Wednesday 13th of January 2021

11 - Manchester United Forward Marcus Rashford Has Been Directly involved in 11 Goals in His Last 14 Premier League Appearances (6 Goals, 5 Assists). Catalyst.

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11 January 1942 Dutch Jewish boy Simon Benjamins was born in Groningen. In 1942 he was deported to Auschwitz together with his mother Branca, brother Marcus and sister Lea. They were all murdered in a gas chamber.

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Marcus Rashford is the Prime Minister.
All the stuff Rashfords done is stuff Labour could have been doing. Fed up of hearing this bollocks about the govt having a majority of 80 so therefore we cant do anything in opposition. How many seats in the Commons does Marcus Rashford have.

Thank you to you and Marcus. x VnulbVnulb We have a government who should be making a difference not pouring money into Tory donor's pockets. We see you.
The sad thing is that when people like Marcus Rashford are not watching the impact of the Conservatives policies on the poor and vulnerable the suffering goes unnoticed - e.g. look up what happened to Errol Graham.

I wonder if Keir Starmer even feels a tiny flicker of embarrassment that Leader of the Opposition is currently trending with Marcus Rashford and Jack Monroe.
Marcus Rashford set up the goal that put Manchester United top of the league on Tuesday. 12 hours later, he's on the phone to the prime minister of the UK holding the government to account over failures to deliver adequate food packages to Britain's vulnerable children.

Congratulations to Marcus Rashford for becoming Leader of the Opposition.
I would just like to say if everyone in Rashfords constituency wrote Marcus Rashford on their voting cards in the next general election theres nothing to stop him becoming a member of parliament.
Well done Marcus, we're all proud of what you're doing!
Some in the press are beginning to link Marcus Rashford's slight dip in form with his campaign to make sure children are fed properly. We predicted this would happen back in October.
Within a few hrs of roadside mum tweeting pic of crappy Chartwell 'food hamper' most of left Twitter Marcus Rashford were on the case Meanwhile, centrist Labour MPs were tweeting usual half-arsed irrelevant out-of-touch comments Is Starmer Labour on satellite delay or what?

Marcus Rashford is 23.
Thanks Marcus. Please now take on brexit get issue corrected 1.75m jobs lost as a result - Govs own figures. This will plunge even more families into poverty. Trussell: ANY brexit will increase food bank demand UN: ANY brexit poses particular risk to those in poverty.

Hey Marcus, can you not just take over for a bit? Cheers, Britain.
Thanks to Marcus Rashford for continuing to be the Leader of the Opposition.
Marcus Rashfords planning style.
Hi Marcus, as our editor-in-chief rachelcdailey wrote yesterday, there's no provision for kids with dietary needs, parents told to "remove items". Thanks for all you are doing.
Great to see our sponsored player MarcusWatson11 return from injury and make his 50th appearance for WaspsRugby on Friday against Bath Rugby. Welcome back Marcus!
People asking Marcus when he's standing for parliament. But it's precisely because he IS NOT a politician that his campaign has an impact. Activism drives change. Politicians seek to manage it.
So it's nice that the PM called Marcus Rashford to apologise for those crappy food packages, I wonder if he actually called any of the families who received them as well...
Only honest response from you. YOU HAVE NO CLUE. So whats the price target $1,000 ? How did you get there ? Because thats where Tesla is and NIO on the same path?
I for one welcome our new dual Prime Ministers, Jack Monroe and Marcus Rashford.
Great news - proof that creating pressure on ministers and companies works - though it shouldn't have to be down to Jack and Marcus to lead those campaigns (what is Labour for, again?) and honestly there shouldn't even be vouchers, just trust parents with that money.

"Do every act of your life as if though it were the very last act of your life" Marcus Aurelius.
Marcus Rashford here doing the work of every MP whilst also being top of the league.
SCOUT: Marcus Rashford has been involved in 50% of Man Utd's goals on the road in 2020/21.
Sadly, people like this are making a mockery of the good work you are doing Marcus. Keep it up though!
Love you VI marcus_smaller Photo: noisy pictures.
I bet the Conbrexative government HATES Marcus Rashford!
Hi Matt Hancock here, I'd just like to say I'm so so pleased and proud of Marcus Rashford for his campaign to stop me being such a callous kid-starving shit.
Marcus Rashford is a 23 year old footballer advocating for the working class with only Jack Monroe essentially supporting him. Although we shouldn't be relying on celebrity activism for this FSM scandal, the silence from other celebs is very deafening, but I am noy surprised.

SCOUT: Marcus Rashford (PS9.6m) has six goals and five assists in away PL matches this season His assist for Paul Pogba on Tuesday means he still hasn't blanked on the road so far this season.
Very grateful at this point for the leaders of the opposition, Jack Monroe and Marcus Rashford.
Marcus. When you hang your boots up dont think about managing a premier club what about the country? Amazing Prime minister only responds / gets it sorted after being shamed by picture on social media and your campaign. School meals, test and trace, vaccination bit of a trend?

Thank you Marcus the government listen to you, thanks to your voice for all the kids and parents that need you, never give up, thank you to your mum and family too.
Omo this card came out quicker than Nigerian National ID card.
Marcus Rashford is an amazing individual, he is using his standing in the public eye in the correct manner. It's sad though that he has to campaign for something that should be assured in any modern society. Food should not be a bargaining tool.

I am so proud of Marcus Rashford. So proud.
Marcus Rashford does more for UK children in his spare time than Boris Johnson does in his full time job as Prime Minster.
Boris really using Marcus Rashford for public appeal ***nulb. Desperate times.
Thanks Marcus, I just wish that we didn't keep voting in those who are responsible for child poverty and homelessness. They'll never change.
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Now that Jack Monroe has shamed the government in to going back to the meal voucher scheme and Marcus Rashford has done a deal with Aldi to get free meals to kids, I assume the government will be getting all the public money it gave away back and sacking the companies involved?

Alice Eve and Katherine Woodville won enough of your FaveTrekFemaleGuestStar votes to propel their Kelvin Carol Marcus and Natira characters into Round 2. It was close but Feezal Phlox and Admiral Kirsten Clancy have been eliminated. I have prepared fresh candidates for you.

Marcus Rashford - UK Government 3:0.
Marcus Rashford: Fighting the Tories by day, helping his team go top by night. What a guy.
Marcus Rashfords PR team can you stop tweeting on behalf of him. Another appalling performance from him last night but nobody acknowledges because of these tweets. Absolute genius.
Just another 24 hours in the life of Marcus Rashford: sets up game-winning goal to go top of the league, forces yet another government u-turn.
I admire your actions Marcus but you can't believe a word he says. The problem is not with the supply chain but the content of the food hampers. This corrupt behaviour has been ingrained in the Tory strategy for a long time, there'll be an example of this in the NHS soon.

Marcus, you're a good lad but stop believing these crooks. He's only saying these things because they were caught out, wants you to disappear and leave them alone.
I love these.
Not a fan of Man United but I wholeheartedly love Marcus Rashford.
Johnson has met with Marcus Rashford and guaranteed that the starvation diet boxes matter is under review. Bear in mind that they would have happily continued with this policy if it wasnt for the clamour on here and other places.

Unfortunately, experience of our PM leads me to say I'll believe it when I see it. But, it's a real advantage having Marcus on the case, and I do hope that things change for the better.
Thank you Marcus x.

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7 goals 5 assists.

And he is going to score against Liverpool.

My guy man.

Fucking wank.


Yet somehow he looks shocking every game.

Plus the 6 goals in the UCL.

Awesome and amazing.


Better with hunter imo.

He just keeps feeding people.

You dey see am?

Feeding those in need.

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