Monday 8th of February 2021

Remains in Lockdown. Officers Will be Out Across The Weekend And Will be issuing Fines For Obvious Breaches of The Covid-19 Regulations. Stayathome And Keep Each Other Safe.

Social Media Says

Old video of Khalistan supporters gatecrashing Congress event in London in 2018 is reshared with false claim by right wing trolls.
Great to see SadiqKhan building more cycle lanes instead of cracking down on violent, deadly crime in.
10 people were stabbed across south London last night, one fatally, as the capital continues its sad decline into a crime-ridden cesspit. But don't worry, Sadiq Khan is very tough on... er, "racist" statues...!

Well done the Met! I am sure the London public feel a lot safer..
"You had to come out to breathe because the old houses were so bad." A south London resident lamented how new flats that replaced housing lost during the Blitz were destroying neighbourly spirit, onthisday in 1964. For more archive like this, go here .

But a bigger London would be less dumb than a small London. It's the high house prices that make London so communist.
Two more young men are dead and 14 injured this weekend in London. The question is, what has Sadiq Khan done to help fight the scourge of youth knife crime that has reached record levels under his watch?

TONIGHT! 7.40pm, BBC One, join a whole host of West End and Broadway stars in Musicals - The Greatest Show, from the London Palladium including our nataliemayparis and.
Yes. This is what is happening. The BSF team (mhclg) is carrying out the initial eligibility assessment then slowly (very slowly) handing files over to HomesEngland & London authority to THEN invite the application to APPLY. Grant offers are stuck as paperwork not yet agreed.

Whenever SadiqKhan is trending, literally regardless of the reason, you can be sure to find a whole swathe of openly racist tweets about him and about people in London.
Better than London sounds pretty impossible.
More stabbed in Sadiq Khans London as grim crimewave in capital continues.
In this BTS Shoutout, the band look back on their 2019 visit to London and those memorable nights at Wembley. Hear the band discussing how the power of music brings us all together.
After dot-IO, Which Country is Next for the Domain Gold Rush?
I lived in London for 12 years. I can confirm this is complete garbage! ! ! ! It's actually the complete opposite. Our historic universities and hard working attitude has given Scottish people a formidable reputation in London.

The average deposit for a first-time buyer in London (PS110,000) is almost as much as the total mortgage for a buyer in the North of England (PS112,000). I SCREAMED!
Self-portrait. Ferrucci, Francesco di Giovanni aka Francesco del Tadda, 1575-1576. Terracotta sketch model for porphyry portrait relief on Tadda's tomb now in the Cathedral at Fiesole. So he made his own memorial image. (Victoria and Albert Museum, London).

It's snowing in London but it ain't settling.
. Chris Steele-Perkins (1947-, Burmese painter and photographer, he moved to London with his family in 1949). .
Think Im harder on Willian due 2 Cech, the way he ran back to Chelsea, I even forgot he played for us makes me feel his opinion of us was just slumming it at Arsenal as settled in London so the Willian transfer had an aura of suspicion that was similar and done nothing so far.

18 & 17 ODDS ON 1XBET.
A fiction book humorous London reads motivate your.
A young mother in a dangerous new country. Join Lady Ellen as she adjusts to life as an Irish immigrant in Canada in 1846.
London Records B&W promo for the 1975 Fandango! Tour.
According to a study by the London School of Economics, 50 years worth of tax cuts contributed absolutely nothing to boost the GDP and employment rates across 18 nations that tried trickle down economics since the wealthy hoard far more than they spend.

Joshua Wong has been unjustly convicted and sentenced to prison since mid December. He could have left Hong Kong for a safe life in London, attending conferences and doing interviews. Yet he stayed. He deserves all our respect.

That is the face of horror movies. He is an animal for trying to abduct a child, and he also looks like one. I find him terrifying to look at.
I definitely have more knowledge & experience than you do deespeak . I am Ex IMF, London. Currently into Infrastructure & Robotic Automation. Please google Robotic Automation without fail. You should know the person before you judge. I am not Duggal Sahiba like you honey.

1. This is "Sarah Adams", from London. An economist who doesn't see colour, or race. She sees a person.
Oh no mescal_paul you really should not have done this. Kinda speechless at this tbh. Such a nice clean-cut image strutting around London in the ONeills shorts. Did his agent just try to find a way to tarnish his reputation as much as possible as quickly as possible?

Any south east London vegan chefs? Im Tryna get a weekly meal prep thanks. Delivery.
The Carters' A brutal story set in the heart of London, for those who seek a good story of crime and love. Will keep you gripped throughout.
Sadly true. With its bright lights dimmed, all the city can offer is unaffordable rents. I know of 4 people in my inner circle alone. Sadly they will miss out on post Covid London, which I think will be magnificent.

It would be some statement of intent from the Blues if he was to return!
New in Still in stock Plus size nulbnulb instafollow igers repost instacool followforfollow comment follow night instagood instapic popularpic food foodporn tiktok beach London, United Kingdom.
Works on Bet365...?
My mom ( middle ) and her two sisters on a trip to New York from London in the 90s . cc yung princess dej .
Just made another sale! All That Body!Mz.Dani takes on.
Today I paid my respects to two brothers who died in the Great War, Pte William Davidson, London Scottish, killed in action 23rd December 1914 remembered on the Le Touret Memorial. His brother Lindsay HAC died of wounds received at Beaumont Hamel 13th November 1916.

Just posted a photo London Professional Aesthetics.
Has emergency powers & should urgently cancel Mayoral offices & appoint a Minister for london & any other cities that are out of control. Remove SadiqKhan now.
God no Thankyou. All he ever does is play the victim as if Manchester doesnt get more money than any other city bar London.
SHE CASTS A LONG SHADOW About to expose the mole at MI5, Henry is abducted by Special Branch and Ena is thrown into a murder case.
Does Asheville North Carolina really have better Indian Food than New York and London? avleat avleats .
Notting Hill Carnival , West London circa 1990s photographed by Giles Moberly .
Dio - Heaven And Hell Live In London 2005.
The London Mayoral election is 88 days away. Its a two-horse race between me and the Tory candidate. Registering for an EarlyVote is quick, easy and the best thing Londoners can do to help Labour win on 6 May. nulb.

Police launch manhunt after attempted abduction of seven-year-old girl.
HALF-TIME Fulham 0-0 West Ham We're yet to see any goals at the halfway mark of this London derby.
Project and Program Consultant. - Manager. London. hiring
What you can mortgage on a 20k salary in London.
On the night of the independence referendum, I had to walk a mile through central London in a kilt on my way to an awards dinner. The love for our country was palpable, I was greeted by calls of we love you! and Stay with us Scotland. This is dangerous, Trumpian hogwash.

Please join me to bring it back. The son of the London Stock Exchange (US$4.59 trillion). Sign-up to buy AAB on AAX exchange: Win-Win with referral code: JKnzVUy7R2MB & get the gifts for 10 early people. More bonus rewards are available from AAX.

Unmissable musicals tonight at 7.40 on BBC ONE or BBC iPlayer: Musicals - The Greatest Show from the London Palladium.
Respect to the other clubs but I just cant with Tottenham, no where near elite club level. London is white? SMH.
Not much point having the London mayor election in May - We all know why SadiqKhan will be voted back in.
Bearing in mind the recent horrific stabbings in London, wonder how many of the victims & perpetrators have no fathers in the home. DenzelWashington speaks the unpalatable truth which politicians & journos avoid due to fear of the usual accusations!

October 2019 [?] [?] [?][?] %( imy london ) ma pic !!!
I identified 70 London PD Projects For a London Builder,Unfortunately,his developer client could not quite get it together in regard to providing me with POF to show and demonstrate to some of the building owners that if they accep.

But DawnButlerBrent thinks the police shouldn't stopandsearch... Why doesn't she care about her constituents dying and being injured in these staggering numbers?
London street.
Remind me why we've locked down the country? Today London NHS providers have 16% of their beds unoccupied and C0VID numbers are decreasing every day (discharges exceeding admissions) This is taken from a NHS website which I'm not allowed to share but that doesn't mean you can't..

At every London bus stop too.
In London, no one gives a damn where youre from, I imagine partly because (unlike Scotland) its so multicultural and multiracial. This is invented rubbish from the National (sic). On my many business and social visits I have never encountered anything but friendliness.

What happens to a global financial center when hundreds of thousands of residents head for the door? The jury is still out on London after its Brexit- and pandemic-inspired exodus. Now its Hong Kongs turn to pose the question.

Sven Badzak, the victim in last night's fatal Kilburn stabbing, went to Wetherby School in Notting Hill, the same prestigious private school as Princes William and Harry.
The ad that created Super Bowl ads. Aired just this once, in the third quarter of SB 1984. Shot by Ridley Scott in London, Apples board hated it & wanted it pulled. Generated $150m of sales in 100 days.

POV You're in London.
Ubong means glory.
CityHallLabour But he has the power, to flood certain areas of London with police, and more stop and search.
Whats strange about this video is that the Conservative ShaunBaileyUK never mention it to their advantage either. If true as khan claims then Brixton and Lewisham would also have 90% cleaner air meaning hes lying by expanding the ULEZ due to bad air pollution?

London's thinnest house on the market for $1.7 million curious The unusual property, originally a Victorian hat shop with storage for merchandise and living quarters on its upper floors, was built sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century.

Petition for a Malaysian producer to make a Netflix series about a Sungai Petani girl moving to London to work in a PR company. Her neighbor downstairs is a half-Malay-half-white chef...working in a Malaysian restaurant that sells 15 quids Nasi Lemak. Call it Alya in London.

Look for Lexi London on.
Who is Andres Arauz and why is today's election in Ecuador important for progressives across the world? Answers in this excellent article by former Consul of Ecuador to London Fidel Narvaez.
If you live in London and what to make an order let me know ill come around. cash or online orders.
With coronavirus cases still high in London, its vital to keep following lockdown restrictions and public health guidance. Thank you Camden.
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London drill.
1 year ago today Louis was madly in love and had slept well after a while (just as ~someone~ was spotted back in London).

What You Really Think

2019 pitch to Warner Bros: In the future, masked Nazis patrol the streets attacking anyone that ventures outside. Warner Bros: Too unbelievable.

Gestapo you mean.


Yes it's easy to harass a couple of grannies out for a walk than arrest all the stabby fuckers that have been out and about this weekend.

Leaving perpetrators of knife crime to roam free & many more murders? You're not a police're traffic wardens on a power trip!

Lame af, get a real job.

There are no laws which prevent anyone from travelling and it is not up to you to decide what is a reasonable reason to be out and about and there are MANY of them. Instead of playing bullyboy henchmen why dont you do what you are paid to do and investigate proper crimes.

London police should not be acting heavy handed during the Lockdown and also Aswell start doing something about the stabbings and violence happening across London every day.

Who would want to grow up and be a coppa these days. What a crap job it is. Checking people wear face nappies and asking them why they are out walking breathing the free air.

Living in SE London apparently there's more chance of my house being broken into and me being stabbed to death, than me catching Covid-19 WTF are you doing about real crime on the streets metpoliceuk are failing dismally to keep people safe pritipatel... Priorities!!

Do you realise metpoliceuk :- a) You've alienated the public. b) You should tackle what law abiding people call "crime". c) You're thuggish behaviour won't be forgotten when you want the public on your side. d) If I see an officer in need, I'll walk by (never would before).

What's it like destroying the livelihoods of the people who pay your wages?

Lockdowns do not work.

One step away from this.

How many people were killed in London while this was going on? Because the police leaders who decided this should be charged with aiding in those deaths.


Please do. Then we can take it to court, get the fine thrown out. Get compensation for the harassment . Then go back out and carry on being free .

You're becoming as bad as the Gestapo In the meantime gangland knife crime is totally getting away from you Go do some proper policing and catch some criminals and knife stabbers Useless lot.


Look at the size of them Doubt theyll be catching anyone living freeing anytime soon. Probs run out of puff after a short jog.


How many fines handed out How many knife crime deaths and injuries.

This is why Brits are enraged and jealous of FL Soviets always hate seeing freedom... Bye bitches!

Will they be doing anything about the surge in phone and bike thefts? Or, more importantly, the stabbings?

But stabbings are increasing, what about doing some proper work like stop and search.

I wish to report 30 men without masks on hugging each other at a rugby match yesterday.

Knife crime anyone?

Be nice once in a while to see some proper policing, but you seem incapable of that.

If there's a real crime, remember, run away and ignore it.

You lot want to be dealing with all the knife crime in London instead of hassling innocent people trying to go about their normal lives.

Did well stopping the knife crime. Covid fines probably more your level.

Don't you have higher priorities ffs? You wet losers.

Just doing your job is no excuse for keeping people under house arrest.

Pathetic virtue signalling of the worst kind. History will not judge you well in this complicit fascism. Mind how you go...

How about stopping a few of Khan's stabbings?

Hahahaha imagine getting a fine from the fella on the left. Only got to run 30 metres and you'd get off scot free.

But why does it only apply to white people ?

Send them to Dover, they can police the beaches.

May I suggest you have more important matters to deal with than harassing LAW abiding citizens.

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