Sunday 27th of March 2022


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President Biden will continue fight right vote pushing Congress pass Freedom Vote John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Together, safeguard strengthen freedom vote generations come.

Lewis Hamilton says Formula drivers "duty bound" raise awareness issues Saudi Arabia admits "open" meeting those authority drive change country.

Thats Lewis Hamilton GOAT.
Gutted. Lewis improves with final lap, it's enough. eliminated first time since Brasil 2017.
Lewis Hamilton says very surprised being knocked early, Something]wrong] looking good tried progress probably went far. undriveable.

Love Lewis LewisHamilton Still saying racing Jeddah. Sleep deprived drivers having security their minds. Should have been allowed race today. asked much from them today that's nothing with racing. Praying Mick. Praying for.

Lewis concerned Mick just about interviewed.
Lewis Hamilton: just struggled with balance car. where want professional unfortunately, went wrong with setup. also mentioned maybe starting from lane they might need tweak car.

Lewis asked canal whats state mind about racing here after what happened yesterday said looking forward home.
fuck interview lewis after that.
Last time lewis didn't make championship against ferrari driver teammate that year from williams also championship previous year.
rebuild with hands lewis.
Lewis George FP3. Work before qualifying.
Lewis, said
Lewis asking about mick
nasty tweet about Lewis youll unfollowed fast. serious!
clear that least five drivers reportedly including Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso would rather race Saudi Arabia. Around half past morning, drivers were hundred percent behind position continue racing.

Lewis Hamilton very very rare sight.
Lewis said canal cant wait home. that pretty much sums
Lewis Hamilton talks about shocking exit after being knocked
shook lewis hamilton.
surprised that lewd behaviour from Lewis.
Lewis finishing
paraphrase, Have last hours been distraction? question they asked Lewis earlier. first thing they find excuse shown qualifying today. Lets just say, they dont keep same energy certain German driver.

That's VadaineOliver 30th goal TheGillsFC 87th game club. took same. comparison, Kedwell took games, King Superbob Jackson Asaba Shearer Crown Cody Terry record Derek Lewis 46!

predicted. Lewis outinq1? This literally NEVER happens. MercedesAMGF1 stop LewisHamilton getting title.But karmas bitch. Look what happens when mess with G.O.A.T. careful what wish Hamilton anointed.

It's Michael Masi's fault that Lewis
Lewis Hamilton's the.
Mercedes cars with different configurations quali today lewis that didnt work said about start from lane change everything.
That whole Lewis interview screams "What fuck still doing here" -Tarik.
Love something more stern splendid than mere kindness. -C.S. Lewis.
Lewis Hamilton Qualifying.
Heartbroken Lewis like just hearing that just wants home.
Lewis Hamilton being best more less years. Always better than other team pilot. fails people talking about lack talent best luck. scared about hate that created.

Lewis Hamilton crashes Sauid Arabia Jeddah Grand Prix Comes shocking 16th Place.
Lewis Hamilton failed make will start 16th position Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton when asked about performance tomorrow ]race], understanding that raced from back before: have same from qualifying. dont anticipate moving forwards will give everything.

Russel-Hamilton time does Lewis' problem!
Lewis Hamilton huh? Heres your friendly reminder that when beat driver world gets thrown around with Hamilton Sebastian Vettel before Michael Schumacher before him, were really just talking about that moment dominant car.

Lewis Hamilton knocked first qualifying session Saudi Arabia.
"It's where want be." Lewis Hamilton reacts shock exit after being knocked first time since 2017.
Lewis asking mick okay before starting interview
last time Lewis Hamilton pure pace (not because imminent penalties, weather etc) 2009 British haven't seen this nearly years!
unfollowed many Lewis Mercedes fans today. real supporters all.
Lazard, tonyan, lewis, deguara very good high pointing catching contested balls. Rodgers needs couple guys consistently seperate.
last time Lewis Hamilton pure pace 2009 British Grand Prix. haven't seen this nearly years!
Lewis Hamilton fans searching Michael Masi blame.
super popular among parents faculty Lewis Clark Elementary School, well South High.
Christmas David wins title birds. Their opponents were Mike Sharpe(WWFs Iron Mike Sharp), Sharpe(Kelly Kiniski) Steele (Gene Lewis would over next months return Mongol).

Lewis fans today.
Lewis Hamilton This first elimination since Brazil 2017.
Lewis Hamilton right now.
Verstappen years last time Lewis Hamilton that... (h/t PHortonF1).
Seven-times world champion Lewis Hamilton knocked opening phase Saturday's qualifying Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.
There been sport. Grab that negativity throw away. There's enough already. TeamLH this. Stay positive! Lewis Hamilton, we've time prove.
LEWIS HAMILTON BEEN ELIMINATED SaudiArabianGP. This first time been eliminated since Brazil 2017. Stream qualifying live.
Yeah, like Bottas. incredibly quick, just keep with Lewis. Hell well leading team like Alpha Romeo. think good teammate Guan.
Circuit League Interview with 2023 Star Lewis stress reliever. chose right program Arizona with coach Lloyd whole coaching staff value them believing talents.

Toto Wolf: Lewis, said Q1!!
qualified you, Mitchie?

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Not surprised hes got a struggling car that doesnt mean hes gonna be out of the Championship fight.


Becoming evident that his 7 titles had more to do with the quality of his car, rather than his limited driving skills.

Things you love to see haha prick.

Should retire gracefully..time for Max and Leclerc to battle it out.

Is there a way we can blame Red Bull.



All for being serious color.

I told you guys Dale Earnhardt jr was a better nascar driver.

Something was Wrong with His Car *** dont me.

And still you fall.

Life is not the same when you dont drive the best car on the grid huh?

He didn't, but everybody in your office deserved this. Cheers.

Bro stop the sharpening.

Preciso muito de ajuda,estou sem trabalho e passado p muitas necessidades,e muito sofrimento,Nem sei mais o q fazer.Falta comida p mim e meus cachorros E muito dificil viver assim!! P Deus me ajudem,estou desesperada! Agradeco qualquer ajuda Pix

Hahahaha!!! GR63 went P4. Same exact car. Time to retire LewisHamilton. GR63 is superior!!

Wasn't he the GOAT?

Cant believe it.

If you were a bad guy, which you arent, would you say that youre happy that this happened.

It means that lance_stroll disqualified lewis? The weather is changing...


Love to see it !


Go to sleep.

Finally we're seeing the actual drivers skill rankings, not cars ability rankings You love to see the truth come out! Bang average driver.

We Rise , its still.