Monday 31st of August 2020

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant Recounts The Plot of Speed (1994).

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Nowhere is the reader informed that the Swift Boat campaign was a dishonest smear job, its just credited with a takedown of Kerry. The future of our democracy hangs in the balance, but its still just a sport for these people.

Trudeaus CBC state broadcaster is seeing if they can train Erin OToole the same way they trained Andrew Scheer. First they told him to discipline Derek Sloan. Then Kerry-Lynne Findlay. Obviously theyll tell him to boycott Rebel News. Will he comply, to win their approval?

This is very much correct. Dems embracing Law and Order Lite is superficially attractive to the rudderless mercenaries running Bidens campaign but is totally incoherent andlike a saluting John Kerry going after Bush for doing jingoism badlyis a weird half measure doomed to fail.

My definition of thinking critically includes looking at the other side. For those on here who are uncritically accepting Rowling's post (itself full of problematic statements) read the RFKHR statement as well.

Kerry O'Brien calls out Andrew Bolt over his callous comment on elderly Australians.
Perhaps it's harder to come up with solutions, BUT FACTS: 1) there was/is WAY WAY more tax revenue to spend on homeless, homeless spend is outrageous, 2) LONG before tech boom 1998-2001, SF had one of the worst homeless problems. FACTS! Need to stay true to FACTS!

Still remember the 39-38 victory at Monmore (in the cup?) with guest reserve Kerry Gray putting in a match winning performance.
Sadly that approach didn't work for Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, or HRC. Hope it works better this time!
Everything he says falls flat - lower energy than John Kerry - from a pure marketing standpoint the debates are going to be bad for him - not because hell be wrong or make gaffes but bc hes unbearably boring.

Tomorrow, 6 of us at The Body Shop Aberdeen embark on an epic 2 million steps in September challenge for the charity Mental Health Aberdeen! We need to average 11,000 each every day and we will smash it! Covid has.

You will always be our King.
Nulb Hi yall! My 5th (!!) book is HALF-BLOWN ROSE. From grandcentralpub in 2022! All love to my darling agent Kerry & my darling editor Elizabeth & my whole team GCP! He gathered a half-blown rose, the first on the bush, and offered it to me." Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre.

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3) All Americans should also know that Harris wants to return to Obama's highly flawed 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. And of course, Tehran's lobby NIAC welcomes this policy. Iran used money from that deal to support terrorism.

"On the eve of the election in 2015, Obama sent John Kerry to go and meet the dead Buhari". ~ MaziNnamdiKanu 30/08/2020.
Coming Soon - Zoom Chat with Jamie & Kerry, pictured here at home with their dog Flint!
MANO???? nicole kidman, kerry washington, MERRYL STREEP, james corden e andrew rannells?????
I hadn't realised til now how much I missed Kerry O'Brien on 7:30. As you suggest, it's easy to get used to mediocre journalism when that's all we are given. Kerry was the gold standard we just took for granted at the ABC.

In case anyone thinks Kerry is off the leash because he is retired, he was as forthright and assured in his role as a working journalist. Its journalism that has become cowed and fearful.
Are you working with me? Otherwise good job Kerry.
J.K. Rowling Returns Kennedy Human Rights Award After RFK Daughter Calls Author Transphobic.
11) Biden & Harris would have no problems in entering a new Obama-style deal with Iran & the mullahs regime using that money to fuel terrorism. Remember John Kerrys own remarks: Some sanctions relief money for Iran will go to terrorism.

Slea Head Dingle mighty impressive scenery.
Old has been Mob Boss.
They're going to try to swiftboat Biden but imo he's much better at parrying these attacks than Kerry was.
Well this would explain it for only one side of the population. Wonder whats everybody else excuse.
Behind-the-scenes with Emilia Clarke on her cover shoot for Flaunt Magazine.
If you didnt want an election, you couldve taken a principled stance against it. If you felt it was irresponsible you shouldve been the party to be responsible and show up the other side but you welcomed the calling in parliament. You campaigned recklessly & nomination day ha.

I keep thinking of that line from "Little Fires Everywhere" when Kerry Washington tells the young white girl "You don't get to be different just because you want to be." So many people want to be different from the systems that raised them. But, you're not.

Remember how Obama allowed Iran's regime access to $150 billion in credit & $1.8 billion in unmarked cash? Much of that money fueled global terrorism. Not a dime was spent on the Iranian people; two thirds are in poverty & over 20 million live in slums.

You need to be. Been like that for a while. It's one of the reasons why John Kerry lost to Bush in 04. He thought the lies were ridiculous so he didn't feel the need to address them. Voters saw that and thought they must be true since he didn't deny them.

Fan: youre so badass! Emilia.
Thats crazy because Black People created both genres.
The lovely Sarah of Kerry's Yarns joins us on the green again this coming weekend, brightening up your morning with a technicolour range of wools, yarns and haberdashery supplies. Find Sarah on the green triangle, next to Yousif's Olives. ruddmarket, Saturday 5th Sept from 9am.

Emilia said she loves comedy and Last Christmas is super funny. She also said she loves writing, shes gonna start with some small projects, mentioning shes bought the rights of a couple books, and while developing them, perhaps shes gonna write too.

NEWS: Kyoto Animation's Sound! Euphonium Is the Face of the Japan 2020 Census in Kyoto More.
Ill personally pay HBO for anyone who can make Lyanna Mormont SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Republican who 'swift boated' John Kerry to run pro-Trump Super Pac. Chris LaCivita will run Super Pac seeking to hammer Biden on law and order, as president seeks distraction.
Shoutout to one powerful woman who had never fought (phisically) before today but wasnt intimidated and was killing wights left and right.
Why Jamaicans always getting arrested for stealing abroad? Unuh nuh shame?
I really hate the attitude and ignorance of African Americans.
I love her so much shes so sweet. ...when I arrived she was like hi! Youre my friend now :) Re Emilia.
Yes, housing prices soared-but people didn't just end up on streets! They moved to cheaper places!! Why do you think places like Sac, other parts of CA, AZ, TX, NV, FL have increased in pop. We need to stop furthering false narrative that homeless were working/iving in SF.

Have arrived at Comicpalooza !
.emiliaclarke got the call when she was hiding in the restroom of her museum job . I was incredibly unemployed.
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I miss John Kerry and Obama.
A new Trump super PAC will launch a $30 million ad campaign to portray Biden as condoning crime & killings of police officers, boosted by the mastermind of the Kerry swiftboating & backed by biggest GOP donors like Adelson & Marcus. Welcome to the fall.

I would definitely do this... defer from university for the year and do this.
Kerry OBrien smashing Bolts inhumanity to the aged, shining a light on the appalling cost of privatisation of aged care, and calling out the devastation of the ABC. Talking truth to power.
EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT (The Vara Volumes 1) by JOHN KERRY JohnEKerry received Awesome Indies' Approval. For further details, pleae visit.
Smear merchant who swiftboated John Kerry comes to Trumps rescue as campaign flounders: report Raw Story.
Me and Kerry just been to Piccolino at Collingham. Thankful they had the EatOutToHelpOut there too.
This is incredible! The first sign of enforcement of the anti Covid measures and already you all are complaining that its too much? WHA OONU REALLY WAAN OUTTA LIFE?!?!
With lashings if essentialcuisin beef gravy.
And crying about the government not enforcing. But now that the government is enforcing, in the busiest, most trafficked area of Jamaica, we're dismissing it with the usual, what about uptown arguments.

Said it before but Jamaicans always make excuses for people who just dont care dawg.
Didnt wear my mask after it was made mandatory outdoors and I received a fine. You dont do what you suppose to do then face the consequences. Thats what separates us.
Kerry addiction treatment centre relocates to comply with social distancing.
Clearly only the other doctors busy cause that woman tweets right through the day. All day.
You should see the mosaic that is the civil parish map. Nantenan Parish located between Askeaton and Rathkeale in Co. Limerick has if memory serves me correctly, three townlands on the Kerry-Limerick border.

Barry Pallets Obama John Bowing Kerry Kamalafornia.
Kerry was Obama's Secretary of State. It was **never** a secret that giving Iran's terrorist Mullah's billions of dollars, the Mullah's would use chunks of the money to fund Hezbollah & other terrorist groups. You agree with John Kerry or not?

That beautiful girl Vnulb.

Emilia Clarke chatting with Paul Feig for Edinburgh TV Festival (August 25, 2020). - She is wearing Reformation Libra Top in Oatmeal and ElizabethGage Libra Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring (PS3,250).
Jesus media going to town with the young Kerry lads partying yet were very silent and still silent about.
Great read by KGallagherCTV about the irresponsible tweet with anti-Semitic undertones by CPC MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay - who follows QAnon and Rebel Media accounts on Instagram. Erin O'Toole's silence on this subject is deafening.

Emilias beautiful british accent in this video >nulb.
Seeing Kerry OBrien on qanda is jarring. It actually wasnt that long ago that his thoughtful and informed perspective was at the forefront of political journalism.
This is also what happens you don't give them poetry to read. Because *whew!* to Sade's lyrics on life and love.
This is what happens when you don't teach the kids about jazz vocals and what makes them special, difficult, frisson-inducing.
1 min round-up of my weekend in Kerry. Guided hikes and guided wild sea swims are the way forward- high octane, safe and fun! Thanks and IreWalkHikeBike - truly magical !
Kerry OBrien speakg truth tonight. Privatisations have proven disastrous esp in sectors like AgedCare.We MUST reverse the model where it has comprehensively failed our society.
Star Emilia Clarke is putting her ultra-modern Los Angeles home on the market, nearly four years after moving in. Details.
No. John Kerry tried that withSwift Boaters and look what happened.
I cant believe we reached a Generation that slanders Sade.
One very important SocialistSunday solidarity shoutout goes to the lovely Kerry Anne Mendoza TheMendozaWoman If only we had more journalists like her and those of.
I want God to delete this tweet.
We interrupt your Monday to share an unusual sighting - baby shark, doo doo! This young shark was spotted yesterday off of West Kerry by the folks at Blasket Islands Eco Marine Tours (PC: Britta Wilkens). They estimated its size at <2.5 m - typical of juvenile baskers!

BrotherLiberty truthsearch1957 traveler002 GinaHarrisMaus ICanPlainlySee jimbo_always kcmimichar WhimsicalMeToo timetoact2 MichelBossche Johnny_Liberty1 TyDonevski donva56 McginnKeven Wahboom Flashmx1 SadieIsrael side_show007 Geri_Believe davidf4444 Raymond10449530 Jones17Charlene RAIN_STORM11 absentmind314 plozr10 trixirilla History27361891 rlamartini AncientGar befoho PollyLo08456224 Alex_2020X MarilynLavala FBI FBISeattle TuckerCarlson realDonaldTrump SpeakerPelosi tedwheeler Elite Politicians--Democrats & RINOs were using Ukraine and China for not only jobs for family members but to get rich. Biden, Romney, Pelosi Schiff, Kerry McCain & many others were using & being used by Ukraine & China.

LMFAO Ms. Rona start her degree. Affi respect a queen who values her education.
I don't question your sincerity but it's not a bigger deal than this: Liberal MP Iqra Khalid apologizes for giving award to alleged anti-Semite . If you forgave her than forgive Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay. Partisanship on this issue helps no one.

Unu wah be like Singapore but cant even grasp the basic concept of accountability.
My heart hurts, too, my friend. I have some photos of Kerry on my phone and my chest gets tight every time I look at them. I am starting to wonder if Twitter will ever be the same for us.
And emiliaclarke are kicking off their virtual Inca Challenge for brain injury recovery. Join in by walking, running or cycling 26 miles, the length of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu [?]nulbSameYouCharity SameYouIncaChallenge Find out more.

Footnotes to point out: 1. The Democratic nominee for President has not won a majority of the white vote since 1964 2. Obama won re-election in 2012 (51%) with only 39% of white voters (two points lower than John Kerrys 41% in 2004) 3. Clinton won 37% of white voters in 2016.

ECUnulbECUnulbADVISORY: ECUnulbECUnulb If you see me like this TODAY I PASSED MY FINAL BAR EXAMS!!!!! To God be the glory only God knows!!!

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We live in Melbourne masks are cool.

The Twitter King at it again.

The least she could have done was give everyone a spoiler alert warning.

I think they have coloured in the virus so you can see it.

She's a wildcat...

But can they do it in French? Cc.