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Saturday 23rd of January 2021

Leaving London With 3 Points.

"Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away; only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air..." Today we mark the 44th anniversary of the PinkFloyd album Animals. The incredible cover picture is of London's Battersea Power Station, on the bank of the River Thames...

The UK refusing to give full diplomatic status the EU's mission in London is baffling at at time when BorisJohnson is trying to connect with JoeBiden - because it recalls what Trump administration did to the EU ambassador back in 2019. Stay with me/1.

Martin Odegaard to Arsenal thought to have progressed to around 90% done and looking good for AFC. But there are still details that need to be worked through so its not finalised, nor at the stage where he is travelling to London yet.

UN torture expert says he has been leftgenuinely outragedby the prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,speakers at an event at Londons Frontline Cub this week warned the case should be considered an attack on all journalists.

Can I move to london already?
Having said that, the premise of a young gay man who wants to be an actor leaving the Isle of Wight for the bright lights of London is a bit familiar??? Russell T Davies will be hearing from my lawyers.

I was at both and whilst I get the argument against a losing MVP, without either of those two, would have been a massive blowout.
Bit of nostalgia and to I still a bit of feel good during the present climate I will be posting daily pics to uplift your mood do you remember this trip to London.
I love the simple and effective marketing of FREQUENT ELECTRIC TRAINS. Used in London from an early time. People want a reliable turn up and go service. They associate electric with fast and dependable.

Mhm, i get it. but my mum's lived in scotland for ~20 years and still has a very strong irish accent, you probably wont get a london one.
One conversation with Arteta and they're on the first flight to London. Makes you think.
I KNOW IT WONT BE MOMENTS OF ALWAYSNESS letting go of a fully votes based award Where is everyone MubeatQuiz - they have all the answers here you'll receive alot.
Im running for Mind in this years London marathon. A lot of people have had a difficult year last year and are still struggling Now. I feel theres no better time to run for this great charity. Any donation will be much appreciated. Link below.

This Mat Ryan save is as good as any goalkeeper will ever make Taking his talents to north London.
And Karl Brown in Trophy Final 1992.
Nulb London boroughs by highest number of COVID-19 positives per 100k population. 7day rolling rate by specimen date - ending Jan 17.
I was thinking wtf is BW and why cant it be said!?
London to remove two statues over links to slave trade AJEnglish London to remove no statues over links to enslavement i. e. Cathleen Ni Houlihan?
It's cute that you think the totality of circumstances in Sydney is comparable to NYC, London, or Paris. Here are two numbers for you to digest: 423/km2 and 10,716/km2.
A c1950 Gowshall catalogue page showing "Vitreous Enamel Street Name Plates" inc styles, lettering & cost - per letter & line. Fine Borough of Holborn one as well!
I meant the Atlantic by the US lol. Ariel ain't English, still wondering why she in London . Would it have been better if I said the specific ocean?
F35 Hoverjet scrambled to a Girls School in Stamford Hill (London) after reports of 400 people not SocialDistancing at a wedding being covertly held there. 612 warning shots were fired as well as 12 warning missiles.

TfLs Streetscape guidance, which we sounded the alarm about back in the summer, has been declared 'unlawful' by the High Court, partly because of its failure to make sure changes to Londons streets properly considered the impact on disabled people.

Please join us for a lecture by Francis B. Nyamjoh (Univ. of Cape Town): Being and Becoming African as a Permanent Work in Progress: Inspiration from Chinua Achebes Proverbs. SAT, JAN 23, 2021: 11am EST, 4pm London, 5pm Lagos, 6pm Johannesburg, 7pm Nairobi, 10pm New Delhi.

I might have that in the loft. Shame I've got nothing to play it on.
Chelsea is the BIGGEST club in London. The only London team to make the top 10.
Theres always a way!
Thats fucking rank if you ate that here you would get bullied and im just outside london.
Singapore has a population of ~5.7 million but is pretty compact with a population density of ~8,358 per square Km. 29 dead total no deaths since Nov 28th. London by comparison has a population ~8.9 million and density of ~5,701 per sq km. 11,517 dead and counting. Wear a mask.

We all know someone who has been taken away by Covid19 The threat of this virus is very real and we all need to do our part to look after each other. Protect your friends, protect your family, protect London by staying at home. Stay Home Protect the NHS Save Lives.

The lads need to be in top health to perform at their peak. We worked with MayoClinic, located in London, who provide personalised plans for a healthy future. for a chance to win a signed FFC ball. [?]nulb.

Avinash PaliwalIndian at Kings, Londonjust published devastating revelations of Modi-Dovals terror activities in Afghanistan aided and abetted by Ghani-Atmar duo. Targetthe US-Afghan Taliban talks. India a terror stateno longer in doubt. ActionIK.

Only few know what this means.. "London bridge is falling down".
Crowdfunding campaign set up to help save London's The India Club from closure.
Emphasis on the 'tweet'.
CORONA VIRUS IN UK PRISONS A thread: From a direct source: HMP Pentonville Prison, London 15 deaths from Corona with two inmates in critical condition 60 cases of infection in one wing. Kitchens closed Inmates have only been permitted to shower 3 times a week MWF.

Police in London have broken up a wedding with 400 guests that was taking place at a school. Retired policeman Norman Brennan: "While we're concerning ourselves on the Covid crackdown... you have got criminality, that I haven't seen the likes of before, being ignored".

The NHS told GPs and clinics not to halt smear tests, but cancellations and long waiting times.
The Final MVP has been awarded to a player from the losing team at least once. (James Hamilton of Cheshire, lost 2010 BBL Cup Final by 3 to Sheffield - so you have a case Anthony!!).
Did you know half of London is green space? The GreengroundMap links Londons parks & nature spots, helping walkers & cyclists travel across the city through the greenery Green heart.
Go on Phil.
World Superyacht Awards: The 14th annual edition of The World Superyacht Awards will take place in London in May 2019.
That's appalling and I reckon they did that sorta thing quite a few times. Also Axl was an even bigger ego trip than normal around that time having released that 9 minute rubbish Estranged which Slash hated the year before. They are in London in June so second lucky and etc :).

You are praising Sunday igboho anarchy toward fulani & media is giving you cooked stories, but once it turns into something else, the next thing you will hear is Igboho, Sowore and their families are in London watching your dismays live on television... Then you will have sense.

Wedding with 400 guests was held in Covid TEST CENTRE.
Sea Trout en croute for dinner tonight.
I want to say thanks to the CUPE 107 members that pick up our garbage, it's a cold day out there, thanks for being there for London in the cold and in the blazing heat. We appreciate you.
Seen every London gig you guys have done and can't wait for you be able to come back again!
Horse Dick by Camila Delatorre! Available in London!
Just finished Gangs of London bloody hell feel the need to give blood tomorrow.
Nvm found it.
With so much to be gloomy about, it is important to notice small triumphs in between the huge challenges. Today that means celebrating the inspiring work of my colleagues Hafsa, Adrianna & Merlin whose projects unlocking London's urban landscapes are featured in Elle & Monocle.

Open Spotify And check out this brilliant ( New Single Pressure. By the fantastic COLORWAVE ( colorwave_music Alternative Rock Band Hailing from London, UK!
And this is a slight correction from my sister. - Mum and my sister who is Chief Pharmacist for the NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at Excel London getting vaccinated today!
YOUR LIFE CHANGES FOR THE BETTER WHEN YOU STOP GETTING WEAK ON THE WEAK-ENDS - GC Part Two propertydevelopment commercialproperties.
I thought there was another, but I couldn't remember, and as THE ORACLE was tagged, I knew you'd let us know :-).
New six stage film and TV studio complex to open in Edmonton, North London. troubadourWPark, operator of Wembley Park Theatre, to open the complex in two phases from early this year .
Known as London's 'Ladies Bridge', women were drafted to construct Waterloo Bridge during WWII, but never got the credit for it.
Arsene Wenger invited a young Martin Odegaard to London Colney in 2014. Love to say it, the big mans done it again. Thanks, father.
Anti-vaxxer lies put lives at risk. Londoners must fight against these dangerous falsehoods.
Our virtual tour of royal tiaras in museums around the world today moves across the city of London to Kensington Palace.
I find offering them sources from academic books is usually a good way to make them Foxtrot Oscar. "Got a source for that?" "Yes; Gray, Modern Strategy, (London:1999), pg 54. You could try Freedman's Deterrence but I find his thoughts on this not as compelling".

A two-month-old baby has died after having a cardiac arrest at a home in Enfield. A man and a woman were arrested after the child passed away at a property in Edmonton shortly after 9.30am on Tuesday, January 19, reports the Daily Star.

davyhirl MattdaTrucker ElectroRemedy reddogjamie Nichola15429521 London Virus wrecking our buzz.
By which I mean as more people get the new virus, we will learn more about the risk it presents. Guess what: roughly this time last year the HCID in London dismissed COVID19 as a mild disease based on 9 patients from Brighton, ignoring 20,000 Chinese cases. Have we learn nothing?

. Have a great weekend London, United Kingdom.
]] Korean Eye 2020 IG update They put the Bernie Sanders meme from inauguration in front of MINO paintings at Saatchi Gallery (London) [?] Yi.
Innit people from London are back at it.
A new era for us today, finally getting back to do what we love the most! Cooking!!! 2 Veneti now available on SUPPERLondon for delivery!
South London ??
Looks like theres a few places you can go to and from without ending up in London ***nulb anyway its not me youve got to convince Ive no idea why youre all getting so angry about it, I must have touched a nerve.

Source: The City of London Corporation. Unbiased.
Vijay Mallya was represented in the London High Court today for his bankruptcy proceedings where he was seeking PS2.79 million from the court funds office to pay his legal fees.
He wore an eyepatch and fought a battle in the middle of London?
Ill never forget today. Tonight, Im the happiest man in the world. Its all thanks to you, ARMY. London! Wembley! LOVE U!
Really annoys me when people pit North vs South. What, you telling me people from Birmingham, Portsmouth and London don't know what poverty feels like? Do me a favour! This isn't North vs South, its workers vs bosses weather youre from Newcastle,London, Kingston Jamaica or Delhi.

Frith Street, Soho in 1956. laid out c1680, it was named after builder, Richard Frith. It has been home to many famous people including Constable, Mozart and Baird. Digitally colourised by.
Wisteria Climbing Up A Home In South Kensington, London.
I scream the lyrics of london boy a little too passionately for someone with a minimum attraction to men who doesn't know anybody from london.
The Deep Dive exhibition will be Sept 15-Sept 26th in London. I want to thank BanksideGallery and cgilgallery for keeping it safe and we are hoping it will be okay for people to travel safely.
Grand piano at buckingham palace in london, england.
's WDP454 On BN4IA Radio London 3/5 Tune In Here ,, ".
Storm Christoph: Grandfather, 70 admitted to hospital after swallowing sewage water in flooded home.
A pitiful comment from the Russian Embassy in London that shows Russian diplomacy in a deep, irreversible rot. Sad to behold.
The new release of the randomized ONS infection survey shows the advantage of the variant B.1.1.7 strain has evaporated in regions (London, East, Southeast) where it reached greatest prevalence. ]R_0 for variant cases declined without a decline for other case R_0]. 1/.

NO STONE UNTURNED Book 1 LucyLawrenceMysteries audiobook HistoricalMystery London October 1886: A suspicious death, stolen gems and an unclaimed reward: who will be the victor in a deadly game of cat and mouse?

Some nice dance music mixing from London going on live now for your Friday.
So much this. Last time I got to browse book shops was in February, in London with.
Where You Hiding? by A HOUSE IN THE TREES (Farewell (EP) 2020) AHITT From their suitably-titled final EP, AHITT was a collective of musicians based at The Rising Sun pub in South East London supportIndieRadio.

New job: Finishing Operative Location: South West London Salary: PS20 ..
Check out The CoCreators LoveIsTheAnswerRadioShow full episodes from Data Transmission now available on our Soundcloud! Vnulb Full of dope beats and LOVE! 2021LoveIsTheAnswer TGBTG See you Saturday night London 9PM to 10PM!

What You Really Think

Go learn on how to head ball lad.

What part of London?

Good player.

Get some headers on target.

U should learn how to score with you head.

Solid performance captain, your partnership with Bailly makes the team look soo comfortable and stable at the back. Keep up the pressure.

Just by the skin of Erics arse!!

Wat to go red devils,keep the fire burning.

Get out of our club. Get out of our club. Harry Maguire get out of our club.



El capitano my favourite defender keep the good work on.

Coming back soon and leaving with nothing.

That's a good job captain.

You will come next week again and leaving London without any point.

Whats that your big head meant for if not to score setpieces. You dont use your BIG head well Harry.

P hill jones 2.0 O verpriced O verrated.

Where were you for Fulhams goal ?! ***nulb.

Please score a headed goal for once!

Only just.

That's how stars do.

Drop your handles let's follow you now. Follow tiesto254 for a quick follow back.

Thank you.



Another reason why arsenal is the smallest club in London.

Can you stop doing back pass to the goalkeeper.

Try that at Emirates.

You are now justifying to the amount utd paid for you. Try and lead the team for the title.

Work on ur headers man but good game.

Time to change your avi. Seems it's the only goal you'll ever score for us Harry.

Good job..however gett you brick on targetand score some goals.

Oshey omo ope.

Our team needs some reinforcement to be strong Tell the coach to sign with : 1- Pereira = Sancho 2- Lingard = Adama Traore 3- 20M = Joshua King 4- 15M = Diego Rico 5- Fred = Welfred Ndidi 6- Lindelof = Micheal Keane.

Nice one 50p head.

Yes up united.

No thanks to you yer prick.


You are doing great keep it up.

London is still red and Manchester is white.

Work on your headings please be accurate.

Even Southampton become top of the table, but really team will go there for next couple of weeks.

The guy who always imitates v.v.d but he can't catch him.

Well done Cap.

You have been great last 3-4 ganes keep it up Harry.

If and only you could head the ball on target ***nulb Youll be undefeated.

Come back in few days time please and experience a different tough time on the pitch.

Leaving for the 17th time in a row, with points.

You should have scored 4 last night.

Please start scoring goals.

Good play skipper... Your ball distribution is top notch . But you can be banging those corner kicks inside the net.

Masha Allah.

Fix your head.

Go straight to the training ground to work on your headers in the opposition box, Mate!

Big head maguire leave Man U and drop captain badges you are fam useless man big fool.

I swear you are a disgrace to Manchester United, you are a lower-tier team player, and you pick up a weakness. In Manchester defense it is not the time for your development to become a good player. We are in a strong competition. You must think in the best interests of the team.

More vim.

The most expensive fridge you'll ever see.

Carry on towards the championship, don't be ashamed of us.

Shows grit throughout the team.


Yes my captain.

U don't deserve to play for Manchester United nulbnulb.

You could have been on the score sheet but great game.

If I ever see Fifa give you a rating of heading over 50, am suing.


Welldone! You just need to stop heading the ball with the middle of your head when you are in opponent's box. You are tall already. With yiur height, when you hit ball with that area of your head you'll only send the ball over the bar!

And spreading virus to how many ????? Fkin numpties.

You know the part of London wey you fit do that one na... Fridge like you.

It could have been a lot easier if on set pieces you understood the difference between a defensive header and an attacking header, your inability to even hit the target is astonishing for a centreback.

The rock.

Some player this guy.

With all due respect, it's a promoted side currently in relegation place. Also, how do you manage to head anything but target with no pressure with unerring accuracy when god has bestowed upon you a humongous slab?

Next time you come back make sure you carry them with you.

It's a nice to celebrate 3pt.

2nd best CB in the league.

My fridge.

And 25 goals conceded in 19 games with you part of the "improved" defence.

Two seconds later ball given away most likely.

Harry please fix your heading. Imagine the advantage we'd have if we can score from set pieces.

Best feeling.

Ifuru gi this boy, you need utari thats mixed in ose and kerosene.

Maybe you need a New cut to bang in those headers, shape you hair as soon as possible.

You need to improve at the back pls!

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