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Saturday 4th of April 2020


Its the honour and privilege of my life to be elected as Leader of the Labour Party. I will lead this great party into a new era, with confidence and hope, so that when the time comes, we can serve our country again in government.
Congratulations to , the new Leader of the Labour Party!
Thank you for standing up for decency, for our public services, for a society that serves the majority, and for socialism, peace and justice as Labours Leader.
This is how blew it for himself, for & for the labouring classes. He just did not have the wherewithal to be a tough, effective leader. He died the death of a thousand cuts.Good column
Keir Starmer has been elected Leader of the Labour Party.
labour losing the next general election lmao love a spineless leader
Sir Keir Starmer elected as leader so after the next general election who will lead country?
Anyone who wants a Britain free of injustice should wish well - and support his promises to hike taxes on the rich to invest, promote public ownership, expand the welfare state, abolish tuition fees and tackle the climate emergency.
Angela Rayners deputy Labour leadership acceptance speech in full
Instead of reading literally anything about the Labour Party today I am reading the new N K Jemisin, a decision I can recommend to anyone able to do so.
That went from absolute outsider to runner-up for deputy leader, beating others on shadow frontbench is impressive. Proved herself in race, now working the A&E doctor on NHS frontline. A rising star, surely will be given prominent role
Notice centrist shitstirrer, serial race card player, David Lammy on telly supporting Starmer to the hilt? Its all you need to see to know where Labour just jumped to
I support Zionism without qualification.New leader declares himself an unapologetic anti-Palestinian racist. How sad that so many Labour members surrendered to bullying and smears and voted for a disgusting bigot.
white leftists be like labour fought for socialism and the nhs!!! while acting like the same crew didnt also colonise as much as they could to fund said state project.
Theres not a lot of choice, is there? Be very interesting to see how his personal support holds up if he becomes part of the Labour establishment. Perhaps hell judge it better to stay outside the tent.
Labour MP Tahir Ali apologises and is spoken to by police for breaching coronavirus lockdown rules after he attended funeral with up to 100 mournersHow long before we get told its Islamophobic and they shouldnt have to live by the same rules
Hes the leader of the Labour Party. Havent you seen the news?
The Labour Party membership will never, ever, elect a woman as leader- for the same reason the party is fundamentally antisemitic. For all their talk of equality and progression, regardless of leader, it remains a backward looking socialist party of yesterday.
Congratulations to , the new Deputy Leader of the Labour Party!
The first test for the new Labour leader will be to get rid of Momentum!
This is a good example of womens triple shift - the mental load is to all intents and purposes the third shift of emotional labour. Useful for inequalities in family life/conjugal roles
Ive got a radical idea, :Why dont you just : back him?Get fit to fight again and take back those seats and win more.
Breakdown:Labours dreams of every getting into government
Whoever becomes Labour leader today, one positive outcome is assured: no one will regard them as the Messiah. They will be treated as a flawed invidual who makes mistakes & can be criticised without disloyalty. That ends the single most destructive element of recent Lab politics.
On a personal note I am finding it hard to find either vitriol or passion for the election tired both physically and mentally seems like a move back to the centre not even centre left but at the moment havn,t got the will to fight it.
In December I was heartbroken by the scale of Labours election defeat, for the millions of people we let down.Today is the start of a new era. With party unity and credible, persuasive, forensic leadership under Keir Starmer, we can begin winning back the countrys trust.
yep the idiot - rout of new labour starts,
Congratulations to new Labour leader - look forward to working together to hold Government to accountVery much welcome his support for electoral reform - as he said, millions of people vote in safe seats & they feel their voice doesnt count.
Sorry, but anti-Semitism has not been a stain on the Labour Party. False accusations of anti-Semitism have been.
And just like that, the Labour party rolled over for the tories. So dissapointed that weve gone backwards into neoliberalism and tory-lite politics. Bet you non of the vote Starmer bunch will step up to roles.
Labour right win both NEC positions, commiserations to who is one of the most amazing young activists Ive met. Just a few hundred votes in it! Lessons to learn: Momentum stakeholder management was very poor and splitting the left vote *always* loses.
Corbynism is finally dead & Labour finally have a coherent leader
You are aware that the decision to move toward a new referendum lost Labour a load of leave constituencies yes?
I dont know about you, but I am absolutely ready and excited for this new generation of UK Labour leadership. Couldnt have asked for better in Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner
Labour have elected more knights than women to lead their progressive party.
This is politically smart.With Starmer agreeing, Labour can be apportioned 50% of the blame for whatever bad outcomes arise.If Starmer had declined, they would have been apportioned whatever blame the government could spin for a failure to contribute in a national crisis.
Thank you for being an unshakeable ally of working people. For dismantling the austerity lie and forcing its proponents to look in the mirror, for putting compassion and care for the vulnerable back in Labours heart, and above all, for doing it with such grace.
Having a second independence referendum is a matter for people in Scotland, Labour leadership contender Keir Starmer stated back in Mid Jan Lets hope he sticks to this correct principle if he is elected as Labour leader today
What LABOUR party?
Keir Starmer picked to lead s main opposition Labour Party as country deals with pandemic:
Starmers first decision as Labour leader: agreement to work WITH the Tories via
After Corbyn became Labour leader, his opponents within the party adopted a scorched earth policy. They actively wanted him to fail and lose. The Labour left is going to adopt the opposite approach.
RIP working-class illusions in the Labour Party. We hope. The Labour Party has always given with one hand, and taken with the other. Since Blair was elected leader, the party became one of open neoliberalism.
Shadow brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer has been elected as the next leader of the Labour party
What are the grifters going to do now that their gravy train has pulled into the station for the last time? TV appearances are about to dry up as soon as Labour start putting MPs forward for media interviews again. No more clown shows on breakfast TV
Keir Starmer picked to lead UK Labour amid virus crisis -
Personally, I think being knighted shouldve disqualified Starmer immediately, but I digress.Now, more than ever, we need strong opposition. Leftists from within Labour can always push. Corbyn won 2 party elections. The left is still strong within Labour.Keep fighting.
From a refreshing dedication to ensuring the chronically under-represented among us are heard, to calling out social and economic injustices - no matter how politically inconvenient - we celebrate your courage on your last day as Labour leader.
I have just spoken to & congratulated him on becoming Labour leader. We agreed on the importance of all party leaders continuing to work constructively together through this national emergency. I have invited him and other opposition leaders to a briefing next week.
Its with great sadness that I have cancelled my subs to the Labour Party. I cannot support another centrist and a party that puts business and profit before Disappointed that the last five years of hope have now gone until this country wakes up So disappointed
Momentum urges Starmer not to purge Corbynites from shadow cabinet. does bollocks sound? See you Lansman. I was in a meeting with him once. Hes a pompous arsehole. Dont let the door hit your arse on the way out.
The Labour Party has elected a leader who jailed innocent men like Danny Kay to further his own career. Great to know Im living in a fair and just country.
Absolutely thrilled Sir Keir has been elected Labour leader! The UK now has a functioning opposition which will shift towards Lib Dem economics & expel anyone left wing. We are returning to a golden age of two near-identical major parties! MSM rejoice!
Sir Keith Starmer will never win back the Labour heartlands. It isnt because he is poshIts because he completely betrayed their Brexit vote. He represents a metropolitan, liberal elite that sneers at the British working classesThis Labour is dead as a party of opposition
BBC News New Labour leader Keir Starmer will stand up for WalesOh yes he will
Congratulations and .Being Labour Party leader is a great honour and responsibility.I look forward to working with Keir and Angela to elect the next Labour government and transform our country.
Starmer on antisemitism: "On behalf of the Labour party: I am sorry. And I will tear out this poison by its roots."
A genuine offer to work together in the national or a cynical political ploy to share blame - and rope in the new Labour leader just moments before theyre announced
Britain is the only country in Europe with a shortage of labour to pick fruit and vegetables, apparently
There will now be a 30-minute interlude while the Labour factions swap over their positions on the important of loyalty to the leadership versus principled rebellion. Snacks are available in the tuck shop.
Many of those defeats were to do with the particular case of Brexit and were aided by dissenting Tory MPs who compensated for the Labour MPs who voted with the Government.
Looks like Starmer wants to become PM by repeating his strategy for becoming Labour leader - be a "team player", look like a grown-up, dont say anything to upset anybody, and both sides will vote for you
Thanks to everyone who voted for me to be Labours Deputy Leader Disappointed we didnt win. But Im proud that our campaign put forward ideas on party democracy, peace & justice, and on defending public ownership that will continue to shape future discussions in our party.
Kier Starmer led the campaign which sought to stymie the Brexit vote.Five million people who habitually vote(d) Labour voted for Brexit.Congratulations are in order upon his victory; but one considers this & gently wonders if its a good platform from which to unite his party
Why isnt Labour 20 points ahead in the polling now a magic centrist is at the helm?Why is Starmer failing?Wheres it all gone wrong for Starmer and how can he put it right?Isnt it time for a fresh pair of
Labour is on the centre ground. Its the country that has been dragged to the right.
Starmer has committed to the policies long advocated by the left; and so the lefts role now is to act as the protectors and defenders of those ideas, to ensure that those red lines are not
New Labour returns!!! Congratulations to the man who brought you:1. The "dodgy dossier" - Iraq War;2. 12 year olds "make their choices" whilst being gang raped;3. Destruction of the economy 4. Massive fiscal deficit 5. BSE cock-up.So much fun to look forward to. RT xx
Labour cant win from the centre, and nor can it win from the left, it has to take both the centre *and* the left to even have a chance of winningI really think Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner are our best chance/hope of doing that
Labour has just elected as leader a knighted lawyer from north London who was the driving force behind the partys fatal second referendum policy and is steeped in the values of globalist liberal cosmopolitanism that were roundly rejected at the last election.I wish him well.
BREAKING NEWS: another straight white man has been elected as the leader of the Labour Party.
: Now look voters, weve got a bloke in a suit, bloke in a suit.Voters: But what about , that crap policy, getting away from the N London Mafia and white male stuff?Lab: No, look, bloke in a suit, looks like a PM. And hes got tidy hair."
Sorry Anna I disagree. Democratic would mean that Boris never told a lie or put misinformation about labour out there and the media never smeared JC but they did. We do NOT have to trust Boris cause he was elected. Thats bull. Thats what they prob said to German in 1939. 1/
COVID-19 has created a serious health threat in the world but we have to look after all aspects because one third of Pakistanis live in poverty. We want to create more sources of income with safety protocols through construction sector as it is labour
And there we have it Sir Keir Starmer, architect of Labours Brexit policy, which helped deliver the partys worst election drubbing since the 1930s, has been charged by its members with restoring its electoral fortunes. Good luck with that!
Hancock now declaring "money is no object" illustrates how much cuts and austerity were Tory political choices when their deficit and debt will be way higher than anything under Labour after the 2008 banking collapse. The tightest financial straitjacket in NHS history cost lives
Hey Labour left: politics is hard, organising is hard. It involves defeat and demands honest self-reflection. But giving up is an indulgence. Remember that the Labour Party is currently being outflanked on the left by the Financial Times. This era demands left-wing radicalism.
Starmer was born to a nurse and toolmaker in Southwark. Which is to say working-classThe fact he rose to become a QC, a Knight of the Realm and a potential PM is *exactly* what Labour exists for. You, like the Corbynites, can do one. Go hang out with the bigots at Spiked.
We should have went leave and split the vote I think. Considering labour constituents voted predominantly to leave. Id rather a labour brexit then this brexit
The upper echelons of Labour no longer contain apologists for antisemitism soaked in anti-West and anti-Britain sentiment but lets not forget, they were some of the biggest proponents for overturning that 2016 Brexit vote. They are the party of London and university cities.
So happy that and have been elected as Labour Leader and Deputy Leader. Its the best decision for the party and the country.
Lets do a prediction poll for General Election 2024, just to welcome in the new Labour Party Muppet leader Every vote counts, which party do you intend on voting for?
Congratulations on becoming labour leader. I hope you will pursue The plight of as promised to me. These Women were suffering severe hardships before Now theyre in position of being totally disregarded 0 income 0 dignity = Worthless?
This lot just do not seem bright enough to understand that Labour lost because of their influence. When will the centre left get their act together?
New Labour Party Leader imminent Come on Rebecca Keep us Tories in power for another 10 years
Brexit will kill the Corona, causing the lack of labour for picking the fields, will demonstrate exactly just one impact of Brexit on farming.13/24
Ian Blackford tells new Labour leader: Work with SNP to take on Tories
Just cancelled my Labour membership.Fuck
Congratulations to Keir Starmer on being elected Labour Leader. Start of a new era.
Delighted to hear that Angela Rayner has become Labours new Deputy Leader.Its a crucial time for the party and they need their very best in the top jobs. .