Wednesday 20th of January 2021

Frank Lampard Arriving at Chelsea Training Tomorrow Morning ( Nyjets).

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Frank Lampard: Expectations at this club are high. That is something that will always be there. It is not my decision ]if he stays]. Some things are always beyond your control. That I can't answer. Chelsea board now more than disappointed...

Frank Lampard arriving at Chelsea training tomorrow morning ( nyjets).
All-Time Most Assists: 162 - Ryan Giggs 111 - Cesc Fabregas 103 - Wayne Rooney 102 - Frank Lampard 94 - Dennis Bergkamp 93 - David Silva 92 - Steven Gerrard 85 - James Milner 80 - David Beckham 76 - Teddy Sheringham & KEVIN DE BRUYNE.

Cech waiting in the boardroom to tell Lampard hes gone.
Roy Keane in defence of Solskjaer on Sky last year: Well, I watched Chelsea last night, they've lost eight games but for some reason Frank Lampards doing alright, maybe because he's English, I don't know." Nothing has changed.

Peter Drury: "Once again Chelsea leave the pitch with their heads down, I can't imagine what they're thinking but on the league table they keep sinking. You look at Lampard's face and you can tell he only need the Pad to wipe those tears because the Lamp has gone off".

Peter Drury...the Lamp in Lampard has gone off***nulbNow with Mendy in goal nothing has been Mended in this Chelsea Team.
Lampard arriving at training tomorrow.
If we sack Frank Lampard, we should let Mason Mount take over on a player-manager contract.
Chelsea fans hated Sarri for having a top 3 defence in the league but twerk for Lampard who has a worse record away than Palace.
Chelsea have no history, they say... the club is vacuous... it has no soul. If youre a fan and calling for Lampards head because of five defeats in eight, you certainly fit the bill. You want soul and culture at the club you support? Stand by those who built it.

Lampard addresses midfielders decision after fans see official Chelsea deal get done.
I feel for Frank Lampard at the moment.
All we need right now is either a sack or the resignation of Lampard...any other thing aside that is none of our business.
Not that anybody will care or even noticed but Werner was good when he came on. Lampard has to persist with that formation. Ziyech coming inside, Reece James offering the width. The correct vision of Chelsea should be Southampton but with good players.

ESPN: Leicester's win over Chelsea rekindles title dreams, while piling pressure on Lampard A.
Theyre a weird bunch,its a constant daily thing with them now with Lampard and Arteta.
Even if Chelsea buys Messi and Ronaldo...Lampard will still lose games to burnley and the rest, Theres no chemistry in this team***nulb.
Drogba > Terry, Lampard.
Heated conversation between Lampard and Marina after the Chelsea vs Leicester game.
The boards a farce, have been for years and will continue to be if they sack Lampard. If Roman wants sustained success and a culture within the club you cant keep replacing managers every 2 years and style of play alongside it.

Lampard in his Zoom meeting with Abramovic tomorrow.
Might as well. The players are playing like they are on the school ground at recess. Having Lampard leave now would only help.
1. Oles top of the league 2.lampard is shit.
If they can sack Frank Lampard 6 months into a season with 6 new players, no preseason and a pandemic then Im afraid that nobody will ever receive time to build anything and youre fooling yourself if you think they will.

Lampard trying to return Kai Havertz to Bayer Leverkusen and get the 85M Chelsea paid for him.
Crazy how not only was Steven Gerrard a better player than Frank Lampard, hes also a better manager ***nulb.
Mount after Lampard gets sacked.
Frank Lampard has been sacked as Chelsea head coach after one and half years in charge following a run of poor form in the League.
If Ole Gunnar Solskjaers the P.E teacher, then Frank Lampards the school janitor.
Frank Lampard trying to enter the Chelsea training ground tomorrow.
What a weird thing for you to do, I don't like Bielsa so I immediately have to rate Lampard higher? I can think Lampard is shit and Bielsa is hugely overrated at the same time. Hes having a better season than Lampard, congrats? That doesn't mean anything. Its Lampard.

Anyone that looks lively and plays well will then start against wolves. What's the worst that can happen for Lampard? He loses and gets sacked, just like he would if players aren't giving 100% all the time.

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After Leicester I think Lampard needs to send a message to the squad. If you don't give 100% you will be dropped. I'd take a youth team with the bench players to play Luton and tell them that there playing for a starting spot against wolves.

Frank Lampard will be hoping he turns up soon...
Di Matteo was sacked in no time even after he won us our first UCL yet Lampard still gets all this love, I hate these biased English bastards.
What a dig at Lampard man, I like Maddison. "There might be teams that can spend more than us and pay big wages for big players but that team spirit and togetherness is here at Leicester City for all to see".

Sack Lampard straight.
Sign a new coach ChelseaFC frank lampard can't handle the club anymore we need an Italian coach cause the are known to wim trophy with ChelseaFC.
Frank Lampard, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Rooney, Giggs and Scott Parker all need at least 5 years to become solid coaches. Give them time.
Are you feeling alright mate? Look where we are, put your feelings for Lampard aside and see we arnt progressing with him, look how much were regressing. He needs to go.
Why is Lampard the one we stick by?
My beloved team is not playing soo well. Lampard was a good player in his days, but his playing skills are not being reflected in his coaching tactics. If trully Lampard loves ChelseaFC let him resign before the team starts fighting relegation.

Current scenes at Chelsea...are Lampards days at the club numbered?
Sarri was right all along about Chelseas kids They were nowhere near ready 2 years ago, many are still not ready now...and many wont ever be good enough The Sarri haters wont admit that & weirdly believe Lampard will leave his successor a team ready to win.

Theres something else wrong with the team beside Lampard, their lack of motivation to press the opponent & recover the ball, lack of creativity in the middle..
Lampard responding to a question about his future at CFC tonight: It intensified for me a while ago. Expectations at this club are high. It is not my decision. That is something that will always be there. Some things are always beyond your control. That I cant answer.

Wanna laugh at how shit Chelsea are, but now they're one step closer to sacking Lampard and getting a serious manager.
Ive been Lampard out for 6months, but this is a deeper problem, not the first time weve been screwed by VAR.
Should / will Lampard get sacked?
Sarri : 1 trophy in 1 year fans : sack him, has zero connection with fans and players Antonio Conte : 2 trophies in 2 years fans : sack him, he's lost the dressing room Lampard : almost 2 years, bottled 3 cup finals, no tactics Fans : trust the process Lmao whaaaat process??

Pride comes before a fall but there is pride in defending your colors to death. Lampard jumping ship is seriously bad.
When Chelsea hired Lampard did anyone really expect him to win a CL or PL with Chelsea? No of course not. If Lampard does get the sack he can DEFINITELY hold his head up high..
If Lampard wasnt a club legend and we are giving him the respect he deserves am sure by now Abrahamovic would be discussing his sacking procedure. But do I wanna leave Chelsea? NO!
Literally saw his name and thought it was Lampard news, if you dont have anything meaninful to say abeg keep quiet.
If you want Lampard in, thats okay. If you want Lampard out, thats okay too. But I think its gotten to a point where everyone can agree, something needs to change..
93% pass accuracy, 4 key passes, 4 interceptions & EIGHT tackles for Mount tonight. And besides that, it looked like he cared way more than everyone else. So many people have said he gets in the side because of Lampard but its clear hes getting in the side after Lampard, too.

It's been proven right now it's not about reputation you think if it wasn't for that Lampard would still be here would have been sacked time ago.
Sai Baba Lampard but why.
Lampard please be a TRUE CHELSEA FAN that you are and RESIGN! You would be saving lives when you do!
Arsenal's defeat should have been Lampard last game.
They said Pep Guardiola is a check book manager lampard and Chelsea should do it if it is easy.
Chelsea manager Lampard: Dont compare misfiring Werner to Torres.
Chairman, your team dierr you for sack Lampard.
Abraham - Hushpuppi Havertz - Agbani Darego Werner - Adamu Garba Lampard - Nastyblaq.
When Chelsea lose again but then you realise it means Lampard's time is coming to an end.
I am no longer watching another Chelsea game until Lampard is sacked.
Lampard returning Havertz and Werner to the Bundesliga after Leicesters game.
Retweet and tag any chelsea fan Awon Lampard FC.
Ultimately it doesn't matter what the fans think! It's what Roman decides! It's his Money and his Decision! Lampard has seen it all too often as a player and now the Shoe is on the other foot! The end is nigh..

Liverpool sacked Rodgers at the right time. If they know they wont keep Lampard at all. Just sack him now Dont go sack him 3 days before we play Atletico. Get the new guy in now.
Poor guy took the blame for every goal Chelsea conceded last season. Now he isnt in the team, they have faced Lampard. The midfield is the issue, always exposing the defenders who are also shit.
Lampard changed Kepa to Dark mode and Chelsea fans thought they got a new keeper.
Lampard talking about too many of Chelseas players not doing the basics in his post-match Sky interview.
"Frank's dealt with pressure all his life, they would be mad not to give him time" Jamie Redknapp speaking about the pressure Frank Lampard will be under as Chelsea manager right now.
Plays shitty game: Lampard: you cant sack me.
Time up for Frank Lampard? By.
Tuchel wouldnt last a year in the job, Allegris playstyle is horrible to watch. The only acceptable replacement if Lampard was to be sacked should be Nagelsmann.
5 - Chelsea have kept a clean sheet in just 17% of their away games in the Premier League under Frank Lampard (5/29); among those to have taken charge of 10 away games in the competition, this is the lowest percentage of any Chelsea manager. Struggle.

Frank Lampard wants to manage Chelsea one day. Bad idea, says.
You act like Ole is going to win a trophy at United he is just as bad as your manager just has more experience behind the scenes . Get out my mentions you Lampard Sexual.
Ziyech the magician - 8th Pulisic Captain America - 8th Thiago Silva best defender - 8th Havertz is better than Bruno - 8th Lampard is better than Ole - 8th Werner is faster than Usain Bolt - 8th Chelsea would win the league - 8th Mendy is a wall - 8th.

Get Lampard Sacked and watch us go from Sunderland to prime Bayern.

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Please call Craig Burley, that guy always had a go about Ole and Man UTD, now I want to hear whats his opinion about Chelsea and Lampard?

Y'll better gt off.


Haha after spending a shit ton of money.

Masks off..prolly why I guess.

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