Monday 8th of March 2021

At Least if They do go on to Lose, it Won't be The Most Embarrassing Thing to Happen to Liverpool Today.

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Wigan's win today means that Liverpool are now the team with the fewest home points of any team in England's top four divisions in 2021. 92nd out of 92 for home form this year.
Watch out, Man City. Liverpool are NOT messing about this summer!
A year ago today, Boris Johnson watched England v Wales at Twickenham. 10th-13th March: 250,000 people attended Cheltenham Festival. 11th March: Liverpool v Atletico Madrid went ahead. Happy anniversary from the man who did everything he could.

Liverpool lose their sixth straight game at Anfield.
This is the Liverpool I grew up on.
115 - Following their 16 attempts this afternoon, Liverpool have now failed to score with each of their last 115 shots at Anfield in the premierleague (ex. pens), the longest ever run by a side at home since we have exact times of shots available in the competition. Riddle.

Who would even dare to think that Liverpool score 1 goal in 6 Premier league home game?
Fulham wan still chop liverpool?
Liverpool lose at Anfield yet again A huge win for Fulham.
How many consecutive games has Liverpool lost at home?
6 straight league home defeat. Liverpool why?
Injuries or not, fans or no fans, 11 players on the pitch representing Liverpool should be so so much better than that. No fight, no desire, no ideas. Absolutely shocking.
The collapse of Liverpool is one of the most shocking things I have seen in football...
No Liverpool manager or team should surrender like this regardless of circumstances. Not fucking good enough and the cunts are getting a free ride in empty grounds. Embarrassing!
No way liverpool lost again.
This is why I don't rate Liverpool fans. They were talking wicked. As soon as they're back to being shit they've gone hiding. Arsenal are shit and we still out here.
Liverpool were never the same after this...
Liverpool down bad.
Salah can't carry Liverpool like Hazard did for Chelsea And this is why he will never be as good as Hazard was!
Joachim Andersens game by numbers vs. Liverpool: 100% tackles won 87% pass accuracy 70% long pass accuracy 4 interceptions 4 ball recoveries 1 clean sheet Absolutely outstanding.
Liverpool don back to normal, super power don finish.
Oh the rage of a few Liverpools fans is a sight to behold Have any defending champions ever lost 6 home matches in a row??
Liverpool is scam.
Imagine Liverpool win the Champions League.
How many games have Liverpool lost in a row at Anfield in the Premier League?
Liverpool are a finished club.
Liverpool no just wan get sense See sure game you go lose My ticket my jed.
How many times have Liverpool lost at anfield in a row Jurgen Klopp ?
Wonder if theres something else going on behind the scenes at Liverpool.
How many consecutive league games have Liverpool lost at the Anfield?
Shouldn't even be bantering Liverpool knowing we're about to get battered at the Emptyhad.
Words cannot express the disappointment I have in the Liverpool team right now!!
Liverpool, how many consecutive games have you lost at Anfield?
Tosin Adarabioyo vs Liverpool 53 passes 87% pass accuracy 1 tackle won 2 interceptions 17 clearances 1 blocked shot 1 aerial won What a game by Man City youth graduate!
Liverpool are winless in 8 Premier League games at Anfield: 1-1 0-0 [?] 0-1 [?] 0-1 [?] 1-4 [?] 0-2 [?] 0-1 [?] 0-1 Unbelievably bad.
Fucking Liverpool I love it I absolutely love it. Now for United to go and get beat 5-1.
Yeah the last 7 Liverpool home games are all fixed.
Liverpool you know.
Liverpool's sixth consecutive League defeat at home. SIXTH.
Have lost more Premier League home games in the past 46 days than during the past five seasons combined Liverpool 0-1 Fulham Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea Liverpool 0-2 Everton Liverpool 1-4 Man City Liverpool 0-1 Brighton Liverpool 0-1 Burnley.

My 2 hours of being a liverpool fan was arguably worse than my lifetime as a newcastle fan.
Liverpool 0-1 Burnley Liverpool 0-1 Brighton Liverpool 1-4 Man City Liverpool 0-2 Everton Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea Liverpool 0-1 Fulham Six straight defeats at Anfield for Jurgen Klopp's side...
Liverpool will have to wait till 2052 for their next trophy.
Full Time: Liverpool 0-1 Fulham How many league home losses in a row Klopp?
Liverpool are finished.
It's over for Liverpool Amen.
Liverpool when they get asked to score a goal.
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Its actually mad how shit Liverpool are.
Why did the ref play 2 mins over the 4 mins stoppage time in the Liverpool match?
As someone who actually cares about Liverpool this annoys me to see.
To hell with Liverpool and Rangers too.
Whew Liverpool has been hit by another pandemic. 6 consecutive losses at Anfield.
Liverpools last 6 games at Anfield: Wins - 0 Defeats - 6 Scored - 1 Conceded- 10.
Liverpool are down horrendous.
This liverpool own don pass "heat period" o.
Every time you think Liverpool have hit rock bottom, they find a way to sink lower. It's now *six* home defeats in a row. Pure unadulterated shite. Subscribe to TAW Player for the reaction, analysis and inquest on audio and video.

Twitter user BabyKeith8i after Liverpool lost 6 at home in a row but Keita played a full 90.
Better get to that GoFundMe page, Liverpool fans.
Jurgen, how many more European Cups have Liverpool won than Arsenal?
It must be really tough being a Liverpool fan right now. Its one thing to be beaten but its another thing to be constantly beaten at home.
"Fulham are the story, but we won't talk about them because Liverpool will make the headlines!" Liverpool have failed to score in 700 minutes of open play! beINPL LIVFUL Watch Now .
Liverpool won the League 18 points ahead of Manchester City Only 27/28 games played and they are already 22 points behind Manchester City "It's because of the injuries" Jurgen Klopp's management has been the most disappointing this season.

Liverpool fans after winning the Steven Gerrard won the league at Rangers cup.
Losing 6 straight at anfield is no coincidence. not having fans in the stands has hurt liverpool more than they ever couldve imagined.
The way Liverpool is going down, they will soon discover Arsenal.
I wonder *just* how significant today will be in the histories of Rangers and Liverpool football clubs, and the managerial careers of Klopp and Gerrard?
Haha fuck liverpool.
At least Liverpool now have another reason to sing that six times song.
Thiago at Bayern vs Thiago at Liverpool.
Well done FulhamFC! Liverpool 0 -1 Fulham. Proud of my naijaboys Aina2Ola joshmaja Alookman_. Naija to the world!
Liverpool are currently on course to finish on 58 points. In our worst ever Premier League season under David Moyes, we finished on 64 points. Football heritage.
Liverpool. Yikes.
I literally don't know what to say about Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool anymore. He's managed to destroy everything I built for him in just a few seasons. It's sad to see.
Liverpool in the mud.. I love it ...
One thing there is never an excuse for is lack of fight. Nobody is playing for the shirt right now. Its very concerning despite all the adversity they have faced. You can only excuse so much for so long. They can all fuck off if they think this effort is acceptable for Liverpool.

Liverpool I curse you.
Liverpool's problem is scoring goals yet none of the star trio of strikers is injured. Was VVD a one man team? Seems unlikely.
Worst time to be a liverpool fan.
Liverpool are currently closer in points to relegation teams than they are to Man City.
We are 1 point behind liverpool with 2 games in hand.
Under Bruce wed have been battered off Liverpool there, the difference in belief is unreal, Parker is doing an amazing job and for all you idiots saying yeah theyre still in the relegation zone they wont be for much longer.

This is the Liverpool we've known all our lives.
Football is a very funny sport. I thought Liverpool was going to be unstoppable with the addition of Thiago. But look at them.
6 - Liverpool have now fallen behind in six consecutive Premier League games at Anfield for the very first time. Tumbling.
Everyone scrolling through Liverpool twitter right now.
Liverpool have lost their SIXTH consecutive match at Anfield.
99 - Excluding penalties and own goals, Liverpool have failed to score with each of their last 99 shots at Anfield in the Premier League. Since we have exact times of shots available in the competition (2006-07), only two sides have had a longer such run on home soil. Wasteful.

Worst ever losing streak at Anfield: Liverpool - 6 Everton - 5.

What You Really Think

Since when supporting your team through thick and thin is being considered embarrasing.

Hows that embarrassing? Irelands vaccine rollout is fucking embarrassing lad.

Cringe af.


I agree how dare we support our team.

Kusi biietba ghom!!!!!

Cant wait for us to get bummed later as well.

Didnt you call this an unnecessary journey for Fulham in your start of season advert?

Same guy going about flying this paddy.

My good.

Funded by Karen.

'Lets Go Reds' ha ha ha never change.

Looks like Klopp going extra mile to save his job.

Id rather walk alone.

Ere, somebody paid to have that done!

Fucking hell .

Showing the team a bit of support by some fans that cant be in the stadium is embarrassing?

Wonder if that's the same guy from the celtic game but with a different banner.

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