Thursday 26th of November 2020

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Request to NFL and networks: Please move back the kickoff times of Texans-Lions and WFT-Cowboys. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.
Lions defensive backs when asked to cover Will Fuller V.
The Lions may be one of the worst coached teams in the NFL Why on 1st and 20 would you line up in man coverage? Its inexcusable.
Surprised she hasnt filed for divorce since she also wrote about how kneeling is evil if the lions do let stafford go her leaving would be a nice bonus.
Just like the kids in the backyard : CBS .
Texans handle the Lions on Thanksgiving, 41-25 [?]nulb brgridiron Watson: 17/25, 318 yards, 4 TDs.
Our Detroit Lions Team was better with Jim Caldwell ***nulb.
Today, the Lions should be thankful that theyre playing in front of an empty stadium. What a pathetic display. Total trash!
Please get me a new coach by next game...
Lions lose. Fire Matt Patricia.
Romeo Crennel improves to 4-3 as an interim coach. Pretty solid. Meanwhile, the Lions are going in the opposite direction.
As a Lions fan Ill help him hide the evidence just say the word.
Lions should leave Michigan.
Detroit media- just as bad as the sports teams.
Matt Ryan with the Detroit Lions is a piece of SHIT..
This is loss No. 29 in Matt Patricia's Lions tenure of two-plus seasons. Jim Caldwell, in four seasons, lost 28 games for the Lions.
Cant spell Lions without the L.
Turkey Day DakotaCashBombGiveAway : If any NFL player today scores 3 TDs or more Ill give away $3000 (6 followers/winners $500 each)must follow me - & like this to be eligible!
New team name.
Having grown up in Detroit, Im pretty much use to the Lions loosing on Thanksgiving AND most Sundays too!!
Time for the yearly Lions getting blown out Cowboys game not on yet nap.
Lions need to be kicked off thanksgiving- screw traditions.
I just woke up. What the fuck just happened? 2-1 Mad Lions.
Not really sure I could handle a successful Lions season if it ever happened. Itd be a total paradigm shift in my life.
Games won as Lions HC: Jim Caldwell- 36 Matt Patricia- 13 And Caldwell gets fired for Patricia.
Soooo hes fired right !
Dropped it on a dime : CBS .
This is such a wasted year for the Lions. It was so obvious they needed to move on from Matt Patricia last year, but they kept him, they catered their personnel moves to Patricia's priorities, and now they're in a deeper hole.

Every year Im thankful for my family, friends and coworkers, a great wife, and having a pretty good job...but just once Id like to add the lions to my list!
Fuck you all the pokemon would beat a billion lions.
Lions fans will be in the searching for Coaches themselves the rest of the season I can actually choose BeVell to go the rest of the way..I'd like to see what he can do even with this team instead of second fiddle of what Patricia sees & let the new GM come in they choose.

Ya'll so messy lmao. They "handle" the lions.
My dog picked Washington so Im going to go with that.
The Lions fired Jim Caldwell and he had a 36-28 record with the team. Matt Patricia is 13-29-1. Time to go.
Lmaoo lions are sooo sorry.
Please fire Matt Patricia.
Lions bettors at the Thanksgiving table rn.
The lions losing on Thanksgiving? Even during a global pandemic, some things truly never change.
My husband is a Lions fan but on the other hand, he played Will Fuller on his fantasy team.
This was a joke. On the field.
Matt Patricia has lost 29 games as HC of the Lions in 2 seasons. Jim Caldwell lost 28 games as HC of the Lions in 4 seasons.
Get the win on Thanksgiving!
Id swap Reds with Seattle. The Mariners havent been anything in 15 years. Florida Panthers in NHL. Lions and Hornets are spot on.
Obviously this game is out of reach, but never in all my years as a Lions fan have I seen this, much less on Thanksgiving. The crowd has completely cleared out with time still to go in the 4th. There's seriously not a soul in the stands. You're losing the fanbase, Lions!

Jim Caldwell 28 games lost in 4 seasons as Lions coach. Matt Patricia 29 games lost in 2 and a half seasons as Lions coach.
I wish we would move off the Lions and Cowboys hosting thanksgiving games. The NFL should treat thanksgiving the way NBA treats Christmas and put their (assumed) best games possible on. Today should be 12:30 Steelers vs Ravens 4:00 Packers vs Saints 8:00 Chiefs vs Bucs.

Caldwell's winning percentage was the 4th highest in Lions history, the three figures ahead of him are all pre-merger guys (Buddy Parker, Potsy Clark, Dutch Clark) bbut 9-7 wasn't good enough.
Not Lions free, they just no longer make me angry. I'm free of the Lions controlling my emotions. I just accept they'll always be the Lions.
Please ericbieniemy if the Lions call you answer your phone we need you in the Motor City.
My Dad once took a BDSM leather making class without knowing what BDSM was. At the end of the course he gave me this pom pom to use while cheering for the Detroit Lions.
Jim Caldwell vs Matt Patricia as Lions head coach: Caldwell Patricia 36-28 W-L 13-29-1 .563 Win% .314 2 Playoff app 0.
A fan would like to have a conversation with you.
Lions Ownership Has Same Reaction AS Every Lions Fan About This Team.
Siskiyou NCAA Penn State Nittany Lions Leather Tri-Fold Wallet CTRN27... Amazing product on sale.
It seems like your a LIONS FAN.
Jags, Browns, Patriots, Lions.
No they don't, you just flip to another channel, from the 1000 available or watch one of the 1000 streaming services available.
Texans beat Lions, Cowboys vs Washington are up next!
If the Detroit Lions are getting their dicks kicked in on national television... it must be Thanksgiving! Im thankful to share a division with this idiot team each and every Turkey Day.
Watched a Thanksgiving ep of Family Guy last night. Peter broke into a zoo. Came across the lion cage. Said to the lions, "Hey, don't you have a football game to lose in Detroit?" Even my Mom, who is from Detroit, laughed like hell at that.

Its seemed like for 5-6 years just the right tweak and few role players Lions could WC team each season.
Firing Jim Caldwell was the worst decision the Lions have made in my lifetime.
It was only the Lions, not that BIG of a win.
We are at the Sam is a Prostitute episode.
My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching my Lions lose. It's a sad life being a Lion's fan.
Staford puts his knee down today before his game during the National Anthem got his Ass handed as he disrespected are Country are Flag are President Trump ...
9 days til your next game. Dont expect it but hope you clean house starting with worthless head coach and GM.
Apologize to Jim Caldwell.
Lions werent good under Caldwell either.
Jim Caldwell was fired because the geniuses who run the Lions thought they should be going deep in the playoffs. They were 36-28 in his four seasons. They are now 13-29-1 since.
The Lions, showing up every year on Thanksgiving to get blown out.
Only good thing about the Lions: comic relief.
Words to describe my feelings about this Lions organization.
Lions worthless 2 points conversion cost me winning $1,550 . unbelievable . Happy Thanksgiving.
When did the lions last win on turkey day?
Fans watching the Lions get destroyed on thanksgiving.
As a resident of Detroit YES they SUCK thank god my pops raised me a packers fan.
I want to work for the Lions. Impossible to get fired.
Yall fucking suck and that head coach dont nobody like him in the city yall cooked and suck.
10 likes and Ill post the video of Lions making his entrance as a Thanksgiving turkey.
We havent touched the general manger and we have been not so good for a while.
Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns fans have had it bad as well but yeah, you guys need a new head coach, GM and scouting staff if you guys want a chance at making the playoffs in the future.
Im a Lions fan, but its time for the NFL to revoke thanksgiving privileges until they get it the F together. The country doesnt need to see this anymore.
Detroit Lions = Worst team in NFL.
How Will The Detroit Lions Manage To Break My Heart On Thanksgiving?

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I dont like the Texans but, i like JJ Watt, he's one of the good guys.

Please stop putting the lions on tv every freaking thanksgiving omggggg.

Good for him. JJ and AJ are the best Texans.

Matthew Stafford is the only thing Covid is afraid of.

NFL to cut down to 20 teams by 2024.