Tuesday 29th of September 2020

BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS: 3 - Alexander-Arnold 2 - Robertson 1 - Mane, Lacazette, Leno.

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GOAL Liverpool 0-1 Arsenal (25 mins) Alexandre Lacazette reacts quickest to a loose ball inside the box to give Arsenal the lead.
BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS: 3 - Alexander-Arnold 2 - Robertson 1 - Mane, Lacazette, Leno.
FT: LFC 3 Arsenal 1: The champions maintain their 100% start to the season. Took control with a really impressive first-half display as Mane and Robertson netted after Lacazette opener. Harder work in the second half with Alisson to the rescue but Jota's volley finished it off.

Lacazette be getting everyone angry and disappointed...including the referee.
Keep strong Lacazette...I always support you...
Pure speculation but here to have fun - Dele Ali Zaniolo - Diawara cash Lacazette Torreira Whats everyone thinking?
Last season Lacazette 3rd league goal was in his 13th league game of the season. 3 in 3 already this season, hopefully more to come. We need his goals badly.
How you react when Lacazette tears you ticket.
The Lacazette that played the second half.
Nketiah when he catches Lacazette in the dressing room after the match.
Lacazette through on goal. Alisson.
Lacazette highlights vs Liverpool Skills and Goals.
Yeah but guess what? He didnt get that chance, Lacazette did. Why? Cause Lacazette actually tried.
Lacazette, Willian and Aubameyang in the first half vs Liverpool.
Lacazette has some sort of physical problem im telling you. This is not normal. I reckon hes got asthma or something ffs you can see his lungs inside his mouth every time he runs.
Exactly this. How can we expect our players to gain confidence if the fans are already writing them off? Pepe hasnt had consistent game time since he arrived at Arsenal. Lacazette clearly lost a lot of confidence during the Emery period. We need to support them.

No question Liverpool the better side, deserved the win, but that Lacazette miss felt like a big moment in a game like this. Again, a reminder of how much work we need to do still. Ceballos not starting feels like a mistake, & midfield reinforcement badly needed before Oct 6.

I dont think y'all saw the chances Lacazette missed I would score those with an eight month old pregnancy ffs.
The Referee triple captained Lacazette on FPL.
If I catch lacazette ago slap am.
Pepe abuse is unbelievably weird. Played a total of 55 mins this season, including 15 today. Lacazette missed a CCC, Leno parried one shot into Manes feet & didnt claim the ball for the third goal but Pepe is the problem?? Check your heads immediately.

What weve learned from tonight: - Aouar is a must - Partey is a must - Ceballos our only creative player tonight - Bellerin cant take throw ins - Lacazette not decisive enough in front of goal - Holding awful under pressure - Start Gabriel on Thursday against LFC.

Aubameyang, Lacazette & Willian vs Liverpool (A) highlights and skills the next msn?
Lacazette is just a french Timo Werner with plenty beard. What a shit striker.
Lacazette remains the only person from France who is useless at striking.
Mikel Arteta on Lacazette looking distraught: They want to win & this is what I like. The mindset of the team is that they want to go to any ground & they want to win. The boys were really disappointed to lose the game because they really believed they could come here & do it.

This is 100% fact. If Lacazette had done to Robertson what Mane did to Tierney and if Aubameyang had handled before a goal, we'd have had 2 VAR checks tonight instead of none.
Lacazette thought he was sarr, trying to chip alisson.
Oh my word. That's a calamity at the back. Lacazette punishes the mistake. LFC trail.
LOOL the Ref defo captained Lacazette in his fantasy.
Even the ref wants Lacazette arrested after that miss FFS.
In case you, like me, wondered whether Lacazette was offside for his first one-on-one because there was no replay or mention of it again, the answer is yes. He was miles offside.
Arsenal fan watching Lacazette misses.
Still it was his mistake for Lacazette missed opportunity in second half. Arsenal played the ball behind Gomez and instead of chasing lacazette he just watched and raised hand to claim offside. Poor defender in my opinion.

Unlucky sia lose ytd hais lacazette miss banyak gile.
If Arteta can't blame Lacazette for the loss, who are you to blame him? Cut the young man some slack-nulb. They'll bounce back against Manchester City.
Photo: Alexandre Lacazette shows his disappointment & frustration after being substituted off against Liverpool at Anfield.
Why is the referree gutted that LACAZETTE missed the chance Craig Pawson.
Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta wants to see his players frustrated following the 3-1 defeat at Liverpool but apportioned no blame to Alexandre Lacazette following his crucial miss.
Lacazette highlights during second half.
Ref has Lacazette on his FPL team.
Craig Pawson not too happy with that Lacazette miss!
Someone said Tupac would still be alive if Lacazette was the shooter I felt that .
Even ref was disappointed at lacalamity!! in the middle of study, looking back at the match... If we sign aouar and partey, they should just dash lacazette out please... Use Nketiah.
Blame the refs and anyone else but lacazette and Aubameyang for have stinkers of a game.
Alexandre Lacazette knows.
Lacazette shooting like he is wearing these.
The difference is conspicuously clear.
Arsenal fans trying to convince me Lacazette is a good striker.
People slating Lacazette for scoring 1 and missing 1 while Aubameyang didnt make a single run which lead to a goal scoring opportunity. Got to love the hypocrisy.
The boss discusses... Onulb Liverpool Onulb Lacazette Onulb Transfers Read m8arteta's full press conference after.
Twitter is really a weird app, how can someone be threatening me on my dm cos I rep Lacazette.

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Im going for the wildcard what changes should I make.

Just ignore the terrible mistake by Robertson.

U got minus on coady cus Wolves lost.


This need to be reviewed, Lacazatte dropped two massive opportunities to score the equalizer for his team.

I never understand how this bonus pointa are assigned but I'll take the 3 points for TAA. Thank you.

Whats wrong with you? Lamptey has 3 assist and 0 bonus points and TAA makes 1 assist, 1 yellow card and 3 bonus points today, 1 bonus points on last week. just be objective.

How do these bonus points works who decides em? Should surely just be on stats only.

You gave Trent 3 because you have him in your team.


Robertson robbed he deserved 3 bonus points.


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