Monday 8th of February 2021

Pat Mahomes Trying to Find an Open Receiver.

Pat Mahomes trying to find an open receiver.
Mahomes looking for a receiver who wont drop the ball.
Mahomes has been incredible tonight. Stats will show different but his O-Line and receivers have totally let him down.
This is so crazy. I know youre going to say we are just looking for reasons to say good thing about Mahomes but dude is playing his butt off actually. Two TDs hit receivers in their face mask on off balance run for your life throws.

Mahomes every time he drops back.
Pat Mahomes that's my dawg but Pat im bouta lose ma home fr.
Quarterbacks by Super Bowl wins. Tom Brady: 7 Joe Montana: 4 Terry Bradshaw: 4 Troy Aikman: 3 Eli Manning: 2 Peyton Manning: 2 Ben Roethlisberger: 2 John Elway: 2 Jim Plunkett: 2 Bob Griese: 2 Roger Staubach: 2 Bart Starr: 2 Aaron Rodgers: 1 Patrick Mahomes: 1 Drew Brees: 1.

12 zillion people & players, including Mahomes, without masks before, during and after the fact, but TOM BRADY, oh-ho! He's beaten so many teams, so humiliatingly, that the hate factor is often indistinguishable from the outright jealousy and envy.

If you played and had 1 yard rushing, you would say you earned it just like Mahomes lmao.
No one is ever catching Brady. Not Mahomes. Not anyone. Its not happening. More rings than Jordan. In the goddamn NFL. Tom Brady is the greatest team sport athlete of all time.
There will be no Patrick Mahomes slander on this application My man is putting his life on the line to throw incomplete passes to WRs that hit them in the face mask Respect.
The Chiefs desperately missed Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fisher today. Mahomes got eaten for lunch, supper, dinner, and a late night snack. I didn't know you could be devoured that often.
Mahomes has basically looked like garbage in 2 Super Bowls . Why are the announcers still trying to suck him off? Ridiculous.
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Agree helped giving Brady MVP so they only needed one on stage, but defo whole defence deserved it, to stop Kansas getting a TD in any game is amazing but in the superbowl. Only game all season Mahomes not had a TD.

I thought Patrick Mahomes was a football player?
The Chiefs offensive line blocking for Mahomes.
Tom Brady beat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes in the same playoffs at 43. Hes the greatest quarterback of all time.
The bucs defense isnt being talked about enough... nobodys ever done that to mahomes. nulb.
I actually feel bad for Mahomes right now.
Patrick Mahomes pregnant fiancee Brittany Matthews pays tribute to Chiefs QB after Super Bowl loss.
Also, not one ounce of that was on Mahomes. Dude did everything he could.
Mahomes' wife and momma make damn near impossible to like that man they are soooo damn annoying.
Patrick Mahomes was pressured more in this game than any QB in Super Bowl history (29), passing the record of 25 by Jim Kelly in SB XXVI. Tom Brady faced his fewest pressures (4) in any Super Bowl of his career.

Patrick Mahomes fiancee Brittany Matthews calls out ESPN for tweeting out corny photos.
Mahomes this whole game.
Imagine all those people calling Mahomes the goat before he even made it to a second contract. My GOAT never went scoreless in a SB. My goat also never threw a pick in a SB either.
Id rather Brady get his 7th ring than Mahomes go back to back and have 2 already. And Id never root for the Chiefs especially in the super bowl, idc who theyre playing. If youre a Raiders fan and root for Chiefs especially in the super bowl youre not a true Raider.

Technically we didn't have the best Mahomes... that foot injury was deadly to his style. And then the defense...
Mahomes after the Super Bowl.
The last time Patrick Mahomes started and lost a game by more than 1 score was Nov. 19, 2016 when he was at Texas Tech and lost 66-10 at Iowa State.
Patrick Mahomes every time he drops back to pass.
Final tally, ESPNStatsInfo: Mahomes was pressured on 29/56 dropbacks--the most of any QB in Super Bowl history. Brady was pressured on 4/30--the lowest of his SB career.
Rush four, get pressure, two deep safety that's the recipe against mahomes and rodgers gotta have d to do it, but it seems to work.
Patrick Mahomes didn't throw a single touchdown pass in the biggest game of the year, and *somehow* people are making that a 'Lamar sucks at passing' narrative. I. Hate. It. Here.
Beat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes consecutively cry some more.
Deshaun Watson watching Patrick Mahomes get no help tonight.
With Mahomes' loss tonight, the last QB to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles remains TomBrady (2004-05) ***nulb.
Update: Mahomes went out like that! Lol.
Mahomes be like.
QBs who have beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl: -Eli Manning -Nick Foles QBs who have not beat Brady in the Super Bowl: -Kurt Warner -Jake Delhomme -Donovan McNabb -Russell Wilson -Matt Ryan -Jared Goff -Patrick Mahomes.

Overcame Brees Rodgers Mahomes to get that 7th ring He is too old..too slow..He is a system player No ifs and buts now.
Bosa was literally crying at the Super Bowl last year & the video/pic was posted everywhere. Now ESPN posted a close up pic of Mahomes when he lost and people are upset? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? I think tf not. It happens to every athlete.

This whole game feels off. I noticed it before the game, Mahomes demeanor felt different. Something is up. Huge conspiracy. Probably Shungite related.
BRady used Manning's strategy as an older quarrterback, find a team with the best collective defense in a season mikefountains Patrick Mahomes was pressured a Super Bowl-record 29 times in the Chiefs' loss to the Bucs.

Mahomes has thrown the 7 best incomplete passes in NFL history tonight.
The Bucs went through the Saints (Payton/Brees), Packers (LaFleur/Rodgers), and Chiefs (Reid/Mahomes). They allowed 18.3 points over those 3 games, scored an average of 30.6 points, and won by an average of 12.3 points per game. What a phenomenal run.

Dominate Chiefs 31-9, win 2nd Super Bowl in franchise history ( TheBucsWire).
Brady is doing us all a favour cuz aint nobody trynna see mahomes lil bro doing the buss it challenge on that podium.
Pat Mahomes to his O-Line and receivers after the game.
Patrick Mahomes against the Bucs defense tonight.
Brady went through Brees, Rodgers and Mahomes on the way to his 7th SuperBowl win.
We witnessed Brady vs Mahomes for the SuperBowl but damn I wish we couldve witnessed Kobe vs LeBron for The NBA Finals.
Mahomes got that girl pregnant and the ancestors immediately took away his powers. Smh.
Mahomes playing his heart out... mad respect.
Here are the path's that Patrick Mahomes (top) and Tom Brady (bottom) took before pass attempts in shotgun during tonight's SuperBowl Red: complete White: incomplete.
Mahomes watching his receivers drop another Touchdown pass.
Tom Brady just went through Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes to win this 7th Super Bowl ring. Epic.
There will be even more traffic cones around Mahomes when that big contract kicks in Mase.
So far the only time Mahomes has had to throw he created himself. And he hit Tyreek Hill in the face with a pass in the end zone and had to settle for a FG. That goal line stand was everything to KC.
Watson is better than Mahomes??? What a take to wake up to this morning goodness me.
We are rooting for Kansas City and Mahomes right?
Lets go live to Jackson Mahomes.
Mahomes is playing with a broken offensive line Herbert.
Drake Aaron Rodgers & Mahomes 10/10.
Patrick Mahomes dropped back to pass 56 times and faced a blitz on just 6 of those dropbacks (11%). Of the 29 pressures he faced Sunday, 27 came against a pass rush of 4 or fewer defenders. That's the 2nd most pressures against 4 or fewer rushers over the last 10 seasons.

The Bucs are the 1st team with four 30-point games in a postseason. They are the 1st team to beat 3 SB MVP QBs in a postseason (Mahomes, Rodgers, Brees) Tom Brady is the 1st player in NFL history with 50 Pass TD in a season (including playoffs) for a Super Bowl champion.

Really not that great... can you define great? Let me guess, Aaron Rogers fan or Brees fan or Mahomes fan?
It's time to stop worrying about whether Patrick Mahomes will be the Greatest Of All Time one day and just focus on whether he will be the Greatest Patrick Mahomes He Can Be. Getting him an offensive line has to be the Chiefs' top priority.

Patrick Mahomes threw this ball 30 yards.
Me and my boys are down bad rn man...Lamar, Mahomes, Conor, CR7, Lonzo...I might be cursed man.
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Mahomes really almost completed this throw.
Imagine thinking Mahomes is overrated. LeBron and MJ, mustve been overrated too.
Now Patrick Mahomes mom is crying about the refs, you love to see it.
Lebron? You mad because Mahomes didnt rise up and beat the greatest QB of all time? Like always, get on the Brady train!
Mahomes is the only qb I've ever seen where people fawn over his incomplete passes.
Mahomes should really unfollow each of his wide receivers...
They really built up Mahomes & Kelce for this? Brady & Gronk came in and said fuck those kids.
This is Bradys greatest victory. He went to a team with a losing identity. Didnt know the coach. Didnt know most of the players. Beats Brees, Rodgers, Mahomes on the way to this 7th Super Bowl championship. The absolute greatest of all time. And the Bucs defense was incredible.

It gives all old people hope. Brady. Who looks younger than Patrick Mahomes ranks alongside with Joe Biden and Lance Armstrong for over the hill achievements. What a guy!

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