Saturday 21st of August 2021


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Damn it would be so easy having a girlfriend.
From the dead that is.

What You Really Think

Heh... This is a good one.

And my money?

Bilbo Baggins is that you?

I feel like 'and Warriors wallet' would be a better punchline.

Honestly this was funnier as text and not a comic.

Ahh I knew I had seen this before!

They're playing OD&D. Dwarf and Elf were classes.

Yeah... necromancer is more of a lifestyle choice.

What's he do? Nibble their bums?

"But where'd the lighter fluid come from".

"and is this your watch?".

Bane: 4u.

LoL Bard: And I won't.

Bard: and Ive got your nose!!!

Bard : and it is i who will f$k the dragon.

I would read it.

Don't need to know stuff. Just point and smash!

One time we had a barb with REALLY high intelligence in our group (stats were rolled, not chosen). The guy playing it was killing in the RP and talking mad shit about the rest of the group stupid decisions (in game). It was fun as fuck!

It was the logical next step.

Yeah, this was good for a laugh this morning. The last panel made me do a double take for sure. Classic.

That's his cheeks. The eyes are just 2 small dots.

He was hit with the bees.

What, you've never seen a Dwarf on a grudge before? The baddie desecrated his ancestral halls or dissed his beard.

Because that's based on D&D.

Youd love a certain route in Wrath of the Righteous.

I felt Diablo 2 was good at it. You'd be running around with a undead army that could get huge.

Battle for Wesnoth handles em pretty well. Even better: it's FOSS :).

I also choose this guy's dead wife.

A sense of humour? The ability to let others enjoy things?

The biggest issue of "they're just moving around the bones" is... why not move around knives, then? Much more dangerous. Knives with no handles. Sharpen all those bones, man, move razors around in a vaguely-tornado shaped cyclone of death.

Still not as funny as this joke.

Na, the brother should revenge himself. That makes sense in a away. And the joke is better because warrior doesn't like it.