Monday 14th of December 2020

It Has Been a Great Privilege Working With You Seb5. You Are a Great Champion Both in And Out of The Car.

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Marc is right. It's the local media's treatment of the joined-the-suit Republican office holders that matters. They should be asked about it relentlessly, and their shifting answers should be tracked, so that when they take a new tack it's reported as a news story.

It has been a great privilege working with you Seb5. You are a great champion both in and out of the car.
Marc Gasol dropping dimes.
Marc Gasol is putting on a passing clinic.
SHADOW OF THE DRAGON, co-authored by MarcCameron1, dumps three situations on President Ryans plate. Check out all the info about this new novel in this exciting article featured in.
I was told Marc gasol was ass just a couple hours ago lol.
My daughter just made my night , I needed that.
So Marc was on backchat screaming how his wife must take his surname and cant do double barrel but found out about the existence of the clit today at 33 years of age.
Watching Laker Nation go from the honeymoon stage to real life with Marc gasol. Marc is a great passer but that is it!
Marc Gasol on the floor with LeBron James and Anthony Davis is going to be fun to watch.
Man i could believe it! Please win clearly against Marc! He is another good Vet to add to your resume. You really need to be a urltv killer! Idk why Smack and Beasley aint give you a call yet. Just keep doing you brodie one you win the GrandPrix slide me like $5.

We replaced Javale McGee for Marc Gasol.
Whether shes doing nails for clients like Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid, designing runway sets like the one she did for Marc Jacobss spring 2021 show, or simply having fun, Mei Kawajiri is always creating tiny masterpieces.

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U can do it, marc!
Lakers really got Marc tho.
Marc Elias: Were Seeing The Next Iteration of Birtherism in Refusal to Accept Election Results.
Did you see what Marc_Elrich and his band of Merry men are up to now. Equivalent to 5% occupancy at wegmens due to some capacity cap. Seriously, GovLarryHogan how have we let county execs decide on straws one day, lockdowns the next.

Marc Gasol has 2 points 2 rebounds and 3 assists and hes had an incredible game so far.
The Lakers lost the athleticism of Dwight and Javale but gained the passing and IQ of Marc.
Marc Gasol is a true Gift to our Squad KCP and THT are on fire we going to win the 2021 championship ppl.
serchenco1983 GLevelPhoto plastic_marc NatFeetQueen josuemrios1 don_viernes Sexy.
Green Bay in four quarters today: 31 points in eight drives. Pittsburgh in the first half today: 7 points (really zero since they threw a pick-six) in nine drives.
Vogel said Talen Horton-Tucker, KCP, Kuz, Markieff and Marc Gasol will start for Lakers.
An AD Marc Gasol frontcourt will be reminiscent of Pau Bynum with those short lobs from Marc to AD.
Marc GASOL is so smart. He missed THT the first time, drew the double, & hit heem with a smooth bouncy joint in the corner suite.
Back on the pre sequal.
Marc Gasoline is a BALLER.
Agreed, Allen just doesnt have enough time to throw and with WRs barely open and dropping passes. Hes been off.
Trezz's energy Marc's passing Schroder's speed Wes' grit Fans are gonna fall in love with these guys pretty quickly, I think.
I don't care if Tracy is a leftist. :-) I /love her.
Photograph signed and inscribed ("Tranquillity Base, July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin").
First time watching the mysterious Talen Horton-Tucker, THT, very impressive so far like all Lakers, Marc Gasol truly an amazing baller his IQ at 5 is only inferioir to Jokic's..Lakers playing like that without Bron and AD means they already won the title.. so just stop to season.

Marc Gasol looking good in his Laker debut.
Marc Anthony. Lolllollololol. Fucking guy loves assimilating for anything.
Marc Gasol has 3 broken hips when the human body only contains 2 of them.
Pre sequal with the boys.
Thank you for this inspirational reply.
Great game, im very stressed.
O-Line not doing the job today. Allen not sharp.
Marc on an Elf on a shelf on a Kraken.
You're such a hipster lol.
Exactly, this is a defensive wich in wich DEFENSE has to step up, thing that is DEFENSE, keep in mind this is the best deffense in NFl.
"Wall Street Journal Opinion Editor Defends Item on Dr. Jill Biden" by Marc Tracy NYT.
A 100 year institution that produced heroes, joy, heartbreak, love, and passion, only to be dismantled by Jack Dorsey and Marc Zuckerberg...
I mean no disrespect when I say this: Marc Gasol is so much better than JaVale McGee its hilarious.
Skip got on national TV & said We will miss Javale when we picked up Marc lmaoo Marc throwing passes like a QB RN.
Good_Will_Win dunnigan_billy Rparkerscience marc_Q1 AngelWarrior321 128JC3 AndrewForTrump skipmav compelleebee I'm maxed out but will catch up on all Patriots ASAP.
Are you worried Marc for Wisconsin case???
Again, I know its the preSZN, but this Lakers squad is looking real fucking nice! Cant wait to see what they look like once everyone is playing together!!!
Dick Van Dyke performing "Me Ol' Bamboo" in CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG (1968) dir. Ken Hughes/chgph. Marc Breaux & Dee Dee Wood.
This call was made by Marc and no one else.
Thank you for your tireless work Marc.
Kenya Moore is 100% ready to divorce Marc Daly.
The one on the bottom left seems like one I would make. Cool options Marc!
What a dime from Marc Gasol.
Thank you!!! They both are playing well and Vogel will find minute for them both.Im sure he wants lebron to play 30 minutes a game and AD like 33.Marc gasol wont play many minutes and whoever starts with kcp Bron AD Marc wont play crazy amount.There will be enough for them all.

U can do it, marc! wuv u.
!Hola Senor Marc -- what makes you think they won't win on appeal? /ds* *El perro sarcastico.
SEXY SPAWN SUNDAY! Here's the cover art to Spawn issue 25 from the talented team of Marc_Silvestri BATTinks and BrianHaberlin on colors!
Thank you marc and your amazing team.
Thanks for the update Marc.
As good a standstill shooter as big men come. Yuck. You can have him. Does Marc Gasol shoot ten 3s a game? Does Serge? A team whose plan is to have LMA shoot more 3s is a team with a bad plan. He should expand as a compliment. Out of necessity. Not as the plan.

Same here. D Schod, KCP, Lebron, AD, Marc...
Aint good to keep shit bottled up but sometimes it aint safe to vent.

What You Really Think

Uuuuao [?]nulb.

Me right now seeing this.


Ma che cavolo di strategia sta facendo la Ferrari?

Scuterria Ferrari.

Seb es todo un caballero, ScuderiaFerrari es mi pasion, pero los dirigentes actuales son la verguenza de la F1.

Te entiendo porque has sido su companero. Pero desde fuera, vettel es un ninato y un mal piloto. Q no desluzcan sus 4 campeonatos. Pero con un coche del monton no es capaz de sacarle el mejor rendimiento y quedar mas arriba.

Well said Marc.

Grazie MarcV.

Ma che falso. La vostra squadrona non ha fatto altro che denigrarlo negli ultimi due anni e ora "ci mancherai tanto"? Che ipocrita.

Grazie MarcVnulb.

"Woooaahhh, che mooosa" Silverstone 2018 sorpasso su Bottas, danke Seb Vnulb.