Sunday 21st of May 2023


Social Media Says

Prayer circle: LAKERS BIG.
Lakers/Celtics battle looking like might take place Cancun now.
Lakers really about swept.
cant believe Lakers down 3-0. mean, can. tweeting about yea.
season questions whatever happens, Austin Reaves real deal. They need Lakers foreseeable future.
Lakers with Russell Westbrook Lakers with DAngelo Russell.
Rewatching Lakers game from last night hoping different result.
lakers bothered 0-2: Lebron know what adjustments make need panic 0-3: well tried.
GAmE fOuR mOnDaY.
Lakers fans every time somebody besides Austin Reaves shoot
Lakers have been three games late quarter. Each been winnable despite playing that well. Don't give this team. game time. possession time.
Less than zero chance. love happening. Because keeping though, couple interesting lakers available: Hachimura Lonnie Walker
Lakers. Lakers oh..
Funny before playoffs everyone said lakers getting bounced first round, suddenly people discussing loss affects LeBron's legacy year 100% GOAT. half standards live to.

Same Lakers fans were rooting KingsNBA Twitter nasty work!
Nuggets just better team this series. Jokic looking like best player world think this Lakers team gas. Major respect Nuggets teams their Coach.
Disagree, lakers half court defense been good this series (transition defense sucked tho). their offense thats letting them down, watch game they still havent figured attack jokic which terrible.

wasnt talking about teaching win, clearly dont have shooters team. That Nuggets team full shooters! Everyone shoot ball play ball, makes hard play just person. that thing Lakers Looney follow Curry.

Warriors must have been really lose those Lakers.
Junior Agogo Lakers fan?
lakers down show some respect.
Lakers ova.
Denver obliterates Lakers series btw.
Jokic flops much lakers.
Casual Lakers fans notice.
Lakers down aint they?
Lakers fans sleeping tonight.
Lakers went SAD.
Lakers very team?
looking refs complaining yall wonder Lakers destroyed transition. Whole team complains flops transition advantage every time.
might over Lakers, they need pursue Kyrie just like Phoenix should.
When Celtics down 2-0, Bleacher Report tries post about shitty Tatum When Lakers down 3-0, they LeBron propaganda.
Been playing catchup whole series.. there isnt anything else hard play behind behind game even starts. Lebron really want come back like said they tryna catch denver been chilling since game 1.

Lakers smoked them every game this series. Doing straight dumb shit quarters. Coach being braindead with guard lineups series basketball.
Lakers plethora one-way players finally caught them.
Kyrie outside Lakers arena.
here? well said Lakers
That lakers loss jeremy sochans birthday present lol.
must furious that their rigged plans Celtics/Lakers final didnt materialize. fact, these players unwilling follow plan, especially Nikola Jokic, Jimmy Butler, will probably fined.

Remember This team "nuggets" beated phoenix suns booker think lakers chance overcome
Have faith.
Lakers fans tried convince DAngelo Russell Better than Westbrook btw.
Jamal Murray: takes wins championship, weve five more Lakers way...".
Me supporting the Lakers.
Still basketball left, this first half exactly said Denver shouldnt feel good after winning Game Lakers clearly unlocked something with Hachimura then.
Okay don't they have "King" Lakers this pic?
ASVEL, Utah jazz, Lakers remember time (Shaq Kobe groupie) Lyonnais4 life.
picture wise pretty incredible what Lakers this season. Started 2-10. LeBron missed games. Then, they flip their roster around make conference finals. Keep core pieces full season together looks.

lakers chiefs hahahahah that says need know!
them Jokic need some good Lakers meme make some.
think Lakers might possibly same better than 2019-2020 Lakers. It's much that Lakers playing because Laker losses this series would wins agains most other teams. Nuggets just WHOLE better than this time.

Game zote zebras included that Lakers lineup. Nuggets still winning this.
Lakers lose, Uber eats loses order vibrator dies. tomorrow will better.
Photos: Lakers can't keep pace with Denver Nuggets Game loss.
Lakers down against Nuggets. team history ever come back from being down 0-3.
Lakers fans really complaining about refs?
Jamal Murray again! Denver defeats Lakers take lead! Jokic: PTS, AST, REB Davis: PTS, REB, BLK James: PTS, AST, into PlayoffMode with League Pass NBAPlayoffs.

Second half starts now.
When Lakers went back locker room.
Kyrie agree agent. never said would Lakers. same guard that Laker fans were happy get. having playoffs Westbrook treatment.
Austin Reaves appreciation tweet.
nuggets actually beat fix. embarrassing from lakers, they should ashamed themselves. league trying hand them this game championship they flat-out choked.
shut meat riding dawgBron fucking losing USUAL yall these stories shit yall wanna throw around lakers were nobody mentioning fucking injured footstop excuses lakers fans worse than cowboys fans midseason.

Common man, its lebron!
Lakers ALONE running dollar tab.
Lakers will first team History come back from deficit series. trust this lead team impossible. Weve been beating odds whole season, nothing here. Lets done, KingJames!

Sarcasism let's laugh for lakers.
Shout DwightHoward chatting LateNightLakers Spaces tonight this am). Your perspective helped understand lot. Thanks specially that Kobe story Much love respect you, will pray Supermans return Lakers.

Draymond LeBron Lakers every seconds.
PUBLIC APPEARANCE: Robert Pattinson arriving sitting courtside Lakers Denver Nuggets (LA, 2023).
lakers flopping team. Everyone sells foul flops. Like from Lebron Reaves, DLo, shroder. Thats cant respect this Lakers team could throw every time them acting marginal contacts.

lakers have driven drink heres what look like next days.
Scott foster cant own, almost carried tonight, rest lakers need step up!!!
Gotta play the bench give the big dawgs sum water dayyyummm!
Adele watching Jamal Murray cook Lakers.
Lakers front office needs make re-signing these their priority this offseason.
straight games weve seen Lakers inability string together necessary offensive possessions quarter win.
Mike Malone been talking shit fucking series Lakers aint prove wrong once.
This exactly what Mike Malone telling team halftime always about lakers lol.
What chance give LeBron Lakers become first team come back down 0-3?
Denver within game securing finals berth first time franchise history after clinical 119-108 defeat Lakers Angeles that leaves them best-of-seven Western Conference finals series. Full story.


What You Really Think

Are the LAKERS sleeping at every lake they duck?

1 game left then we are done NUGGETS !!! Man this is for all the WARRIORS.. All the memes weve been receiving as WARRIORS fans.. DANKO!

Pull the brooms out.

The cheaters deserves that.

Nuggets vs heats. Should be fire.

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