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Monday 27th of July 2020

Social Videos Give The impression Australians Are Opposed to Masks. What's Really Going On?

Why do we even bother to wear masks when these slobbering nincompoops are spreading COVID like jam on toast?
So Chad and JT went down to Huntington Beach to give out free didn't go so well.
This racist couple wore SWASTIKA masks to Walmart in Marshall, MN. This is so disturbing. I especially feel for the cashier who had to put up with this horrific behavior.
These BRAVE front-line doctors are EXPOSING the truth about the COVID Hoax RIGHT NOW! Doctor claims we HAVE THE CURE to Covid! No masks. Open schools now. Turn up the volume on this...
I have A.M slots & Night slots for at home facials!! 5am- 6am or 7am - 8am Thursday Friday Saturday! 8pm-9pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday! Includes 2 masks & a massage! 50$ All professional products, extractions & exfoliation! Mask will be worn!! Be in the comfort of your own bed!

We need a mass protest at every point, semi final at hampden get everyone wearing Guy Fawkes masks as a nod to the fact we are going to tear down the establishment.
Not the best quality but -nulb I only did my eye makeup...these masks are coming in handy. Arielle Lashes- Suva Hydra FX liner- Scrunchie Wet and Wild liquid liner Should I do a video on this look? Id do a.

It didnt take long for masks to become a tool for sexism and misogyny.
What was he and his family doing in order to get this? Did they ignore the masks when going somewhere? A restaurant? Do they lose their masks in Walmart ? We keep hearing social distance, wear a mask, wash hands, but who is doing these things and getting it? Were they careless?

While more than a dozen MLB players just tested positive for COVID-19, South Korean baseball is welcoming live fans back into the stadium for games. Attendance will be held at 10% capacity: masks, temperature checks, and social distancing are required.

Seems as if Team Apocalypse is losing it. The random case surges in countries that crushed the curve or mandated masks, the way the Sunbelt has far fewer deaths than NY, the fact kids stubbornly refuse to get sick... reality is winning. Team Apocalypse doesnt like reality.

Coronavirus results in no rides, masks required at Clark County Fair.
Right On Delta ! Delta Turns Flight Around After Multiple Passengers Refuse to Wear Masks TravelPulse.
Two girls today walking around The Range, no masks on, letting their kids open a bag of sweets, half eat them and drop the rest on the floor. TheRange staff did nothing... and served them... with no masks on. The rest of us were like.

BREAKINGNEWS Top Doctor of the whitecoatsummit DEMANDS Urine samples from CNN FAUCI & Congress due their endless LYING & Hiding about Hydroxychloroquine but refusal to wear masks as demanding all do, as they Endanger the lives of 7 BILLION ppl in FRAUD.

If they are on federal land or destroying federal property.. dont matter 2 them.theyll vote anyway like I went store 2day & there it was 3 families of color that didnt have on masks.. 1 family was 1 women 4 kids..2 were guys buying a case of beer and the other 2 adults 2 kids.

There are Americans alone in cars with masks who believe medieval Catholics were superstitious.
Coun. Carlson's second proposed amendment: "That the City Manager be directed to prepare appropriate legislation mandating the mandatory use of masks city-wide should it become necessary.".
Churches, gyms and many businesses are still closed here. People are wearing masks to avoid fines and jail time. Felons are being released. We have riots across the nation, and that's okay because they're called "protesters"? Its bs. It's time to fight!

For those in the back who may have missed it - the messaging here from MSM is quite clear - masks are good, they save lives. Dont dare question this narrative or youll be just like this crazy Anti-masker. Individual thoughts are bad, masks are good. Got it?

Face masks are emerging as one of the most powerful weapons to fight the novel coronavirus, with growing evidence that facial coverings help prevent transmissioneven if an infected wearer is in close contact with others.

Here is some basic BSL that might come in useful, since most masks cover up your mouth making lip reading impossible. image from which is a really great resource!
Trump supporters finally wear masks.
Show me the science, Chris, that suggests masks help. If you are going to make these kinds of claims, then support it with some damn evidence. Your guy, Dr. Fauci, hasn't been following his own rules. He went on 60 Minutes in March and said they don't work. SHOW THE EVIDENCE!

NEW POLL: 79 percent say they support national face mask requirement.
Wear your masks please i havent seen a human soul in 4 months.
Great website for custom made facemasks!
Wow, it's almost as if wearing masks and taking this seriously and shutting down bars and gyms is a good idea!!
No science or study backs this up. Otherwise the chinese wouldnt have contracted covid being they have been wearing masks for years because of the heavily polluted air. I am osha trained in ppe and no where does it state masks protect you from a virus.

Dear realDonaldTrump: Over 147,000 Americans have died from Covid19, and the virus is surging in many areas. Please pull your head out from wherever it is and deal with reality. We need you to focus on securing PPE, getting people to wear masks & reducing the testing backlog.

Pandemic Hot spot Senior citizen Enclosed area No mask No social distancing No social distancing with a 1000 others with no masks Herman Cain now on ventilator fighting for life during a month long hospital stay?

PPE continues to be in very short supply, yet our need for 3M N95 masks is ever-more urgent. Please help Hope Hospice keep our essential frontline clinical care team protected from COVID19. If you can donate, please call our office: 925-829-8770.

NEW: We've all seen the videos of people ignoring COVID-19 restrictions that require people to wear a mask (BunningsKaren) or not travel But just how widespread are these views and is the media spending too much time on them?

Are they protesting the people without masks too?
Masks are great for preventing Covid and also for preventing people from hearing me softly sing every word of Folklore as I walk.
Face masks are now required by local resolution inside businesses in unincorporated Manatee County. Well make higher resolution versions of this sign available on our site tomorrow. For business owners looking for door signage tonight, please feel free to use this.

67% of all Americans now wear masksup since May by over 13%! If we make it to 80% the virus could be extinguished in less than a month. If 80% of a population is protected, 4 out of every 5 people wont spread it further. We can do this! Vnulb.

Wear masks.
Went into Target & Publix last night. A bit more crowded than I expected in last hour before closing, but also majority of folks wearing masks! I don't think it was 100%, but much > than 50%. Considering most of my other visits inside businesses have been <50%, improvement!

Thank goodness we have Republican governors like Ohio's DeWine, Indiana's Holcomb, and Maryland's Hogan whose first priority is the public good and emphasize face masks. Unlike the White House who is still obsessed with politics rather than saving lives.

Basic ASL for communicating at restaurants! Will always boost her content because every single person should know some signs to communicate. Especially since we all wearing masks, RIGHT?!
Masks are required by law yet Walmart is going to stop enforcing masks ????? stop being cheap and hire security.
It's almost as if...the more we learn about an emerging virus, the more health recommendations change? Outdoor spread, especially with masks, is neglible. This isn't some leftist conspiracy lol.
Increasingly its fun dad vs uptight mom: Dems expect you to wear masks and respect others and tnink before blurt out stupid shit, while GOP is live in the moment.
You dont need to get < 1 for herd immunity. Herd Immunity Threshold (HIT) = 1 - 1/ ; and Masks and social distancing keeps R0 below 1.25. So plugging that in, HIT = 1 - 1/1.25 = 20% HIT equation from here .

I don't see NEC's Neoface algorithm on this test of FacialRecognition algorithms on masks. Also wonder what the rate is on non-synthetic masked images? I haven't finished reading this report.
I just can't. I was at my Grandmothers funeral today literally seething mad at my drunken liberal Marxist cousin that chose then and there to debate Trump. Shows up at 11 am drinking bourbon. Between the masks, the 108 degree heat, the news cycle, and liberals I'm angry af.

Covid virus is so tiny it goes through masks. Masks decrease oxygen, increase CO2 from re-breathing exhaled carbon dioxide. You have no right telling people to wear a mask when masks are making people sick.

Mmmmm not quite sure that holds water. Dont remember England having 17 days with only 1 death 2 weeks ago. Was up the west coast for 10 days and not as many tourists as usual but still a good number and all happily wearing masks and gloves in shop and other places.

When Nova Scotias mandatory mask rule comes into effect Friday, the provinces focus will be on education, not enforcement.
Screw the nursing home death count twice that of 9/11 and the fact that NYC's violent crime rate is blowing out to historic proportions, it's the masks and slow-walking of reopening that make him heroic. Got it.

I think of all the dumbfuckery in TheAtlantics story today (yeah, Im tagging them), deriding Floridians for spreading Covid-19 while interviewing a stranger at a hotel bar where masks are not required and thinking that behavior is exempt or different is abhorrent.

How come the same people who think the coronavirus was biowarfare manufactured in a Chinese lab ... think it's less deadly than the flu, you don't need masks, and schools should reopen pronto?
Dear Dr. Birx, No need to plea with Birmingham, Alabama, Mayor Randall Woodfin. He was the FIRST out the gate with mandatory mask requirements to save lives. His motto: PuttingPeopleFirst Birx Visits Tennessee, Pushes For Mandatory Masks.

BLM organizer in Portland: We came out here dressed in T-shirts and they gassed us. So came back with gas masks on and they shot us. So we came back with vests on and they started aiming at our heads. So we put on helmets, and now they call us terrorists. Who's escalating this?

You guys need to watch this... Chad & JT were just trying to hand out masks. They didnt antagonize anyone, and approached everyone they encountered with positivity &respect ... and they still got shit on.

My official Trump2020 face masks are in the mail. Will be here most any day. I can't wait to wear the mask EVERYWHERE I go EVERYDAY!!! Turning lemons into lemonade.
How worried is McConnell about his reelection? He's talking about masks.
After the hullabaloo from Annie Wells about SNP Masks, look what I found on Google.
Masks help prevent water droplets/spittle from travelling through the air and infecting people. Its a precaution that helps reduce spread - intended to be used alongside other preventative measures. Masks can make a difference.

Masks masks masks masks MASKS.
The CDC is literally saying if we wear our masks, the virus can be controlled by September & heres Bozo suing the City of Atlanta after Keisha made masks mandatory.
I want a sting tattoo that's like the tragedy and comedy theaters masks but the tragedy has crow sting's facepaint and the comedy has surfer stings.
Invited me to debate the usefulness of masks. Unfortunately what I submitted was different from what they printed in their paper. Shameful! I can't link what they printed, bc the truth is so dangerous they wouldn't publish online!! Read it here.

Say yes to masks, and no to bras. free the titty, protect the city.
Study after study shows that face masks DON'T prevent the spread of any virus. So what gives with the goonerment goonsquad pushing everyone to wear one?? WHAT is the real agenda here?? Perhaps conditioning the slaves?

I remember when johnrobertsFox walked into the briefing room unmasked and told everyone to take off their masks! It was a hoax he said! MZHemingway is the only credible person as usual. jeffmason ChrisStirewalt are serving the Democrats as being the total jerks they are.

All with no masks and no distancing from the videos I've seen.
Its been requested that I repost this. About masks!
Wear your masks outdoors for max performance indoors my friends over vigorlabs giving you 30% OFF using code MASK30 at checkout on all your Male Supplements.
I have to keep reminding myself that the people on the TV from 2019 and past didn't have to mask-up.. They should wear masks, they look dumb, no masks, pff.
For weeks I've been begging folks to realize outdoor transmission is still a highly plausible risk, and people have been saying "well, there would be data." Here's your data. Here's a family tragedy. Social distancing and masks still matter outside. This was foreseeable.

Hi. Is you restaurant open fully with no masks?
Ottawa, my city, hit a milestone. 30 days without a death. Why? MASKS. SOCIAL DISTANCE. LEADERSHIP. RESPECT FOR OTHERS.
All staff have to wear masks . Kids have to wear on the bus and when social distancing cant be met. Hayden goes twice a week (A/B days) and 3 days e-learning. I cant wait for 5 days of school to be a thing again.

I get it, theyre trying to protect employees from being attacked by psychos but hopefully they will have some sort of security on hand thats equipped to handle those morons refusing to wear masks.
Its one (big) thing to break the rules of social distancing & not wear masks.. but what is the reason for people to broadcast it on social media? are they so desperate to show people theyre having fun...? is it not enough to do it for themselves & their own selfish pleasure?

Risk your life for the chainsomkers why!!!!!!!! My god this is not the time to have concerts especially with everyone totally not practicing social distincing or not using masks.
SOMEBODY needs to put up masks with "My Eyes Are Up Here" for all the gals tired of the lecherous starers!
Hmmmm masks to cover mouth you say droplet theory you say. Only one problem Cystatin D is a potent inhibitor of human coronavirus at physiologic salivary concentrations ]33].
Oh look - No masks?
Why yall complaining about masks we literally have a reason for no one to see our noses like ever.
The year is 2019, you're deciding what to wear to go to the bar with your friends. you hop in a lyft, no masks in sight. purell? never heard of her. you hug a friend and drink a vodka soda from a glass that someone hands to you. everyone's touching their face. life is good.

In March & April there werent enough masks. People were sewing them in their homes. We were ordering them from all over the globe. Now you can get masks easily so WEAR THEM.
I don't care how many people wear masks or not... There is NO plan to re-open the economy without a forced vaccine.. And the tracking/digital identification system that goes with it Cashless transactions too It's all part of the plan.

Real Madrid Mumbai, MadridMumbai, extended their help during the pandemic by donating rice bags and masks. Here's _ParshvaShah with more.
As I have warned before, season of Ashura, shiite's most important religious festival is approaching fast. The plan is to go ahead full throttle with it - but with observing social distancing. Like this ]note the distancing and how they are using masks].

What You Really Think

Australians are capable of reading articles without idiotic questions in the header. What's really going on?

More & more people are wearing masks at the shops in my part of Sydney (not a hotspot) so generally I think people are realising the benefits of masks. Perhaps focus more on that than the minority?

Some people are listening to Ill advice from Sky channel not listening to advice from Vic government, scientists and doctors. People should stop listening to Sky channel opinions, because their opinions are always wrong.

He's a big guy, why does he wear the mask?

Attention seeking.

What's really going on? National media give these oxygen thieves airtime. Why do you do it?

A handful of hacks are getting endless airtime, op-eds, etc. Let them be freaks offline, fine them, and move on.

Drew widespread outrage, did it? Or did people have compassion and hope these people get mental health support?

Lovin' my subzero look!

Ignore the evidence , wear a mask . The same mask they told you not to wear when the virus first started. Meanwhile dozens of countries are actually using the prophylactic cure.

In locked down inner north Metro Melb yesterday in 4 km exercise / dog walk saw only 1 over 12 yr old unmasked & all keeping social distance, tradies as well.

The bunnings staff and police handled themselves really well. well done!!

They were staged, paid actor. Idiots.

Loud and stupid people are over-represented due to their loud stupidity. also, murdoch is still attempting to destabilise democracy and install fascism in it's place. he's been doing it for decades, and has succeeded in the USA.

Are copying Americans to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Every year there's an expensive campaign on smoking and drink driving. Safe to say that a portion of people simply cannot be reasoned with by science or common sense whether for the safety of others or their even own. Hopefully heavy fines could?

No it gives the impression that you name and shame anyone who questions the government. Instead call out Andrews government for negligence, shirking off blame onto others and poor communication which has caused death. Shame on Dan Andrews.

We aren't there's just a small amount of people ruining it for the rest of us like usual.

Obedience masks... not about health... about doin' what you are told... no matter how stupid... and breathin' used air makes ya stupid... just a basic fact... and the test is bogus (:~:).

They should be fined and charged with inciting violence.

It's just those that follow that American cult The majority of us are doing the right thing.

Blah blah blah: I am Karen hear me roar.

A handful of nut jobs that the media, including the ABC, love to give time to because it makes easy content. May as well go down to the local bipolar support group for more.

Its a small group of Fes who believe its all a conspiracy.

With have a lot of karens and petes in australia.


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