Friday 26th of November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! You Get to Experience Your Thanksgiving Meal Twice This Year, Once When You Eat it And Then When You Throw it up Watching The Lions/Bears Game.

Social Media Says

this Steelers fan. time obituary: Wayne Olexa home with family when Steelers went into overtime against Lions that could take.".
Thanksgiving 1997, BarrySanders Lions yards nflthrowback).
Happy Thanksgiving team. Lions their first today against VivalaZitos stupid Bears, well give people their choice merch from (Entire store still way) LETS OnePride RETWEET ENTER.

Lions player getting doinked head during this game peak Lions.
Give away Lazy Lions NFTs~ DAYS (Worth $8000 Just: V Follow
Just punt down Dan. gosh. least keep them guessing. Lions OnePride Protect former overall pick costs.
This Lions/Bears game exactly expected play out.
Just watched lions once, holding call, more times their gain yards without flag. Thankful they arent prime time today.
Bears-Lions, comedy writes itself.
brand Lions.
forcing watch Bears Lions Thanksgiving.
Defense forces three-and-out Lions ball middle three straight plays from their 2-yard line, muster yards.
RISE THANKSGIVING NATIONAL ANTHEM. Happy Thanksgiving. Now, let's enjoy another Lions loss.
little here there. lions might give another heart attack.
stuffed yard bird ready with some Lions ChicagoBears football Happy Thanksgiving.
Lions have starters btw.
Well doubt that's ever gonna happen lmao. There will always take your precious, stupid looking lions monkey's.
Lions fans every Thanksgiving.
could swap Bears Coach Matt Nagy Lions Coach Campbell halftime, would
Detroit Lions Jared Goff threw perfect ball Josh Reynolds score. 39-yard play.
This bears lions game.
Lions have tanking lol. straight plays from their
Lions toss defer. Bears then also defer told they cannot, they'll take ball. Good start.
straight plays goal line hope lions lose terrible play calling.
Free from shackles lions thanksgiving.
Chicken shit football.
Truly honored. Thanx much love hospitality.
Lions getting their first today.
will literally throw ball Hockenson.
Lions have loyal fanbase regardless their record salute!
0-9-1 Lions ball three times from yard line.
Lions offensive coordinator.
Awful play calling lions too.
It's ChicagoBears Lions Garbage Bowl 2021!
Detroit toss elected defer. Then Bears player said want defer." just says "they already deferred".
Lions game.
Gotta love Motown-inspired national anthem!
Happy thanksgiving everyone! experience your thanksgiving meal twice this year, once when then when throw watching Lions/Bears game.
DAndre Swift break Barry Sanders Thanksgiving Lions rushing record yards, will give people Like Retweet this tweet Follow Barry against Bears 1997, cant Swift.

Lions brutal lol.
"For just down have coffee with thought doing random kindness. When that, changed life." Rinaldi shares story former Lions Zack Follett simple kindness from saved life.

Lions wouldve been better just punting first down lmfao.
1982: original runs original Turkey Trot Giants 13-6 over Lions! Detroit Gary Danielson came replace Eric Hipple half only throw INT's including yard game-winning pick Taylor.

Lions starter Boyle commit time. verbaled under Spaz. Addazio encouraged UConn. strange college career here Can't coach size.
DET: Lions LV DAL: Dallas BUF Saints TB IND: Bucs NYJ HOU: Texans PHI NYG: Eagles CAR MIA: Panthers TEN Patriots PIT CIN: Steelers ATL JAX: Falcons LAC DEN: Chargers LAR Packers MIN Niners CLE BAL: Ravens SEA WAS: Seahawks.

runs backed zone? MCDC! Lets lions come
Imagine having paid money watch ChicagoBears Lions.
only think play when Lions backed near their zone.
Were Lions fans today.
Lions dumb hell throw that bih!
Lions with ELECTRIC start thanksgiving NFL).
Lions Praying Players Start Protesting Police Brutality Something Stop Watching.
Lions play every thanksgiving. used watching barry sanders play.
Lions dont look like team anymore lied.
only right motor city campbell gets first lions thanksgiving day.
Modern fear dumb. Like were living amongst lions, tigers bears fight/flight response being triggered talking other human beings?
lions just three times their yard line?
Video Lions winning toss deferring, with Bears then attempting defer well only told they cannot.
Jamaal Williams good just plays lions yall dont twisted.
Offensive only. figure might something because Lions blow.
decided Lions should every Thanksgiving?
Most lions thing ever.
Horrible call lions, this they will lose. balls plays.
Fuckin Christ lions dead.
Dude lions running three straight plays? Like theyre winning. Like they something, they have nothing lose??
theres lions o-line know hate.
GOFF REYNOLDS! Just like times. Lions with first Thanksgiving NFL).
Lions today tweet whatever anyone wants.
With Lions' back zone, chicagobears force punt. Lions didn't want take chance.
about time take Lions Thanksgiving this point. outside Detroit (some them tired) wants watch their asses anymore National televised game! Lets create tradition please. Maybe take page from with actual marquee games.


They really make watch lions this beautiful every year.
Lions should have spiked ball there reason risk safety worse fumble.
When Last Time Detroit Lions Thanksgiving?
My! -The Detroit Tigers home watching Lions Bears game.
They gotta something about Lions Thanksgiving every year.
hope Lions first today.
Lions drive started with false start, then they ball straight times yards plays
Lions this possession.
Three runs middle yard. Holy fuck Lions just punt first down next time.
Three straight running plays, Campbell? WTF? Throw damn ball.
Prediction; Bears actually didnt tell Nagy gone after game. Bears lose giving Lions their first only season. Nagy gets three year contract extension after going 3-13.
Lions Cricket Jono-Leaf Wright Hot1027FM this morning where announced Imperial Lions initial contribution CARES.
Lookout. Lions playing lose.
First drive, first score! 39-yard dime from JaredGoff16 J_Rey_11 CHIvsDET FOX.
I've concussion. Supposed stay screens. Think watching lions?! Pfft.
Please today.
THANKSGIVING Bears/Lions u41.5 (-110) Bills -6.5 (-105) Bills/Saints (-110) Pollard o44.5 rushing (-110) Pollard o14.5 receiving (-120) Montgomery o79.5 rushing (-110) Swift -110 115) Happy Turkey Day!

What You Really Think

Well hello Annie.

Wearing all that white while drinking red wine is a more dangerous game that Lions/Bears.

Getting a W today.

So eloquently put.

This pic looks like an album cover.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Must be nice to have that life style.

That light switch behind the pillar is questionable but that dress is on point. Fine as hell.

Thanks this is the dumbest thing Ive read today congrats! By the way gtfoh.

My my my A Thanksgiving with u, only 1 meal is necessary..

Id simp.

Risky, red wine white dress. Dont fall for the hey what time is it? bit. Ive seen it happen lol.

That wine looks delicious.

The accompanying pic is a comedic juxtaposition.

One of the things that Im thankful for is your weekly zoom calls. I dont care what kind of week Im having I know this will bring a smile to my face. Happy Thanksgiving AnnieAgar to you and your family!!

Wow ..

7-0 Lions; Win Probability 15% now.

The least the NFL could do would be to put it on at 3 when everyone is napping. Having said that, as a bears fan, I wish they played at 11 on Thursday every week so that I wouldnt have to watch them so much.

Happy Thanksgiving. :P.


Annie you are an absolute goddess.


Nice Shoes.

Same too you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Annie! Hope its a good one.

Hey now!!

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

Sheesh... Funny, hot and loves football. Think I might have a problem.

Funny, didnt know you were going there, LoL V Happy Thanksgiving to you and loved ones V.

Oh my! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Gorgeous V.

Happy thanksgiving.

Just here to read the creepy comments from dudes whose wives are currently preparing dinner for their family.

Yep, you clean up good!!

You know who makes a great Thanksgiving meal? ericjawn . He insists that women don't lift a finger in the kitchen and gets them spa treatments while he makes two feasts -- one for the guests, one for the orphanage down the street. You're a great man Eric!!!

Light breakfast recommended before that trash game.

I want the directors cut of this photo where they zoom out to see the rest of the family lounging around in stretchy pants.

If lions bears wasn't the early game this might make sense.

If Naggy gets canned at haltime it will all be worth it!

Happy Thanksgiving Annie! Go Lions I guess...

Uhh... How am I supposed to focus in football NOW!! LOL... Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from.

Happy thanksgiving Love Chazz.

Annie I just can not throw up anything looking at this picture.

Lions win today.

FMK - Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Cream Pie.


Hear hear!

Hopeful for a turkey game recap skit.

Shame to dirty that dress.

Or just don't bother watching it.

That is a beautiful dress but inconvenient when drinking red wine.


S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s--smokkkkeeeeeee showwwwwww.

I love you.


You're beautiful.


What's going on with the light switch behind the pillar? Happy thanksgiving Annie!

You dress up nice.

Wow Annie, you look amazing!!!!!

Its a good thing its the first game today then!! At least for those of us on the west coast!!

Yum yum.

Easy now.

Please . not before I eat !

I brought weed cookies, if I'm gonna watch that sloppy offensively inept shit-fest of a game I'm doing it with drugs.

How much more after the leftovers and this weekend's football games are factored in?

True !!

Oh shit the meme girl is actually a ROCKET bro..

Lol damn it I hate being a bears fan sometimes the pain.