Monday 12th of April 2021

Jesse Lingard Rn.

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Goal - LINGARD Assist - COUFAL West Ham 1-0 Leicester (29 mins).
Jesse Lingard rn.
Since his PL debut for WestHam in February, no player has been involved in more goals in the competition than Jesse Lingard (9 6 goals, 3 assists).
No one in the United squad can bench Lingard. Imagine Pogba with McTominay in midfield. Lingard in-front of them in that number ten role. Bruno coming in from the bench in the 88th minute.
Anyone in the know with xG, does it take into account goalkeeper positioning at all? Cause Lingard's second is an open net.
Watch well buy lingard this week hell blank and the player u took out will score twice.
Omo lingard.
The argument isnt about Lingard making the Euro squad its if he is making the starting 11.
*After Lingard scores* Nobody: Werner: Where unna dey see this goal?
This Lingard form is suspicious k.
Jesse Lingard is the best player to ever play for West Ham.
Honestly, Lingard 2021 or Messi 2012.
Jesse Lingard what a season for you it is your time to shine at West Ham , a player reborn at WH indeed.
Lingard doesn't let down his team by going to a party during Covid so definitely the right decision.
Lingard now has more Premier League goals than De Bruyne and Havertz combined this season.
Jesse Lingard has scored 7 goals from just 3.85(xG) this season.
Lingard deserves all the praise he's getting atm what a guy.
Lingard has the same number of open play goals than Bruno this season in 1300 mins less.
Jesse Lingard hes greatest football player in the world Im seerious.
[?] Jesse Lingard scoring his 7th league goal for West Ham in just 9 appearances. Balling In London.
Man UTD can now sell Lingard buy Sancho and still have money left .
Lord Lingard.
Hai dude is seriously outperforming his memes.
I wouldn't have minded that after a decent Saturday. Until Jesse Fucking Lingard single handedly decimated my rank. (That's his actual middle name now).
Lingard has scored again. Unbelievable story this.
Lingard will score 4 tonight.
Lingard is a better footballer than Ronaldo. Don't get me wrong. RONALDO has obviously had a better career and is one of the greatest of all times, but in terms of individual quality Lingard is the better football player.

We are living in Lingard's world.
Signing lingard will make u stop trusting the process? we are 11TH.
Why I bench Lingard and Dallas.
I'm so happy for Jesse Lingard.
Bro, Lingard is in the form of his life.
I knew lingard would be great again.
I now understand why Mourinho kept playing Jesse Lingard.
Lingard doing a Bruno Pernandez on loan.
United need to move on from lingard these are just the facts but Im over the moon hes doing so well.
Jesse Lingard since making his debut for West Ham.
The soap you people are looking for is with Jesse Lingard.
Lingard will always be better than Chelsea attackers, but dey aren't ready for this Convo.
Let it be known I am truly happy for Jesse Lingard.
Lingard on.
Lingard is balling out of his mind wow.
What has gotten in to lingard.
After calling Lingard shit for years we need him back.
Goal - LINGARD Assist - BOWEN West Ham 2-0 Leicester (44 mins).
Jesse Lingard again he is simply the real baller.
Bruno Fernandes - 8 open play PL goals all season Jesse Lingard - 7 open play PL goals since joining West Ham. Hope this helps.
Ole and Man United was holding Lionel Lingard back. Hes the greatest and you use him like that?? Glad Moyes could see him for what he really is.
Lingard 50mill ??
Lingard is better than Messi atm.
8 goals and 3 assists in 9 PL appearances for West Ham! No one can stop Jesse Lingard.
Jesse Lingard should win the EPL Player of the season man None of those Bruno Fernandes, Kevin de Bryune nonsense!
Since making his West Ham debut, Jesse Lingard has more direct goal involvements (10) than any player in the Premier League. In that time, only Harry Kane has scored as many goals as him (7). THRIVING.

Yes we will rightly talk about Lingards goals, but his all round play is brilliant... sign him up! [?].
Thanks to the loan offer. Lingard redeemed and rediscovered himself I am so happy for him.
Arsenal are interested in a summer move for Jesse Lingard if they cannot keep loanee Martin Odegaard beyond this season. ]JackRosser_].
Jesse Lingard never played this well Even in his best times at Manchester United.
Im extremely happy for Lingard Top guy.
Lingard's goals and assists at West Ham are going to stop Liverpool getting top 4.
Is nobody gonna talk about how fast Jessie Lingard is climbing the top scorer list.
Lingard really out here playing like he is that guy.
PS50m or nothing for Lingard if dem no want make Westham getout!!
Me watching Jesse Lingard ball out.
I reckon someone has done a Space Jam and taken Mane's talent this season and put it into Lingard!
Im so happy Lingard is shutting everyone up.
Jesse Lingard has now been involved in eight goals in his last six Premier League games for West Ham. [?] 5 goals 3 assists Proving a point once more.
Jesse Lingard is Bigger Than Both Chelsea and Arsenal and it's Not even Debatable.
Lingard is on.
E be like say Bruno don cut soap for Lingard!
J Lingz casually being a boss.
Lingard was bigger than Manchester United.
Im happy for Jesse Lingard, but it has to stop now.
Hope for them Lingard stays. Perfect chemistry.
Hold up Jesse Lingard has more league goals than KDB this season. Hes unreal man.
Lingard this season.
Jesse Lingard is the one can tell me otherwise...
West Ham 2-0 Leicester HT Jesse Lingard at the double for the Hammers. Jarrod Bowen beats Kasper Schmeichel to Issa Diop's long clearance to set up Jesse Lingard for an easy second goal YELLOW CARD - Aaron Cresswell and Ricardo Pereira have both gone into the book.

Had United given Lingard a fair chance, would they have been competing with City for the league? Martial and Greenwood have only produced 6 goals and 4 assists between themselves in 46 appearances, which is less G/A than what Lingard has got in 9 appearances for West Ham.

Lingard is wearing less and going out more.
Lingard is the definition of ur apology better be as loud as ur disrespect.
Jesse Lingard chalks up another Bowen beats the offside trap and squares it for Lingard to roll home [?] Watch the second half on Sky Sports PL.
Love to see Lingard thriving for the Hammers!
At this rate, West Ham will have to give us Declan Rice AND PS100m for Jesse Lingard!
Because Lingard has been fucking awful for MUFC in all but one season and should have actually been sold years ago?
[?] vs. Arsenal [?] vs. Wolves [?][?] vs. Leicester Jesse Lingard has been involved in two goals in each of his last three Premier League games. [?].
Jesse Lingard is kinda player Barcelona need to fix their midfield, in fact to fix their team! What a baller!!

What You Really Think

Respect Lingard?

Turned his career around. He should be called to the England team.

What's this downgrade Lingard is clear.

He's not a finished fraud ?

Respect lingard.

Lets be honest Jesse Lingard is better than Ronaldo in his prime. Dont get me wrong. Ronaldo has obviously had a better career and is the overrated of all time, But in terms of individual quality Jesse Lingard is a better football player.

Better than kai Harvetz.

Lionel Lingard.

Bleacherlona report looking for a way to praise messing for disappearing in the el classico.

Disrespectful to Lingard.

Crazy af.


Stop with that picture he's better than him.

He is better than any version of Messi and Cristiano.

Messi lingard.

So many years you guys mock him and call him lingerdinho, no he is proving the name.


Why do we never see these kind of tweets comparing to Ronaldo? I'll say why "It's because Leo Messi is the benchmark for every footballer " The GOAT.

Man united killed his career big time!

Zha Ju daelsZha Tang Le.

Better than messi.

Respect Jesse ffs.

BR RM fanboy.

Why is everyone compared to messi when they play good.

He aint the 2nd best?


Best player in the world right now.

Precisamos falar sobre jesse lingard!!!

Lingard is clear of this fraud.

Lingard does with a team that doesn't have wage bill of other clubs combined in his league, respect him.

Disrespectful to Jesse.

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Messi, the blueprint.

He's Better than pessi.

If it was mourinho that loaned lingard, and he's having this run of form, united fans will crucify mourrinho. But since it's their "legend" ole, no one is saying anything.

Lingz heading to the euros like.

Lingard is better than this midget.


Better than pessi.

He's too good for West Ham I hope Madrid is interested.

Me going to sleep at night knowing that I'm going to tell my grandkids ronaldo was a bench player so their generation thinks he's a bum.

Give Lingard his Ballon d'Or and his puskas.

Why is Messi always the standard?

He is better.

Ok but why this.

Jesse Lingard 2021, Amazing!

He loves playing against leicester.

Real Goat.

Lingard lagi Lingard lagi.

Couldn't have cropped this face ***.

It's like 2018 over again. Prime Lingard.


Need this guy back right now.

That's why Messi is the GOAT.

Not this fraud pls.

Is the Best currently.

Awesome Lingard.

Finding reasons to post messi.

Man United will still sign Graelish and sell Lingard***.

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