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Thursday 23rd of April 2020


Keir Sarmer would make a better job than Dominic Raab of heading the emergency fightback against coronavirus is the only conclusion anyone could reach after watching . Exposed failings over testing, PPE, shunning British firms and failing to count care home staff deaths.
"Slow into lockdown, slow on testing, slow on PPE and now slow on taking up offers on protective equipment." - Devastating indictment from Starmer which Raab was unable to refute.
So a UK Government of ideological liars put anti-EU ideology before PPE and then lied about it.
You arent required by anyone you gobshite.
I know its not a happy time but happy St George day to everyone.
Hate is a very strong word and not surprising that someone like Maguire uses it, fancy being that eaten up with hate for a fellow human being. Just look at the people he supports and that will tell you all you need to know..
Yuk The right-wing "Media Establishment"and the*Tory Boy* (dont recall the name) all "salivating" over Keir Starmer (Mr Dullsville!)- Maguire calling him the "alternative Prime Minister"! The"Paid Shills" are everything thats wrong in our society!.
I love congee! What recipe did you use?.
We may have gaps in specific items, and theres certainly some issues with the logistics, one way to get round that would be to have more items than we need in the supply chain..
Press preview on Sky last night Kevin Maguire live from his house had a mug with the words "I still hate Thatcher" strategically placed behind him so the viewers could see it Throwing some raw meat to his Mirror readers and they keep him in his great well paid job in return.
Oh dear.
1) we havent ruined many careers, for example: maguire, James, awb, Bruno, zlatan, bailly, lindelof, martial2) sancho to mufc is inevitable 3) How can Solskjr be a PE teacher if hes beaten the big 6 teams multiple times this season convincingly ?.
and deliberately giving a scientist stick on . While being nicey nicey to the Pierce and the tosspot , this just proves more over what a pathetic pair of losers they really are!.
Bailly, Fred, Greenwood, Maguire, James, Ighalo FC. We need more friends, follow me and everyone who RT or likes this post.
Same as, theres plenty others around me though. Local community groups have plenty of volunteers, so perhaps many not needed..
For the most part I consider the Toby Maguire Spider-Man movies kino excellence but this 9-year old on tiktok does raise some valid criticism.
OHI Idiot, a lot of us are volouteers, but we do not make a song and dance about it BOFOON.
They know you are a Leftist wankstain and want nothing to do with you..
Jeez! If I was ill youd be the last person id want looking after me!.
Thought you were an essential worker?.
your getting darker each enjoying the sunshine?.
They have got your number chooky ... they know you would only be there as a 5th columnist so you could write and tweet foul things afterwards ... I wouldnt touch you with a bargepole either..
Have you tried speaking to a hospital , the trust, or someone about it are just mentioning it on Twitter ?.
1. Bruno2. Maguire3. AWB4. Rashford5. Fred.
Sorry but I cant hear Hancock and NHS in the same sentence without.
Youre not !!!Trust me thats a good thing! Your wife said the very same thing last !!!.
So who are you blaming for the cheap headlines Hancock or some of the inefficient managers of the NHS even the army are frustrated with them in the distribution of PPE when this is over then is the time for recriminations.
The engrained hatred we see within Maguire should ensure he doesnt work with the public ~he is a threat to the mental health of our youth. Such a nasty individual !.
A vicious media millionaire wants to play the caring philanthropist. Removing himself from our screens would help..
.. They got things wrong!! So says Maguire. Another expert.
Not needed at the moment, as stated on the website..
My son didnt sign up for any volunteer jobs he just organised himself to help the self isolaters in our community - shopping /collecting prescrptions/ post office trips and posting letters etc etc. Literally just a phone call and he responds. Just an idea!.
A damn sight more than you, with your useless, spineless negativity and moaning, clearly.
Maybe they were already oversupplied with perpetually whining Lefties?Or eye-rolling isnt a skill in much demand?..
And how does that mean de gea cant save the ball? Look in the video from 1:10 de gea has his eyes fixed on the ball the whole time. Its Maguire deflection that sends him the wrong way ffs. Sigurdson doesnt touch it and he doesnt block de geas vision.
So, is the new poster boy for momentum. He ranks alongside Owen Jones and Maguire. Just a reminder, they have never got anything right. They have always been on the losing side..
Tom Holland andgt; Andrew Garfield andgt; Tobey Maguire.
doing fuck all during the day looking at the colour of him.
by me and Bully Maguire.
Here we Labour love fest on with twats By the St Georges day Better not mention though incase of offending lefty snowflakes!.
Based on Premier League clubs most used centre-backs, Maguire and Lindelof have made the least combined individual errors leading to shots this season [].
Cancelling fuck all. Working on rescheduled dates to keep everyone safe and well. When the world starts turning again well get back in about it. Stay clever. Protect your family x.
Hes in his bedroom.
Dear marvel please I am once asking again if you ever bring Maguire beck to life I have no obligations and Im ready to play her please.
Confirmed Manchester United line-up vs Norwich: Maguire back as captain, Rashford makes 200th club appearance.
523 hours and counting for nothing!.
Fred: I think we always have to help those in need. The group, especially Harry [Maguire], along with Ole, created this initiative, and we embraced and went together, because we know it is important at this moment. [].
Maybe they just realise who you are and dont want you. Maybe even dont like you..
Troll. Blocked.
you look very pastie compared to ! Someone has been spending a lot of time in the garden!.
Tip for - dont sit in a cupboard when on live.
by the time Maguire fixes the curve of his flat head , ramos would win another pair of CL.
Because in 2016 op. Cygnus showed the Tories that a pandemic of a known flu would cause the problems we have today. They knew then and didnt have the countrys defences built and covered. That is a failure of the 1st line of government..
volunteers are working in the community not hospitals, didnt you realise that?.
maguire was horribly out of position wym.
Maguire - pipe down.
As the tries to move away from a reliance on for minerals used to make weapons and high-tech equipment, the one rare earth mine it has in southern California is owned by MP Materials, which is 10% owned by Peking, and the USG has shunned it..
Nope. That is not the approach . I am a labour voter and labour agreed with their approach. Tony Blair pointed out easy easy to say should have etc but this way beyond anything thats ever been experienced before. I find this rather public school boy stuff rather tiresome.
As the wonders about why those Poles cant be more like the Germans or the French, tries to keep safe..
What? No bat flip???.
, a complete disgrace to the human race.
Starmer is the DPP who took no action against Savile. Nothing to see here..
My role as a player was to protect others around me and sort things out, so Id find it difficult to settle my issues and my thoughts..
Snowboarding fail. ( ).
Maguire needs to grow up. Having a mug on the shelf saying I still hate Thatcher is childish.
ReidKelly ClarksonJa RuleKatie HolmesReese WitherspoonStevie Wonder Tobey MaguireKate WalshDiane KrugerBen AffleckJennifer GarnerRichard GereBradley WhitfordQuincy JonesBarbra StreisandDakota FanningMarc AnthonyBryan Cranston.
Alllllll politicians are scumbags but theres a special place in hell for conservative politicians.
Just noticed my esteemed colleagues and are having a Thatcher-off on tonight. Excellent use of backgrounds ..
Notice how its always remoaners, this isnt about covid-19 its all about them losing a vote and throwing toys out the pram. Its a hate campaign against Boris come rain or shine, pathetic..
On Lenins 150th birthday, check out the crudely ingenious ways the 1960s retouched version of the 1937 film Lenin in October removed all sign of Stalin from the action. Compare the two versions below and watch out for disappearing.
How about testing and quarantine of the 100k ppl coming into UK weekly still?.
Maggie Habermans story conveniently tying Brights ouster to Hydroxychloroquinesolely on the word of a guy who hired Blasey Fords attorneys beforehandreminds me of the leaked emails in which Hillary Clinton staffers described her as a reporter they could rely on..
Bert and Ernie. Sesame Street. Great couple. Need your own show :).
Imo Maguire should try and surpass Nacho first.
A) "You want to go to work? Go take a job as an essential worker" sure sounds like hes telling out-of-work people its their own fault theyre out of work B) "Economic hardship tied to increase in suicide rates, especially in rural areas".
The lockdowns were initially touted to flatten the curve and were only supposed to last a couple of weeks, and most were OK with that. Then it became we cant reopen for an indefinite time until the virus is eradicated. Thats when the protests began..
i dragged out the crockpot and made wild rice congee cause no spoons and its like really good? im pleasantly surprised.
Who would want you to turn up at their house in their hour of need, only to have you prattle on about how bad Boris is and how good Tony Blair would be? I think I would prefer to go hungry..
what a prick showing his I hate thatcher mug last night on shy Kevin maguire.
The only thing I hate about Toms Spider-Man is the full CG suit. I mean, its so obvious that its not real. You can see him blinking n stuff. And that Iron-spider suit SUKS! Tobey Maguire is the real OG Spider-Man..
Enjoy watching you two banter friends underneath the political differences!.
The of has been missing for 31 years. s CCP abducted him in 1995, when he was just 6.Watch videos of laureates calling for his release. Heres one with peace activist Mairead Corrigan Maguire..
I dont believe Kevin, I dont believe him capable of doing anything good or nice. Especially nothing to help people or the country.
I was of the same mind. Got my first alert on Tuesday. Prescription collection. Done and dusted in 30 mins..