Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Liberal And Labor Just Voted AGAINST Lifting JobSeeker Above The Poverty Line.

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The Senate is now all that stands in the way of the Liberals' terrible Omnibus IR bill. If the crossbench holds firm with Greens and Labor, we can stop this attack on workers' pay and conditions. The Greens aren't budging. We're with workers, all the way.

Liberal and Labor just voted AGAINST lifting JobSeeker above the poverty line.
Aint no way my ancestors only wanted me to dream of labor. Aint no way.
Note Labor won 44 seats in the 59-seat lower house on primary votes alone.
The initial joke was that the WA Libs could fit in a Toyota Corolla, then a motorcycle with sidecar. If the Labor trend in absent votes continues, it may have to be adjusted again to a pogo stick.
FINALLY, a question from Labor on Gaetjens report. And it turns out, Phil has not yet finished his work. Yes, yes he's busy but a touch slow for a simple task, you'd have to say. Not that many staff in the PM's office.

Hey JoeBiden If you want to help AmericanWorkers and BuildBackBetter why dont you make it illegal for corps to fire Americans & replace them with cheap foreign labor! End.
You thinking writing a statement that justify your cruelty is the end of this?You will not even fire the medical staffs who said the woman was overreacting while she was in labor pain?!!
The Promise of Telework.
Inside the Canberra bubble airs Nov 2020 names 2 Lib MPs (c)AlanTudgeMP & cporterwa as womanisers & sexist pigs Feb-2021 Brittany Higgins exposes Libs, March allegations-Porter, PM does zero until now,, and the Lib women tell the media to blame Labor.. About sums it up I think...

So my point is this word blancmange from the PM implying the Labor Party and the Greens should have stopped a garden variety stalker who claimed not to be a member of either organisation? Is at best dubious and at worst some next level BS.

Bill Shorten was accused of rape. Labor politicians have been jailed for sexual assault but yeah just Liberals.
Ur solar panels & wind turbines come from slave labor in China. Xinjiang Muslim re-education camps!
Imagine supporting Labor.
The very best thing the Liberal Party could do to ensure another term for labor! Shes go more baggage than an airport baggage handler!
United Kingdom and Inchcape PLC must apologize !!! For the use of slave labor, in the interests of the British company Inchcape and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, violation of human rights.
The UAE growth model is moving away from unskilled labor towards a knowledge economy, with highly skilled residents and citizens who will transform UAE into a post-oil economy focused on high-tech, manufacturing and skilled services (like financial technology).

I couldnt watch today. Yesterday was too awful. I dont know why the entire Labor team didnt just get up and walk out. Not one single answer. Nothing but personal jabs and insults.
If Scott Morrison loves democracy so much, why has he shut down debate in parliament over 200 times?
Remind me who chooses to vote on labor's behalf?
Liberal and Labor female staffers have united to warn political leaders no one will come forward to an independent review of workplace culture in Parliament House without stronger privacy protections.
Lawmakers urge the U.K. to get tough on the use of Chinese forced labor.
High-skilled expatriates who flock to destinations like Dubai and Singapore could find the attractiveness of the Saudi labour reforms limited, with their conditions on re-employment and travel.
CONFIRMATION HEARINGS: Sen. Tommy Tuberville asks Deputy Labor Secretary-nominee Julie Su: "Do you think you're ready for it?".
Tucker Carlson explaining in less than a minute why the Democrats are pushing amnesty and why it would be a disaster for the country. "It's not about making the country better, serving our labor needs, helping the population, it's about putting Democrats in power forever.".

Albo is a poor Labor leader but he'd still make a better PM than fascist Morrison. That's the state of federal politics right now.
Flint using her parting words to attack Labor. Nice performance but totally predictable. She's a nasty Liberal right down to her rosey red toenails.
I stand with Nicolle Flint against the gendered bullying she went through. And Julia Banks. And Emma Hussar. And the Labor staffers currently opening up on that chat room. However, I have no doubt Flint was tapped by the PM to throw herself on this issue this week.

Not one of Mr. Kotto's best known works, but "Blue Collar", which also featured Harvey Keitel and Richard Pryor, is one of the best films about labor unions ever made.
Opinions on it might sit. Not just because I want an S3, but I want to adaptations treated with that kind of labor of love!
The person who runs the Labor Relation Institute's name is Eric Funston: 918-346-3840 Tell him what you think.
By why is she blaming Labor? Shes trying to cover up Scott Morrisons bad behaviour. Do you know about this.
So Voting against giving them Any Rise in Jobseeker payments is what you want? cool cool cool . Only an Idiot doesnt know that Labor and Crossbench dont have the Numbers to pass that rise . Labor tried to get Amendments to the bill ! guess you arent on Jobseeker .

Martial law means any protesters or activists brought before military courts have NO right to appeal sentences given, such as hard labor in prison for unlimited years. Junta's system in Burma designed to deny justice, not ensure it.

I understand what you're saying. My statement is regarding the whole situation in general. Labor never commit to a figure to raise it to. They say "this isn't enough" but won't give us better if elected.

Labor calls on Porter to stand aside as AG Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus says the job should be handed to someone else in the Morrison government if the legal case means Mr Porter can't conduct his role in full. cc.

I don't care about utopia - I care about giving labor freedom to go where it wants, even if it upsets socialists who are scared the immigrants won't be good leftists.
John Cain Labor sympathies the NSW police on Porter's case, decided no need to go to Court. Rule of law indeed!!! But don't see any O believe it marches against this horrid rape, with a live victim!!!

Illegal aliens price young, black labor out of the workforce. If you say you support black lives, in no way can you also support or defend illegal immigration.
Passing strange that Ms Higgins' alleged rapist does not appear to have been charged by police, while four other women have come forward to report sexual assault by the same alleged man. "Leave the matter to the police," Morrison tells us. Imagine if it were a Labor staffer.

Mark McGowan tells his MPs to stay humble & not be arrogant also alerting them that there are now so many Labor MPs in WA (75) that the only place thatll fit them all for meetings is the Parliamentary dining hall.

Labor should go strong; no more parliamentary pairs.
Ive been a full time artist for almost 2 years now. Ill never regret making that leap. The struggle has definitely been real af but Im starting to see the fruits of my labor and undying ability to push forward.

Why the stimulus bill is not enough. We have a very long way to go to get back to where the labor market was at the end of Clinton's term. Notice, btw, the good performance after Clinton raised taxes and the weak / nonexistent effect of the Bush and Trump tax cuts.

So you listened but did not hear. You lot are unbelievable. Her speech was about the politicization of this subject by all involved. And you so magnificently supplied proof by tweeting this rubbish. Labor are as accountable as all are accountable.

Pay them for their labor $discoursedoll.
Hasnt got enough arguments against labor so peddles the same ol tired lines..
Its often harder to find a job after long unemployment spells, and those who find work generally do so at lower pay, according to labor economists. Its especially hard for older workers due to potential age discrimination.

Amazon is Looking to Make Slave Labor.
"Now is the time for labor. Let the fire of the covenant which you made in the House of the Lord burn in your hearts like flame unquenchable." - Brigham Young.
I say to the Leader of the Opposition,I will not be lectured by you,I will not be lectured by your side of politics about the treatment of women in this place An emotional NicolleFlint hits out at Labor after being victim of abuse&harassment forcing her to quit politics.

Denounce the evil power hungry backdoor amnesty cheap labor club4growth please.
Labor's primary vote in the WA lower house now starts with a "6". 60.1% currently, up from 59.1% on election night.
Please pay them for their labor that theyve been giving us and for just being a good person, they deserve it $imnotbijou.
If you want more nuanced analysis of the violence in Atlanta I strongly suggest following more accounts/ppl that specifically talk about Asian racial justice in conjunction with labor, immigration, and sex worker advocacy and justice, such as.

When asked about his impending failure to deliver on his commitment to the Australian public to have 4 million Australians vaccinated by the end of March (in 2 weeks), Scott Morrison tells QT this is a test for THE LABOR PAY. This bloke is just allergic to accountability.

Poll after poll has shown that support for unions is growing, and the pandemic has underscored the need for workers to have more power. What we lack is U.S. labor law that truly supports U.S. labor.
Classic political games Adam. You and I both know Labor is the only party likely to substantially raise the jobseeker rate.
How can Morrison legit stand there & accuse Labor of undermining the vaccine rollout when he sat silent FOR MONTHS about Craig Kelly???? Can we pass the hat around & raise some coin??? Clearly, The Lodge is desperately short of mirrors.

RAGINxCAJUN MistressRedWasp ConcernedinPV LadyOfTheOcean1 mathmomma24 TheOldPoet thedemorats trabriverman JdubAndrew ziggystardad7 ahrehead theresapelegano Forseti_Pazzo JonSmith922 atumpkins11 Sinner_Lilith chrisg409ubc GQPklepto Emma34770971 psfnyc5 hoare1234 JenCages Brian_Alford Punished_Kek TaoOfCats henriziolkowski 22CB22CB BSHerrle LHudson instinctnaturel laylow88861429 peeps_joey TraderTime411 hrt6017 mesenjero Prince3eb RickySi16087724 _FarrahMoody In addition, the commercial cut-off, usually of 36 weeks, is not because of increased risk to the fetus, it is because of the increased risk of going into spontaneous labor anywhere at that duration of pregnancy.

Actress of the year goes to Nicolle Flint. Labor has nothing to do with GetUp, Nicolle. And mentioning Georgina Downerwhose corrupt father STILL cant even manage to buy her a spot in LNPfail.
Terry Redman defeated as Labor gains Warren-Blackwood.
Labor has just voted against AdamBandts amendment, which I seconded, to raise the JobSeeker rate above the poverty line. Again its left to the crossbench to hold the Govt to account, while the ALP continue trying to walk both sides of the tracks.

The CFMEU and other unions? still not the Labor Party.
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The labor of contemporary Zionism is primarily placed on the shoulders of passionate, miseducated young people who are encouraged to act on their passionate and misinformed feelings by callous individuals who have access to wealth and power who have actively contributed to.

Types of websites that exist anymore: - algorithmic feed of whatever makes the rat keep pushing the lever - we hope you enjoyed your 3 free articles - ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS? SHARE LOCATION?? GET NEWSLETTER??? - labor of love by an actual person, last updated 2009.

Democrat Realism. "It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of DNC-affiliated labor.".
51 Labor, 2 Lib, 4 Nat, 2 in doubt.
While we wait for the next labor q watch this.
The same media who accomodate Morrison and his meticulously managed appearances are the same ones who ask Labor after every election why they cant win one.
By the time Labor gets in the cupboard will be empty.
Labor rights are Civil Rights.
How can a man speak on labor/child birth AT ALL?!?!
Liberal women are blaming Labor for Liberals man problem ?
Very disappointed Labor voted against our amendment to increase JobSeeker above the poverty line. I hope they will reconsider when the pathetic so-called increase to JobSeeker gets to the Senate this week.

What You Really Think

What part of "Labor had no alternative" don't you understand. Something is better than NOTHING.


Bad luck for your voters.

Labor are once again showing us who they are.

You are the last person to "point the finger". When did you last do something positive? Can you even try to imagine the headlines in the Murdoch press if Labor had voted against it?

Perhaps it might inspire some to get a job Adam ?

Classic political games by the Greens, again!

They may want to rethink that given more and more jobs over the next 10 yrs will be going.


Tell us why??????? There will be a reason.

Why are there so many SCHMUCKS in Parliament.

Adam working for the LNP again, no wonder 90% of Australia doesn't support them.

Adam, we all know Greens & Labor are not govt, so cannot propose spending bills. This was a Greens stunt to make Labor look bad. Slow golf clap.

Not up to speed on how this works but this seems disingenuous based on the reality of the proposal?

Come on you know the didnt have the numbers wedged.

PTypical greens Redrick would you have preferred no right no rise because that was the alternative. Why arent you Bagging out the lnp or are you satisfied with them. Think it through before you wobble your gums.

Would you rather the continuation of the LNP regime Mr Bandt? The best chance of change is the end of the LNP government.

I agree with most other commenters here. Just because Labor votes for a pathetic $4 dollar rise, doesnt mean they are against a $40 rise. The Greens continued attempts to wedge Labor against the LNP on social and environmental issues, doesnt help anyone, including the Greens.

Murdochs sensational copy of the one line grab from the greens. How about telling us why labor did this. Instead of trying to steal a few votes from the ALP, try doing something constructive. Like being seperate to the ALP but aligning together to destroy the one foe in power.

Shame on them both.

This is politics 101. The LNP won't do it because of their perverse political ideology. Labor won't do it unless they introduce the bill and can take credit for it. That's how it works in these matters.

Maybe its time to widen their seeking?

Adam, be assured, Labor would vote for any bill that would increase Jobseeker substantially. It is in no one's interests to raise welfare by paltry, piddling amounts that insult recipients but feed the egos of the avaricious Right.

Guess they will have to look for jobs then...

This is why you will never govern in your own right . OR have a greens treasurer as balancing the books is not the greens strong point. Spend like drunken sailors.

This is why I'm a member of the Greens.

I do not believe ALP wants to keep people below the poverty line. It is against their fundamental ideology. Do not get sucked into the divide and conquer rhetoric. We cannot afford to let Australia continue with corporate welfare and public infrastructure demise. It's time.

We have to take what measly crumbs we can get, though that doesn't mean we give up on.

Tweets like that, spinning half-truths, are the reason I will give the Greens my LAST pref from now on. At least Scummo & Co don't pretend to be decent humans.

Has already Nailed that at 9.55 am, Scott Morrison was asked this question from FairfaxNine employee Chris Uhlmann. SMH published these words coming out of Scott Morrison's mouth a full 36 minutes earlier at 9.19 am.


Seriously AlboMP WTAF do you think these people survive on? Sunshine and dreams? Raise the fucking rate to a living wage people can live on whilst there are not enough jobs for all who want one. Then work to create more jobs.

At any point labor can step up but like their coalition mates they wont.

Does that mean you voted against any rise?

This is a tough one. If Labor had voted with Greens then LNP mayhave reneged on the $50 and could have blamed Labor. But I agree, Labor needs to put forward a real policy and stop being fearful of the wedge.

Slavery is rife in 60 remote communities in Australia runder the CDP& WFD Programs. Ist July 2015 as the regional manager of the CDP in FW Nsw my payment model changed overnight. My $ incentives changed from finding jobseekers jobs to keeping them in.

Grrrr Disgusting!

Thank you for standing with us on 80aDay and showing solidarity. I've spent the morning being attacked by Labor fans defending their moral cowardice, and it doesn't feel good.

You voted against the only climate action in Australian parliament.

When Labor offers no real alternative to the Liberals, voters must question why they should even vote Labor.

Anyone surprised that Labor voted against this hasn't been paying attention. Labor don't care about poor people.

Is that the whole story Adam? You wouldn't be telling half truths for political gain would you? Surely not.

Adam this is not exactly true. Labor was not in a position numbers wise to get the increase needed so they have ensured that at least there is a small increase by voting for the Liberal proposal. Greens are effectively supporting Morrison by attacking Labor.

This is so sad bad not surprising. Lib and Labor same/same just different spelling :(.

Was this because they voted for the amount they could get rather than not voting for it and people would get nothing?

Oh, dissappointing.

Classic political games Adam. You and I both know Labor is the only party likely to substantially raise the jobseeker rate.

Because they are smarter than the Greens.

What is the point of AustralianLabor? How about opposing?

I'm sure it's not as simple as that. The Greens always attack Labor more than the LNP who are IN GOVERNMENT. It's everything or nothing with you lot. What Labor does once in government is what counts.


Hey Steve, as my local member would you mind telling me why you voted against this? Not expecting a reply though, you never do ***.