Saturday 24th of April 2021

Amazing Scenes Here at Emirates Stadium as Arsenal Fans Continue Their Protest Against KSE.

Social Media Says

Get out of our club.
Arteta KroenkeOut protests: "The fans have express their right they have freely. time leave them space express themselves somehow have them closer believing what do.".

Amazing scenes here Emirates Stadium Arsenal fans continue their protest against KSE.
Fans have invested more their money into Arsenal than Stan Kroenke owner. time cashout Stan "The Vermin" Kroenke.
Such powerful image.
Idc, just want.
Today will down history Arsenal football club, proud supporters.
Love Club Support Team Hate Owner these Arsenal supporters have written placard.
Thousands people outside Emirates part KroenkeOut protests.
need know protest coming from years frustrations reaction just because Super League. Lies promises sign progress.
stole crest, stayed. You took home, moved. wherever went, followed. Whatever demanded, paid. sell soul money riches, rich history been thrown bin, enough enough.

This going huge. Kroenke family managed impossible. Unite Arsenal fans.
Arsenal protest Spurs protest.
LOVE ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. Retweet aggressively.
Hope the person who's fallen off the balcony is okay.
love club. love fans. love that come together tonight. This Arsenal.
Arsenal fans there droves Emirates support
Proud Gooner!
Hopefully this energy reflects onto the players on the pitch.
love you.
More power to the fans.
Solid lineup but it will forever be.
Fellow Chelsea fans let's support brothers sisters Emirates.
Arsenal protest? watch live here.
Many thousands Arsenal supporters here still protesting against Kroenke. once said:: Gentlemen. This democracy manifest.
Look, Stan, just fuck off.
The scenes outside the Emirates.
Flares being set off at the protest against Stan Kroenke outside the Emirates Stadium this evening. ]sr_collings].
Yes!!! Someone dressed Dougal.
Bloke said trust the process. Gave him the old left hook.
Get that parasite out.
Hundreds, thousands passionate Arsenal fans have descended Emirates Stadium make their voices HEARD! KroenkeOut!
Lmao!!! This is something!!!
This what means many
My favourite sign.
Arsenal fans today club, f*** Stan Kroenke, club!
Calm but.
This turn Emirates Arsenal fans love this club. them someone wants best about time start competing again have owners that care about winning!

Arsenal fans beginning place ahead tonights KroenkeOut protest.
that win. don't forget.
Love the club Support team Hate the owner.
Enough is enough.
Justice Gunnersaurus.
Football is nothing without fans.
Protests voices lose leverage punching power when message accurate one. moved Emirates before Kroenke even involved club. - changed club badge years before Kroenke involved club. Please protest FACTS.

VIDEO: Hector Bellerin waving protesting Arsenal fans.
Every single Arsenal needs realise that Kroenke cancer club. He's proper person charge. We need unite till he's gone.
Loving brisk Spring evening walks North London.
Over people KroenkeOut protest far.
Stan makes an appearance at the Emirates.
This ain't no 40 people, This is the Arsenal. Get out of our club.
Eddie starts over Gabi.
Sell the club!
Fans beginning arrive KroenkeOut protest which starts 6pm.
doubt Silent Stan settling watch Islington Cannons take Merseyside Blue Toffees this evening hope he's getting message. sooner, better.
two-bob rabble rouser. purveyor hate. GoonerFamily have time tawdry channel.
still have football being played empty stadiums??
Eddie? Ffs; Either way.

What You Really Think

This was organised by ItsDonRobbie just for AFTV hits.

Stan probably watching this thinking with all these people he should open the club shop for sales.

Give us our club back.

Perez, every club owner who entered the ESL really did take on the wrong fan base. When i say fan base i mean FOOTBALL FANS.

Beautiful scenes Love from Sierra Leone.

Dont let anyone into the shop. Dont let the staff leave after the game. This is just the beginning.

..never be forgiven..will be hounded out eventually.

Good on em !

Nice turn up fam.


At least theres not a pandemic ...

Sadly it will all be for nothing. Kroenke will be sat in his house in the US not caring at all about whats happening at the emirates. He makes too much money off Arsenal, hes never selling up :/.

Keep it up! I'm a utd fan, but i don't think any of these owners deserve to own these clubs. Keep it up! GlazersOut aswell!

Has to be at least 40 of them.

The red mist is rising at the Emirates...


I hope Aliko Dangote is seeing this.

This one's a little easier to understand! My American ears are getting slightly better at interpreting angry British football chants.

Im hoping this is going to affect the Arsenal players and we Everton have a convincing win doubt it though! hats off to the Arsenal fans!!

Amazing when there is a pandemic?

Meanwhile florentino perez: there are around 40 arsenal fans and i know who bring them there.

React to this protest for us arsenal fans lol.

Couldnt believe the real arsenal power is this big when they were all united...

You love to see it !

Wait could someone please explain this to me. Doesn't kroenkeout mean there's got to be a buyer to reimburse his investment? Haven't heard of anyone willing to splash that kinda cash during this covid system .or maybe I'm missing something.


Na una need the money pass o, see ur mates dey attack the owner.

It's happened again, it's happened agaaaain.

I remember seeing Stan Kroenke's son around Denver. he had this lamborghini with the license plate "U wish".

Its all going off !

Warra scene.


Thats forcing a syllable if ever Ive seen it.

Ive been waiting this day to come.

Kroenke tii eii tii e baayi oo.

One day protest. As soon as stadium opens back up they will be lining Kroenke's pockets again.

I wish I could be there now.

You would never see a protest like this for any sport in america. im starting to like soccer.

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