Saturday 12th of September 2020

Two Notes of interest in The NBAs Last 2 Minute Report About Game 6: 1) Kemba Was Fouled on Late Drive in 4thQ 2) Nick Nurses Position on Tatum Turnover Deemed Fine.

The NBAs report says two incorrect calls were made in the last two minutes of regulation and both OTs. Both went against the Celtics, including the foul on Kemba Walker in the final seconds of the 4th quarter.

NBA's L2M report confirms OG Anunoby should have been called for a foul on Kemba Walker's attempted game winner at the end of regulation.
L2M report is out. NBA says league missed foul call by OG on Kemba Walker at end of regulation.
Kemba is NOT garbage. You have to give Toronto credit for their defense. At the same time he needs to be able to find other ways to be affective.
Kemba needs to do something in the 4th quarter.
I dont like Kembas body language.
Yo why tf Kemba never guarding his person! Like bruh your 60 why tf you helping off.
The way that kemba freeze all defenders is amazinggg.
Kemba not ready for this moment.
So many bad shot selections, should be walking away with this, kemba has to step up at some point.
No more Kemba to fair lol.
Kemba Walker playing average doesnt get talked about enough.
Kemba might be better for their locker room but he ain't Kyrie idc lol.
I feel like everyone (including Charles Barkley) is dumping on Kemba right now, but the Celtics have produced a whole lot of good looks when he's on the court. That's no coincidence. He's 10. They have 4 on 3 fast breaks in the half court when he's out there against a box and 1.

- Kemba gonna go off here in the 4th.
He is ! Kemba needs to do more.
12 minutes left. Celtics in 7. Kemba you better step it up.
4 more points from Kemba and Boston should win lol.
Kemba plzzzz bro wake up this is it.
Kemba over helping all the time.
Kemba couldnt help on a lowry drive even with a perfectly timed trap... DONT GIVE UP A CORNER 3!!!
Kemba Walkers mid-range step-back should be not allowed. Its too effective. My God.
Kemba aint even playing good defense at least smfh.
Kemba is providing absolutely nothing on the court bro i can't even believe it.
Oh come on i was counting on kemba.
Kemba finna make me send Kyrie a you up text.
Kemba needs to wake up.
Kemba, need you this quarter. Earn that max contract right now.
No Kemba slander will be accepted on my page***nulb.
Kemba. What the fuck?
Kemba sucks ass.
Siakim however it's spelt had Kemba guarding him why didn't he just post him up?
Tatum is the guy kenny and chuck are saying kemba... tonight at least.
Kemba, once again, nowhere to be seen.
Hope Kemba shows up in the 4th.
Cool down last quarter he go redeem ein body.
Maybe he can locate a certain player named Kemba.
Im gonna say it. Marcus Smart is better than Kemba Walker.
Get this nigga Kemba Walker off the court now.
Hey Kemba .wake the fuck up.
Kemba its time to wake up.
3 Quarters 6 points Kemba Walker.
Kemba making almost 40 a year getting outplayed by a barber n fat boy.
Kemba Walker has 9 points on 4/17 shooting in his last 74 minutes.
Kemba you there? Pascal you there?
Kemba has 6 points on 11 shots...
What a performance by Vanvleet, leading his team in scoring while being the primary defender on Kemba.
Where is Kemba in this game.
Me when Kemba does literally anything.
Every time Kemba Walker sulks when he doesnt get the ball, jaytatum0 bangs a three lol.
Lemme understand this.. Pascal had Kemba & instead of posting up, he dribbled 17276392 times to do nothing?
That step back in the lane automatic for Kemba.
Kemba stinking up the joint again!
If KEMBA doesnt take over the fourth and play better than the raptors two fat ass guards.
Going to need Cardiac Kemba in the 4th to bring this home.
Kemba definitely finna score 10-15 this quarter.
Kemba creates an UNBELIEVABLE amount of seperation on his stepback.
Fuck. I forgot Kemba Walker is on Boston and as a UConn alumnus ooh man, I mean, fuck Boston, but if they win I will console myself by being happy for Kemba, who I would absolutely die for.
Kyle Lowry is doing exactly what Kemba should be doing right now.
Kemba about to catch slander worse than Kyrie if they lose.
Kemba Walker is garbage.
Gonna hear about Kemba's knee after this series.
Why do the Celtics let anyone else besides Tatum shoot the ball. Kemba should be on the bench.
Dawg get Kemba outta my fucking face.
Kemba is hurting us on offense and defense smh like bro.
Smart, brown, and Tatum are the trio Boston needed again! kemba on the other hand imma just leave that there.
Fuck a ring someone get Tatum a fucking MEDAL for carrying Kemba!!!
Kemba will score 10 points in the 4th.
You have these small guards VanVleet and Lowry cooking the Celtics, while Kemba is virtually invisible.
Who got a better step back? Kemba or Harden?
Kemba is 3-11 and Lowry is 4-13 so again, I think this comes down to which of those two PGs has a bigger 4th quarter in this nail-biter.
Kemba please bro I dont want to talk shit.
Kemba Walker hits a jumper to regain the C's lead 1:11 Q3 'nulbceltics 69 Raptors 68.
Same with kemba.
Marcus > Kemba and it's not close.
Kemba been MIA since this tweet.
And again Kemba gets caught ball watching.
I really cant watch Kemba play right now.
Kemba wake your ass up!
Id trade Kemba for Vanfleet.
If Kemba shoots once in the fourth bro he is gonna wish he was Danuel House.
Kemba got the best stepback in the league.
Jayson Tatum is better than Kemba. me about it.
Kemba is killing the celtics tonight... I dont want to see him in green if we lose this series.
Is Kemba being shut down or is feeling the playoff pressure?
So why did Kemba Walker come to Boston?
Am I the only one who didnt know that Kemba Walker has a smooth mid range game?
Fred Van Vleet CANNOT outplay Kemba Walker c'mon now...
Kemba kills me because all I want to do is support him. Kemba is life.
Kemba is also a cold blooded killer.
Remember when people said Kemba Walker was better than Ben Simmons.
Lol kemba played way better than this in Charlotte tho.
That last Kemba jumper was so satisfying through the net.

What You Really Think

That's all true but what I love about the celtics is that after defeat they said nothing about either instead commented on how well the raptors played and how tough a competitor they are.

Yea.. we already knew that though GET IT RIGHT! Moving on that series should be over but ok.

If they got the first one right there wouldnt be a need for the second. The NBA should remain in Disney as they are not qualified to play in arenas -theyre a joke! All fiction all fake officiating. NBA should be the next marvel studios playing in movie theaters.

There you go. But its okay. It is a mans game.

If its fine someone should run through him then or peg the ball at him. If he can be there make him not want to be.

NBA confirms dry humping the court borders fine if in the act of coaching...

Nick Nurse better stand in that freaking corner all night Friday if he wants to convince me he wasnt there just to fuck with JT.

The obvious thing about all the bad calls were they made the same calls for the raptors. They hit Tatum wit offensive foul for dipping shoulder siakam literally does same thing next play gets and 1. The Kemba foul was identical to what they called for Powell on the travel play.

The circus was in town last night ! Barnum and Baileys officiating !


Not illegal?? Are you kidding me?

He was on the court man shoe legit in play in the corner.

This report would be a lot more credible if they included Smarts ridiculous travel that wasnt called ...

To the baseline if video is to be believed he was past the baseline Also on final play of game this made me laugh...***nulb Comment:Smart (BOS) and Gasol (TOR) turnun into each other as they get into position.

He clearly intefered with play and what about and one on theis dunk?

I'll bet money that Next Year a coach on the court will be a tech. Especially in the bubble. So much room on the sides and he's on the court? Also I think Celts maybe 3-15 in Brothers reffed playoff games.

But the NBA continue with Tony Brothers regardless.

Don't even need to discuss number 2. Kemba was fouled. It wasn't hard to see. I can't imagine he'd miss both free throws. Game over. C's should be in Eastern conference finals right now.

Nick Nurse, "Committing Player"!

I still cannot believe that kemba foul was not called live. So blatant.

If Brad or his assistants dont camp out at the corner 3 area all night tomorrow Brad should get fired.

Foul on Kemba was clear and it cost us the game. Better be getting all the calls next game.

Wait. So a coach can stand on the court during a play? Maybe one of the celtics needs to bump into him when he is on the court.

Tony Brothers strikes again.

I really don't get why these L2M reports exists when it does literally nothing but make the officiating team look even more of a clown than they already are.

Tony brothers man...