Sunday 17th of May 2020


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Tag All Marlians on Twitter !!! Also tag our president Song : Aye by Naira Marley.
" unveils its very first segment with a little help from none other than . In the clip, the Jamaican reggae artist gives kids a crash course in playing his instrument of choice: the guitar.".
Wishing a blessed to Robbie Ninja Marley ( ) today!
No matter how many times I watch Marley and Me, I still end up an emotional mess. We do not deserve dogs.
I knew watching Marley and me would make me cry but I still did it I miss you Ted.
Is there a sadder film about animals than Marley and Me.
I get nervous to watch Marley and me everytime cos like I know the heartbreak I m about to go through.
Which celebrity has the dumbest fan base? 1. Tacha 2. Naira Marley 3. Buhari.
One of my favourite songs I was clapping along!. I love Queen. RIP Freddie. The chap with the dreads look like one of Bob Marleys sons. Love him too. Thanks for a lovely cheerful moment during this lockdown.

I only want one person.
What grave secret lurks underneath the character of Jacob Marley? Bet you wanna know! by.
Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have nothing alike besides being sexual. Their music don t sound the same, they don t rap the same, the only thing they have in common is they both wore colored wigs.
I don t like them.
Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. - Bob Marley.
overtaking Marley and Me on the trends take that dead dog!
Bob Marley, Jackson Five, Otis Redding.
None but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley.
This is Naira Marley.
Why Lil Kim stans in Summer Walker s comments on instagram saying she starting to look like her??? Bitch Lil Kim don t even look like Lil Kim, they stay trying to make her relevant.
Whats gonna happen. Some yt acts gonna do a style battle. They wont have the technical difficulties They will be hailed as innovative. We gone cry about how we start everything and dont get credit while waiting for Marley Marls screen to unfreeze.

I thought I ve seen it all, until I saw teni weds naira marley. "TenNaira" 2020.
What a film Marley and me is gets me every time.
Chance and Russ.
Check out XX Heavy Tobacco Ash Tray Round Bob Marley Ob.
Some people are so poor all they have is money - Bob Marley.
The number of people that tell me they love the film dirty dancing, Im really not one of them, turned over after sobbing at marley and me.
Check out XX Heavy Tobacco Ash Tray Round Bob Marley Oc.
Had to put down my dog today after 12 years of the most unconditional love ever. Marley, you are and will always be my Good Girl.
god marley and me really pulls on my heart strings.
Obviously mr marley.
Marley & Me makes you cry differently when you ve lost a dog.
Tournament starting now.
Dom last few ain t the same as when he was killing shit every summer.
Just a had Jr bacon cheeseburger 4for4 from clutch Actually grabbed one for later also, plays made.
Just a waste of time.
nah fr.
This cocky cow thought she was emotionally stable enough today for Marley & wrong, so so wrong!
100% should not have watched Marley and Me when im vulnerable.
Silly hoomins.
My very own Aka Kane my best buddy, my wee troublemaker, my old man. Unconditional love right there.
Oh my god Marley and Me was far too much for a Sunday afternoon.
nothing ever prepares you for that scene in marley and me.
I ve not watched Marley and me for a long time and now I know why.
Was just living it up playing to Infinity for the family BBQ and mum just completely cut it off and put Bob Marley on ?? Thanks a lot mum (ur) sons crying now.
Marley and Me is too emotional for me I can t cope.
Dunno why I insist watching marley&me everytime it s on. Ugly crying. Nose streaming. Face puffy. Dunno why I put myself through it.
Don t Ever Stop Trying.
I know pepe le pew is a play on french guys not wearing deodorant but all up on a chick. They need to reboot him and call him marley the bumbaclot. You like me gal? You like me?lmao.
I know that shit bout to be crazy.
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley.
booting da sampler.
This is worse than Marley & Me.
Bloody hell I knew what happened at the end of Marley and Me but that s such a sad ending.
Lmao ayo I was just playing keys and this pastor comes thru and kills it. Peep the walk off at the end.
The problem is people dont cherish good people,they try to use them.... Bob Marley once.
I honestly have not watched Marley & Me since I got my dog 7 years it kills me.
In this sad time in the world just watched Marley& Me for about what s so ever time & u probably hear this a lot but despite the sad ending what a gorgeous story xx thank u all god bless keep safe x.
It s a massive shame, because they re really great games.
Hita famba moyeni Bob Marley I really enjoyed the show shem.
Knew there was a reason I hadn t watched Marley and Me in a long time.
I don t know if showing Marley and Me in the midst of a pandemic is a stroke of genius or pure evil.
Was it really 2 hrs ago? Should be done now.
Wetin I wan tell Naira Marley?
I ve seen Marley&Me I don t know how many times and I sob me little heart out everytime.
Fucking hell Marley n Me Never again.
man they hate Youngboy. I m hanging my hat on the carter son album, but the 2 albums he followed up with are trash. Lol.
I remember reading the utter frustration and disappointment of people on the Bethesda forums - still can t quite believe they got away with it. I got a bit scared of playing through Skyrim on the 360 in the end. Last time I checked, my New Vegas save only loads intermittently.

Lying in tears watching Marley and me this is too much for a Sunday can t imagine losing rocky.
Tell ya what Marley and me has tipped me over the edge today. Can t fucking breath.
Watching Marley and Me hits different when you have a yellow Labrador.
God Marley and Me is all the more distressing when you actually have a doggy Never again!
Even though yesterday was the one year anniversary of losing my dog I still had to watch Marley And Me didn t I? Fool.
If you don t cry at Marley and Me you have no heart.
Saw Marley and Me was on TV and watched the last half hour fully knowing what happens and it still got me. Fuck sake.
Marley and Me should be BANNED. Saddest movie in the whole world ever. SUNDAY RUINED.

My heart actually hurt watching Marley n Me.
Ok, who s just watched Marley and Me? And who s crying or is it just dusty in here? Heartbreaking Has this affect every time.
Turns out, now that I have a dog, I can no longer watch the end of Marley & Me.
Both of y all catch up.
Marley and me is my favourite film but also hate it cos I start crying from the moment Marley finds it difficult to walk up the stairs.
Marley & Me got my ugly crying, every damn time.
Bob Marley 3 times.
Doesn t matter how many times I watch Marley and me I will always cry at it.
Never prepared for the end of Marley and Me.
Marley and Me gets me every time man. We don t deserve dogs.
My playlist excludes no one,thats how ppl miss out on gems.
I legit look like I ve been stung by a wasp on both my eyes from watching Marley and me.

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