Wednesday 28th of July 2021


Social Media Says

Twitter Drags Charlie Kirk After He Slams Simone Biles.
Tucker Nods Along as Guest Blasts Virtue Signaling From Vaccine-Promoting Conservatives.
Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk encourages his young supporters at their summer gathering to "play a game" where they try...
You know why ;).
Who Killed Ashli Babbitt? -- President Trump Makes Big Tech Feel The Heat -- The Charlie Kirk Show 07.07.21 Watch Video.
Charlie Kirk: Why Tyrants Want to Overturn Our Constitutional Rights.
Kyle Griffin on Twitter.
This is the man that funded the coup in January .
I want to kill it ,i want it die!!!
Watch "The BEST Argument You'll Ever Hear Against Abortion Charlie Kirk" on YouTube.
Ben shapiro can eat my ass. Charlie kirk is my new sworn enemy.
Pro-Trump youth group enlists teens in secretive campaign likened to a troll farm, prompting rebuke by Facebook and Twitter.
People here in America have absolutely no clue how good it is and make mountains out of our molehills.
Charlie Kirk Goes Viral for Calling Out Meghan and HarryFULL CLIP Social Media reacted with force when Charlie spoke the...
I cannot get over how Charlie Kirk looked in high school. This man looks like he was grown in a tube at the racism factory.

What You Really Think



Ashli was a domestic terrorist and got what she deserved.

They look like aliens.

Guarantee you're waking up missing a kidney.

Its so funny tbh.

A quick google search could've literally saved him some face.

Charlie Kirk.

Charlie Kirk VVV.

Cant tell if he already had male pattern balding or if his forehead is really just that big.

Charlie is the opposite of racist. If you actually watched his videos and understands what he stands for then youd realize whos really on tour side.

Bless you.

Putting it back in your notifs king.

Looks like a thumb.