Wednesday 12th of May 2021

Watch: Maori Party Walks Out of House 'racist Questions' With Rousing Haka.

Social Media Says

Siri, whats data colonialism? TeHiku gathered huge swathes Maori language data create better space Indigenous peoples online bigtech trying take rights profit. ...

Rawiri Waititi booted House over stoush with Speaker over National Party rhetoric. Waititi says National constantly bashing Maori shouldnt being broadcast world, argues inciting racism across NZ.

people Manawatu force this morning pressure District Council properly honour Tiriti relationship their connection with iwi. Massive tautoko ground Maori wards! teanau_tuiono packer_deb being there support.

Maori person, watching brutal violence Israel unleashes almost entirely civilians gives window into world colonialist butchery ancestors. too, were decried primitive violent people orphaning kids world watched.

Talk about SDGs / We are relaying diverse information from diverse sources. If you want to know more about us browse: &.
same time, Maori were demonised guys colonialist times also.
Maori party co-leader ejected from parliament after performing haka racism row.
Maori more likely incarcerated than non-Maori. Earlier this week, Moana down with Williams discuss decolonisation, from courts music charts. with Moana Series Rahina Monday, Demand.

Maori leader removed from Zealand parliament after performing haka dance Hashtag 2020.
Indigenous Zealand lawmaker thrown Parliament's debating chamber performing Maori haka protest what said were racist arguments.
Deep appreciation anonymous etangata author sharing pressure, manipulation wairua-harvesting experienced rangatahi Maori intern Pakeha tech firm. That 'brownwashing' silencing 'unpalatable' truths hideous destructive.

Maori Mortensen from.
Trevor Mallard consistently targets Maori party makes exception white people National Party. Rawiri removed from parliament wearing cultural attire white woman National allowed wear Dairy apron Parliament everything fine.

Police bias explicit hell. sure about tiptoeing around calling active profiling Maori/PI, unfortunate etc. Recognise intersectionality; police bias isnt some side struggle isolated from other lived experiences just existing indigenous person.

Genuine question. still dont understand need separate health authority implement recommendations Maori health. recommendations were precise achievable. bureaucracy? please explain?

Make argument racism even though Maori free money whites don't.
idea Maori governance scale estate scary Nats, fascinated know what they think about scale theft alienation Maori from their whenua. NZNationalParty race-baiting Pic NZStuffs Treaty Waitangi: what lost.

They might turn off the mics, but we will never be silenced.
Sexy blazed maori.
Rangatahi Maori carefully watching scrutinizing political leaders. They have enough racist rhetoric about their culture, language, heritage. words leaders powerful will reach deep into communities. stop.

because Maori lands were stolen, solution dismantling universal suffrage implementing race-based rights privileges?
Party kicked Parliament denouncing 'racist questions' with rousing haka.
all, rejecting theory that maori troubles caused others. individual responsibility this blame whitey lets Maori hook.
Maori Black Power.

What You Really Think

Headline should read "Maori once again falsely claim indigenous rights for a people who immigrated".

Rousing haka. Such a triumphant moment which surely instilled a sense of inspiration to all.

Sooner or later that pack of race cards must run out.

A peaceful protest, a war of words, a dismissal of an issue important to Maori. Inside the parameters set by government, ejected by the speaker for not taking racist rhetoric lying down. Rawiri Waititi, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, Teanau Tuiono, represented Maori in the best way.

By "walks out" you mean "ordered out" right? Can't tell if clickbait or racial bias. Personally, I think they should have locked the doors behind them. Enough of these tantrums. Nobody should respect toddlers tossing toys out of the cot.



Diversity of population ignored.

Playing the race card again, how low can you go!

Walks out, or was asked to leave?

I am sorry Maori Party. This is grandstanding so unbecoming of Maori. 16% of NZ is trying to force non Maori into accepting a treaty with conditions so stretched that it bears no resemblance to the treaty negotiated by The British Crown at Waitangi. This will end in disaster.

'Maori Party walks out of House'? All both of them? Shocking!

Prima donnas.

Performing a haka or performing a tantrum? As I'm not Maori, It's not my place to say. However, I do wonder whether some Maori find the notion of performing a haka in such a context to be rather demeaning of haka.