Monday 21st of September 2020

Emiliano Martinez's First Ever Save as an Aston Villa Player is From The Penalty Spot. What a Way to Announce Yourself.

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Emiliano Martinez's first ever save as an Aston Villa player is from the penalty spot. What a way to announce yourself.
Of course Emi Martinez saves a penalty on his debut. Of course.
Emi Martinez saves a penalty on his Aston Villa debut.
Can Arsenal fans please stop comparing Leno and Martinez now. We have our number 1 keeper and we have to back him. While at the the same time, we can all wish that Martinez has a successful career at Aston Villa.

Emi Martinez saving a penalty on his Aston Villa debut. Tears in my eyes.
Emiliano Martinez Bernd Leno One penalty save in the PL.
I cant believe that it actually needs saying, but you can praise Emi Martinez without feeling the need to simultaneously insult Bernd Leno - one of our most dependable performers since his arrival.
Emi Martinez with a penalty save on his Aston Villa debut! Vnulb.
Aston villa has the whole of the arsenal fanbase watching them because of Emi Martinez.
Emi Martinez's first-ever save for Aston Villa - a penalty save.
Who needs Emi Martinez when we have signed Kurtan from This Country.
Leno hasnt got anything to do with this game man. Cant you just be happy for Martinez without trashing your own? Where is logic?
What a save by Emiliano Martinez.
Emiliano Martinez with cat like reflexes, the wall.
Got to love Emi Martinez.
WHAT A SAVE! Emiliano Martinez saves the penalty kick.
Compare Leno's stats with Martinez, you will shocked. Someone made a really good thread few days back let me see If I can find it.
Martinez has saved a penalty.
Arsenal fans watching Emi Martinez save a penalty.
You realize you can praise Emi Martinez without bashing Leno? Regardless of what my thoughts are on selling Emi, the deal is done. Leno is our number one keeper and hes already Top 3 in the league. I might be gutted, but Im still going to back Leno, as I should.

Emi Martinez saving a penalty on his Aston Villa debut? Literal tears in my eyes.
SCOUT: The 5.8%-owned Emi Martinez saves a penalty on his Villa debut. Following last season's restart, only Tim Krul registered more saves (28).
Im happy for Martinez man. But you guys using it as an opportunity to attack Leno at any point need to relax. Our fan base is so toxic man.
Saves in the Premier League: Leno: 1 Martinez: 1 Stop overreacting.
So then... where does Emi Martinez rank among the most talented players to have featured for ReadingFC? Not just in their time with us, but throughout whole careers.
And Martinez.
Martinez on a wildcard.
Arsenal fans seriously need to learn & stop being overreactionary, Martinez is great doesnt make Leno less quality. Any sensible club will choose a player who has consistently delivered for 2 years over one with 10 good games and that's basically what Arsenal did.

Hope Emi Martinez can use Villa as a springboard to a really big club.
HALF-TIME Aston Villa 0-0 Sheff Utd Emiliano Martinez's penalty save keeps this one level at the break, with Sheff Utd also reduced to ten men early on.
What a debut for Emiliano Martinez! He guesses the right way from the spot to deny Lundstram! Watch on Sky Sports PL Follow AVLSHU here: Download the SkySports app!
.Runarsson = Run-Arsson .Arsson sounds similar to Arsene .Arsene Wenger give us Martinez .We sell Martinez to Villa for PS20m .We replace Martinez with Runarsson for cheap .We use that PS20m towards Partey or Aouar He's done it again.

Whats with all the Leno and Martinez slander? Emi knew hed have to fight for 1 when Leno came back from injury but didnt want to so we parted ways as he wanted guaranteed playing time. Leno has been consistent for 2 years and has been one of our best players. Reactionary lmao.

I hope selling Martinez is not a mistake like this.
Emi Martinez had 10 years at Arsenal to prove he was good enough to be number one. Let him go.
Tears in my eyes man. Emi Martinez is just world class.
I do wish Martinez had stayed because I wouldve loved the competitiveness it wouldve brought out. But because I adore him, I want him to play regular first team football. You lot want him languishing on the bench but your fans? Explain yourself.

I jumped so high after watching Emi Martinez save the Penalty, he is no longer an Arsenal player but if a player ever played for Arsenal, he remains to be a gooner forever, how are you feeling about Emiliano Martinez?

We should use the Emi Martinez money to buy Emi Martinez.
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You can miss Martinez without having to slander Leno, just saying ***nulb.
Youre wise, bro. Martinez just saved a pen on his Villa debut!
Sell martinez PS20m and buy runarsson about PS1,5m What a business!
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We should invest the Martinez money into the Villa keeper Emi Martinez, he looks very promising.
I see Emi Martinez is going to be another stick Arsenal fans use to beat the club at every chance. Sad.
Emi Martinez saves a pen for Villa. What a save.
Martinez is killing it I'm hearing... Should never have been sold imo.
Chelsea should learn from shellfield United, one man down and theyre still on top of the game, I was so confident of Martinez saving the penalty, hes too good to be a second choice keeper. Chelsea should have bought him to save them the embarrassment against Liverpool.

I benched Martinez.
Our boy Emi Martinez just saved a penalty.
Who? Only Martinez and its his first game.
Emiliano Martinez is just class, happy for him he decided to move and claim a solid position, 1 shot on target from Sheffield, 1 save from Martinez, it was a penalty! Villa is in safe hands no need to bring AFC in this because it was a win-win & Leno is class.

I love how hes like. Yeah bruv. Standard fare for big Emi Martinez.
Chelsea really watched Arsenal sell Martinez to Villa. Lmao.
It'd be great if Arsenal fans didn't use all of Martinez's current success as a way to downplay Leno's influence for us. It's like fans actually want the latter to fail simply because the former forced himself out of the club.

Not sure anyone should complain about PS1 million backup goalkeeper signings. Now time to use the money raised from Martinez and sign a top midfielder.
When President itsLaycon Was having his speech and says he is short of words... He is indeed short of words. BBNaija bbnajia2020 Grace!!! . DJ Cuppy'WeLoveYouOZO OZOMondayTrips OzoWeLoveYou/Martinez /Alex Telles.

Arsenal shouldnt have sold Martinez.

What You Really Think

We sold our best keeper.

Argentina have themselves a good goalie.

Emi will be forever one of usV.

He didn't save any PK for us.

Best number 2 goalkeeper ever, so good he had to become ...Number 1.

Villa will forever be in our debt, we just sold them a VILLA LEGEND IN THE MAKING and I'm not even kidding, his name will be written in scroll and carved a statue at the front of Villa park once his time is done there...

One player bigger than the whole club. How long till he is made their captain, already looks like one.

Slick gloves too.

The way his career has turned out is an inspiration for everyone, never give up on your dreams. Martinez is a big reason for Arsenals defence looked so good at the end of the season. I would gladly bring him too Chelsea.

Come to Chelsea.

And Arsenal let him goal... It's a shame my club seek money instead of keeping a top class player, because they won't give him a deserve chance as the number one goalie.

Mignolet announced himself the same way for Liverpool.

We've dropped a bollock here ya know. Great keeper.

Indeed missed Martinez, what a great save was that!

Take notes Kepa.

Best goalkeeper in the league!


Wonder why Chelsea didnt make a bid for him.

Has he saved any in his arsenal career ?


Arsenal fans watching Martinez right now.

If Kepa is worth 71m then this guy is over 100m.

Missed pen - LUNDSTRAM, Sheff Utd Aston Villa 0-0 Sheffield Utd (36 mins).

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