Sunday 22nd of January 2023

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Team news Your LIVCHE line-up.
Anfield awaits, come Chelsea!
Your Chelsea this lunchtime!
future Potters Chelsea career currently relying 100m player only heard week ago.
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don't know Chelsea player anytime ball setting between Mudyrk Milner.
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Liverpool Chelsea Highlights relegation battle!
Mudryk looks electrifying.
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Reffs like Liverpool right?
Liverpool Chelsea games have become frustratingly tight, mostly boring hell.
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Bajcetic looks like going some player.
Live Stream Liverpool Chelsea Live Live Linka LIVCHE PL qqqqll.
Salah shot target ffs.
Salah been washed over months now. Gakpo doesn't look like he's gonna prem light fuck knows what Darwin Nunez even is..***.
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Nunez does well find Gakpo, whose sharp turn effort saved Kepa. ]0-0].
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should Trent there.
This match fPS&king boring. would swear this clash between clubs usually found table.
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gonna Mudryk shirt after game like Miazga gonna Mudryk shirt after game like Miazga gonna Mudryk shirt after game like Miazga gonna Mudryk shirt after game like Miazga.

Sorry like these teams absolutely stink, media claiming they both fight disrespectful.
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still think Jakpo's goal this game hahahahaha.
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Mudryk suffering Havertz striker. This easy see. Potter take OUTTTTTTT.
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Klopp really need bring Trent Milner.
Liverpool Chelsea LIVCHE Match Link Live Telegram
MudrykCL We have great talent on our hands.
Mudryk looking like time bomb!!!
Keita celebrating that ever going penalty. What clown.
Trent coming advantage Mudryk.
dont think people truly believed when said dangerous Mudryk Mans problem.
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Milner demands DODGE TOMAHAWK. said, "Either Mudryk game allow bike".
Chelsea finally replaced Eden Hazard Mykhailo Mudryk.
Must be subbed for.
Klopp taking keita putting elliott brought gaps again. Klopp completely clueless man.
Mudryk needs better team mates.
This match funny.
Liverpool Chelsea Highlights 1080p.

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Esa camiseta de Corinthians es espectacular.

I'm in!

Cheers for the box.

Let's see who wins the el shitico.

Best of luck to everyone.

O K D O N E T H A N K Y O U F O R T H E O P P O R T U N I T Y.

Come on chelsea.

Retweeted and always followed - Superb giveaway.

Thank you.

Give me this box.

Let's go.

Thanks for giving us the chance to win.

Thank you mate another great giveaway.

Thank you for the chance to win.

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