Friday 7th of August 2020

Lyon Switch Off The Cristiano League For Another Year CL.

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Lyon grab an away goal and take a 2-0 lead vs. Juve on aggregate.
Lyon switch off the Cristiano League for another year CL.
Paulo Dybala is in Juve's squad for their UCL game vs. Lyon today after missing their last two games with an injury.
Lyon and PSG still on the list to win the Champions League well the farmer league isnt that bad huh..
Holy shit! Been at work and just seen this! Well done to Lyon.
Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo for 100m and gave him 30m/year just to get knocked out vs Ajax and Lyon.
RESULTS Back with a bang! Lyon & Manchester City reach last 8 Who impressed you?
1 - Lyon is the first French team to eliminate Juventus in the knockout stage of the European Cup/UEFA Cup/Cup Winners' Cup. Arrivederci.
Memphis Depay really came back from an ACL injury to score the goal that sent Lyon to the Champions League quarter final. His 6th goal in 6 CL games this season. Absolute baller.
Juventus signed Ronaldo to help them win champions league only to be knocked out by Ajax and Lyon.
Manchester City will now face Lyon in the quarter-final of the Champions League. One-off tie, next Saturday.
FT Manchester City 2-1 Real Madrid (4-2 agg) Juventus 2-1 Lyon (2-2) Manchester City and Lyon have both qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals.
Oy GaryLineker, sorry to disappoint but I think youll find its City playing Lyon, not Real Madrid.
OFFICIAL: Manchester City will face Lyon in the UCL quarter-final.
Lyon should lift the Champions League for two reasons. 1: To send the F word for FFP 2. Just to diss PSG.
I dont want to see any nonsense tweets on my TL from PR7 fans blaming Sarri. You guys boldly claimed he could do it regardless of the quality of his teammates. 2 years counting and he has been eliminated by beatable teams like Lyon and Ajax.

Ronaldo and Juve were knocked out. Before you bring "Ronaldo scored 2 goals", when Messi faced Lyon last season, he scored 2 and assisted 2. Messi is always 2 steps ahead of that fraud. Unmatched.
Single-handedly destroying Lyon isn't for everyone.. Standards: Astronomical.
Beating Lyon is not for everyone na lmaooooo.
When Lyon go trough but we still gonna get Aouar .
City V Lyon The Upset Almost Isnt Even Worth It TBH.
- Lyon to qualify 11/2.
Cristiano lost to Lyon Ronaldo looking at his teammates after being the only player that scored.
Lyon have played ONE (1) competitive match in 3 months and they still worked out the crap that is Sarriball.
As I said Man City vs Lyon it is.
Man City will beat Lyon easily I think. Up to PSG or Bayern to knock them out.
OMG!! ManchesterCity defeat Real Madrid 2-1 & advance on aggregate 4-2!!. On to the quarterfinals in Portugal against Lyon next Saturday. Goals from sterling7 & gabrieljesus9!
Cristiano Ronaldo will not feature in the UCL quarter-finals for the first time in 10 seasons: 2009-10: Defeated by Lyon in Round of 16 2019-20: Defeated by Lyon in Round of 16 Lyon dishing out the L's nulb.

This is the same Lyon side that Messi singlehandedly tore apart in the Champions League last season. Ronaldos reputation taking a massive blow tonight.
Knocking Lyon out in the round of 16 isnt for everyone.
UEFA Champions League [?] City - Real Madrid : Penalty awarded 2.56 Juventus - Lyon : Penalty awarded 2.75 Real Madrid Over 1 Goal 1.91 Ronaldo City/Real BTTS 2.48.
City will play Lyon in the quarter-final of the Champions League. The game will kick off at 6pm next Saturday 15th Aug.
Lyon v PSG in the final, need that.
Juventus lost to Lyon? A year After being bounced by Ajax? After spending so much money and going on all in on the Portuguese so they can win the Champions League?
My Guy .. It No be small Agenda .. Ronaldo Go Sack Sarri . Sia Ramos Then Bale They Win You UCL You Figga You Reach ...Ibi Ajax Then Lyon them dey Whip You.
Don't underestimate lyon.
Lyon qualifying ahead of Juventus is a disappointment for the perennial champions of Italy. Especially when you consider the investments they made after consistent final appearances.
UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE UPDATE Juventus 2 - 1 Lyon On aggregate 2 -2 Lyon go through.
LYON ARE THROUGH! Cristiano Ronaldo, Mr Champions League, is OUT of the Champions League.
When Messi faced Lyon, he sent them packing.
***nulb Higuain was terrible, finished as a top player, Cuardrado also many mistakes although he is being played out of position.. Danilo & Ramsey Zero impact! Juve need some quality youth, legs were gone by 60th minute if it wasn't for Ronaldo would of ben an easy win for Lyon ***nulb.

Lyon SO happy.
Retweet if you love eating ass.
Juventus/Lyon o2.5 ( 108) Man City/Real Madrid u3.5 (-136) Please tell me someone took these bets. PLEASE. ABSOLUTELY ON to STA THE DAY GOING 4-0 including the collab!!
City - super impressive, & their ability to manage both legs made me feel for the first time they have genuine chance of winning this - will be rubbing their hands in anticipation. For Lyon, job done to an extent. Prize money, TV etc will help make up for missing Europe in 20-21.

Nah one leg Tie G anything can happen oooooo Lyon beat Man City last season if you can remember.
Knockout football is for the youth! Well done to City and Lyon!
FT Juventus 2-1 Lyon (Agg 2-2) - OL qualify for the Final 8 & will play Manchester City in the quarter-finals. 3 matches away from Champions' League glory!
Juve bought Ronaldo for 100m to deliver the Champions League. Since then they have failed to pass the quarter finals of the UCL losing to Ajax and Lyon. "Mr ChaMpIoNs LeaGuE".
City were gifted both goals though, cant see Lyon putting on such a defensive shitshow.
GG was over 2odds And Lyon scored within 7mins This betting is mad.
Cristiano Jr thinking of the gruelling workout he's gonna undergo because of Lyon.
Lyon through at Juve's expense.
Lyon v Bayern semi final with Perisic scoring an hattrick.
Juventus and Real Madrid are out in Round16.. Come On, 2020 is not that bad.
Serie A golden boot [?][?][?] Assists stats [?][?][?][?][?] Knocked out by Ajax sch boys last season Knocked out by Lyon farmers this season Invictus Obi with tha bleaching cream.
No excuses when you lose against Lyon in the last-16 of Champions League and you are Juventus. Its a flop.
No excuse...ronaldo can't help defeat city 's form is way much better than juventus.
How about a UCL final between Atalanta and Lyon?
You mean to tell me Ronaldo and Juventus couldnt beat LYON? And yall telling me.. nvm dawg.
Madrid Out, City Through. Mr. Champions League out, Lyon Through.
Single handedly finished Lyon when the team needed him most.
Every year Juventus is reminded of why they are Kings in Italy and so far away from being it in Europe. Last years it took Lyon and Ajax to remind them of it. Lyon and Ajax.
FT: Juventus 2-1 Lyon We are out. We go again next year.
Ultimately the shocking Lyon penalty was difference tonight. Yes Juve got a non-penalty too but Lyons was worth double as an away goal. Remove both and its 1-0 & extra time Juventus were unlucky tonight & created lots but regardless they should be smashing a team like Lyon.

Lyon turn some people goat to ram.

What You Really Think

Penaldo fans in the mud.


Who's the famers now ?

1er de Serie A elimine par le 7eme de ligue 1 Farmer league ???


Love to see it.

Frames league what ?

I feel like rabiot wasnt putting work so Yeahh ig I would say shit midfielders.

Loooool Ronaldo and juve fans in the mud.

You have been warned.



He is the only Juve scorer in CL knockout games since he joined them... Feel kinda sad for him but VIVE LA FRANCE BORDEL.


Hard luck Juve.

I blame it on the manager.

Sad to see CR7 knocked out.. I think today CR7 and REAL MADRID both missed each other.

No cap.

Farmers league.


Was watching the game.. And the moment Ronaldo came to take FK commentators was talking about Messi.. I haven't heard word Ronaldo in Messi games. And it is rightly called that CR greatest achievement is being compared to Messi..

Ronaldo fans saying it wasnt Ronaldo fault becuase he scored two goals . Well guess what , Messi scored 2 goals in first leg against Liverpool and then played average ins Econs leg . Ronaldo played average in first leg and scored 2 goals second leg . What is the difference.