Monday 23rd of August 2021

Watching Fred And Matic Get a Game Ahead of You.

Social Media Says

Utd's biggest problem that only world would pick Fred Matic midfield together their manager.
Matic with performance underline where Uniteds next signing should many mistakes. Lingard effort game probably late. here essential team title ambitions.
Fred having stinker, Martial playing like still vacation usual, Matic old. Need some threat this team.
*Official longest away unbeaten record *Another assist *Defence looked shaky *Martial still *Matic start *Mason when Cavani around *Two points dropped
With this same sets mcfred Matic? Uncle wake it's afternoon already.
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rival fan. If give whole squad choose your starting this point wallahi matic martial cannot make start..
Fred, Matic Martial starting games United 2021.
distribution awful, lindelof maguire lackadaisical matic seen better days Fred nowhere near good enough martial squad player best.
more imbalance partner Matic Fred.
missed ManUtd game today looking reading about today. matter what still out. Always have been. team selection awful. like fred matic theres young named Donny given chance prosper will take it.

clear simply doesnt rate Beek well just sell him. laughable that game were chasing from 20th minute stage bring Fred, Matic, Mctominay Lingard ahead youre finished here tbf.

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Matic shouldve retired been sold.
Donny Beek missed Euros, resumed training ahead others, worked hard gym, developed physique fitness only Lingard Matic play ahead him.
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Matic Fred ruined momentum second half especially Matic from 70th minute onwards. Need midfielder going struggle this season.
Donny Sancho should been Matic Martial earlier.
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Draw Southampton highlights same gaps last season: Lack playmaker (DLP) progress defend transitions - Lack proper consistently runs behind defences Fred/Scott aren't former. Martial/Mason aren't latter. Matic Cavani old.

Playing Fred matic sin.
Fred matic lindolf caused time today there passing disgrace unfortunately maguire looks poor with lindolf.
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confused where would drop Bruno? would played instead Fred. play central midfielder know. Matic defensive mid, central Bruno attacking mid.
Fred people pointing out, have been more disappointed with matic than fred, weird lost intent moment Fred came don't think coincidence.

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With Jones, Mata, Heaton, Dalot, Matic Rashford.
Id take Garner over Matic/Fred..
good enough that game. Fred played like shit, fools center back. Matic also very poor. Martial missing. many errors fluidity. guess blame Ole.
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know They should know limitations those now. Matic world class past prime.
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shouldnt just blaming ref, wrong today. Should started Sancho Fred Matic should gone earlier.
Having Fred,Tom,Matic,De beek isn't squad depth to me.
Everybody dissing McFred, which better: McFred, Fred Matic McTominay Matic? midfield where battle lost today lost because midfield.
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Matic ridiculously bad.
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Rashford should have surgery soon last season ended. Sancho should have joined team earlier preseason, cavani should have also shorter holiday joined preseason. Donny should have started rather than matic. Varane needs step up.

United midfield hierarchy: Bruno Fernandes Paul Pogba Fred Scott McTominay Nemanja Matic Michael Carrick Sir Bobby Charlton The bloke made FERGIE banner Fred Red Hologram Duncan Edwards Eamonn Holmes Man United Megastore mouse mat Donny Beek.

While were watching Matic Fred getting pressed into their penalty box.
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Yeah same like Matic.
Mctominay better than matic.
definitely like that Liam McFred Oles trusted missed Scott today maybe just isnt convinced play along side either them? soon over reacting need cover shown today bcos Fred Matic!

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Still Matic more game time When also play play Varane play behind Pogba Fernandes.
Matic aswell.
lack intensity come from change personnel. mean, Christ's name anyone expect sort intensity with Fred Matic midfield Martial top.
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truly believe Sancho should start Martial. lost game deciding play Matic Fred team that lost team beat last preseason game.
The reason for the slow buildup play was because of Matic. He slowed down almost everything except the air at the stadium lol.
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And terminate Matics contract.
bought Varane Sancho them start games. too. have Cavani, even make bench because extended holiday. Fred, Matic Martial still starting 2021!

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midfield pants, Fred Matic should never play together unless it's carabao Tranmere Rovers.
Varane Sancho excellent additions this team screaming ball playing that pick passes play under pressure. Fred, McTominay Matic will never Premier League.
wants suck matic Fred cocks during weekdays then fine keep them sign real players weekend matches! Loved player manager clueless. out!
says when matic starting games! forget about challenging trophies until start dominate midfield!
idea Matic plays.
sorry this United team cannot with Matic playing over mins. shouldnt even playing.
Fred wasn't problem. Matic wrong choice this match.
cant worse than that combo Fred matic mcTom Surely worth shot beside scot middle.
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1954 Mercury Monterey SunValley; V-8, bbl, 3-speed manual, Touch-o-Matic Overdrive.; First year two-year run. Sales fell from 9,761 units 1954 1,787 1955. They looked great controlling cabin heat proved insurmountable problem.

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Matic your first backup midfielder team where main midfield cover lots ground really quickly, board comprised some United's best players century sitting around circle saying "yeah what about another striker?".

Victor definatly better both were shit, Shaw poor agree Matic just now. Donny must have shagged Ole's wife something because forgot player.
Nah, they together theory. Fred wins possession while Matic passes forwards. Also wouldve been illogical drop both your starting midfielders.
Blame ole fred and matic.
Youre just giving diplomatic answers "thats football" making basic mistakes sideline over over again, leaving matic mins when they'd lost midfield 15-20 mins before that insane, then lingard compounded mistake others.

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Everything from kick points Ole,why Matic Fred?
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The biggest difference between United and Chelsea, Liverpool, city is that they have kante/jorginho , fabinho/Henderson , rodri/fernandinho and we have fred/matic/mctominay.

What You Really Think

Ole please play Van de Beek. He's been patient, he's worked hard. Don't kill his confidence for god's sake.

Fred is the biggest liability in the United squad both last season and he is proving it even more this season.


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Even for me personally, it is so annoying.


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Its so sad this lad is never given a chance even when the midfield is fucking up.

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Should've never joined United ruined his career.

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I feel for him... I hope he comes on at half time.

I never understood why people love "pastor" fred. His shooting and passing is atrocious.

You wrong club dony.

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WHAT a shit reff aswell.

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Fred sucks man take him off the pitch.

Solskjear's team selection is shocking.

Van de Bench.

Seriously man. Fred is such a liability. And I fail to understand how could Lindelof start ahead of Varane. Its high time we give an extended run to VDB in the first team. He can't be worser than either of them.

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Spits out coffee.

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Oles probably got something against him, but it was a clear foul on bruno before freds og.

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Cant believe this guy isnt ahead of fred.