Sunday 2nd of April 2023

17'Man City 0-1 Liverpool 27'Man City 1-1 Liverpool 46'Man City 2-1 Liverpool 53'Man City 3-1 Liverpool.

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2016-17 season Guardiolas first City Jurgen Klopps first full season Liverpool. Chelsea league that season, since then, clubs have been class look rivalry since Klopp took charge ]THREAD].

Liverpool's next three games: Saturday: City Tuesday: Chelsea Sunday: Arsenal Jurgen Klopp: 'It's like Champions League week'.
17'Man City Liverpool 27'Man City Liverpool 46'Man City Liverpool 53'Man City Liverpool.
What performance. Total domination Liverpool.
Dont worry Liverpool fans, pain isnt over.
Klopp finished! Stop defending him. three seasons slowly build squad!!! failed Klopp must past now. Liverpool will attract Mgr! Klopp does have long term outlook! Players talk about stink responsibility.

Liverpool going take their anger their next game. Chelsea.
Liverpool scored then said April fool's.
Came from behind with goal against Liverpool four goals one.
Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez, Julian Alvarez Jack Grealish with outstanding performances front today. Liverpool hold that.
Liverpools form since beating Manchester United 7-0: Bournemouth Real Madrid Manchester City Liverpool back.
GIVEAWAY Haalnd Nunez score Manchester City Liverpool well give away mystery football enter- Follow MysteryFootyco Retweet this tweet Good Luck Winner announced tomorrow Please note this giveaway also being over.

Liverpool since beating Manchester United 7-0: Bournemouth [?] Real Madrid [?] Manchester City.
play this game Liverpool fans.
They only playing Liverpool exactly world class opponents.
Liverpool game with Milner, Fabinho Henderson midfield, same four started season Rafa Benitez 2004.
Liverpool's defending at the Etihad ***.
Just want finish with possibly least trophies, while Liverpool finish outside winning only beat United 7-0" trophy.
Liverpool since winning Trophy: LLL.
Grealish. Stones. Bruyne. Mahrez, magnificent. Liverpool dreadful.
minutes exercise deep breaths Liverpool fans.
City ability maintain standard crazy. Good bad, rain shine, they just apply pressure. years they haven't Arsenal Liverpool whoever will next time work themselves bone just level that been Guardiola's default.

Liverpool's defence wei.
When Mane carried Liverpool different trophies with excellent playmaking workrate, they gave glory Sallah Dyke. His exit have ended thier era.
Jack Grealish scored against... Manchester United Arsenal Liverpool 2023. He's arrived, he's good.
lost this Liverpool team twice.
only trophy Liverpool will this season.
scoreline that represents Klopp Premier League. Four City, Liverpool.
City over Liverpool April Fools' Day.
Liverpool, United, Spurs Chelsea held Etihad. Arsenal Bayern aint ready.
Liverpool collect
Jack Grealish Liverpool: Goal 1 Assist 73 Touches 54 Accurate Passes 27 Final Third Passes 90% Pass Accuracy 6 Ground Duels Won 4 Fouls Won 3 Ball Recoveries 3 Shots Target 2 Successful Dribbles 1 Pass 1 Accurate Long Ball 1 Chance Created.

Someone give extra ball these Liverpool guys play with.
Actually liverpool decided show real date today /2023.
Most clubs prefer score more goals Liverpool enough.
Liverpool fans await Diogo Jota's next goal, score some cash with TEMU? Download invitation code 99513129 instant rewards your shopping! Don't wait Jota break spell download TEMU now!

Thats statement from Manchester City, were absolutely superb second half. However think worth noting that, regardless good City were, lack effort application from Liverpool that second half shameful. Half-arsed, zero desire.

Liverpool were undefeated their last Premier League games when scoring first.
Liverpool thrashing sets records puts pressure Arsenal.
This sport scripted. Liverpool loss against City need bounce back. Whos next? Chelsea, refereed Anthony Taylor. over.
Liverpool Weather live from Aigburth 3:00 Temperature: Relative Humidity: 55% Pressure: 1009.1 Daily rain: 0.0mm.
Manchester City Liverpool blown away despite scoring first. Jack Grealish exceptional: scored, assisted intercepted Salah, could have doubled Liverpool's lead time. MCFC magnificent.

Liverpool April Fool first 20mins.
Liverpool went Etihad reason.
Liverpool's defence against City.
PLACE WATCH: Liverpool lose Manchester City points behind MUFC with extra game played.
Liverpool break this season. They will back next year.
City chose keep their tactically intelligent hybrid midfielder Gundogan. Liverpool chose theirs favour extending other midfielders) replace Wijnaldum. many reasons City have handled their transition much much better.

Jack Grealish after performance against Liverpool.
City Liverpool.
Arsenal fans wondering worth support Liverpool.
Liverpool been same since when they thrashed United 7-0. this one.
Liverpool scored first then said April fool.
Arnold stationed moment scoring equalizing goal Manchester City. This player disaster Liverpool's defense.
KICK-OFF: City Liverpool Prescot Cables.
Arsenal fans angrier than Liverpool fans, this game love.
Defence Mancity midfield! Both noch again City crack
Liverpool collect strikes again.
City boost their title hopes after easing past Liverpool.
Liverpool losing City Etihad coming compare Gakpo. Eeii, this arrogance from fans that's keep exposing He's Gakpo's level stop them play same pitch saf.

Liverpool catch hand's.
Premier League [?] No [?] No Carabao [?] No Champions League Trophy beating United Liverpool Football Club.
Liverpool fans beginning exit Etihad Stadium minutes.
City Liverpool '90 City Liverpool Liverpool best April Fool's joke today.
Trent Alexander-Arnold questioned again 'arrogant' City thrash Liverpool.
Whatever plan against Liverpool Tuesday should include Mudryk starting winger.
think Liverpool should move Trent midfield They making hood with their

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