Thursday 25th of February 2021

Three All-Stars And One 6MOTY Candidate The Lakers' Former Young Core Have All Glowed Up.

Three All-Stars and one 6MOTY candidate The Lakers' former young core have all glowed up.
Lakers fans checking to see if the game is over yet.
OFFICIAL: The Lakers have requested waivers on Quinn Cook.
Dont know why lakers a make a move for him smh.
Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker has replaced Lakers Anthony Davis on the Western Conference All-Star team.
Forever Family.
Yo as a Lakers fan what can I say other than fuck the covid brothers rudygobert27 and spidadmitchell and that whole weak ass Utah team. Y'all are a second round exit team!!
LeBron received a warning for violating the leagues anti-flopping rule after the Lakers game vs. the Grizzlies on Feb. 12. ( NBAOfficial).
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Didnt Lakers fanbase did the same last season? Hated on KCP during the regular season. Then, KCP dropped em 3s in the post. And the fanbase wanted LAL to resign KCP ASAP?
Four straight losses for the Lakers.
Lakers dey stress, work dey stress, 2k combine be stress, GWCL dey stress me pass. Y3bl3 o.
On this date in 2013, Kobe Bryant TORCHED the Mavs just two days after Mark Cuban suggested the Lakers should amnesty his contract. Mamba finished the game with 38 Pts, 12 Reb, & 7 Ast. Amnesty THAT.
Underdog Lakers back.
Trezz's shoes tonight for 2/24 ( Lakers).
Manboy indiancricketteam Lakers at Jazz.
Releasing in 1 HOUR Chinatown Market x Converse Bulls: Lakers.
FCBayernEN Lakers NBA Stop barking ! Who let the dog out.
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Lakers with AD Lakers without AD.
Time to put some respect on the utahjazz Best record in the NBA (26-6) Won 22 of last 24 games Havent lost at home since Dec. Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert: All Stars Most PPG in West Fewest PPG allowed in West Blew out defending champion Lakers 114-89.

Lebron James trying to carry the Lakers without Anthony Davis and Dennis Schroder like.
Lakers are done, my friend. Im worried. Fuck those bastards. Good morning from Italy.
Lakers better trade everyone but Bron & AD to get Beal.. or they gettin out the Western conference lol.
Ladies Bite ur lower Iip and pronounce "O" Ya that's how you should moan eNCA thursdaymorning Lakers.
He copied Fisher! Against the Lakers!
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers lose fourth game in a row after defeat to the Utah Jazz.
Lmaooo Lakers bout to spin the block on they ass in the playoffs..
If LeBron and AD are healthy, LA would clearly have the two best players in a Lakers-Jazz series. But Utah might have 3 through 9 or 10.
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Sooooooo whats the difference between the Jazz style and the Warriors style? If this were the Lakers doing this would you say the same thing?
Me watching Lakers games thinking they going to win w/o Schroder & AD.
Also where was Ad, who cares about 16 points tn whats it gonna be against nuggets clipps and lakers in playoffs.
Its easy to chalk up this Lakers big first half deficit to no AD/Schroder... but then you realize Donovan Mitchell hasnt even scored.
How would the lakers pull that off? i see possibly whiteside even though its a reach. but drummond?? lakers cant acquire that contract.
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Im not worried about them at all. Thats why I defend Vogel so much. Lakers had no business being the 2nd best offense of the playoffs last year. I have 0 concerns about his adjustment skills.
After the lakers win the chip again this year. You wont tweet shit. I hate niggas that just hate for no fucking reason. The man doesnt even know you exist.
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The Lakers some ass. Overrated. Nets in 5.
LeBron and the Lakers should win this game. They've played better on the road. Jazz are overrated. Tonight, the Lakers finally have a hot shooting night. Tonight, LeBron surely (finally) makes 4 or 5 threes.

Trends in Twitter Trending Words Ranking 1st Lakers Twitter Trend Ranking.
I have a statement in advance of tonights Utah Jazz-Los Angeles Lakers game that...could get ugly.
Will be ok.
Jazz lead the Lakers by 20 near the end of the 3rdQ.
The Lakers are 1) exhausted 2) injured 3) getting every team's best shot EVERY single game as defending champions.
Mamba for life!!!!
Make way for the !
The Lakers are currently on a 4 game losing streak and 1-5 since Anthony Davis got injured.
LeBron vs. Curry: A Rivalry Renewed Lakers-Warriors. March 15 at 10:30 PM ET on ESPN nulb.
New Season Grind!!
They were the New Orleans Jazz before moving to Utah. That's why. Just like the Lakers were originally from Minneapolis... where lakes actually existed. Welcome to professional sports, where sometimes team names don't make sense. Boston Celtics don't even pronounce Celtic right.

I sure damn hope so. Today was real ugly vs the not so beast, beasty Jazz.
Lakers lost another game.
Whats good with the lakers though .
]Post Game Thread] The Utah Jazz (26-6) defeat the Los Angeles Lakers (22-11), 114 - 89.
The Los Angeles Lakers drafted All-Stars in three straight drafts.
Cap Lakers game with bs excuses Mofos had 8 years off before the bubble, stfu***nulb Then no real preseason. No real training camp. Mofos are rested as ever in NBA right now.. With or without the bubble.. Stop crying ***nulb.

Donovan Mitchell, Jazz Hand LeBron James, Lakers 4th Straight Loss - Bleacher Report.
NBA Power Rankings: Brooklyn moves to top as LeBron, Lakers slide - ProBasketballTalk.
Lol Lakers are defending champions. They've ties the record for most all time. And really would surprise absolutely no one of they repeated.
Boooo lakers boooo.
Jazz hand Lakers worst loss of the season.
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Anthony Davis-less Lakers pounded by NBA-best Jazz.
The Lakers have now lost 4 straight games.
Definitely! Lakers are vulnerable without AD.
Phoenix Suns Guard DevinBook has been named by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to replace injured Lakers Forward Anthony Davis in the 2021 NBAAllStar Game.
You do realize Lebron recruits the top guys when theyre free agents, right? Only AD wanted to play with him. If KD joined the Cavs/Lakers instead of GS, I guarantee it wouldnt be an issue to you.

What You Really Think

Damn I never wouldve thought D Lo would be the worst one out of those 4.

I think we're missing one guy that hasn't quite glowed up yet.

Kobe blessed them after dropping 60 in his farewell.

They can't wait too long for the glow then they realise.