Tuesday 29th of September 2020

Nulb "Did Mr Keane Say it Was a Sloppy Performance? Maybe he is Speaking About Another Game..." Jurgen Klopp V Roy Keane.

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Nulb "Did Mr Keane say it was a sloppy performance? Maybe he is speaking about another game..." Jurgen Klopp v Roy Keane.
"Dwell on nothing, be in every moment of the contest and show humility in your approach by recognising you have to work harder than your opponent before you can even think about winning." Jurgen Klopp has warned his side cannot dip even one per cent tonight...

HERE IT IS... "Did Mr Keane say we had a sloppy performance tonight?!" Jurgen Klopp argues with Roy Keane after overhearing his comments in the studio!
Weekend of shocks ..city got smashed , Chelsea scraped a point , spurs drew and Utd won Everyone looked at this game and asked if LFC can raise it and make a statement. Arteta has Klopp sussed week. Take a Fukin seat premier league.

Klopp adding Thiago & Jota to a 99 point team.
When Fergie and Jose were winning and they did this it was positioned as great leadership and tactical mind games. Im seeing people start to nitpick Klopp now. Its an affirmation of his achievements and a sign that others are worried & feel this is a tactic to derail. Wrong!

The back 5 were magnificent tonight, Fabinho might have been MOTM, Wijnaldum gave a brilliant prototypical Klopp Centre Midfielder performance, Keita was excellent & probed all night.
I'm disappointed Keane didn't argue his case better and hit back at what Klopp said. Come on Roy, we want to see some aggression. Don't lose your edge!
Klopp: Diogo came on, tried to defend the way we defend. He is on 20% of information on what we do exactly. Today he had 70 minutes to watch how Sadio is doing and then he came on and did incredibly well. He scored a super goal. He will never forget it, I will never forget it.

Klopp on Jota's goal: "He scored a super goal, a nice first game at Anfield. He will never forget it, I will never forget it. A cool start." ]LFC].
These Klopp hugs makes negativity disappear.
Klopp added Thiago, Jota, Tsimikas and integrated Minamino on the back of 196 points back to back and yet 90% of people still predicted a declining City to win the league. I was seeing some people put Liverpool in 3rd...

I am absolutely here for Jurgen Klopp going for Roy Keane.
There was no argument. Klopp shut him right down. Shit house.
Jurgen Klopp has had something further to say about Roy Keane's 'sloppy' comments.
"I have to say that now Klopp has had a go at me" Roy Keane won't let it go... but he predicts Liverpool to retain their Premier League title this season.
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp hit back at television pundit and former Manchester United captain Roy Keane on Monday after the Irishman described the Premier League champions' defending in a 3-1 win over Arsenal on Monday as "sloppy".

Rivals when Klopp starts Thiago.
Fewest games required to reach 400 league points as LFC manager:- JURGEN KLOPP 184 Kenny Dalglish 197 Bob Paisley 206 Rafa Benitez 209 Bill Shankly 229.
Jurgen Klopp on VAR: "Eric Dier didn't do anything wrong. I don't think refs are too happy with the rule. I'm also not happy with how long we wait for offside decisions. These situations are really strange." awlfc ]sky].

Arteta makes a good point. Perspective is important. Its taken Klopp 5 years to build this elite team, we forget that. Liverpool went through a lot of growing pains initially but when they made CL their development accelerated. Need to get CL by hook or crook.

Lampard, Arteta, Pep, Klopp all have a clear pattern of play. Now we have ole. No tactics, No pattern, just kick and run. ***nulb.
Dominant performance by Liverpool. Mane incredible. Lots of other top performers. The best Liverpool display of 2020. Klopp has turned this squad into a well oiled machine. Jota added to this front three is scary. The champions march on with Arsenal and Chelsea already played.

Klopp on Thiago nulb "Some things are natural for him that are not natural for other players... His vision is exceptional." Home debut.
A hug from Klopp could bring a smile to anyone's face (: DAZN_CA).
Jurgen Klopp getting stuck into Roy Keane Get the popcorn!
Ffs I love Klopp.
Jurgen Klopp Roy Keane is a battle for the ages.
One more cl we gotta put klopp ahead of pep all time imo.
Klopp's putting Roy in his place! This just gets better!
Roy Keane is asked if Liverpool will defend their title? "Yeah. "Well, I have to say that now after Klopp had a go at me. I'm afraid to say anything, spoiled my night!".
Liverpool have decreased the gap between the quality of the front three and the bench options significantly with the Diogo Jota signing. That, added with the Thiago addition, a line- playmaker in the central channels, gives Klopps squad much more quality and dimension.

Liverpool have scored 400 PL goals since Jurgen Klopp became manager in October 2015 Diogo Jota is the 33rd different player to score a PL goal for LFC under Klopp.
"I don't think Arteta can get any more out of that Arsenal team" Carra23 continues to be impressed with the job Mikel Arteta is doing - and compares it to when Jurgen Klopp arrived at Anfield.
Jurgen Klopp going at Keane for saying his side were sloppy.
Keane is not bad, Klopp pressured him.
Klopps system/coaching is so elite that theres like a 90% hit rate for any signing Liverpool make, its mental. United players that joined years ago still have no clue what theyre doing.
Maybe because in the time Klopp's been at the helm, we have had 3 different managers with contradicting styles. Possession based, The Special One's Football, and Ole's counter-attacking. Each of them clearing out deadwood in their opinion who can't fit into their system.

Klopp: "Did I hear Roy Keane say we had a sloppy performance? Not this game. This was absolutely exceptional!" ]Sky].
Thought Diogo Jota was a brave sub from Jurgen Klopp given the game was on a knife edge and he is still learning the system but it looked like he'd been here for years. Fully deserving of the goal - a hugely promising start.

Jurgen Klopp calling out Roy Keane on Sky there. Fucking tremendous.
Leicester top after three games? Klopp.
Klopp v keane . You'd pay good money to see that.
Lol,for ur mind ... the very person that relegated with Cardiff brought champions league football back to Manchester United ***nulb***nulb***nulb... klopp was on a 4years no trophy and look at him now ,we gon see soon with ur protege nah .. one time wonder coach.

When Klopp knows hes made a mistake he actually looks so nervous.
Wait only Klopp can Keane?
Jurgen Klopp when he heard Roy Keane calling Liverpool sloppy.
Holy fuck people really are bitching about losing to Liverpool and blaming the manager...wtf do you want him to do? Klopp's side played a nearly perfect game. It happens, take it on the chin and move onwards to Thursday.

And then you look at Klopp, dethroned Bayern at the top of the bundesliga, champions league final. Brought Liverpool from one of their worst periods of decline in history and rejuvinated them to create one of the scariest teams to come up against in modern day football.

Roy Keanes arse fell out when Klopp confronted him Whopper.
Klopp outside of Roy Keane's at 3am.
Klopp has become ridiculously arrogant.
Do you think Diogo Jota can improve into a top 10 winger in the league under Klopp or do you think hes currently at his best?
's third goal tonight was the 400th scored in the league under Jurgen Klopp (his 185th game) - achieved in fewer games than any other LFC manager.
Klopp on Jota goal: "He will never forget it and I won't either.".
Klopp wowed by Liverpools early season form.
I think you can hear Klopp's respect for Arteta's Arsenal in this interview. We're far away but people can see the direction.
"Did Mr Keane say we had a sloppy performance tonight?" Jurgen Klopp argues with Roy Keane after overhearing his comments in the studio.
I've loved LFC for over 30 years and klopp has changed my mentality from we'll win fk all till we'll win everything,he's the best manager I've seen in my life and it's brilliant,just cherish everything cuz we're a joy to watch, YNWA goodnight god bless.

Thank you Sir, but they all asking for time, because Klopp didn't build his team in one particular Season,, Klopp is the man that can help players realize the kind of potentials they possess, Klopp knows exactly the right player to go for, etc.

I'm a big fan of klopp and have been since he turned up at Dortmund. I hate that liverpool have him but he's a top class manager no denying it.
"Imagine if they'd lost..." Roy Keane relished his post-match interview with Jurgen Klopp.
Klopp won the 2 biggest trophies without decent squad depth Won today with Jota, Thiago, Henderson, Ox, Minamino, Jones, Shaqiri, Matip & Origi in reserve May have won the UCL & hit 99 points,but its scary that this depth means the best version of Klopps LFC is still to come.

Klopp and his team really resemble one another - intense, convinced, persuasive, confident, interesting.
Arsenal have now failed to win each of their last 28 Premier League away games against the 'Big Six' sides. Jurgen Klopp was not even Liverpool manager the last time they won.
Title talk Sensational Sadio Debut delight for Diogo Jota All in the latest Post-Game podcast, including Jurgen Klopp's press conference after Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-1 to make it three from three nulb nulbnulbnulb.

No but I laughed and burned when you lot cussed Liverpool for holding hands and celebrating with the fans a draw with West Brom. Because honestly? Klopp is a mastermind. He built these players up. He raised this club back to a level we are historically bestowed. Tears in my eyes.

The LFC boss hit back at Keane.
I heard sloppy something and at that moment I misunderstood it properly.".
Three from three for LFC [?]nulb Join guyclarke05 for reaction to the win over Arsenal in our Post-Game podcast from Blood Red Including Jurgen Klopp's press conference, ptgorst's verdict & fan reaction too nulbnulbnulb.

Even Klopp doesn't want any smoke with Roy Keane. Good call.
Klopp waiting for Keane outside the MNF studio.
"Eric Dier didn't do anything wrong and it's a penalty. The only option is to cut our arms off!" Jurgen Klopp has his say on the handball rule.

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Just love the breakdown from Jurgen. Wish someone would say this after each match so hed come out and do this. Excellent stuff.

This is why he is loved...Players will lay it down for him. Hes the.

These analysts are clueless. Ive been saying this.

Love it haha.

Sloppy seconds.

Klopp just got triggered. You love to see it.

I'm struck by a comment from philnevile18 on thehighperformancepodcast when he said he'd never met Klopp but knew he'd absolutely love to play for him. 100% agree - this guy is SO positive - imagine if this type of mentality was displayed by those leading our countries!

Whys Klopp such a cry baby.

He wan chop Keane.

Wow Klopp - my Manager "nulb.

Get in to him.

United supporter but klopp is right you can't expect to give no chances against a team like arsenal.

Maybe it was "a Kloppy performance"?

Klopp is too german.

Klopp has quickly acquired the thin skin of your average scouser.

This is whats wrong with football fans today... Sloppy moments and a sloppy performance are 2 incredibly different things... educate yourself instead of crap bashing the other side.

Keane didnt say anything back to Klopp he respects himself. Klopps was just pump. He is a baller though!

What an absolute idiot. No sloppyness? Lacazette scored and was through on goal again Klopp is in cuckoo land with his cockiness.

Klopp when he heard sloppy.

No mention of Mane who should shave walked in the first 5 mins. Conveniently not mentioned by anyone since.

Keane is so desperate to be the hard man.

Even us United fans dont bother listening to Keane. He is bitter towards everyone and talks nonsense all the time. Extremely one sided game, very dominant. Think Arsenal managed less than 4 shots. Fair play to Klopp for calling him out.

Keane a salty fucker hahahahaha.

Yeah sometimes these pundits need to be checked. Glad Keane was put in his place.

Shots fired!

The same people that are telling klopp to take it easy are the same people who dont this mamager and his team to repeat as champions, thats one of the reasons him and his teams are so great, relentlessness.

When Arsenal v Man United. Sky need to get Roy Keane v Patrick Veiria on as pundits.

Klopp wasnt having that lmaooo.

Llllloooollllll hahaha.

Should have asked Klopp about the Kota handball or the mane elbow. Nothing to see here folks.

Dont try ever judge mr klopp, you dont know ehat the fuck he has been through.