Friday 26th of August 2022

Emmanuel Macron Has Warned The French They Are Facing Sacrifices And The End of Abundance.

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President Macron, friend foe? Truss: jury out. France NATO ally. peddle notion that NATO ally stupidity extreme. Truss showing herself vacant kettle, happy filled with easy applause.

Emmanuel Macron warned French they facing sacrifices abundance.
France oldest most important allies. snub Macron garner cheap votes idiot wing Tory membership idiotic vile. Truss vile.
Asked President Macron friend foe," Truss replies that "the jury out".
Truss says 'jury out' whether Emmanuel Macron 'friend foe'.
What's about trussliz remarks Macron that she's already keys No10. There's need further appease Tory members she's doing making life even more difficult There prospect goodwill without France side. Literally none.

Truss, current foreign secretary, when asked President Macron 'friend foe' says "the jury's out." Significant when France UK's closest allies.
President Emmanuel Macron says France Algeria should move beyond their 'painful' shared history look future.
Macron? He's from that Europe, isn't foreigner? Yeah, we'll about him.
still thinking about this. likely next Britain does know Emmanuel Macron "friend foe"? time when Europe with actual foes, this level political discourse UK?

fucking dare she. fucking dare that pathetic little woman cosplays Thatcher, mind own, robotically spews fascistic slogans please nasty Little England fanclub dare think judge Macron. Shes pitiful comparison.

Dick Macron.
French President Emmanuel Macron heading Algeria three-day visit aimed boosting economic relations. will also seek heal wounds inherited from colonial era, years after North African country independence from France.

Putins Brexit strategy bears fruit Truss trashes Anglo-French relations. Truss says 'jury out' whether French President Emmanuel Macron 'friend foe'.
President represents country. When suggest Macron could enemy, saying about France. This weapons-grade idiocy lets forget Truss currently Foreign Secretary.

Correct wrong, Truss saying that jury's whether should nuke Macron?
Love trussliz hustings answers whether Macron friend foe?! Jurys out! Rishi said friend! best lift with: Starmer Sturgeon? Sturgeon, shell have talked leaving time lift gets ground Starmer boring !

next hours Truss will make apology correction Macron statement. Watch see.
Could Truss dealing with Macron. seems unhappy with him. will need plastic buckets attack.
Macron warns abundance World News.
After having insulted First Ministers Scotland Wales, Truss today declared Macron enemy will also trigger Article which will offend president. Looks like great start, before even office.

goes both ways. French same about English. Macron plays that approval.
Macron calls Trudeaus cock Abundance.
far, people vying lead have insulted (forgive miss feel free correct omissions) poor, lawyers, journalists, refugees, solar farms, transexuals, scientists President Macron. feeling especially proud British right now.

Massacre, nearly every day. This face Macron talks phone, slaughterer innocents. Imagine debating tourist visas when Russia firing missiles into European cities. They visit Chaplyne, Mariupol, Bucha.

jury's Macron long since returned with damning verdict Truss.
Truss carries well need Prince George marry Macrons niece Europe back balance.
French president Emmanuel Macron arrived Algeria Thursday three-day visit intended reset relationship marked charged history Frances colonial rule fierce that Algerian independence 1962.

Truss doesn't know Macron friend Really deserves much better than this constant cheap europhobia Putin foe, Assad, Taliban but can't figure Macron same category, you're really British Prime Minister.

Father God, help your children realise they were conned must work trusting than gods science. Jesus Christ's name. Amen. COVID19 Monkeypox UkraineWar ENGvSA.
yeah!! Macron congratulates BRITISH PM!!
Lionel Barber holder Legion dHonneur criticises wannabe while ignoring every idiot dangerous Anglophobic comment Macron makes. Quelle surprise. Sensible people through this absurdly naked partisanship.

talking about Ukraine, Zelensky wouldnt publicly told macron shut mouth attempt give peoples home away unless true.
When Truss ever France wasn't friend? just said doubts about Macron, France. Stop wetting your knickers.
Interesting find "treatment" that Macron will reserve her. Make wait long possible "head head" ostentatiously ignore first international meeting. leaning towards second.

While Macron. Macron doing what thinks right people france. doing what right herself.
Personally dont like Macron probably doesnt rate best buddies list especially since Brexit supposed next publicly that just plain stupid division between NATO countries just what Putin wants.

Julia Hartley-Brewer President Macron, friend foe? Truss "The jury out".
Those knocking Truss suggesting jury's Macron being friend when France NATO state closest neighbour would call Trump when President. France friends irritate each other. She's negative about Macron France. difference.

Number times French people have elected Macron their leader 2 Number times British people have elected Truss their leader 0 Number times British people will elect Truss their leader 0.

Asked Truss friend foe, President Macron shrugged just said shes fucking idiot.
jury Macron Zelensky gets unquestioned support. Both cant true. Take position stop this populist nonsense.
then silent when Macron does this country's spot electioneering this instance?
Truss comments Macron lamentable whatever think French president, want play your part keeping western alliance together face Putins aggression, dont dumb shit like this. Particularly when youve already won.

Macron thug, liar crook. blatantly allows organised crime operate beaches wage hybrid warfare Every dinghy reduction security risk taxpayers money addition ours. Fcuk him.

Emmanual Macron also democratically elected voting population France. isn't, won't time soon. They destroying country future prospects
Truss says 'jury out' whether Macron 'friend foe'.
think clever. just sort thing Thatcher would have said. It's high time showed little backbone. should Macron judged deeds rather than words. Time grow pair.

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But he and his teacher wont.

Poor guy, hes really suffering.

They are. He isnt!

This jet ski is electric. Confirmed by independent fact checkers.

Ah come on, he has to get the ride somewhere. Sure if he rides his wife he might break her hip...

Can you imagine? Governments are actually making this the objective. They dont want to see people prosper, be strong etc.

Next: "If they have no bread, let them eat cake"!

Get rid of him immediately.

But...plenty of cash for I right?

..except for him and his mates. Vive La revolution.

Johnson saying much the same thing its all planned.

Let them eat cake.

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