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Thursday 16th of July 2020

Arsenal's Defence is Rubbing Off on Liverpool.

A 2019 study showed that MoSalah joining Liverpool helped reduce Islamophobia in the city.
It's been 15 years since Liverpool signed Momo Sissoko Here he is getting emotional after hearing Liverpool fans eulogising about his time at Anfield.
Guardiola knew exactly what he was going to say and how he was going to say it. Liverpool, United and Arsene Wenger all in the line of fire in this cli Article on the whole thing here: TheAthleticUK free trial.

Liverpool are going to finish on 96 points aren't they? My god we're going to hear about it for the rest of our lives.
Arsenal's defence is rubbing off on Liverpool.
Liverpool are so ass man but u just know theyre gonna turn up against us next week.
This isnt the Liverpool I want against Chelsea please.
Arsenal lead 2-1 with 20 minutes to play. REMINDER: If Liverpool lose tonight, they can't reach the 100-point mark this season [?].
Omo it will take the grace of God for Liverpool to finish top 4 next season oo.
Is this the Liverpool that I need to beat Chelsea? ***nulb.
"We do not expect this from the world's best defender!" An absolute gift for Arsenal from Virgil van Dijk! Watch on Sky Sports PL Follow ARSLIV here: Download the SkySports app!
They just might win Liverpool I mean look at.
Liverpool will score.
2016 - Liverpool have gone in behind at half-time despite scoring the opening goal for the first time since December 2016 vs West Ham; that game was also the last time they made two errors leading directly to a goal in the opening half. Shaken.

Liverpool are on holiday.
Its concerning how much Liverpool miss Jordan Henderson.
The Liverpool team that played Arsenal tonight.
Liverpool 2019/2020 Invincibles? [?] Treble? [?] Domestic Treble? [?] Double? [?] Centurions? [?] Highest ever point tally? [?] Most goals scored? [?] And the media tried telling us this was the best ever prem side a few months ago..

Liverpool have been superb this season but have shown in recent games why they can't be put in the same sentence, as titles winning teams like Arsenal's invincible season, Mourinho's Chelsea, Sir Alex's Manchester United or even Man City under Pep.

Liverpool lives don't matter Their 100 points no matter.
Ehya I pity Liverpool.
We're about to beat Liverpool.
Watching the watch along on Sky Football, swear its all Liverpool fans, because they just voted Mane man of the match lmao.
Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1.
This liverpool loss actually helped me ko fpl.
True Liverpool & his club have that connection.
Mark please dont try to justify that loss for us it was awful not clinical defence errors we look like 2016 liverpool it was a joke nothing else to be said.
Getting more confident that Liverpool wont be top 2 next year. These frauds have no chance compared to the Manchester clubs and Chelsea next year.
Liverpool you frauds.
Liverpool must chop better beating from us be that.
Well thanks a fucking bunch Liverpool.
Liverpool is more Arsenal today than Arsenal is Arsenal.
Shots Arsenal 2 Liverpool 21.
The sign if things to come ! Liverpool are rubbish! Mid table beckons in 2020/21.
Liverpool using the drinks break to refuel with the Blue WKDs their defenders and keeper have clearly been knocking back all day today.
Liverpool lacks motivation.
Man City coming to cash in money in the bank on Liverpools title.
At least now they can stop comparing Liverpool to the invincibles, that Arsenal side was a class above. be honest they haven't looked themselves after the break and even more so when they secured the league, fair play to arsenal they defended well and made use of their very few "chances"/ gifts from Liverpool.

Ei so the Liverpool we dey pray say go score Chelsea give we this. Ewurade!!
Liverpool have had 18 shots, Arsenal have had two. Arsenal lead 2-1. Every FootballManager player knows this feeling.
Liverpool since they won the league.
Arsenal v Liverpool Im speechless.
From leader to gardener in one game...
Me when I wanted Liverpool to win every game after they've already won the league.
Iain mate have you seen the Liverpool score.
I've visited all those cities (my grandma lives in Edinburgh) except Belfast. I've lived in Birmingham and also been to Manchester, Liverpool and many other cities. My point is absolutely not that there are not many other amazing cities in the UK.

RMS Mauretania -Passenger liner of the Cunard line, made its vogage from Liverpool on 16th November 1907. At the time she was the largest and fastest ship in the world.
Liverpool with 90% possession.
Liverpool premier leagues greatest.
Kolasinac after watching Liverpools defenders give the ball away in the first half.
Just to reiterate: you can expect more from this Liverpool side in their performance tonight and still celebrate a great achievement in the Premier League title. It isnt one or the other. Painfully out of ideas and too complacent.

Somehow Liverpool have out shit Arsenal today.
So today Arsenal did a match fixing damn thanks Liverpool.
Arsenal still with just two total shots in the game - from the errors that led to goals. Liverpool have 17.
Liverpool need a striker, too.
Very brave open letter from one of the lads, any like shares and retweets greatly appreciated Vnulb.
Forget Liverpool and check Juventus score .aswear no bro go chop bet today, herrrh.
This is good news for the top teams. Sides scrapping for relegation could be losing 1-0 against a Liverpool or a City and holding on for dear life when on 70 minutes they replace half the team with fresh players that'd walk into the side they're up against.

This Liverpool team is fucking shit. Mane magic n Trent arrow is all they got.
Transfer news LIVE: Oblak, Havertz to Chelsea; Liverpool told Thiago fee; Partey Arsenal snub; Sancho to Man Utd.
Liverpool FSG is penny pinching for Thiago you know.
This just isn't Liverpool is it to be honest? Title won and foot off the pedal. Seen United do it loads over the years. You'd fancy Chelsea to get a win next week.
Liverpool don score? I need that haffy ooo.
Liverpool stuck in first gear since we won the league.
'We stop Liverpool getting to 100 points' bus parade pending.
Liverpool is doing a giveaway tonight I am not complaining though.
Liverpool without fans.
Think this highlights how Important Jordan Henderson is for Liverpool.
It's really a great time to play Liverpool.
GOAL! Van Dijk gives the ball away and Lacazette scores! Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool.
No way i'm watching the remaining 2 liverpool games after this.
Liverpool left their sharpness at Anfield, cos this win paaaa de3 ..
In as much as we are champions, I really wanted Liverpool to win this!!! YNWA.
Lets be real tho if Liverpool hadnt won the league yet they wouldve smashed us.
Liverpool aint getting Invincibles, centurions or the win record? Forgettable winners of the worst premier league season of all time?
Who was part of the Liverpool team that lost by three goals to nil at Vicarage Road on the 29th of February?
Origi coming on as a sub makes him the club record holder as the Liverpool player with the most sub appearances. He just set the Bench-mark.
I'm convinced that one day it will transpire that the Naby Keita that signed for Liverpool wasn't THE Naby Keita.
Liverpool is still drunk even today ***nulbThe way they said during M-city game ..
GOAL Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool (44 mins) Arsenal have turned it around! Another mistake at the back from Liverpool and Reiss Nelson finishes coolly from Alexandre Lacazette's cross.
Arsenal are going to beat Liverpool despite getting outshot about 19000 to 3. FRAUDS, I say. FRAUDS. Strip them of the title.
Why does it sound like Martin Tylers family are being held a gunpoint when Liverpool are in possession, but when Arsenal go forward hes jumping for joy?
Wait, we're leading Liverpool.. Wow.
Arsenal vs Liverpool, live Kindly follow BRGoals ARSLIV...
A seagull stealing a Deliveroo in Liverpool city centre is possibly the greatest modern day photo series ever captured by.
Virgil van Dijk has made an error directly leading to a goal for the first time in the Premier League this season. It's only his second in the competition since joining Liverpool.
Been watching how Liverpool is Arsenal today.
I'd like to say something but those 10yo Liverpool fans will be like "someone is salty... corner taken quickly!!".
87' Petite statistique Liverpool : 21 tirs, 1 but Arsenal : 2 tirs, 2 buts On se croirait sur FIFA.

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Lmao damnnn.

This is disrespectful.

HAHAHAHAHA, Can't deny it, even as a Liverpool fan, this is accurate af.

Jajajajajaja que buena.