Friday 23rd of April 2021

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Premier Mark McGowan is Holding an Emergency Press Conference Shortly to Announce New Restrictions. It Follows a Perth Hotel Quarantine Outbreak. WATCH LIVE on 9 at 1.30pm.

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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Premier Mark McGowan holding emergency press conference shortly announce restrictions. follows Perth hotel quarantine outbreak. WATCH LIVE 1.30pm.
West Australian Premier Mark McGowan says calls bring down nations international border this year home quarantine returned travellers recipe COVID-19 disaster.
Mark McGowans gonna stand border personally deny entry anyone whos ever even heard word coronavirus.
McGowan:Guardian Australia revealed QAnon found follower Stewart, family friend prime minister Scott Morrison. Stewart behind Australias largest QAnon-linked accounts, BurnedSpy34. Stewart, whose wife worked part prime ministers staff...

Concerns growing COVID-19 could have seeped into West Australian community after third person quarantined Mercure Hotel tested positive virus. Premier Mark McGowan about hold emergency press conference.

Mark McGowan announce multi-billion dollar investment Bugs Bunnys cartoon handsaw personally slice from rest mainland.
McGowan proper fucked...I ain't locking down sure ain't wearing fucking mask more
media waiting Premier Mark McGowans press conference have been handed masks wear immediately. Press conference been pushed back 2pm.
COVID live updates: Premier give press conference after Perth quarantine hotel outbreak.
daddy mcgowan speaking.
Business usual... NMFCOfficial Waiting Premier Mark McGowans presser then direction. Meant play tomrorow nights Hall tribute game against.
mark McGowan calls full week lock down shuts borders cause some bloke might have possibly covid Perth then needs check paranoia.
Health sources have told Mark McGowan will speaking (WST) officially announce citizenship Bryce Cotton. Congratulations Bryce!
reckon Mark McGowan going zombie apocalypse should Stirling Ranges.
North should leave airport until McGowan press conference into lock down suspect will they should should Freo.
lockdown announcement Premier Mark McGowan will Freo North game doubt.
FFS. How many carbs do you need if youre sitting at home? Calm your farm you absolute fruitcakes .
true that Fuhrer McGowan locking down Perth? wont have travel call darby next week.
good McGowan will game ahead, players will just have wear masks during game.
surely not? Someone joking saying McGowan might close border after sending Covid over from Hotels! lol.
Weve same shit happening here Perth. footy only allowing Anzac Day. Been uproar week, looks like McGowan about announce another lock down Perth (saves face Anzac doesnt it?).

Strong sauce group chat reckons McGowan going send Perth into lockdown, internet friendships younger than months until further notice, quote just heads before presser.

they trying their BEST talk Metal Mark McGowan ledge.
turn mcgowan. signed planned . Your disgrace lying pig.
Coming Premier Mark McGowan holding emergency press conference following Perth hotel quarantine outbreak which also positive COVID case Victoria. likely announce COVID19 restrictions. Watch Live Facebook Twitter 2:00pm AWST.

West Australian blaming Health COVID spread Mercure hotel setting remote quarantine facilities away from centres, responsibility which McGowan been screaming for, year.

Today literally only I've stayed social media away from news. neighbour inform potential lockdown rushed back inside McGowan presser.
Apocalypse ready. Toilet roll abolished. Back rations. Don't late McGowan!
Mark McGowan panics again calls PerthLockdown over next days, does that mean Channel would show Melbourne Richmond ANZAC game instead Freo North? so... hmm... tempting, could worth it...

Looks like trigger happy McGowan will call another snap lockdown. Press conference AWST.
Hurry up mcgowan.
McGowan listen what?
your mind? want play psycho dictator, don't time! dare place such insane standards Australia world? should ashamed yourself! We're dying from damn virus!

Writing report rumours screen capturing Twitter posts from people have idea what McGowan will say. Cant wait another minutes? ***.
Mark McGowans COVID update delayed 2pm. Waiting reporters handed face masks.
UPDATE: The press conference will now take place at 2.15pm.
give rest country idea popular Mark McGowan West. Imagine this guyran
Answer quite simple really, both leagues declared champions because their members voted both leagues support play-off pyramid, failure declare champions play-off. Nobody said ideal members want pyramid work. SPFL shambles.

Does Mark McGowan realise there rather important Rugby match tonight? Don't making rash decisions...
He'll probably close the border to Vic for an infection he allowed to escape from his quarantine hotel. Not so smug now Mcgowan.
mcgowan announces lockdown anzac whities arent gonna take well.
Hello mister mark mcgowan. friend have decided that dont want lockdown actually please not.
looks like going into lockdown just appoint GladysB charge every state. McGowan... what hotdog.
Mark McGowan Presser Delayed Till Very Important According Radio (This Whole This Presser).
Mark McGowan border.
all, just note: Premier MarkMcGowanMP will making press conference AWST regards recent case COVID-19 Victoria after tested positive after days quarantine Info regarding tourneys will posted afterwards.

West Aussies voted this clown McGowan pity can't change your mind!
Mark McGowan allow take over Western Australian hotel quarantine system.
Snottie taking Mark McGowan's advice limiting travel from high risk countries. states doing leadership again.

What You Really Think

Pushed back to 4pm, cant be that much of an emergency.

McGowan can get proper fucked...I ain't locking down and I sure ain't wearing a fucking mask any more !!

If youre tired of outbreaks, please call for action to address airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Just this week, my colleagues and I had an article outlining the evidence for airborne transmission accepted in the Medical Journal of Australia. Heres what we need to do.

Ohh FFS why don't they just they release a text transcript, we don't need a fwit reading his speech word for word like he's telling a scary bedtime story.

Lockdown yepppppy.

You cant keep locking down for one case. Why cant people see how fucking insane this all is?!

Just another wa health debacle. Why use 3 high risk hotels when you know they are high risk.

I got my fkn toilet roll yesterday.

Here we go..

>Governments cant handle their quarantine programs >The general population pay the price WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

Ludicrous the way things are handled its all a joke!

It's delayed til 2pm.

Can i get an update please whats happening.

Needs to get a grip, no lockdowns!

Haaaa, i wish my government work this hard to make sure there is no covid cases. But it is too late for us. Huuuuu.

This shit has to stop. Government are not Gods .

Everyone heading off to the supermarket now.

1yer lock down.

If our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT had created a Facility for incoming international flights to quarantine in this would not be happening An international quarantine hub should have been created a year ago .

Just fckn BS.

Just heard there is apperently a community case .

How many times now has it been proven "hotel quarantine" is hopeless? Is it actually preventing the spread or facilitating it?

2 weeks lockdown Im hearing from close sources.

How about WA says get fucked for once.

Will the commi lock us down for no good reason 99.98% recovery rate get fucked.

Fingers crossed we aren't into lockdown again.

Surely not i had plans.



Hope we arent going into lockdown again...


Here we go again.

Oh no hes wetting the bed.

Princess McGowan jus peed his pants.

The shops are packed already.

Let the toilet paper hoarding begin.

I think we should calm down - it's likely just about restrictions to arrivals from India. Let's not panic just yet. But side note I actually need to do our fortnightly grocery shop tomorrow, so no lockdown hmmk thnx.

Time to stock up on toilet paper ?

So hes an idiot.

Sigh off to coles/woolies/aldi/Costco we go.

Lockdown again 5 days.

Oh .

3 day lockdown people.


Oh look, Chicken little is panicking again, who would have guessed.

Oh boy.


Better wash the mask.

Here we go.

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