Tuesday 9th of May 2023

The Heat Are 14-0 All-time When Leading a Best-of-7 Series 3-1. The Knicks Are 0-14 All-time When Trailing a Best-of-7 Series 3-1.

Social Media Says

Knicks loss away from elimination.
pivotal Game tonight Knicks-Heat 7:30pm/et Warriors-Lakers 10pm/et.
years ago, ReggieMillerTNT scored seconds pull LEGENDARY comeback against Knicks.
Caleb Martin throws DOWN Knicks.
Salute realistic Knicks there
Anyone else notice this: Knicks Heat BallyHEAT ****** WTF! MiamiHEAT What embarrassment! Also Google!
Knicks Twitter version hottakeharry taken over offseason being discussed. Lol.
Heat move within crashing Eastern Conference finals.
knew Knicks hyped this happen This what happens when your Knicks fan. What wrong will wrong.
Then they thanks every night! Lmaooo. Caught this clown again.
Julius Randle cancer Knicks team.
Knicks 1-3. Thoughts.
Heat simply beating Knicks game devastating reversal.
lack defensive effort most important game Knicks since decade mind-blowing.
Miami Heat beat York Knicks 109-101 take COMMANDING series lead.
think these Knicks more found money than those teams. Those teams several contracts were trying contend. This Knicks roster much more hodgepodge.
Julius Randle Miami Heat hustling Knicks Maybe they want more. dont know.
Julius Randle's ball-hogging cost Knicks advantage despite scoring. Butler also allowed some buckets tonight.
Heat locked Knicks will break some point Wednesday just matter when.
Thinking somebody might've Knicks.
Knicks Julius Randle coach Thibodeau were heard having heated verbal exchange following their Game loss against Heat.
Knicks fans still talking about Trae Young this space HAHAHAHAHA.
Lmao that's regression. Most players shooting fluctuate Randle terrible shooter too? "regression" too? Randle Last yrs 22% 34% 27% 41% 30% 34% Regression terrible shooter?

Respectfully coach, learned anything from Knicks Heat game, should have been that your theory that Boxing overrated more optimal track shot visually pursue inaccurate.

Heat 14-0 all-time when leading best-of-7 series 3-1. Knicks 0-14 all-time when trailing best-of-7 series 3-1.
Awful defensive rebounding***, second chances kill Knicks.
Dude sucked this whole series.
What happened Josh hart grimes locking down Jimmy? What happened Jimmy struggling garden? Madison Square garden become mecca career breakout performances stars Knicks uniform. Knicks home court where teams win.

Knicks committed non-intentional fouls Quarter Game Heat. Here those fouls.
Knicks defense playing defense with protector doesnt contest. list runners lose value playoffs endless. welcome basketball knicks Frontoffice, media, fans.

many excuses Knicks. They lost. over over. Heat.
IDesign Stainless Steel Dish Sponge Holder Basket with Suction Cups, Ideal Kitchen Sinks Bathroom Organization, Polished amazon Knicks.
Refs must hate Knicks huh?
Honda SportsNite, IanBegley john_jastremski join emacSNY from Miami break down Knicks' Game loss Heat.
Julius Randle trade notification gonna like crack.
This team had. Bench scored baskets. Knicks have players scoring. Randle, Brunson, need guard anyone else.
lifelessness these Knicks fans this spaces filling with life.
Records were meant broken. Knicks
Everyone Miami Heat pack Giannis Bucks games still, with straight face, people said Knicks going beat Miami Heat.
Jimmy Butler scored assisted Heats points tonight Knicks doubled, shooters open looks Knicks doubled more, just waited into step backs strong drives said: run.

Knicks still team just disappointed y'all thought Randle gonna good against heat playoffs.
What thought about happen lol Knicks cant
Lmao better when knicks hilarious they are.
will next time were here game against Knicks middle ECF.
Best Knicks season over decade dream season yall regular office yall modern legends ringless. Your franchise player Laker leftover. Irrelevant franchise. Yall will never level.

Hell look push offs they away with tonight too! Brunson Vincent.
Knicks really soft.
Knicks fans crying comments dying
Brother your franchise corny too, what arent understanding dont give damn about Knicks historically.
Where fake laugh after Knicks loss today?
hilarious part about Knicks fans having meltdowns that theyve known nothing being terrible they surprised this.
Lmfaoooo delusional Knicks dont even know what window
trying seem like some expert knew Miami could this when Jimmy went crazy that last game against Bucks. Anytime Jimmy, shot. Knicks fools gold. knew whoever their opponent round advancing ECF.

About Training /Caring Your Cat Cat Training Tips Love Cats First Kitty Basics WWERaw.
Scott foster isnt coming help this time.
Also Jimmy Butler about Heat pushing pace against Knicks help defense: actually love being double-teamed. Because that just means teammates open. could score over double team.

Knicks regular season Knicks playoffs.
This Knicks space good. cant lol.
some bums Knicks
After g1 Its pretty obvious Knicks better team then.
world knicks 9.2.
IMHO, based what watched, Knicks battled, loose balls tough rebounds team that mentally half step ahead. Give Miami credit. Knicks remain work progress.
Before Game York Knicks Need Address: Rebounding Passing Spacing Bench Minutes.
Knicks fans what yall think about Middleton Wing lol.
Bruh going from knicks account knicks account commenting talking about soft fans.
Jalen Brunson: think there Knicks Culture. think experience need, we're getting; can't experience without experiencing itWe've gotta continue grow together, fight thru adversity togetherstick together "When things aren't going your way, we.

most ridiculous fouls youll ever see. Wasnt only one. That said, Knicks their kicked fair square. Heat MUCH better team. Period.
decent enough blame every loss. think could improve shot selection, turns ball over carelessly much. Knicks dont have consistent good enough offense theyre getting out-rebounded. Knicks need move ball more too.

Knicks terrible.
Didnt tell Scott appreciate tonight see.
youre taking about Knicks, yes, would demand money back were fan. Pretty huge lack hustle.
Most point games from players drafted 1985: Karl Malone: 489 Patrick Ewing: 221 Chris Mullin: 121 Joe Dumars: 71 Xavier McDaniel: What class.
Officiating wasnt good Knicks just cant shoot, they have bench production, they arent rebounding.
feel like even Game once back Miami over. love Knicks only when they everyones mood except changin like they already gave Especially Julius. post game interview sounded like been checked out.

rlly taking Knicks fans side? cringe this.
Heat have taken series lead over Knicks.
lakers barely beat grizzles with injured then doubt yall beating heat knicks bucks.

What You Really Think

So the Knicks are due?

Mofos think a player like Brunson gonna bring them a chip.

Do it for Tyler Johnson.

I like those odds.

Julius Randle in the playoffs.

Yin Yang.

Cut them shit locks youd probably play better.

Bum ass.

Its Joever.


I guess its a wrap.

Ah! perfect time to bet my life savings! right? rright??

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