool done lost it Anyone who think this coon has a chance.

Seriously 50 and the rest hip community need to get a figure how reach kanye he needs and his end hurting the black community by running for president.

Crazy motherfucker.

The buses dont go where he live, do they?

What point is he trying to make? Some still working for the white man, ask Nick Cannon, what is the point he is making for right now. What will he do as president it is a rally. He said on TMZ, slavery was a choice, now he saying we were never free. What is he gonna do about it.

All Jay Z fault lmao finally thank you Ive been thinking that since his second album.

This dude ain't all there...act just like trump.

Kanye 2020 !!!

This Coon.

She said yall were leaving right now.

Wtf Kanye.

All the recorder wanted to do was laugh in the whole time. Like she 2 Dramatic.

He is right! We are still not free.

Bruh. Sit dowwwwwn.

Yes Jay Z flew in Jeffrey Epstein plain many times to do things to children at Jeffrey Epstein island. Do did his wife and EM. Did you ever ask EM why he went there. ?????

Yo come get your boy he actin up again.

This is embarrassing! No research, no plan, no scholarship. People have to stop worshipping celebrities and celebrities have to stop acting like saviors!


Kanye West super emotional - is he going too far too deep watch Kanye's 1st Presidential rally.


Fuck wrong with this nigga Kanye!!!!

Get that one way rocket ship ready.

Get his meds.

That "yo we leaving right now" SENT MEEEW.

Should realize that the same thing could be done to him someday.

This nigga is plant.

Its the yo we leaving rn for me.

All them religious books got him think weird ion think this is Kanye whos this and where did you take him?!

This The One I Was Talking About.

And y'all want him to be the next president...

Kanye 2020.

What in TF is going on here.

Where all ya woke MFs that was tryna say him being wit trump was subversive tactics?!

I still say Kim should have locked him up in the basement before he got this bad...(madd)...


Mars calling Kanye u out there.

Yo we leaving right now ..