Sunday 3rd of October 2021

IT HAPPENED! Kentucky Upsets No. 10 Florida, Beating The Gators at Home For The First Time Since 1986.

Social Media Says

HAPPENED! Kentucky upsets Florida, beating Gators home first time since 1986.
great nights Kentucky Football history.
Kentucky Gator chomp after upsetting Florida.
Gator fans, guys still riding high after that moral victory against Bama Kentucky loss dampen
you're Kentucky reading this, better move from your current spot. change your habits. change anything that you're doing right now. Hold that ForTheTeam.
don't care much cost FSUFootball should defensive coordinator Kentucky them boys just held Florida 13pts. Don't tell nothing else!!
called Kentucky radio.
Dan, Detroit Lions Fan, living Kentucky, does Cats Over Florida mean that Lions will someday?
Same Kentucky died tonight.
Singing song Kentucky home after taking down Florida Kroger Field.
Leach calling Kentucky defeats Florida!
attention Kentucky.
Kentucky rallies past Florida 20-13 showdown.
Kentucky beat Florida there were virtually harassers abortion clinic this morning absolutely wonderful Blue support Kentucky Health Justice Network y'all good.
Good story from RoushKSR after Kentucky took down Florida tonight. Always love these anecdotes about showing opponent they have underestimated him. They make regional rivalries college football more fun.

That game sucked find another story line. took Buck wrong game Kentucky/ Florida, Miss. State/ LSU/Auburn anything that snooze fest.
Kentucky wants Bama.
meant what said earlier, shame Georgia Kentucky both East.
Florida falls 33-2 against Kentucky since 1986. Mullen responsible both losses.
Thats right wedding drunk love Kentucky Wildcats!!!
September 2018: Kentucky ended game losing streak Florida Swamp. October 2021: Kentucky ends game home losing streak Florida Commonwealth. Pardon language LET'S FUCKING WILDCATS! IT'S PAY!

Give defense game ball. Brad White's unit made play after play. biggest night your consumption.
shockingly changes when from almost beating losing Kentucky your season.
Kroger Field party following Kentuckys 20-13 over Florida.
Summary Kentucky Florida.
Offense country held them What Stoops done with defense last years Kentucky good coach ever done anything.
Kentucky ready UKFootball).
What does this mean Kentucky? exorcism. breakthrough. means Mark Stoops steadily climbing program just ascended another rung East.
burning remains couch light Lexington's State Street fans celebrate Kentucky's victory against Florida. Picture jack_weaver_.
Cool picture Kentucky shaking hands with Florida player after Cats 20-13 upset. Andy Lyons/.
That best crowd have ever seen Kentucky Football game.
Kentucky first games despite being turnover margin just beat Florida after going third down. says hates football?
lynching murder? should federal crime thanks Rand Paul- it's not. Remember that Kentucky!
WHAT SCENE LEXINGTON! Kentucky takes down Florida just second time last tries.
really upset. Kentucky better team.
will with Kentucky.
started, it's going. VIDEO: fans storm field after Florida upset win.
which part Kentucky Kansas North Carolina live
some good teams back (shout particularly homer that one) but, program, bottom Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer, never this Kentucky.
Victory, Kentucky!
been watching Kentucky football since 1990. years old, watching Bill Curry's teams option tape delayed coverage 1030 night. have seen great players: Moe, Couch, Yeast, Lorenzen, Abney, Little, Woodson, Burton, Woodyard, Cobb...

Kentucky content. need East, need keep going. next week. It's going dogfight again," said J.J. Weaver.
here doing whats necessary..
looked Kentucky total stats after games didnt know their record people would fact their almost unbelievable.
1960s Postcard Artist Rendering Greater Cincinnati Airport, Kentucky, Unposted, Foto, Ohio Travel Souvenir, FREE Shipping USA.
Floridas chances Atlanta gone just five weeks into season. Like odds winning East less than hundredth percent. only does Cocktail Party even matter Georgia would still have lose again Kentucky lose THREE TIMES.

Kentucky takes down Florida second time four years Wildcats have beaten Wildcats also look like they're headed another season after having years before Mark Stoops. Don't think people realize INCREDIBLE Mark Stoops done UK.

Kentucky blocks Florida attempt proceeds back Wildcats touchdown. blocked, Kentucky leads 13-10.
Kentucky: same classic flavor love with winning twist!
Mark Stoops: Beat Florida home first time since 1986 B) Beat Florida Swamp first time since 1979 C) Kentucky best season decades D) Kentuckys all-time leader wins E) above always E.

Waka lake flame intro Kentucky football.
least people were treated minor injuries according Lexington Fire Department.
Mullen years against Kentucky. 34-0 before this clown.
*Dalton Crase Troy Dylan Williams Lexington arrested Capitol riot. *Crase: Even though didnt participate violence, think dumb that went in. *Williams: Herd mentality." *Charges: Aiding/abetting; disorderly conduct.

starts Kentucky football history: 2021 2018 2007 1984 1950.
Photo slideshow: Kentucky football defeats Florida 20-13. Always great working with Silaslas and.
Kentucky they legit.
Kentucky state ignored, exploited, disrespected, disenfranchised, unorganized state. Were going change that.
UTSA/Western Kentucky worries lot I think overdue these last tests should bode well them I wish both teams could Want undefeated UTSA bad, want table :/.

Although really into sports, this local news attention: Kentucky Football beat Florida home today (Saturday). last time this happened years ago! KY their last games. GA. The teams weeks 10/16/2021.

Florida loses Kentucky -SimFLA-FB down Stanford beats Oregon -SimSTAN-FB Michigan beats Wisconsin -SimWISC-FB down SimMICH-FB SimBull market tracks field performance future expectation!Start using your sports knowledges your advantage.

What You Really Think

Not really an upset. Kentucky is the better team.

Knowing the media Kentucky still wont get any respect.

2018 all over again. Cute story. Then you'll face Georgia. Get molly wop'd. We can then go back to not caring.

Kentucky is legit.

I cant believe it. Poor coaching decisions and multiple penalties.

Mullen wasn't too upset about being upset.

This is NOT an upset! Kentucky should have been ranked and they should have been ranked for a couple years already!!

Wasn't an upset. UKFootball and UKCoachStoops has built a SEC caliber football team. They are good.

Wasnt an upset.

Ohhhh kevinrichardson are you alive?? Im sure youre probably just crying like a baby right now of happiness!!!

That's wild. Just another reason to love.

LETS FUCKIN GO!!!!!! Glad i was there to see it.

I hate this.

Gator down!

Wish we were there!

You have to love college football.

Nice team win KY.

UGA can pick their score against uk. Florida botched this game throughout.

So many self inflicted mistakes by the Gators. uk the biggest fraud 5-0 team.

Florida is a mess Play call is terrible, undisciplined O line, just terrible performance all around.

Its puzzling that before this game Kentucky was undefeated but somehow not ranked in the AP top 25. *** They will definitely be ranked in the next poll.

Kats are 5-0! Just barely!

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