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Friday 22nd of January 2021

FT: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley Liverpool Lose at Anfield in The Premier League For The First Time Since 2017.

Liverpool fans watching both Manchester City and Manchester United spend time at the top of the table today.
FT: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley Liverpool lose at Anfield in the Premier League for the first time since 2017.
It's all over on Merseyside! The Clarets are the first side to beat Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League, since April 2017. What a shift from the lads, get in!
So can any Liverpool supporter on my timeline tell me why I shouldnt be smiling right now?
Beating Burnley is not for everyone! Man United won, Liverpool lost at home!
Forget about that one Barcelona game, 90 6, Madrid for a second. The fact a player as bad as Divock Origi is starting PL games for Liverpool in 2021 is an absolute embarrassment.
The delusion among Liverpool fans is unreal. Commenting on a thread which started with all their predictions going south then ending it with United won't win a trophy... salty much?
I watched my liver pull out when the home was Burnleying Liverpool.
Liverpool have gone four league games without scoring for the first time since May 2000.
Why are footballers still hugging? Liverpool game tonight. Why are you not issuing fines? How to you explain to kids why they can hug but they can't. Get a grip and sort out these idiots!
Bro naaaa Liverpool fans thought they had another league title in the Bag when they signed Idea Xavi From Bayern.
Trent Alexander-Arnold's crosses for Liverpool vs. Burnley: '' 1/21 in total '' 0/18 from open play A night to forget.
You go back to this spending chart Liverpools owners have got away without spending much money over the last five years, but Klopp cannot be expected to continue to produce miracles on a limited budget. FSG wont change but they have to offer more support now.

Couldnt laugh at Liverpool so Ill laugh now HAHAHAHANANAHAHAHAAHBABSHAHAHA.
We all know when Liverpool are going to start scoring again.
Chelsea fans retweet to annoy Liverpool fans.
Burnley end Liverpools extraordinary record of not losing a Premier League game at Anfield for almost 4 years. Mane loses his first ever home league game. Superb effort from Sean Dyches team who win at Anfield for the first time in 46 years.

Most shots on target in the PL 2020/21: 110 - Man Utd 105 - Liverpool 101 - Man City 99 - Chelsea 95 - Leeds Utd.
I love hearing this excuse for Liverpool (they were tired) because they had 9 days off before our match with them. In that time we played twice. Not to mention they were out of Europe last year before the restart, out of cup competitions,& had basically wrapped up 3 weeks early.

Arsenal 7pts behind Liverpool.
Who has scored more goals than Liverpool in 2021? I'll start. Michael Keane.
Premier League teams in better form than Liverpool (3/15 points): City (15/15) United (13/15) Arsenal (13/15) Everton (12/15) Leicester (11/15) West Ham (11/15) Tottenham (8/15) Aston Villa (7/15) Leeds (6/15) Burnley (6/15) Southampton (5/15) Crystal Palace (5/15) There's more.

Wait, Ashley Barnes has scored more goals at Anfield than Liverpool in 2021? DFKM.
Lets all laugh at Liverpool fans.
I pray 4 someone here enimy will not get u as they get liverpool strikers.
"The drop in quality is enormous." Graeme Souness compares this Liverpool team to the one who won the title last season.
Barnes has more goals at Anfield than Liverpool in 2021.
How Burnley saw Liverpool at the Anfield.
Liverpool 0-1 Burnley.
Imagine waking up and realising your a liverpool fanjust go back to sleep.
He plays with a small squad and hammers them game after game after a few seasons they are fucked and rapidly decilne , they are non stop high tempo if you dont rest the players they burn out eventually and liverpool look like doing the same.

Crazy to think that Liverpool went 69 games, 1369 days, without a League loss at Anfield and still havent got anywhere near Mourinhos 86-game unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge. This guy was actually a demon in his peak. No one will ever beat his record.

Mf tweeted this just for Thiago to tempo control the end of Liverpool's home record against the team that Pogba scored a volley against to take Man Utd to the top.
Sean Dyche is the first manager in Premier League history to win away at two different reigning PL champions with the same club (Chelsea 2017, Liverpool 2020). King Sean.
That 1-0 loss eh, Edey pain passss. Them end your unbeaten run plus 1-0. E saansu be penalty Herh pains for Liverpool fans.
Liverpool aint won a premier league game since this.
VVD played when Liverpool lost 7-2 btw.
83 Liverpool 0-1 Burnley Liverpool fans.
Shit attempt for likes here pal, any Liverpool fan in their right mind knows Ferguson was better. I cant tell if youre trying to insult Klopp by saying he isnt one of the best managers of all time but you may as well have said water is wet g.

Champions dont just become rubbish players overnight. They look mentally gone. Think were seeing now more than ever the effect of no fans for Liverpool. Klopps football, and the intensity of this sides football, is emotionally-led in my opinion. That needs fans.

How many points are Liverpool behind Man Utd?
I dont like city and United, but nothing compared to Liverpool. Absolutely despise them.
Plus net ,sky virgin media & BT its about time you sorted the internet connection in Liverpool its been down for about a month now !
Jurgen Klopp takes blame for Burnley defeat but dismisses 'silly' Liverpool title talk.
A hard-hitting verdict from.
First Premier League home loss in 68 games Six points behind league leaders Man United First time in 21 years they have gone four league games without a goal Liverpool fans.
Liverpool this season.
I Needed Something Liverpool Related To Put A Smile On My Face, And This Did It.
Taking out my Liverpool Loss on Call of duty mobile enemies.
Nulb Popey1992 - MotM: Liverpool 0-1 BurnleyOfficial Six saves, one clean sheet, 8.26 rating Most WhoScored MotM awards in the Premier League this season Harry Kane - 9 - Kevin De Bruyne - 5.
GOAL! Liverpool in Uruguay Primera Division Deportivo Maldonado 1-3 Liverpool.
Before tonight, Burnley were the only team in this season's Premier League yet to score a goal in the 80th minute or later in games. Then they faced Liverpool.
Sadio Mane created nine chances for Liverpool against Burnley, the most any Reds player has created in a single Premier League game across the five seasons. He can't do it all on his own.
Before today, Liverpool were unbeaten in their last SIXTY-EIGHT home matches in the Premier League, not losing since April 2017 against Sam Allardyces Crystal Palace. Sean Dyche has just ended the streak with Burnley.

Thiago 895668 passes FT Result: Liverpool 0 - 1 Burnley.
Burnley ending Liverpools unbeaten streak at Anfield is the sort of shithousery we can all get behind. I love this game hahahaa.
Only two managers have won Premier League away games against Liverpool in the past three years and nine months.
If Burnley beat Liverpool Ill Giveaway $50 PayPal or FIFA Points for TOTY to one person. To Enter: THIS Tweet & My Pinned Tweet Follow Me If they win Ill pick the winner at Full-Time using Pickaw . Currently 0-0 after 13 mins.

A win on the road for Burnley ends Liverpool's unbeaten home run.
Nawa. I dey try take my mind of Liverpool by starting Attack on Titan, and this guy resemble Fabinho. Which kind wahala ffs.
LIVERPOOL 0-1 BURNLEY For the first time since April 2017, the Reds have been beaten in the Premier League at Anfield. A 68-match run without defeat ends. Jurgen Klopp's men have also failed to score in four consecutive league matches for the first time since May 2000.

Bayern selling Thiago to Liverpool.
Dr. Tottenham is trending on UK Twitter We all know tottenham will dash Liverpool their first league goal of 2021 and obviously their first win in 7 games.
Liverpool havent won a game when Thiago has started.
Maldonado 1-3 Liverpool M.<<LIVERPOOL !!![?]nulb.
I dont know man certain liverpool fans saying that.
Eibar's keeper has scored more league goals than the whole Liverpool team in 2021.
Pep Guardiola when he sees the Liverpool score ( wengite).
The thing with Liverpool at the moment is we have to change our style of play we were never used to teams putting 10 players behind the ball we have to adapt to it and some times tonight if the final ball is better then it's all good!

Liverpool have the 2 worst midfield signings in PL history.
Liverpool won their first Prem when teams were allowed 5 subs a game. In a panoramic.
Liverpools 68-game unbeaten Premier League home run ended LONDON - Liverpool's incredible unbeaten home.
Hi mate. Any chance of whooping the Bucks? Liverpool let you down today.
This is you. Liverpool is gonna win the lesgue.
Liverpools title rivals watching Burnley win at Anfield.
When I said I wanted us to close the gap between us and Liverpool this wasnt exactly what I meant, how are we just 5 points behind them after 19 games in a crisis season.
Liverpool on course to lose their first home game at Anfield since April 23rd 2017.
Stats from Liverpool at 12:01 am: High: 5deg C at 00:01. Low: 5deg C at 00:00. Average: 5deg C. Max rain rate: 0.0 mm per hour at N/A.
Liverpool are not in crisis, nor are they at the end of a cycle. Literally won the Champions League and Premier League the last 2 years and have Van Djik out with an injury. You can't win every single time, that's just how the game is. But the narratives will always be extreme.

Manchester United top of the League. 6 points ahead of Liverpool. Anfield streak is over. Liverpool fans in tears. Have a great night Reds.
Because he plays for Liverpool.
Liverpool fans rn.

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Mimpi buruk bro hahaha.

Watford hasnt lifted the curse...


The longest unbeaten home runs in English top-flight history: Chelsea 2004-08 (86 games) Liverpool 2017-21 (68 games) Liverpool 1978-80 (63 games) That record will *never* be broken.

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